Frankie and His Gurl Part 3

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Frankie and His Gurl, Part 3: “Girl Pointers”

To go with Part 1 and Part 2

by Julee
[email protected]

1/ Hot and Bothered ~,’;~%@

The last time Frankie and I had gotten together for a little fling, his cousin Karen and her two girlfriends butted in. After letting Frankie get off with me, Karen, Lissa and Micky dolled me up and the four of us had fun.
I felt a little guilty about that day, with Karen shoving Frankie out like that. Today, sitting on a hill at the park next to Frankie, I brought it up.
“Don’t feel bad that Karen left me out,” he said.
“I do though,” I admitted.
“It was okay.” His voice cracked a little, him still 13 and all, and his eyes widened. “You and me had fun before she made me leave.”
“I know.” I blushed, remembering how much he came. “We did.”
I smiled. We wore shorts and our bare knees briefly brushed together.
“When’re we gonna do it again?” he moaned.
“Up to you,” I said. I was too shy to say how much I really did. Truth was I was aching.
“You miss doing it?”
I glanced at him and knew my eyes said most of it. “Yeah.”
He moved closer to me. “I think about it lots,” he whispered in my ear. The words and their warmth made me ache even more. I almost wished he’s grab me.
“When I saw the girls had you there on the bed I did get a little jealous,”
“I was afraid to try with you for a while cause I thought maybe I’m not good enough. They’re girls…and I’m not. And I thought after that maybe you…wouldn’t want me.”
“It was fun with them. But … you’re my first.”
Frankie smiled. “Yeah. I guess.”
“And you have something they don’t.”
“What?” Frankie asked.
I started to get a little annoyed. “Guess.”
He said nothing, didn’t even shrug, the dope. I looked around to see no one was looking and snuck a feel of the lump beneath his shorts. “What do you think, silly!”
“Ohhh…yeah, okay,” he said, chuckling.
I smiled too. Frankie’s excitement made me think, and I said, “You know what else?”
“You really enjoy it, and I like it that you do.”
“It’s because I do. Didn’t Karen and her friends?”
“Yeah. But maybe because they’re older and it’s not as big a thing.”
“Yeah. And they’re girls,” he said, almost like that was bad. “There’s nothing wrong with that. But …”
“But what?”
Breathing heavily, Frankie reached over and touched me between my legs. “They don’t have that.” His breath was hot as his lips touched my ear. “Silly!”
I giggled coyly. “I’ll bet you’d like somebody like Billy Mills more. He’s strong, plays football.”
“Uh uh. No. You’re the only one that makes me want to do it with a boy.”
“I guess you’re like having both. Like, in between?”
I smiled.
“You looked hot that day,” he said as if lost in a dream. “My mom and dad’ll be out till eleven tonight. Come over?”
“Okay,” I said.

