Fun on South Beach Ch. 06


Here’s the usual disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, sexually oriented, adult fiction. None of the characters are real. I’ve made it all up.


Angel and Emi never left the condo that weekend. In fact, the most clothes either of them put on was simply a pair of panties after they got out of bed each morning. They took great pleasure in just relaxing and enjoying each other. They did make love several more times and Emi found out that she could give Angel pleasure just as Angel had done for her.

They were still in the condo on Sunday night when Angel’s pager went off. She checked the number and called in. It was her agent with a message for Emi. It seems that Mrs. Beecham had already used her influence and had gotten some work for Emi. The agent wanted to know if Angel had seen Emi since Friday night at the Beecham estate.

“Here’s the deal Angel, I got a flight booked for Emi to L.A. tomorrow morning. It leaves from Miami at 6am. She’s gonna have to get up way early, but she’s gotta be on that flight,” the agent told her.

Angel was a little disappointed that their weekend was going to come to such an abrupt end, but she was happy that Emi was going to get some good experience doing a big pro shoot.

“Okay. Emi’s actually here with me, so I’ll tell her what to do and she can pickup the ticket at the airport.”

Emi’s there with you? I’ve been trying to call her since yesterday morning. What have you girls been doing?”

“Just girl stuff, nothing that concerns you,” Angel replied as she winked at Emi.

They ended the conversation and Angel told Emi what was going on. Since it was now Sunday night and the flight was first thing the next morning, Emi was very concerned about getting home to pack a bag. Angel calmed her down.

“Hey babygirl, I got you covered. I’ve got a closet full of clothes here. I’ve got makeup. I’ve got whatever you need. We can pack you a bag right here and I’ll drive you to the airport in the morning.”

“Really Angel? I love you, I really do,” the teenager said with relief as she hugged her beautiful friend

As they separated, Angel finished telling the girl about the plans. Emi was going to be doing the shoot for 2 days and her flight back was on Thursday morning.

“Don’t forget that I’m going to be doing the shoot out in the Everglades on Wednesday and Thursday. You will probably get back before me.”

Angel went to a drawer near the front door, took out a pass card, and gave it to Emi.

“This place is going to be empty for 2 more weeks and I’m going to stay here. Do you want to stay too?” Angel asked as she nuzzled the girl’s soft cheek.

Emi plucked the pass card from Angel’s fingers.

“Of course I want to stay here. I want to be anywhere that you are Angel.”

The two girls kissed and then Angel led Emi to the bedroom so they could pack Emi’s bag.

The next morning, Angel delivered Emi to the airport on time and the girl was off on her first big-time shoot. Angel felt very happy for her, but also a little sad that Emi was going to be so far away. Angel would have gone with her, but she knew that the Everglades shoot was in the way.

Angel spent the next 2 days just knocking around the condo and walking on the beach. That was one thing she enjoyed about modeling, once you got a little success under your belt, you could pick and choose what you wanted to do so your free time was better and more frequent.

Since the shoot was only about 45 miles away, the customer had arranged for Angel to drive out with the photographer and the stylist, who were a husband and wife team named Pete and Sarah Robinson. Angel was okay with that, she knew both of them fairly well and the ride was short anyway.

Angel was thinking about Emi a lot and remembering their weekend together. She missed her and was looking forward to Emi’s return. It must have showed on her too as they crew kept telling her how radiant she looked and Pete said she had never looked more beautiful.

The shoot wrapped on time and Angel got her stuff together for the return drive. They were loaded up quickly and headed back on the small two-lane road back to Miami. There was no traffic at all and Pete, who was driving, must have been anxious to get to the darkroom and develop his film because he was way over the speed limit.

They had only driven about 10 miles when a set of flashing lights appeared behind them. Pete swore to himself and pulled over. There was a long wait as the police car sat behind them with it’s lights flashing. The photographer was trying to see what the delay was in the rear view mirror. Finally, 2 rather large police officers got out. Both were pretty beefy individuals, not tall, but stocky and tough looking. Both pulled on hats as they got out and were wearing big mirrored sunglasses.

The 2 cops separated with one walking up each side of the car. The bigger of the two came to the driver’s side facing Pete.

“Let’s bursa escort see your license and registration son,” the office growled.

