Gina The Loving Naive Wife Pt 2

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The following morning Gina woke up before Alex, he looked happy in his sleep and Gina knew she had finally made a breakthrough to help her husband. She leaned over to kiss him good morning and brushed her hair to side of her face. At least she tried but it was stuck in place. She tried to run her hands through her hair, but she was met by lots of matted hair stuck together with cum.

“I better jump in the shower honey,” she said as she kissed Alex’s cheek. He didn’t respond, she walked across the bedroom to the en-suite. She got into the shower and turned it on, as she washed herself, she had flashbacks to night before.

Thinking of how all the guys had fucked her in every hole they could, how they took turns pushing her to her limits, then how they joined together to push her further. She remembered how good it felt and started to feel excited.

She slid a finger from her belly button down to her clit and started to gently rub. Her mind started to drift further, remembering how it felt to have 2 cocks pulsating in and out of her pussy and ass in synchronisation.

At the same time, Lee had come up to the bedroom looking for Alex to let him know he was leaving and that he’d catch up with him later. Alex was still passed out in his bed. Lee heard the shower running and ventured forward to have a look.

He peeked round the door and was surprised to see Gina masturbating; he took his phone out and started to film her. The longer he watched her the more excited he started to get, he turned around to check on Alex, he was still sound asleep. Lee pulled his cock out and started to wank himself off.

This made the phone video blurry and out of focus, he crept into the bathroom and stood it up on the side of the sink so it would film the shower area. He returned to his spot behind the door and started to pleasure himself once again.

Gina was moaning with pleasure as she fingered herself, she looked amazing stood there with the water bouncing off her perfect petite body. Lee was almost ready to cum, Gina though leaned against the shower wall facing away from Lee completely. She was using her right hand to finger her pussy, she then arched her back and slid her left-hand round to her ass.

She slid the tip of a finger into her anus and soon started to put her wrists into overtime, franticly fingering in and out of her holes. Lee decided to chance his luck, he stripped naked and quietly sneaked into the shower. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass. “Morning honey,” she said.

Lee remained silent and started to press his cock against her rosebud, “someone’s keen this morning.” Lee again remained silent, Gina put her right hand on the wall and used her left hand to spread her ass cheeks, “go on then honey, give it me.”

Lee spat onto his hand and rubbed his cock, he then slowly pushed it into her anus. “Oh, honey that feels good, we should definitely do this more often.” Lee then spanked her ass cheek. “I take it you agree then.” Lee then looked back over to his phone and nodded yes to the camera. He then started to push his cock deeper.

Gina was moaning in extasy, Lee was trying his best to remain quiet. After 5 minutes of raw hard anal pounding Gina let out a gentle small whine “mmmm babe you made me cum already.”

This made Lee thrust harder and deeper. Pinning her tight against the wall. Holding onto her waist he pounded and pounded at her rear entrance. “ohh shit, I think I’m going to cum again.” Her chest was flat against the wall, Lee was pressed up against her, “mmmmm oh mmmm oh fuck, I’m cumming again babe, I love you!”

“Ah fuck,” Lee shouted out as he fired a round of jizz straight into her anus, keeping her pinned making sure every last drop stayed in, “I think I might love you to,” he said.

Gina fell silent and a cold chill ran through her as she realised it wasn’t Alex. After a brief silence Lee kissed her neck and thanked her for a great time. She took a moment then turned around to see him stood there drying off.

“What the fuck Lee, was last night not enough for you?”

“Calm down it was just a little leaving present. You loved it last night.”

“Last night was different, Alex had agreed to it, This, this is wrong, this is cheating. It could ruin my marriage.” Gina reacted angrily.

“I think you’re getting a little carried away, besides it’ll help me make my decision when Alex’s next paid leave review is up.”

“Just go, and don’t come back.”

Lee finished getting dressed and grabbed his phone. He went straight downstairs and left the house. Gina glanced round the door and drew a sigh of relief as she noticed Alex was still sleeping. She decided to forget what just happened and get on with her day.

Once she was dressed, she headed downstairs. Everyone had gone, but they had left a mess behind them. There were beer cans and bottles everywhere bits of food and wrappers lying around. “Better make a start on cleaning then.” She said to herself.

After a short time of tidying Alex appeared, “Morning babe, thanks for last night that was amazing,” he said with a smile. “Has everyone gone?”