2/ Pride and Prissiness ~,’;~%@

When I got to his house before seven I was shocked to see Frankie’s cousin Karen was there. She was reading “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. Karen glowed when she saw me.
“Hi, hon. Frankie’s taking a shower. How are ya?”
“Good. You?”
“Oh, you know, bored as usual. Frankie’s mom asked me to come over. Doesn’t like him being alone.”
“Well, I’m here.”
“I know. But she likes it to be somebody older, you know? Want a soda?”
“No thanks.”
Karen’s new blue jeans brought out her eyes. She had a great body, and I loved the way she wore her long, wavy brown hair. I was attracted to her. Jealous too.
“So … what you been doing? Anything interesting?”
“Not really.”
She looked at me for a while. “Did you have a good time that day?”
“Oh yeah.”
“What were you guys gonna do tonight?”
I shrugged. “Hang out. Maybe watch TV.”
“Cool,” she said. A pause and then, “You know, I shouldn’t have pushed Frankie out that time, but…he already had his fun and…well, I needed mine.” She came over to me and sat up on the edge of the couch. “You dress up a lot, hon? I mean, when you’re not with Frankie?”
“Not really.”
“Do you think you’re a girl? You know, deep down?”
I shrugged. “I never really thought about it.”
I could still hear the shower running upstairs. Wished it would stop.
“Ever have a wine cooler?” she asked.
“Once. I liked it.”
“Hold on.”
Karen went to the kitchen and brought back a wine cooler. I sipped it. It made me feel warm and relaxed.
“Are you staying till his parents come home?” I asked her.
“Maybe.” She was staring at me now. “I had a thought. Ever want to learn more about being a girl?”
I gave her the short answer. “I’m not really sure. Why do you ask?”
She was studying me. “Hold the bottle like this…” She had me hold it with my wrist slightly bent. “Use your wrist more instead of your whole arm.”
Then she took my other hand and folded back the three smaller fingers. The other fingers she placed near my throat, wrist bent. Then she showed me how to cross my legs, girl-like.
“Now…don’t look straight ahead,” she said. “Look demure. Shy.”
I thought I was doing that already. But I tried.
“Nice. Now part your lips, just a bit. Act prissy, but be proud … Oh, that’s it! You’re a natural, hon. We need to give you a femme name. Let’s see…”
“I already have one,” I blurted out. It must’ve been the wine cooler. I was feeling light. “It’s Cissy. The name you and Lissa gave me. Remember?”
“Yeah. You like it?”
I sighed. “Kind of sounds like ‘sissy’ so I’m not too crazy about it.”
She nodded. “Something a little more grown up then, maybe?”
“Yes. ‘Julie’,” I blurted out. “I’ve always liked the name ‘Julie,'”
Karen smiled. “Then Julie it is.” She sipped her wine cooler. “You know, Julie, there’s something I wanna say.”
Uh oh, I thought. “What?”
Her voice lowered as she spoke. “Frankie’s thirteen. He could go either way now. Ya know?”
I wasn’t sure, but I nodded.
“I think him being with you is cool, cause you’re femme. But I’m afraid of him being with other guys.”
“You think he’d stay straight if I was more like a girl?”
“Uh-huh. Don’t you?”
I squirmed. “You could be right.”
“You make Sex hikayeleri a really hot chick dressed up,” she said. “All you need is to act more like one. Be more of a girl for him. Mad at me for saying that?”
“No. Not really.”
“You like it, right?”
I nodded. “Yeah.”
“Good.” She ran her fingers through my hair. “I could help you, you know, with some pointers.”
“You could show me more?”
Karen folded her arms. “I’m thinking. First you need a touch more daintiness.”
“Okay. When like Frankie comes down, you do this … ” She faced an imaginary Frankie and gasped very lightly, clasped her hands and brought them to her chin. She tilted her face a little. “Hi Frankie,” she sang. To me she said, “See?”
“I guess.” I looked at the same imaginary Frankie and started toward him. I folded my hands and them up to my chin. I said, “Hi Frankie,” just like she had.
Karen watched, deep in thought. “Pretty good. But don’t go to him, it’s too eager. Stay where you are. Sway just a little. Ya know?”
I started to worry. “I think so.”
“I’m taking drama in school. Learning a lot. Watch, and listen to my voice.” She posed again, hands near her chin. “Hi Frankie,” she said, her voice almost a whisper. She turned to me. “See?”
I nodded. Upstairs the water stopped running.
“Make him strain a little to hear you. And don’t make your voice too high. You’ll have to find your own register.”
“It takes practice,” she said. “But you’ll get it. Now watch. ‘Hi Frankie’.” She grabbed my fingers and wrapped them around fingers on my other hand. “Now fidget. Just a little.”
“Fidget?” I was starting to get confused.
“Instead of grinning like you are, just THINK of a smile. Don’t actually smile. And remember: you’re anxious, but you don’t want to show it. So you catch yourself and stop. And stand still. Wait for him.”
“I get it. It’s like I want him to be in charge.”
“And I’m worried cause I want him to be happy to see me. But … I don’t want to seem anxious.”
“Now you’re getting it,” she said. “Try it again. Drip with femininity.”
I “saw” Frankie and tilted my head a little. This time I thought about smiling, but didn’t smile. With a little sigh in my voice, I said, “Hi Frankie,” then drew in, not knowing what to expect next.
It was working!
I was actually thinking like a girl. Like “My Fair Lady”, I was Liza to Karen’s Henry Higgins.
“Good girl!” she said and gave me a peck on the lips. “You’re a sweetie. Once more, a little slower this time.”
This time I was more relaxed and I let my feelings take over. “Hi Frankie,” I said, letting my voice trail off at the end.
Karen bubbled. “Good. Now let’s try this.” She lowered my hands to my waist. “Fidget a little. Be shy, but project your worth.”
Very softly this time, I said, “Hi Frankie. So good to see you. You look nice tonight.”
“Cool!” said Karen. “Just great!”
And just in time because I could hear Frankie coming downstairs. He slowed when he saw Karen and me.
“Look who’s here,” Karen said.
“Hi Frankie,” I said. This time my voice was just a hush, but I could tell it said so much. “How are you tonight?”
Wearing baggy shorts, T-shirt and white socks, Frankie stopped at the bottom of the steps. His dark hair was still wet, and he looked a little confused.
“Hey,” he called with enthusiasm. “Coming up?”
Karen cut of my answer. “Not yet, Frankie. Julie and me are gonna talk for a few minutes.”
Frankie began to sulk. “But …”
“You’re gonna thank me, hon,” Karen said. “It’s not what you think. Go back up, okay? Give us an hour. I’m helping him.”
Frankie lightened a bit but still seemed a little puzzled. “With what?”
“It’s a secret,” she said, putting her arm around my neck. “Just between us girls. Right Julie?”
Frankie went upstairs. Karen told me to practice some things while she ran home to get something.

