Gamer Girl Ch. 02

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“Everyone here already? Impressive!” chirped Chloe as she entered their lair a few days later. Her eyes fell on the new life-sized cardboard cutout that now adorned one of the walls. A pink-haired anime girl with a massive set of protruding tits glued to her chest was displayed on it, arms stretched out, feet up in the air, a beaming smile plastered over her big-eyed face. The drawing oozed a perverted charm and an infectious joyfulness. And the fat knockers surely attracted any male in the vicinity. Chloe chuckled, “Who’s responsible for this big-titted bitch?”

“It’s mine,” grinned Delta, “And don’t call Taitan Teets a bitch! She’s my fucking waifu! Let her cuteness flood your heart!”

“Taitan Teets, huh? Isn’t that the lead character of that titty-jiggling game series?”

“It’s not only games but also manga and movies. And yes, the fan service is strong with this one. If you see Taitan-san somewhere, it’s almost guaranteed that her gigantic knockers will face some serious challenges in the next few minutes. I’ve seen those fleshy appendages of hers cruelly squeezed by giant octopuses, wrapped in mesh bags so tight that her boobie flesh seeped through the narrow gaps of the net. I’ve seen those things getting pummeled by her enemies and caressed by her friends. Those fat pillows went through everything you could possibly imagine and she always gets out stronger and more likeable. So yes, Taitan is a mighty tit warrior, and an ambassador for a more breast-friendly world,” he smirked, barely holding back a giggling fit after his little speech, “She’s a true hero and should inspire every well-endowed girl to strive for greatness!”

“And I guess that’s why this cardboard cutout has a bunch of melon-sized rubber balls glued to her chest?”

“Yep. It’s the defining characteristic of her. And those are no simple rubber balls either. Go ahead, touch ’em.”

“Uh, feels like jelly. Quite jiggly and soft!”

“Just how they should be,” beamed the owner of the odd object.

“You’re weird, Delta!” smiled Chloe, patting his blushing cheeks, “One of the reasons why I love you so much. In fact, I love all of you geeky fucks. Alright, enough of the titty talk, Escort Bayan Gaziantep let’s do something fun. How about another raid?”

“What about another pussy inspection?” joked Gamma, “I really enjoyed that. Maybe we get to touch the forbidden zone this time and do more of a hands-on?”

Chloe smirked. She thought about the situation, about the discussions she could only have in this tightly knit group of friends. She built up some much needed courage and on a whim decided it was time to act, to finally let her best friends in on her big secret. All that talk about big tits was simply a too good opportunity to let it go unused. She winked at Gamma conspiratorially and whispered, “Ooohhh, that reminds me. I have a little something for you guys! But you have to pinky-swear that nobody outside of this room will ever know about what I’m going to show you.”

Chloe’s pulse quickened as everybody looked at her expectantly. She harrumphed uncomfortably and creaked,

“I’m dead serious, guys. You have to promise to never tell anyone, not now, not in fifty years, not even on your deathbed, understood? No one outside of our team will ever know, OK?”

“Wow, Purple, what’s so super secret that you are making such a fuss about it? Have you come up with the ultimate killer strategy for our next raid or what?”

Chloe shook her head, trembling nervously, “No, nothing like that. It’s… something very, very personal. And once I told you there’s no going back. So… I need to know if you guys can keep your mouths shut. So what do you think? Can you promise to keep this a secret until the end of your life?”

All nodded, wondering what the hell their teammate was up to.

“Alright. Let’s make this special then. A group experience or something. Ugh, I’m so fucking nervous!”

Chloe almost chickened out. But when Alpha took her hand and looked into her eyes, she knew it was the right thing to do. She motioned everyone to form a circle around her, took a deep breath and said, “I want you to help me out of my top.”

The guys were puzzled.

“You’ll understand in a moment,” she mumbled, blushing, “So just do it, ok? And no word to anyone.”

