Flowers in Her Hair Ch. 15-16


Alpha Male

Linda made her request as she moved towards the bed, “Brad, I want nothing more than to be fucked rough and deep by the Alpha male in this room.” She looked coyly at her lover, using her finger to beckon him. Linda didn’t care that he was all sweaty from the gym. “Come here and fuck me now.”

Brad looked condescendingly at Victor, taunting him, “You heard the lady!” as he swaggered over to her. “She needs some loving from the Alpha male.”

Linda lied down on her back with her luscious ass positioned right at the edge of the bed, and her legs dangling down. “Victor, I have a job for you too. Come here and put my shoes on.” Victor picked up the buckled high heels and fastened them to her feet. The idea of a woman being fucked in heels turned her on. “Now, you can take my stockings off, but no touching or fondling allowed. Just pull them off and leave the panties on.” He carefully touched only the sweet and sexy stockings and pulled them down little by little as she held her legs up in the air. “Now wrap them around your neck, go back to the corner, and stay there facing the corner…you are not permitted to watch, and do not say a word.” Victor took a deep, intoxicating breath of the moist panties as he retreated. The tip of his cock leaked pre-ejaculate. He took his place facing the corner and shut his eyes as he continued to envision what was about to happen just a few feet away behind him.

Brad proceeded to drop his shorts and boxers, revealing his sizable dick. Even in its semi-aroused state, his cock was quite a big larger in both girth and in length than Victor’s. She bent over the end of the bed, positioning herself submissively with her ass pointing up, inviting Brad to enter her pussy from behind. He positioned himself behind her, then stepped in closer. Brad’s penis was engorged, standing straight out. He plowed gently into Linda. She let out a small shriek of delight as he penetrated into her. Then he began to methodically glide in and out, slowly at first, and then pounding faster and harder. Linda threw her head back and screamed for more. “Don’t stop”. Brad continued to plow her in a rhythmic motion making the bed squeak, and Linda increasingly excited. She was enjoying herself and screaming greedily for him to continue. Victor could not help himself from looking. He turned his head just enough to peek quickly. What he witnessed was the man’s muscular buttocks banging vigorously against his wife’s body. He turned back immediately for fear of being caught just as she orgasmed.

Finally he pulled back out. Linda was thrilled that he had not come yet, as she wanted another orgasm. She had Brad lie down on the bed on his back, then climbed on top, carefully lowering herself onto his rocket size erection. From where Victor stood, he could hear sounds vividly, but he could not Antep Bayan Escort see the forbidden scene, only imagine it.

Victor grew increasingly excited with passion as another man of superior physical endowment made love to his own wife. In his heart, he felt the happy jabs of jealousy knowing that his wife’s lover was violating her in the most intimate place possible, but it wasn’t really a violation since she wanted him to do it, and had arranged for this to happen. After a long period of non-stop pounding, and hundreds of deep strokes, the couple reached a crescendo of moans and grunts. Brad fondled her breasts as she plunged herself onto his cock all the way, arching forward as he climaxed. He let out a primal grunt and pushed his cock as deep as he could. Linda burst out in screams of rapture throughout the apartment as he pumped her full of waves of semen. Finally, after milking his cock vigorously, she rolled off of him and lied down next to him. Brad’s penis glistened in manly pride as he rested motionless next to her, sporting a priceless smile of a heavenly orgasm. Victor stood firm in the corner, not sure what to make of the delicate silence. He heard faint giggles and kissing and sensed that the couple was winding down.

Questioning Authority

Linda sat up slowly, and called softly for her husband. He turned around as she stood up next to the bed, covering herself with the sheets from her husband’s gaze as if there was any modesty left to protect. She looked at Victor and smiled a radiant look. The divine look in her eyes and the glow in her face told him of the ecstatic pleasures she had just enjoyed. She motioned for him to just stay there quietly. She squatted down near the bed with her feet apart for a couple of minutes. She held the sheets up closely to her. Occasionally she reached down between her legs. When she got up, she had left a pool of cream on the tiled floor in a big circular blob.

Linda ambled to the bathroom, bundling up the sheets to cover her nakedness. She turned on the shower, and then called for Brad to come. Victor’s heart sank as he figured she wanted to shower together with him. He sat down in the corner imagining how they would soap and grope each other while making out under the warm water. Instead, Brad came back out to speak to Victor. “Linda wants you to get something from the store in the hotel lobby…says that she needs panty liners.”

Victor hesitated, “Why? Right now? But I’m not dressed to go outside!”

Brad retorted back, “Dude, you need to do this. Don’t ask why, and don’t question orders. Just put a robe on. Go get it now. You better be back by the time we’re done showering.” His tone sounded harsh, commanding.

