Fun in the Sun


It was Monday the 5th of July. I was just passing the Shell station when I called him. He said he’d be there when I got there. I got scared, and thought about turning around, but realized that it would be the end. I wouldn’t be able to call him again if I did. I kept going. He wasn’t there when I arrived.

I parked carefully, as I had the wife’s car. I waited by the picnic tables, and 2 minutes later, he appeared. I got in via the back, and finally folded myself into the front seat of his boat. We made chit chat as he navigated our way to his place. He expertly pulled the boat up against his dock, and jumped out and tied it. I stood, and followed him into his cottage.

He poured me a coffee when he got into the kitchen, then turned and dropped his shorts. He said “here’s what you’ve been waiting for”. It was true; I had been. I dropped my trunks and shirt on the floor as I got on my knees. I pulled his hard cock out of his jockstrap, and pulled the jockstrap down. I sucked his cock, and after a minute or 2, he pulled my head onto his dick, making me gag. He relaxed, and I forced my head back onto it. I took it all. Escort Bayan After a minute or two, he led me outside, where he showed me the nipple clamps. I asked him not to, but he said that he wouldn’t fuck me without them. They hurt so bad I yelled. He loosened them a bit, and told me to bend over the railing. He pushed and fucked around with my ass for a minute or 2, but had to go inside, eventually, to get some lube. He came out with a bottle, and slathered his prick up. He rubbed it against my hole, and pushed it in, all the way. NO PAIN!!

I felt like such a fuck pig. I humped and wiggled on his bare dick for a couple of minutes, and when he pulled out I quickly turned around, and took his cock in my mouth. I wanted to eat my ass off his cock. He pulled out of my mouth and started to walk towards a clearing, opening onto a bay, with about 12 docks looking in. He stopped, and I bent over and pulled myself open. I felt so natural. He fucked me, never hurting, jamming his dick deep in my ass. We fucked and sucked for a while, then he led me to his deck again.

He sat down to rest, then relubed his dick and told me to bend over. He entered me, and I wiggled on his dick, doing the desperate fuck pig hula.

I danced around, feeling his cock pull the edges of my asshole open. I love this kind of sex. After a couple of minutes, he slapped my ass and pulled out. He took off the nipple clamps; I squealed and cupped my hands over my nipples.

He told me to swim in the water beside the dock. I waded in carefully, and swam naked. I washed my ass crack and cooled off (it was about 90 degrees F).

I crouched down in the water and played with my asshole.

Soon, he told me to get out and lie on the dock.

I slowly got out, and he said that he wanted me to lie on my belly on the dock.

So I did; my feet were about 1 foot apart..

Rob climbed on me, rubbed his dick up the crack in my ass and found my anus.

He pushed into me, on his open dock in the sunshine.

He told me later that feeling my cold wet skin, then my hot asshole, on his cock as he fucked me, was unbelievable.

I lay there, wet and naked as he used me.

He grabbed my cold slippery tits and started to grunt.

He pinched my nipples and said, “I have to shoot”.

His cock grew, and I could feel it poking the far end of my rectum as my nipples burned.

It poked hard 5 or 6 times, then relaxed.

I knew I’d been bred properly. He told me that he hadn’t cum in 2 months, and that I was full.

He laid on me for a couple of minutes, then pulled his slimy prick out of me.

I got on all 4’s, showed him my spermy hole, and asked him if I looked dirty.

We sat around for a bit, and he took me back to my car.

Back at the cottage, I was waiting for my wife and daughter to arrive from town.

I felt dirty and horny, so I went back by my workshop.

I sat down on the rock, smoked a joint, relaxed, and pissed myself.

I just let it all run out.

Then I lay on my belly on the rock with one leg up (like a crawl) and relaxed.

I slowly pushed, and felt a hot gush in my bathing suit.

Hot liquid ran around my thigh and down my balls.

I slid 2 fingers in my asshole, and scooped out the last drops of Rob’s semen.

They tasted nasty.

Then I walked to the water with sperm running down my leg and staining my bathing suit. I had a long, refreshing swim.

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