“Yes sir, got it right here,” Pete said as he handed his license out the window.

A big hand smashed into his hand and grabbed his chin. It shoved his head back against his seat as the officer bent down to look him in the eye. Angel and Sarah were shocked and were staring at the officer holding Jim by the chin.

The officer, removed the hat and glasses and looked at Jim.

“You some kind of smart ass son? Or are you just to stupid to know a woman when you see one?” the officer demanded.

Angel took a good look at the beefy officer and realized she was indeed a woman. A quick look out the window on the other side confirmed that officer was female too.

“Ah….no…..sorry, the sun was in my eyes and I didn’t get a good look at you,” Pete stammered.

“I’m still waiting for that license and registration,” the officer said.

Pete, still with his chin clamped in the officer’s vise grip fingers felt in his lap for the license and registration. He found them and handed them out the window. The officer finally let his chin go as she looked at each.

In the meantime, the officer on the other side of the car had been looking in at Sarah and Angel. Angel had locked eyes with the woman for a moment and she thought that the officer might have recognized her. The officer took a second and a third look then walked to the back of the car.

“Hey sarge, can I see you for a moment?” she said to the first officer.

The two spoke at the back of the car for a moment then walked to the patrol car. Pete was watching them in the mirror.

“What are they doing?” Sarah asked.

“I dunno. It looks like they’re looking at a magazine or something back there,” he replied.

After a few minutes, the 2 officers walked back to the car.

“Okay, I’m going to let you go, but you need to keep your speed down. But before you go, I need this little lady in the back seat to step out of the car. She looks like a drug courier we’re been looking for.”

“No, no, no. This young lady is a fashion model, Angel Enriquez, perhaps you’ve heard of her. She’s no drug courier,” Pete tried to explain.

The second officer yanked Angel’s door open and said, “Out of the car miss, right now.”

Pete tried to intervene again but found his chin locked in the vise grip again.

“You need to watch yourself son. You don’t want to get arrested for interfering with a police officer now do you?”

Angel climbed from the backseat and the officer directed her to put her hands on the sides of the car. Angel had dressed comfortably that morning and was wearing an old button down shirt, tied up around her waist and a denim miniskirt. If the officer was going to frisk her, there wasn’t going to be a lot of places to search.

Sure enough, the officer did begin to frisk her. She put her beefy hands on Angel’s legs right above her knees and let them slide up the smooth skin. One hand drifted to the front of the skirt as they other went up and under the back. The big dyke took her time as she got a good feel of Angel’s firm rear end. Pete and Sarah watched as Angel squirmed under the woman’s touch.

After a minute, the officer brought her hand from under the skirt and took hold of the girl’s slim waist. She ran her hands from front to back as she felt the girl’s flat stomach. Her hands went to the front and held Angel as she pressed her own large body against Angel’s back. Her hands traveled up until she was holding both of Angel’s breasts.

“Well, well,” she whispered in Angel’s ear, “looks like you’re not wearing a bra.”

“I think we got probable cause here Thelma. Put the cuffs on that little lady when you’re done searching her.”

“You got it sarge,” the second officer said.

The seargent went back to Pete’s window.

“We’re going to have to detain this little lady to check out her story and estabilish her identity. If she is who she says she is, you can come pick her up at the Ichetucknee County Sheriff’s Office tomorrow.”

“But I told you, she is Angel Enriquez and she….” Pete started to say.

“Listen now, I warned you one time, start your car and get out of here. I ain’t ever heard of no Angel Enriquez. This little lady is our prisoner now and we’ll find out who she is. You can count on that.”

The second officer had put handcuff’s on Angel. Sarah turned in her seat to look as Angel was being led to the police car. She saw that Angel’s shirt had come untied and looked half-unbuttoned too. With her hands pulled to her back, the shirt was mostly open and her breasts were clearly visible.

There was a pause as Pete debated what to do. Finally he started the car and drove away leaving Angel in the hands of the 2 big dykes. She was put into the back seat of the car and the seargent got in with her. The second officer got in behind the wheel, put the car in gear and then turned it around, heading away from Miami.

As bursa escort bayan they drove, Angel looked down on the floor of the police car. The magazine the 2 cops had been looking at was lying there. It wasn’t a magazine at all. It was an issue of the Caliente swimsuit catalog and there was Angel, big as life, right on the cover.