“Yes Sir,” he replied as he quickly donned the robe and proceeded to go down to the lobby. Victor was puzzled by the request, but then realized that there was no point in asking why. He ought to just obey. He purchased the product and scurried back up. The bathroom door was partly open, and from the crack he could see Linda on her knees blowing Brad. She looked gorgeous with her hair completely wet and draping down over her shoulders. As she bobbed back and forth, Linda struggled to take in the entire dick. The trunk of his penis was wide enough that it stretched her mouth to fit around it. The man was insatiable! Victor could not stand to watch any longer. He placed the box next to the bathroom door, removed his robe and assumed his position in the corner again.

Finally they emerged from the bathroom after getting dressed. Linda looked stunning in her summer dress. She came over to Victor and gave him a loving smile and a lip to lip kiss. Victor’s cock immediately hardened. “Husband, you’ve been so good. Thank you for letting me enjoy another tryst with Brad.”

“You’re most welcome, anytime. The pleasure was all mine,” he replied, elated by the hope that her lover was bound to leave eventually.

She smiled, winked, and then added, “By the way, thanks for getting the panty liners.” Victor had that puzzled look on his face, but before he could say anything, Linda explained to him in a whispering voice, “Oh, Victor, honey…you wouldn’t understand, but sometimes after sex, stuff keeps trickling out for hours afterwards, especially with the amount of cum that he shot out, and so deep. You know – I just don’t want it to leak out and make a mess…”

Victor understood perfectly well and was happy to oblige.

Brad spoke up then, “Hey, Victor, remember yesterday when you asked me if we used a condom, and I said no, but you didn’t believe me?”

“Yes, Sir, but I believe you now,” Victor replied.

Brad continued, “Sure, but you doubted me then – I think you didn’t want to believe it.”

Linda replied, “Come on Brad, just let it go, would you?”

“No, honey, I’m not going to let it go. Victor, you shouldn’t have to just trust me,” he insisted.

Linda tried to intervene softly, “Brad, please! Would you leave him alone?” But he gestured to her to stop and let him handle things his way. She backed off.

Brad took an aggressive tone with Victor pointing his finger, “Victor, it’s time for you to learn for yourself, right now. So, before you change out of your sissy clothes, you will mop up the floor where your wife just dripped. Do you understand?”

Victor noticed the spot next to the bed on the tiled floor where she had dripped the ejaculated semen after squatting down. He felt that that the two of them were responsible for the mess, and that he should not have to clean it up. Moreover, Victor was beginning to object to the way Brad was using the opportunity to further humiliate him in front of his wife. It wasn’t even enough that the man had just violated his wife multiple times over the last couple of days, but now he was trying to make Victor’s humiliation front and center in Linda’s mind too. But Victor knew better than to create a big scene. He politely spoke up, “Sir, I don’t think it’s fair for you to ask me to do this, and I don’t have a mop.” Brad stood silent and firm. Victor looked to Linda to say something to get him out of the quandary, hoping she would put her foot down and save him.

Linda considered what to do carefully, knowing well that fairness to her husband had no bearing on the situation. She looked at both of the men. Brad stood confidently waiting for the verdict, while Victor fidgeted nervously. It was just the signal she needed. She turned to Victor and held his hands, “Victor?” He looked down, knowing that she had decided to take her boyfriend’s side. “Brad is right. Did you forget that he is the man in charge? You should not have questioned his authority. Now, explain yourself, be a good little maid, and clean up that creamy mess! Or else!”

Victor was stunned by the confident boldness of how his wife just dressed him down. Linda had He dared not think about the “or else” which would undoubtedly involve more corporal punishment. His cock twitched and strained inside his chastity belt, and he immediately acknowledged, “Yes, I understand. I need to do this so I can know that Brad ejaculated inside of you, deep inside where I’ve never been allowed.”

Linda sternly rubbed it in even more, “Yes, Victor, where you’ll never be allowed to go again, where another man torpedoed his hot, creamy semen, deep inside my pussy. Get to it, now you pathetic little feminine sissy of a husband!” She felt frustrated by her husband’s attitude, and wanted to show him that she was not going to be emotionally swayed by his whining.

Brad waited close by in an intimidating way. “That’s right, you are your wife’s bitch?” he teased. “Clean up that cream pie off the floor, now!” he commanded, pointing his finger at the floor.

“Yes, Sir, I will just use a wet towel to clean it up.” Victor got down on his hands and knees and proceeded to wipe up the sticky remains near the bed where the deed happened, wiping it clean with the towel. Brad and Linda stood and watched him without a word. They hardly needed to taunt him any further, as the situation itself proved Brad and Linda’s complete dominance over Victor. As he wiped the mess, Victor appreciated just how humiliating it felt to have his wife take her lover’s side in the showdown so easily, as if there was no question even of defending her husband. When it came to choosing between respecting her proud lover versus protecting an out-of-line husband, Victor knew exactly where he stood. Inside his chastity cage, he felt his penis too approve of his surrendered position. He wiped diligently with a smile inside.

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