Getting Down to Business Ch. 02

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The drive out to Stephanie’s house seemed quicker than normal. Maybe it was because of all the thoughts bouncing around in my head. That dream I had about Natalie was so intense and so real. It was a far cry from anything I’ve ever wanted to do but I don’t think I’ve ever been more turned on. I was easily sobered when my thoughts ran backward to my conversation at dinner. Even drearier was why I had the conversation to begin with.

Was Stephanie cheating on me? Was she simply bored with me? Am I really so unobservant that I couldn’t see the most basic of signals? I rehearsed the conversation in my head on the way out to the suburbs. It was summer time and her neighborhood was very typical. The roads were sparsely occupied with joggers and kids playing. I could see a few people out tending their flowers or watering the lawns before the heat set in. I brushed off my doubts about my concerns and decided to be optimistic. After all, a relationship that doesn’t have trust isn’t a relationship.

I walked up to the front door of her modest home. It was a single story home with a spare room above the garage that she used for her personal gym. The yellow siding and white shutters just blended the house right in with the very normal life of an average American. Everyone on her street took great pride in their yards, as if they were in secret competition with one another to get into ‘Better Homes and Gardens’. Stephanie’s backyard had a privacy fence which provided some security from nosey neighbors when we felt like splashing in the pool.

Those doubts and concerns I had rushed back into my head when Stephanie answered the door. Her hair was terribly disheveled and her mascara still caked around her eyes. Her pink cotton shorts and tank top made no effort to hide that she had no underwear on. Her nipples pressed against the thin fabric as the cool morning air met her at the door.

“You’re early this morning!”

“I just couldn’t wait to see you, honey. You’ve been on my mind all week and I wanted to get as much time with you as I could.”

I stepped up to kiss her and she turned her cheek to me and welcomed me with a hug.

“Sorry, bad morning breath today!”

I followed her into the house but my senses seemed much more acute. I heard the shower running in the bathroom near the guest bedroom down the hallway.

As if Stephanie were reading my mind, “Stacy stayed the night last night. She drank a lot more than she should have… ungh, I think we both did,” she said as she rubbed her forehead. “We did have some fun though. It’s really good to see her let off some steam after that mess with her ex-dickhead.”

“That’s good. What did the two of you do?”

The master bedroom was just on the other side of the living room. I saw her clothes from last night strewn everywhere and assumed she had a lot of fun and probably had only gotten to sleep just before the sun rose. I heard the shower stop and the curtain draw back. The door was opened and footsteps headed towards the other bedroom.

“You’d better get up if you want to eat sleepy head,” shouted Stacy.

“Let me get cleaned up sweetie and then we can get some breakfast, okay,” my girlfriend told me.

She turned to her master bath before I could answer. She started her shower, letting the water get warm and looked back to me and blew a kiss. I saw her stripping her shorts off as she closed the door. God, she has a magnificent ass!

I had already set my bags down on the chest at the foot of her queen sized bed and began tidying up the room. I made the bed, which had been wildly undone in her sleep. My paranoia started setting in. It’s kind of weird that her bed be so ragged. I would have thought that after an exhausting night of drinking that she would have just passed out hard. I put it back out of my mind… maybe she just hadn’t made it that morning.

As I was gathering her attire off the floor, I couldn’t help but think that this dress couldn’t cover very much at all. Flashes of her flesh punctuated through my imagination. I folded it up and placed it by the hamper. I straightened the picture on the wall of the two sisters on their trip to the beach last summer. Then my thoughts shifted.

Rather than getting dressed, Stacy had come into Stephanie’s room wrapped in her towel and found me. She could be Stephanie’s twin in every way except her eyes. I brought my finger to my lips, telling her to stay silent. Then, I moved across the room and took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. My hands slid down her back to her firm ass, seizing it with my strength. I slipped one hand beneath the loose cloth and began to caress her bare flesh. Her heart was pounding and her breath deepened. I kissed her neck and she involuntarily arched it to the side, offering me more. Both my hands were beneath her towel and slid upward, pulling the towel with it. I lowered my affectionate kisses and trailed down her collar bone to the tops of her huge breasts. With a quick nip, I had untucked Antep Escort Bayan the cloth from between her heaving bosom. The fabric fell to the floor and I scooped her into the air. My face was buried in between those beautiful breasts, drinking of the water that trickled down from her wet hair. With one hand, I pushed my pants down and freed my thick cock from its confines. Stacy’s legs had wrapped around me as I held her, pinned against the wall.