3/ Scent and Sensuality ~,’;~%@

Karen came back a few minutes later holding a gym bag.
While on my second wine cooler, Karen taught me more things. Like how to pout and when. How to nod, how to giggle, and more on how to speak. I was picking it up pretty fast. She said I did especially well with speaking, even my choice of words and expressions. Said I was a “natural”.
I must’ve learned a lot already without realizing it. Just watching other girls I had picked up things without knowing it.
Karen even called her friend Lissa and told her she was with another friend, someone Lissa never met. Karen put me on the phone with Lissa who didn’t even know it was me. She thought I was a girl!
Karen taught me how to walk. First in my own shoes, then in bare feet. Next she gave me a pair of white two-inch heeled sandals with cross straps. They looked familiar.
“Remember these from that day?” said Karen. “They’re Lissa’s. She’s more your foot size than me, so she said you could borrow.”
Maybe they did, but the straps were awfully snug. Still, I was prancing around smoothly enough in five minutes.
“Sashay now … Sway your hips, just a bit … Good girl!”
We had practice conversations. Karen said my speech was cute and graceful, my manner passive.
We spent almost an hour this way. I loved it.
Frankie called down. He was getting impatient. He was probably horny as hell. Karen said that was good. He had to learn patience with me, to respect girls.
“Fifteen more minutes,” Karen said, calling upstairs to Frankie.
In the bag Karen brought back were things to wear. There was a satin dress. Shiny and lightly purple tinged–lilac, Karen said, “alluring yet modest.”
White lace trimmed the sleeves and the hem, which fell just below the knees. The dress and sleeves were slightly flared, and it there was a split up the side. So adorable.
And of course more intimate things: silky gray stockings with lacy elastic tops. A silvery blue bra with spaghetti straps. A pair of light blue silken flutter panties–so dainty and sexy. I almost drooled.
Since that day with Karen and her friends it didn’t make much sense for me to be too nervous about Karen seeing me naked. And we were relating teacher to student. I took off my Sikiş hikayeleri clothes.
First she put the bra on me and stuffed it with tissue paper. Then the flutter panties, so nice and frilly. I rolled the gray stockings on up to my thighs where the lacey elastic bands held them fast. As well as feeling sexy they looked pretty on my legs.
The satin lilac dress was next. The split broke nicely at my thigh. Karen said I had a girlish shape for a boy. The sleeves of the dress were three-quarter length and ended with what Karen called a flout.
I modeled in the full-length mirror, trying different angles and making subtle poses like Karen taught me.
She brushed out my longish blonde hair and fluffed it around my face and decked it out with a white flower-shaped barrette. To my cheeks she applied a tiny bit of blush.
The only shade of lipstick she had with her was cherry red, so she used just a dab, spreading it across my lips till it became a shade of hot pink.
She had a pair of dangly, silver clip-on earrings she put on me. Finally, a little darkening of my eyebrows and I was turned toward the mirror.
Was that really me? I looked hotter than fire.
Then came what she called the pies de resistance. She held up a small black spray bottle.
“Here’s a neat girl pointer,” said Karen, meaning lessons for being more femme. “You don’t want the scent to be overwhelming.” She squirted a short burst in the air and said, “Quick. Step through it, gracefully.”