“Yes, they’ve all gone, never took any of their rubbish them though!” she stated. “As for last night, I knew it was a fantasy of yours and I just wanted to do something special and a little different. Don’t go getting any ideas about it happening again though.” She laughed.

“The memory of last night will stick with me forever you looked so hot between everyone. Now go and sit down and I’ll tidy this mess up.”

Gina couldn’t believe what she was hearing after so long without his help, she certainly wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity. She sat on the sofa and put the TV on, then relaxed. Alex was sorting out the recycling and general rubbish, sorting out the dish washer. It felt good for Gina for a change, it had been a while since she could relax whilst everything in the house was done, and to make it better Alex had just placed a fresh cup of tea and some toast next to her.

The next week was good for the couple, they had started to talk more, even went out for a meal. Sex had come back into their relationship. Alex still hadn’t returned to work though as he was still suffering from anxiety but was definitely starting to feel better.

The following week Gina was really starting to enjoy life again, then whilst on her lunch break at work she received a video message from Lee. The video had been shortened and showed Alex sleeping in bed then panned round to Gina masturbating in the shower. It then cut to Gina being fucked by Lee and her declaring “I love you.” Gina was left open mouthed and confused.

“What the fuck is this,” she thought to herself, then she remembered seeing Lee grab his phone of the side before leaving the bathroom that morning, she hadn’t thought anything at the time but now her mind raced through different questions, “what does he want? why is he sending me this? Has he sent this to anyone else? Oh my god has he sent it to Alex.”

At the same time Lee was sat in his office at work, planning the road ahead. He sat there behind his big executive’s desk, it was one of these older styles you would see in the old American movies usually with a fat cat CEO or Tony Montana smoking a cigar behind it. Lee was always very proud of it. It had a cabinet in front of it filled with signed professional footballers’ boots behind glass windows.

Lee was very serious about his work and employees. He had started the business with nothing and had built it up over the past 25 years. Providing team bonding and socialising events wasn’t for everyone but he excelled at it. They would plan, organise and cover all arrangements, whether this was a 1-day bonding session of water sports, paintballing or office tests to weeks away as prizes for staff. Whatever a business wanted he could always provide.

He owned a small building which housed most of his employees. When you walked into the building there was 2 floors, ground floor had about 10 call handlers dealing with most queries. They were centralised around the edges were 6 offices, these were used for the regional managers like Alex. The kitchen (which was always stocked) and toilets that were always clean and at the end of the building.

The upstairs was smaller, as you arrived at the top Lee’s secretary Jane sat there behind her round enclosed desk area. Jane was about 40 and around 5ft 6, a brunette with hazel eyes. She was still slim and attractive, and married with 2 kids. She wasn’t great at her job and the other employees did wonder why Lee kept her employed.

Once you passed her desk there was a small waiting area and an empty office, this was used for video Sex hikayeleri conferencing and interviews. The other side of this was Lee’s office set separate to everyone else. It was large and had lots of sports memorabilia on the walls, he had 2 seats in front of his desk. Before getting to his desk you had to walk round a coffee table with 4 more chairs around it.

So there sat Lee in his office watching this video, he called in Jane. “What do you reckon Jane? I could use her for a bit of relief in the office, it would give you some more free time to work on your secretarial duties.”

“Very nice, looks like you enjoyed yourself. Who is she?”

“That’s Alex’s wife.”

“No way, I thought you and Alex were friends?”

“We are friends, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” Lee laughed. “Now this video has got me horny so why don’t you give me a quick blow job.”

Jane dropped to her knees and took Lee’s cock out of his trousers. She was instantly able to take his full length; she has been his secretary for 16 years and knew how to handle his cock.

14 years ago when the business was struggling, Jane had just married and was 7 months pregnant with her 1st child. Lee was devasted that he had to make redundancies to keep the company afloat. He called Jane into the office, she looked fantastic, mid 20’s stunning and even though she was already quite large from the pregnancy she had a glow about her that made her cuter.

As he told her he couldn’t keep her employed anymore and was making other cost cutting strategies. She begged him to keep her on, they couldn’t afford to lose an income. Lee being the ever optimist took advantage of the situation “Jane I can’t keep you on I’m really sorry.”

“Please Lee, I’ll do anything, no one will employ me whilst pregnant and I won’t survive on the governments maternity allowance. I’ll take on extra responsibilities I’ll even cut my hours down.”

“Would you be willing to do both?”