Without a single word said, I lowered her onto my shaft. She gasped as I parted the petals of her wet flower. I filled her inch by inch and then began to thrust into her with small gyrations of my hips. Her pussy was incredibly tight. She held onto the door frame and pushed her head against the wall, intense pleasure screaming from her silent expression. I moved my mouth to her pert nipple. After a few flicks of my tongue, gave a light nibble which sent a streak of pleasure right down to her clit. She came almost instantly. The walls of her pussy clamped down on my dick, holding me in place. Her hands moved from the wall and dug deep into my shoulders as we looked into one another’s eyes. The sight was more than enough and I spewed my load into her. Shots of hot cum filled her love hole to its limit. Spent, I lowered her back down. Our eyes were still fixed on the other’s. The shower stopped and Stacy scraped up her towel and scampered back across the hallway.

A startled shriek brought me out of my fantasy and I quickly turned to the bedroom door to see the outline of a gorgeous woman holding her chest, trying to keep her heart on the inside of her body. Stacy was dressed in some jeans and a light blue tee shirt that hugged her body nicely. My girlfriend has the warmest brown eyes I have ever seen. They only enhance her exotic look. Stacy’s, however, have a piercing crystal blue tone that one could instantly pick out in a room full of people. And those blue eyes were fixed dead on me. I adjusted my pants in an attempt to conceal the bulge born of my lustful daydream.

“Oh! Hi, you’re Jason… right? I recognize you from the pictures. You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t know you were here already.”

“Yeah, sorry. You were in the shower when I got here. Steph is getting cleaned up now.”

I could only seem to sputter out short sentences in the presence of this superb sibling. ‘I just had the most memorable sex with you in a daydream’ was all that was running through my mind. Drawing a deep breath in, I continued. “You scared me too. I was kind of in my own world for a second. It’s nice to finally meet you. Stacy, right?”

“That’s right. I was just coming to make sure sleepy head was up. She got a little…, hey, can you come help me finish cutting up the fruit for breakfast?”

“Sure, I’m starving,” I said as we made our way to the kitchen.

“Stephanie tells me you’re the president of some big advertising firm downtown. You must be a real busy guy?”

“She flatters me. I’m not quite a president but I do work in advertising and marketing. It was pretty rough at first and I really did put in a lot of long hours. Now, it’s not so bad. I’ve gotten used to it and planning keeps things running pretty smooth. Every now and then, I’ll have a few weeks where we have to burn the midnight oil. It’s a living though. What about you? What do you do?”

“She’s actually looking for a job right now,”

Stephanie said as she came into the room. “Glad to see you two have met. What smells so good?”

Stephanie was wearing a blue sundress that looked amazing on her. She really knew how to pick out the outfits that showed off her long, tanned legs and full breasts. This was no exception. It was like the tailor took measurements of each breast and built a dress around them. Her hair was pulled into a pony tail and I could see she was wearing her white bikini.

She greeted me with the kiss that I looked for earlier and her sister told us that we were having crepes. We casually chatted through the meal with no awkwardness. The three of us just seemed to have known each other for years. It was really a great feeling. Then I screwed it up.

“So, what’d you guys get into last night? You said you had a lot of fun.”

They looked at each other momentarily. Stacy responded first.

“We just went to Danny’s Pub over on Flatley. Had some drink and shot some pool, ya know?”

“That’s it? Sounds like a fairly tame night.”

“Well, Stacy met these guys and was really into one of them. So we left from there and went to Club Afterlife, over in the Springs. We just had a good time and danced into the night.”

My imagination flashed: the tousled bed, that dress, my gorgeous girlfriend and her sizzling sister surrounded by a group of strange guys. How far did things go? Steph got a little…. What?

Always calm under pressure, I didn’t let it show that anything was bothering me.

“Well I’m glad you had a good time and made it home safe,” I said.