“Now you made me nervous, too,” giggled Alpha, “What the heck is up with you?”

“Delta, could you switch off the light and just leave the displays on? Thanks. Now come close to me everyone. And don’t joke around, don’t laugh, don’t try to be funny. This is very important to me and I want you all to take this seriously.”

She wiggled out of her shirt and put their hands on the tight wrap that covered her upper body. Her voice trembled when she creaked, “Unwrap me now. And don’t say a word!”

The guys were anxious. Why was Chloe acting so strange? Their curious fingers started to explore the tight binding in the eerily lit, damp room and looked for a way to undo the girl’s strange undergarment.

Chloe felt their fingers touch her chest, scrap over the rough fabric. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer. Their fingers found the end of the cloth and started to pull. She squeezed her eyes shut, felt her breasts slowly expand, their curious fingers meeting her sensitive flesh.

“Holy sh…”

“Just like Taitan!”

Chloe hissed, “No talking!”

Their hands roamed over her body, squeezed her ample, tender breasts. Chloe gasped and squirmed as the enterprising fingers poked her fat tits, pinched her unbelievably hard nipples and caressed her long neglected flesh.

Suddenly Alpha grabbed her shoulders and hugged her tightly, whispering, “Whatever the reason, your secret is safe with us.”

One by one the others did the same, cuddling her trembling, shaking body. Chloe gasped and whimpered, her heart still pounding furiously. Their comforting hands and soothing voices slowly managed to calm her down. Finally Delta slowly brightened the room again, illuminating the topless girl and her massive tits in all their glory.

“Holy cow, your boobs are gigantic, Purple! You’re putting my waifu Taitan Teets to shame! Why the hell did you hide those knockers like that? How is that even possible? That wrap has to hurt tons!”

Chloe wiped off her tears and creaked, “Nobody takes you seriously with udders like that. That’s why.”

“That’s not true. Everybody loves big boobies,” Beta protested.

“You remember Jane? That bright, geeky girl? Before her boobs happened that is. Look at her now…”

“Damn, you’ve got a point there!” mused Alpha.

“Jane’s a special case though. She just happens to love cock, that’s it.”

“It’s not only Jane,” replied Chloe, “It happens all the time. How many hot, busty women do you know in science?”

“Are there any?”

“That’s my point! Tits are a real hindrance for any career in STEM. And that’s why I decided to hide them. That’s why you have to keep this a fucking secret.”

“Damn, that’s sad. But I get it, I guess,” mused Delta, “We all get it, right?”

Everyone nodded vigorously.

“Thanks guys. This room will be the only place I’ll ever take off my disguise, where I can finally be myself.”

“Oh fuck, tears! Tears in my eyes!” quipped Gamma, then continued in a more serious tone, “Purple, I’m glad you took this step. You’re safe with us,” then he smirked, “And even better, we finally get some actual boobies to play with!” He hugged her again, “Just joking, girl, just joking.”

Chloe grinned, “You know that from now on I’ll be topless most of the time, right? I don’t own a single damn bra and my shirts are all way too tight when my boobs are not squished down like that. And there’s no point in buying new stuff for just a few hours a week, right?”

“Right,” grinned Delta, “This gets better and better!”

“But no slacking and no being distracted just because of the new set of fat, naked boobies around you, OK? We have some matches to win!” She jumped to her gaming rig.

“What about your pussy?” quipped Delta.

“Next time, dumbo, next time. Let’s game!”

The guys couldn’t get enough of her warm, soft breasts. Whenever they got a chance, they grabbed her bare tits and squeezed them, played with them. Chloe found the attention quite enjoyable and soon longed to get touched by her friends. They kept her asking for another shot at her pussy, for a chance to explore her sex but she kept stalling. And it worked for a while, but after a few weeks it slowly dawned on her that she had to deal with the situation once and for all. But she was scared that the experience would split the group apart, that the guys would get jealous of each other. She had to come up with a plan to prevent that from happening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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