I sashayed through the mist so that only a trace of fragrance stayed with me. That was the magic touch, a jolt of feminine sensuality. The scent truly carried me away, taking everything male with it.
Sipping my wine cooler from a glass now (another of Karen’s Girl Pointers), I posed in the mirror. If I had any doubts about my femininity, the sight and the scent dissolved them all.
It was like I had been made for this, to be a real chick.
I moved seductively and with confidence, a modest sway in each step. I stopped and glanced over my shoulder at Karen.
“What do you think?” I asked her. “Is this what you have in mind?”
When I spoke, my voice was neither too low nor too high–I had found my register. The illusion was complete, yet so real in my heart.
Karen clasped her hands together. “Wow! You’re a babe,” said Karen. “It’s like…scary even.”
Transfixed, I stared some more in the mirror. Then, my eyes shifting upwrd, I said, “Frankie’s waiting.”
“Okay. But … Julie … “
“Yes hon?”
In a low tone she said, “Don’t be a pushover. Make him wait. He’ll appreciate it, so will you.” She winked. “Trust me.”
“Thanks Karen. I should go.” I started up the stairs.
Smiling, she cried after me. “Yeah, you go girl!”

4/ Modesty and Poise ~,’;~%@

Frankie was on his bed looking at a magazine when I entered. His mouth fell open when he saw me. “Holy…”
I looked at him with my eyes wide, smile vague.
“Hi Frankie.”
“Wow.” It was as if he finally remembered to smile. He rose to sit on the edge of the bed. “You’re … you’re a babe!”
I giggled at the private joke. “Thanks hon.”
I stood still, waiting for an offer.
“Wanna sit down?” he finally asked.
“Love to,” I replied.
I smiled softly but without eye contact. I crossed my legs, exposing a knee bathed gray stocking through the slit in my dress. I placed my hands on my lap and looked at them. “What have you been doing?”
“Waiting for you,” he replied, staring. “And reading.”
“Anything interesting?”
He seemed a little nervous. “Nah. You smell sexy.”
“Thank you.”
“So awesome.”
A soft giggle. “How sweet.”
“You’re prettier than all the real girls.”
“Real?” he said with a pout.
“Oops, my bad. ‘Other’ girls.”
His breath was uneven, and I could hear him swallowing. He sidled up to me. “I’m horny. You?”
I felt my smile dissolve a little. “Excuse me?” I uttered, puzzled at Frankie’s abruptness.
He put his arm around my shoulder. “You know. Let’s do stuff?”
My head tilted slightly as if I hadn’t heard. “Stuff?” I hissed, keeping my lips parted.
“W-what’s the matter?”
“Nothing. But can’t be a little more, you know …?”
“Oh, yeah. Gee. I didn’t–“
I laid a gentle hand on his. “It’s all right. It’s just that I’d like things to be more… not so hasty, you know?”
“So let’s talk for a while,” I said, surprising myself.
“What doya mean?”
I tisked lightly. “Um … Well, like what did you do today?”
“Nothin. Just waited to see you, Cissy.”
“Actually, my name is ‘Julie’ now. You like it?”
His eyes widened. “Yeah. Sure.”
“So… ready to go back to school next week?” I asked.
“Sort of, but I hate when summer ends… And I’m getting a couple pimples again.”
Uh-oh, Julie, I mused to myself, you’re probably making that worse.
We talked for a few minutes about a lot of things: school, games, other kids. It was new for us both. When talk began to wane I softly said, “Wanna kiss me?”
“Yeah,” he said, almost as quietly.
He brought his lips to mine and lightly kissed me, measuring my response. I raised my head, parted my lips–‘entreating’ Karen had called it. He kissed me again, and this time he stayed there, moving his lips on mine, his hand in my hair.