And then the tension had eased in. I tried to change subjects but everything just appeared to get boxed in.

Stacy then sealed the conversation as over when she said it was time to call a cab back to her car and head home.

“Where is it at?” I inquired.

“It’s still in the parking lot of the pub.”

“Please, let me take you back to your car. No sense in throwing away money on a cab for just a few miles. Plus, it will give us time to get to know each other a little better.”

Stacy looked at her sister who just shrugged and nodded her head, acknowledging that it was okay.

She excused herself and went to get her things.

“Are you coming with us?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m just going to enjoy the quiet for a little while.”

“We won’t be long sweetheart and I’m ready to do whatever you want to do when I get back.”

After I backed out of the driveway, we sat in silence as I maneuvered out of the neighborhood. I decided to open back up again.

“So, what was this guy like? The one you met last night?”

“He seems to be a pretty normal guy. He didn’t talk a very much but he just has this charm, this magnetism about him that made me want to know more. He could say so much with his body. I swear, he just looked at people and they knew what he wanted.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“He didn’t really say. The guys that were with him work for him. I think he’s some kind of foreman or something. I can tell he works with his hands though. They were calloused and very strong. He wasn’t brutish, just very firm. He’s a kind of guy a woman would feel safe being with.”

“Until she didn’t want to be with him for whatever reason. Then, those same hands might just scare you.”

“Eh, maybe… I just know that last night I felt a man who was in control of his world. He made me feel like I wanted to feel. I believed that I was beautiful and sexy. I believe he heard every word I said to him. Anytime another guy came around, he just gave a look and pulled me closer. Not like that cheating bastard of an ex-husband of mine. He only wanted to get further away.”

“You should feel that way all of the time because you are beautiful and sexy. I honestly couldn’t imagine you feeling any other way. I’ve just met you and I think any man would be a fool not to want to be with you,” I said without even thinking.

“Any man? You’re dating my sister, remember? Anyway, you don’t have to sell me on anything. You’re a handsome guy yourself and I can see how your charms worked on her. She and I have always been close. We even dated a few of the same guys in our younger years. It was kind of funny to us when we compared guys and how suave they thought they were. Oh, there’s my car… right over there.”

The stupid part of me wanted to tell her about my daydream earlier. I was also a little confused. Did she mean they dated the same guys at the same time, or one dated and then passed on to the other? Either way, I didn’t think now was the time to ask. Instead, I stayed long enough to make sure her car started and she drove away before I started back to Stephanie’s house. At least the part of the pub last night was true. Maybe the rest was too. I can’t let my paranoia get to me. On the drive home, Stacy’s words hung in my mind. I hadn’t meant to imply she could have me. Still though, she is hot. My imagination started to wander.

When I got back to the house, Stephanie was lying beside the pool facing the mid-morning sun. I changed into my shorts, grabbed a towel and went out to join her. She didn’t notice me sliding the patio door shut as I stepped onto the deck. The only sound we could hear was that of someone mowing the back lawn a few houses down. It wasn’t sounds that seized my interest. Seeing her stunned my senses.

The sight of her tan skin covered in oil glistening in the sun is exhilarating on its own. Combine that with the Wicked Weasel bikini she wore and it would spawn the most worthy of men’s loins to want with desire. It was decadently delicious. The thinnest of white strings touted two of the most terrific tits beneath tiny transparent triangles that scarcely screened her tender nipples. The dark sprouts of skin stretched out against the sheer fabric, saluting to the summer morning’s warming sun. Still scanning lower, I could tell the tips of her fingers were tracing her treasure beneath. Toying with her lips. Teasing her clit. Twirling around her entrance. I literally had to remind myself to breath as I became a voyeur to this vivacious vixen. I have seen Stephanie stripped naked plenty of times over the course of our coupling. There was something about this that was more. It was more erotic than anything I had ever imagined.

Her left hand rose up to her breast, caressing it softly and delicately. Tracing circles around it, she gave special attention to the sensitive sides as I had often done. When she started alternating with the other breast, her hips joined the gyrating motion. Her pressure increased with her breathing when she began kneading her soaked sex. She finally freed her breasts from the feeble fabric and started flicking her tongue frantically on her own fleshy mounds. Her face was filled with rapture as her neck arched back. Without warning, Stephanie plunged two fingers deep into her dripping pussy and she aggressively grabbed her nipple at the same time. She pounded her pussy relentlessly while she continued to pinch and pull her pink buds. I saw her toes curl upwards and her body went rigid. Her jaw dropped and she struggled to contain her moan. The throws of her orgasm sent shudders through her whole body.

