Forest Adventure

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**Before you read the story, its about a young man who goes out to the forest looking for self pleasure in a moment of ectasy, involving pee and cum. Everything you read is true and the young man is 18**

This is my first time actually writing anything. I hope you enjoy it.

It was about 6 in the afternoon one late friday afternoon when I got the urge. I really wanted to pleasure myself but I had no idea how I wanted to. I thought about going to the shower and just whacking off in there but I’ve done that so many times that it’s lost its fun, unless there was the chance of one of my sisters friends walking in, other than that it wasn’t fun anymore. I got this idea to go out to the forest nearby and go streaking and have some fun.

Before I continue lets describe myself. I’m a young 18 year old man, full of life. I’m about 5′ 9′ and about 200 lbs. Pretty normal if you ask me. Unlike a lot of people you read about, I have a 5 inch cock, and not the thickest thing you’ve seen. I also have short black hair and I wear glasses.

I left the house feeling like a horny rabbit and quickly made my way to a nearby forest near my house. It is a heavily dense forest in north Washington and at this moment in time, the perfect temperature for streaking. When I reached the bottom of the mountain in the forest I came across a creek which ran fully down the hill. Using some Escort Bayan Gaziantep fallen trees I crossed and followed a deer trail up the mountain till I found a nice quiet area. Finally all alone and horny as ever I began to strip off my clothes till all I had left on were my socks and shoes. I put my clothes on a nearby tree stump and continued up the hill.

When I reached the top of the hill I had this feeling down in my cock that made my body shake. I needed to pee and I needed to pee really bad. As I was about to begin relieving my cock of my urine I had gotten the idea to drink it. I walked around the forest for about 10 minutes trying to look for something to catch my piss but couldn’t find anything. My piss began to leak outta the tip of my cock and I began to randomly stick my finger down there to catch some of my leakage and brought it to my tongue to taste my salty juices. Another 5 minutes of walking and I was about to burst. Still licking the piss leaking out of my cock I began to realize something else was making its way out of my cock, pre-cum. It tasted so good, I began to finger the fuck out of my cockhead trying to get every drop of escaping pre-cum. I still had to pee and I thought “fuck it” I cupped my hands under my cock and began to release the urine beast pounding at the entrance of my cock. One spurt and filled my hands and I brought the warm salty juice to my mouth. “MMMmmmmmmm, soooo salty and warm!” I thought as I cupped my hands again to catch more piss. I suddenly reached that point of no return and couldn’t stop peeing. Trying my best to hold it all in, I quickly drank the pool of piss in my hands I grabbed my cock and pointed it up towards my face. I had that thought of “fuck it” again as the first stream flooded my glasses and hit my eye. It stung but it felt so good as I steadied my aim and began to drink from my cock like a water fountain at school. I felt bad for wasting so much piss, but in my mind, the world around grew fuzzy till the only thing i could think of was the piss flooding my mouth, and the cum I wanted to pump out of my cock.

I ran out of piss and got my mouth flooded with so much piss, it began to run down my chin and onto my body, down back to my cock. Swallowing the piss pool in my mouth I gagged at the salt but nearly came at the thought of chugging my own piss. I walked back down the deer trial till I saw it. A clean log that has fallen, and all the bark had weathered away, leaving me a soft wooden pole. I sat on it, making sure the log was softly in my ass cheeks, and began to dry hump the log. Still west from my piss, I spit on my cock and began pumping for all I was worth. Moving my body on the log faster and faster I began to moan loudly untill the moment came.

The first jet of cum shot straight up and landed on the log in front of me. It looks so good, like someone took a pearl and melted it down to the liquid of a god. I wanted to bad to lick it up but the jets of cum kept coming. I looked down at my cock and the second jet of cum shot up and hit me in the cheek. I quickly licked it up with my tongue as the third jet of cum shot up and hit my glasses. It looked so lovely sitting there, blocking my view in the left eye. The last few jets of cum landed on my hand and the log, and back onto my cock as the rest dribbled out covering my member. Using both hand, I gathered the cum off my face, body, and cock and looked into it. So white, so creamy, so lovely, i wanted it so bad. I opened my wanting mouth and flooded it with my own cock juices. It was so salty and sweet, I nearly came again at the taste. As I swallowed my cum, I looked down again and saw the cum that landed on the log, not wanted to waste precious juices, I licked it off the log.

Soon after coming, I realized it was starting to get dark, and I needed to be home. I walked back down the deer trail to my clothes and grabbed them but didn’t put them on since I was still covered in piss and cum. I made my way back down to the creek and set my clothes on the ground next to it. Quickly washing myself, I got dressed and walked back home just in time to take a real shower and have some dinner. I still couldn’t get that salty taste of my cum out of my mouth and I knew this wasn’t going to be the last time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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