Getting Dirty In A Bath House

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Well first things first…

I have to tell you that the events in this story are true and so thankfully happened to me.

I live in the small town of Los Angeles, California. You know the kind of town, with one stop light and nothing to do on weekend nights, except cruise the strip and hang out in front of the mini mart.

Wait a minute, sorry wrong story.

Good ole Los Angeles. The dirty cesspool of human existence. And I love every minute of it. A person can find any deviant thing to do at any hour in the city of angels.

One night I found something new to do…

To begin with, I’m not gay. I would honestly say I am straight. Well as straight as a guy can be, who just happens to enjoy getting fucked in his ass every now and then. Yeah, and I like to suck on a big cock too. But like I said, I’m not gay, I just keep my late night options open.

On some nights I surf the interent, talking to guys and on a few occasions I have even met a few of these guys. but more often than not, I end up jerking myself to sleep.

One night I didn’t go to sleep. I was slightly more than buzzed from cocktails earlier in the night and now I was hungry. So I decided to go get something to eat.

And I should tell you… DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE. But I was drunk and hungry and later in this story you’ll see my decision making skills aren’t the safest.

As I drove towards my favorite late night drive thru I saw a guy going into a store front door. This wouldn’t be unusual except that it was 4am and the streets were empty. I looked at the sign and saw it was the North Hollywood Spa. Now I had driven past this sign a thousand times and I knew what the place was, I’d just never thought about going in.

But tonight was different.

I turned my car around and found a spot to park on the street. I had enough booze flowing Escort Kız through my blood to make me curious enough to check this place out. I had a few a jitters, so I smoked a joint in quick fashion and then hurried towards the door and made my way inside.

A tired looking guy greeted me at the counter. I told him I had never been there before. He told me I could get a locker or a room. After hearing the pricing and what I had in my wallet, I could only afford a locker. I forked over the money, he gave me a towel, I took a mask from the ancient gallery, and I walked on down the hall. (Sorry just had to throw the Doors reference in there)

I found a locker, and got undressed. I asumed this was what you do, since I had seen a few other guys walking around in towels. I did the same. I decided to explore.

Between my booze buzz and being high I was feeling no pain. I was floating on a cloud, wandering around this gay playground.

I found the work out room, the pool, the hottub, and then I found the steam room. I walked inside, it was dark and empty. I sat down and let the heat penetrate my body.

I was relaxing in my own world when I heard the door open. I kept my eyes closed. Silence filled the room and because I kept my eyes closed I didn’t know where this stranger was. But I did know I was getting turned on. I felt my cock start to stiffen.

I figured what the hell, why not?

I pulled back my towel and let my cock be exposed to the room. I was waiting for him. I wanted him to take my cock and place it in his mouth. I wanted him to suck my hard cock and make me cum.

Well after a couple minutes of nothing, I opened my eyes to find no one was even in the room. DAMN! Now I was really fucking horny. I wrapped my towel up and headed out of the steam.

I began wandering again. Now I found myself in a hallway, with doors on both sides. I figured these to be the rooms for rent. I walked past them, noticing some were open. I walked past a dark room with the door cracked. A voice called to me.

“Hey, come here”.

I turned and slid into the room.

The room was completely dark. A guy was lying on the small bed. I sat down next to him.

He didn’t waste any time.

This dark figure began to rub my leg and then pulled my towel off.

“Lie down,” he said. “I wanna suck your cock”.

I did as I was told. He was on me in an instant, sucking my cock with fever. I was so high from the booze, drugs, and excitement that I just closed my eyes and let him do what he wanted. As it turned out, he wanted to do everything.

After several minutes of a fantastic blow job, he instructed me to turn over. Again I did as I was told. I turned over so he had me positioned doggie style. He handed me a small bottle and told me to inhale it.

I did.

WOW! Whatever the scientific name for that shit is, that fucks you up. I was really fucked up now.

As I continued sniffing the poppers, he began to lick my asshole. His tongue was penetrating my hole and it felt amazing. And then his tongue was gone.

Replacing it was his cock.

Without warning, this guy moves up my crack and starts pushing his huge stick in my tight hole.

I ask him if he has a rubber on and he tells me not to worry about it. I inhale the poppers again and I don’t worry about it.

He slams his cock in my ass. I feel pain for a brief second, then all I feel is cock.

This guy begins fucking me with such force, that I feel he may knock me through the wall. I am moaning in ecstacy. We are now in sync and have become a fuck machine. I can feel him sweating on me and notice that I am beginning to sweat some too.

All I can do is concentrate on pushing his cock as deep in me as possible.

Then I heard another voice.

“Hey, can I join in?”

I didn’t even bother to turn around. Instead I inhaled another deep sniff of the poppers and got ready for some more fuckin.

I felt the cock being pulled out of me. And as soon as it was out, another one slid in. this new guy’s cock was smaller than the first, but I knew it would do the job. I was enjoying this new guy when the first guy shoved his cock in my face.

“Suck my dick pig.” After sniffing the bottle another time, I did as I was told.

I started sucking his dick slowly at first, trying to concentrate on the fucking. But when he starte pumping my face, it was all I could do to not gag.

These two anomynous cocks were violating me in a way I had never felt.

After several minutes of this pounding, the guy fucking my ass announced he was going to cum.

I tried to tell him not to cum inisde me, but the owner of the cock wouldn’t let me move my head, so I just continued sucking and a moment later, felt a gush of seed shooting inside me. I could feel his cock quiver with every shoot.

I pushed against his cock trying to drain his balls. As I pulled away, I felt the cock in my mouth begin to cum. I had never had a guy cum in my mouth before, so I did what I thought I was supposed to do…

I swallowed every drop.

Then I inhaled the popper again.

I wandered out of the room, back towards my locker. I felt incredibly dirty, but I liked it. And that was why I needed to get out of there. I knew if I stuck around I was going to end up getting fucked by every guy who wanted to in that place. So I got dressed quickly and hurried out to my car. I drove home, hopped in bed and jerked off, shooting my load all over my body.

I’ve been back to North Hollywood Spa a few times since then and have always had a good time, so if you’re ever in LA…

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