Angel thought to herself, “So, they do know who I am. Maybe they just want to have some fun. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to play along.”

“Hey Florence, are you sure you searched our prisoner thoroughly?” the seargent asked. “Maybe I better double check,” she said as she began to put her hands on Angel.

Her shirt being half off, the seargent had no trouble removing it the rest of the way and pushing it down to the handcuffs. The big dyke took a good luck at Angel’s luscious upper body. Her big hand reached out to cup a tanned breast. She felt it gently as she let Angel’s nipple slip between her fingers. She squeezed her fingers together and pinched the pink bud between her knuckles. Angel sucked a small sharp breath as she felt a jolt of electricity.

“So, you like the rough stuff,” the seargent said, “that’ll work out right nice.”

The big dyke sat silently as she fondled Angel the whole time the car drove back to the sheriff’s office. Finally, it stopped in front of a small run down building in a equally run down town. The 2 cops pulled Angel from the back seat and led her into the office. Once inside, they took the handcuffs off her. She tried to pull her shirt back on, but the seargent wouldn’t let her.

“We’re all ladies here little missy. No need to be shy,” she laughed as she pulled Angel’s shirt off of her and tossed it aside.

“I thought you said you didn’t know who I was? I saw the catalog on the floor of the car. You know exactly who I am. The question is, what do you want from me.” Angel said to the big dyke.

There was a moment of silence, then the seargent walked to Angel and pushed her back against the door of a small holding cell. Angel felt the cold metal bars against her back as the seargent held her arms and pushed her firmly against the bars.

“Well little lady, all I know is that I need a little cooperation from you. You see, Florence and I are the law in this town, so it’s up to us to interogate our prisoners.”

Angel took note of the word cooperation and lifted her hands over her head to grab 2 of the bars. As she did, her beautiful naked breasts rose and jutted out at the 2 dykes.

“Okay, I guess I’m ready to cooperate,” Angel told them.

The 2 dykes looked at each other quickly as they each thought that it had never been this easy before.

The front door was quickly locked and the phone was taken off the hook. The 2 women kept their eyes on the half naked young girl before them as they began to strip off their police gear. Hats, belts, and badges were dropped to the floor as the 2 stripped to down to uniforms only. Angel watched as they worked at the buttons of their shirts and the clasps on their pants. The spectacle of it was making Angel flush as she realized that she was about to be taken by these 2 giant women.

The seargent pulled of her shirt first and quickly removed her enormous bra. Two giant breasts fell out each tipped with large dark nipples. Angel thought she could see a ring of dark hairs around each nipple. The other officer finally removed her shirt and bra as well. She too had enormous breasts and Angel found herself staring in amazement.

“So little girl, have you ever seen anything like these,” the seargent asked her as they pressed their breasts against Angel’s.

Angel wriggled as the enormous mounds mashed into her. She could feel the weight of them as they engulfed her.

“Florence, why don’t you finish stripping our prisoner. I think we need to make sure she isn’t hiding any drugs.”

The officer moved her hands to Angel’s skirt and quickly unfastened it. She yanked it down Angel’s slender legs until it fell at the girl’s feet. She hooked her fat fingers under each side of Angel’s panties and pulled them down slowly until they also fell to the girl’s feet. Once she stood back up straight and got her enourmous body out of the way, the seargent got a look at Angel’s smooth pussy for the first time.

“Would you look at that Florence! This girl shaves her privates! Don’t that beat all,” she exclaimed.

The seargent pressed close to Angel and let her hand cup over the girl’s smooth sex.

“Actually, I think that is quite erotic. It kinda gets me hot,” the big dyke said.

Angel couldn’t help but wiggle a bit as she felt the woman’s fingers resting on her pussy. She could tell that she was starting to get a little wet from the anticipation of what was about to happen. She tried to stand still as the seargents fingers moved ever so slightly over her lips. Her mouth opened slightly as she felt the tip of one finger slide into her pussy and stop.

“I think this young lady is getting kinda horny Florence. We better proceed.”