5/ Sheer Abandon ~,’;~%@

We had never kissed as an overture to lovemaking. And this was different kind of kiss, sensual but affectionate. I closed my eyes and went a little limp. It was nice.
We wrapped our arms around each other. I lightly stroked Frankie’s T-shirted back, absorbed in the tenderness of the moment. His young lips were slippery, his touch shaky. We’d been intimate before, but this was new and fresh.
Gradually the kiss grew animated, hands moving over each other, lips exploring. Little by little, tongues engaged. We drew our heads apart long enough to study the effects of passion.
Frankie’s eyelids were lowered, he breathed hard and he was smiling. I angled my head this way and that, studying him while tenderly petting his arm.
“Why not take off that shirt?” I whispered.
While Frankie removed his T-shirt I turned off the light and lit the two candles on Erotik hikaye his desk. Back on the bed I picked up my glass, glanced fondly over the rim at Frankie as I sipped. The mellow hue created by the candle flame illuminated the desire in our eyes.
I calmly unstrapped my white heeled sandals and took them off. Back on the bed I leaned with my elbow propped on the pillow, resting my head in my hand. With a come-hither look I gazed up at Frankie’s wide-eyed face. He seemed a little nervous.
Lying down next to me he began rubbing my thigh under the satin dress. I lay my head on the pillow, the back of one hand resting next to my head. My other hand delicately stroked Frankie’s smooth chest.
My hand then moved down to the top of his baggy shorts. I tugged there, hinting they might be in the way. Frankie quickly shook them off.
He lay beside me in his briefs. I ran the tip of my finger along the bulge in the cotton, and he shuttered. I was quivering inside. While gazing in Frankie’s eyes I drew the bothersome briefs down to his knees. His slick, nubile stiffness snapped away from his tummy.
It had been a while since we last met like this. Frankie’s member had grown, widened a little, too. Whispers of hair had begun to appear above his shaft. The ball sac, almost invisible before, had swelled.
I lightly fondled it, watching it continue to rise. Curving outward like a thick metal coat hook, it became solid, immoveable.
Karen was right: making him wait sure had its rewards.
I leaned over and kissed the tip, licked it lightly, slid my tongue along its length. It was like cast iron against my lips and even tasted a little metallic. I took it in, whirling my tongue around it.
Slowly up and down I went, heeding Frankie’s little moans and ragged breathing. When both increased too fast I stopped.
I rose from the bed and shed the white satin dress, letting it melt to the floor. Standing before him in my frilly panties, bra and stockings I glanced over at him, aware of the naughty look in my eyes. He peeled his briefs all the way off and yanked the gray gym socks from his feet.
I reclined on the bed in my bra, panties and stockings. Cautiously, Frankie took my cue and lay his naked body down alongside me. He held me, kissed my neck. I sighed.
He made little thrusts against my thigh. His hand moved to my flutter panties. His fingers glided under the waistband where he played with the tip of what seemed like the only male part of me. I groaned a little louder, caressed him.
I parted my lips, and the word formed in barely a whisper.