I felt my own eruption building. I didn’t even notice that I had begun to rub myself through the light material of my swim trunks. The towel had fallen to the boards at my feet. My knees quivered and my eyes rolled back in my head. I pushed the waistband down and began quickly stoking the length of my eight inch cock. My hips rocked, hastening my pace. My stomach clenched and I violently exploded. Stream after stream of hot cum spewed out of me. When I opened my eyes again, my glorious girlfriend was no longer lounging poolside. Rather, she was knelt in front of me with each line of love juice spattered across her neck and chin. Some had drizzled down atop her heaving chest, still red from the torture she had imposed on herself.

“Holy shit!”

That was all I could manage to get out as I struggled to regain not only my stance but my breath as well.

“I’ll say. That was without a doubt the sexiest thing I’ve seen you do! I didn’t know you had such a naughty side to you,” came her reply in a very intrigued tone.

She began scooping up the dribbles of cum from her chest and feeding it to herself.

“Mmmm, yum. You taste wonderful. I saw you were about to cum and couldn’t get over quick enough. I wasn’t going to let that go to waste. How awful would that be?”

I still couldn’t speak.

“Come on. Now that the day is off to a great start, let’s go rinse off and see what the rest of it has in store for us,” she said as she took my hand and pulled me into the house. We jumped in the shower and rinsed off, but I still couldn’t articulate anything. So many thoughts were spiraling though my head. This time, it hadn’t been a fantasy. It was real. I had never in my life actually considered doing that. I always thought it would be humiliating or debasing a woman, yet Stephanie looked at me adoringly. She truly loved it.

The dismal expression on my face seemed to bring her out of the clouds and feel guilty. I took notice and opened up to her.

“That was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen a woman do in person. It’s one of those things that women don’t talk about. I felt like I was spying on you. No, no… I was spying on you, but I couldn’t turn away. I feel a little guilty about that.”

“Baby, trust me. Women get themselves off more than men do… It’s one of the perks of being female. And we do talk about it, to our closest girl friends, because, well, it’s just a little weird to talk about. Don’t feel guilty about seeing me. I heard your car pull up and knew you would find me soon enough. I definitely wasn’t expecting your reaction though. That was priceless and wickedly memorable.”

The mood had been lightened again and we just cut up with little jokes between us. After the shower, we packed up and went for a hike in the state park about 40 miles away from her house. It was a beautiful day and all the life of the forest seemed to be drawn out for us. As we were making our way along a steep ridge, my footing gave out from under me. I slid about 30 feet down the hillside until it leveled out again, but on some rough limestone rocks.

“Baby, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Stupid ground gave way. Hang on. I’ll be right back up.”

I picked myself off the ground, but as I stood I felt a tremendous pain in my left ankle. Wobbly, I tried to stand, but it was too much. Stephanie heard my groan and carefully made her way down to me.

“I think I sprained it. It’s nothing. I’ll be okay,” I said, giving my best tough guy attempt.

“Okay, well it’s about a mile back to the car but there’s a ranger station about half a mile that way.”

I took one step and winced. I knew I wasn’t going to make this out easy.

“Let’s go to the ranger station. Maybe just get an ice pack or something, what do you think?”

“Yeah, something to keep the swelling down. I know that hurts,” she humored me.

“I think I’ve heard that sprains are worse than breaks. You know? Because ligaments take longer to heal than bones.” I’m not sure if I was trying to convince her or myself. Stephanie helped me limp along the trail until we finally got to the station.

Knock knock knock.

“Anyone here?” cried Stephanie. “We need some first aid.”

“Forget it Steph, I’ll be fine. Let’s just go back to the car.”

No sooner had I got that out of my mouth did we hear the rustling of leaves behind us, accompanied with heavy footsteps.

“Howdy ma’am, you hurt?” said the uniformed official.

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