The 2 big cops escort bursa guided Angel to a table in the middle of a jail cell. They got her on top and made her lie back flat. The table was cold metal and Angel’s skin flushed with goose bumps as the coldness met her skin. The table was fairly short so that her head was at one end and her legs hung over the other. The 2 cops pulled her arms over her head and fastened the handcuffs through a small bolt and back on her wrists. Then they pushed her legs apart and with 2 leather straps, they secured the girl’s slender legs.

Angel was now totally vulnerable on the table before them. Her incredible body was naked and stretched out on the metal table. Her breasts jutted into the air and each of the dyke cops took the opportunity to grab one .

“What are you going to do to me,” Angel whimpered.

“Well, we’re just going to get ourselves some,” the seargent replied.

And with that, the 2 big cops descended on Angel. One of them began to suckle the girl’s breasts as the other put her hands on Angel’s thighs and began to massage her. Angel let out a low moan as her body was betrayed by it’s own sensuality. She realized that the other young girls that had been here before her had probably struggled and cried. But she wasn’t scared, in fact, she was probably going to enjoy this as much as the 2 cops.

The seargent was giving the girl’s breasts a good working over. She was thinking about how she had been looking at Angel in the catalog for months now and had been using her fingers to get herself off while staring at Angel’s golden body in each picture. She couldn’t believe that she now had that same body right here on her “interogation” table and it was hers to take as she pleased. She did think it was a little odd that Angel was not protesting at all. But she didn’t think to much about it, her mouth was closed over a luscious breast and that had most of her attention.

The other cop had pushed Angel’s smooth, tanned legs apart and was massaging the tender flesh. She was staring at the sweet girl’s pussy and was readying herself. She was going to have a taste of this girl. She almost couldn’t believe their good fortune in stopping the right speeding car and then finding Angel in the back seat.

She leaned down close and let her tongue extend out so that the tip barely touched Angel’s lips. She felt the sweet girl rear up in response. Oh yeah, the little slut was liking it, there was no doubt about that.

She let her tongue lick up and over the girl’s sex, as if she was a mother cat cleaning her kittens. She licked over and around the girl’s sex, passing over the inside of each thigh and across the lower part of her flat stomach. Angel could hardly stand it as she felt the warm tongue glide over her skin. Another low moan passed from her lips as she felt herself getting very aroused from the licking she was getting.

“I think she is ready Florence. Why don’t you take this pretty young thing.” the seargent told the second cop.

Without delay, Florence pushed her tongue into Angel’s pussy causing a bolt of electricity to pass through Angel’s body. She arched up mightily, almost pushing the seargent away from her breasts, but the seargent held on and kept her mouth planted over the girl’s erect nipple. She sucked in hard as Angel felt sparks now from her breasts and her pussy.

The 2 big dykes had a lot of experience taking young girls. They seemed to work almost in unison as they licked and sucked Angel’s gorgeous body. Angel found herself yanking on the handcuffs as she tried to move her arms. Her legs struggled against the leather straps, but they held her firmly. There was no stopping it, her body was at the mercy of the 2 cops and they were going to have their way with her.

The tongue in her pussy was becoming her focal point now. She felt it pushing and shoving into her as deeply as any cock had ever been in her. She felt the big hands cupping her ass holding her so that the cop’s big mouth could suckle over her sex. She felt her hips moving, responding to the tongue fucking she was getting. She was really building now, she was seeing stars from the assault the 2 cops were giving her.

Finally, she felt it come in a wave as her body was racked by a huge orgasm. The cops were amazed and gripped her tightly as this delicate little girl shook and gyrated underneath them. The cop that was between her legs pulled back and wiped a big hand over her face as Angel crested her orgasm and began to settle down.

“mmmmm, she’s a tasty little treat Thelma. Why don’t you try some of that?”

“I’ve got something else in mind Florence,” she said as she let go of Angel’s breasts.

“Unfasten her from the table and put her down on the bed,” the seargent commanded as she left the cell for a moment.

The second cop did as she was told and moved Angel from the table to a small cot that was against the wall. The seargent returned with a large black dildo with 2 heads. She put Angel on her back on one end of the cot as she positioned herself at the other end. She inserted the big toy into her own pussy first and with her muscles, took a strong grip on it. The thing almost was like a real cock now as it protruded from the big dyke’s hairy cunt.

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