6/ Sweet Surrender ~,’;~%@

Understanding my vague plea he kissed down my tummy, licked my navel, and ran his tongue to the waistband of my panties. My hips arched subtly upward. My fingers played in his hair. A delicate whimper escaped my lips.
He carefully pulled the panties down and brought his lips to my naked stiffness.
My hands clutched the pillow, my eyes shut. His eager lips caressed me. My fingers twisted the pillow. My stocking-adorned toe pressed into the mattress. A knee bent inward as I braced for each vibration of bliss.
Frankie stopped and slid my panties all the way off and straddled me, knees against my thighs.
I opened my eyes and looked up. He seemed almost in pain. I was afraid he would ask about anal sex again. I had made clear to him it was off limits, that the focus of intimate expression for me was my “clit.”
“You all right, baby?” I said, panting.
“Oh yeah, I am … I am like so …” His voice trailed off.
I giggled. “I know baby. C’mere. I wanna feel you.”
I reached out my arms. Frankie responded by gently lying on top of me. A sharp uptake of my breath came as I felt his tumescence against my “clit”. Wrapping his arms around me, he kissed my neck and moved his pelvis with slow little thrusts.
Beneath his boyish maleness my hips tenderly writhed. To tease I sometimes recoiled, shifting a bit the target of his thrusts, rousing him even more. Then I clench my hips on his and hug him closer, kissing under his chin.
My scent, rekindled by the warmth of my body, took on the fragrance of burning flowers. Rustling top sheets, whispers and sighs could not compete with the heartbeats that drummed in my ears.
It was so like a dream.
A girlish moan is smothered by a kiss. Along my lover’s ankle strokes a stocking-clad heel.
A determined hand grasps my bra cup. Another grips my slender wrists and presses them helplessly to the pillow. Thrusts grow in speed and resolve. The control I had wielded belongs now to him.
“Frankie …” I whimpered, savoring the affect of his stubborn need. “Ooooo yah, F-Frankie … Go bay-bee … bay-bee, goooo…”
“Oh Julie … Julie …” he said through ragged gasps.
Frankie was shaking so much, and I knew he was close. His voice quivering and gasping, he blurted, “Is it … all right? Can… I …?”
I touched his face, gave him a nurturing smile. Breathless I said, “Oh sweetie… Please… “
I parted my legs and Frankie nestled his chin in the nape of my neck. He kept grinding, smooth hips brushing the inside of my thigh as his thrusts got short and fast.
Squeezing him tighter, my hands ran over his body. I let free my girlish cries as the feeling grew. Fire spread through my loins. My hand went to my lips. I bit my fingers to prolong the thrill, and wanted him, always, to be first to let go.
My weeping sighs aroused him more. Pressing into me, he groaned louder and louder. I rocked with his thrusts, my cheek pressed against his.
“Good bay-bee … good … that’s it. Be a … a g-good boy … for … for … J-Ju … lee … ‘Kay? P-plea-ease … Do … do it … Ohhh …”
His head sprang upward, leaving me. He let out a triumphant howl, trembling, his thrusts slowing. His member shuddered powerfully against the corner of my thigh.
Hot sperm spurted forth like fresh candle wax, oozing around my sac. The most he ever made.
Holding him tight I arched eagerly upward. A guttural cry squeezed from my chest while toes curled, lips numbed, cheeks burned, and wet spasms quaked.
We fell limp, a throng of gasps and heartbeats without motion. Silken boy and girl cum mingled between us.
Minutes later he touched me, and we began again.

~,’;~%@ ~ the end ~ @%~;’,~

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