“If it meant keeping an income and once the business pulls through, I can go back to my old job after the maternity leave.”

“You could definitely go back full time but other responsibilities would need to be negotiated.”

“Ok so what other duties would I need to do?” Jane asked thinking it would be more secretarial work.

“Get on your knees,” he instructed.


“You heard, get on your knees.”

“I can’t do any lifting in my condition,” Jane replied still oblivious to what was coming.

“No lifting, do you want to keep your job?” Lee asked bluntly.

“Yes of course.”

“So, get on your knees.”

Jane finally did as was being asked, “what now?”

He started to unzip his trousers, “Open your mouth.”

Suddenly the realisation hit, “oh no, I didn’t agree to that.”

“You agreed to do anything, now say ahh.”

“I’m not doing this Lee; I’m married and pregnant. There must be something else.”

“I don’t need you for anything else, times are hard for us all now and I need a stress reliever. You need a job and these are the terms. So, either open your mouth or start clearing your desk.” Lee made his point quite clear.

Jane looked up at him through sad eyes “please,” she mouthed softly. Lee just shrugged his shoulders. Jane reached up and took out his cock. “Aaaahhh,” she said as if visiting the dentist and Lee slid his cock straight in.

“That’s better,” Lee sighed. “Or maybe not,” he continued as he struggled to get his cock in her mouth.” Lee was holding on to her head and trying to fuck deep into her throat but was barely getting 2” in.

Jane was struggling and a tear fell from her eye. Lee was relentless in his quest, “Have you never given head before?” he asked angrily pulling his cock away from her.

“Yes, but my husband prefers the way I lick it rather than suck it.”

“I think he’s lying to you, to stop your feelings being hurt because you’re crap at it.”

“Please let me try again,” Jane pleaded with him.

“Ok, time for some on the job training. Open your mouth again and stay still.” Jane complied and Lee started to fuck into her mouth again. This time though he took hold of the back of her head and slowly slid his cock in.

He held it in place, slowly sliding it deeper and deeper. Eventually Jane started to gag. “It’s ok, just relax.” Jane’s eyes were turning pink as she struggled to accommodate a cock in her throat for the first time.

Lee finally started to slowly move in and out of her mouth slowly building up a faster rhythm. “You’re a quick learner Jane, I predict good things for you in the future.” Having never fucked a pregnant woman before Lee decided now was the time.

“Right let’s take this to the next level of training.” Jane looked up at him with a confused look.

“What do you mean next level?”

“Bend over onto all 4’s and you’ll see.”

Jane complied with the instruction, Lee moved round to her behind, he noticed her belly droop and found it strangely attractive and with no risk of pregnancy he could cum inside her. He slid her dress up and pulled her panties to the side.

She was wet, she was enjoying it. “Oh, you little minx, this is getting you excited isn’t it?”

“yes, but only because my husband won’t make love to me while I’m pregnant. He is only interested in oral. So yes, I’m a little excited.”

“A little? Your panties are soaked. This is going to be fun.” Lee then penetrated her and Jane let out a moan. Lee didn’t go to fast as this was new territory for him.

“If you’re going to fuck me, fuck me!” Jane shouted at him.

“Are you sure? What about the baby?” he asked unsure if the baby would be ok.

“The baby will be fine, now fuck me!”

Lee didn’t need to be told again, he started to fuck her as hard as he could. Jane was bucking back into him and soon moaned as she orgasmed for the first time in months. “ooh yes, that’s good. Now come on and cum in me.”

Lee quickened his pace and soon was spurting his hot load straight into her pussy without any concern. “Oh fuck, that was great, we definitely need to sort out your new role and duties.”

Jane glanced back and smiled, “let’s get this sorted then,” they agreed for her to reduce her hours at work and whenever Lee felt stressed, she would pleasure him. Realistically it could have stopped after she gave birth and completed her maternity leave, but it didn’t.

The sex reduced after her 2nd child as Lee was always dubious as to whether he was his or not. After that Lee would usually only request head and on the odd occasion sometimes take it further. Jane loved it and as she knew she wasn’t great at her job she had to ensure she kept it.

Back to the present day and she had almost brought Lee to a quick ejaculation, but there came a knock at the door.

“You know the routine Jane under the table, quick quick,” Jane crawled under the table and Lee pulled himself in close. Jane slipped his cock back into her mouth and slowly started to suck him off again. “Come in.”

It was one of the Call handlers, “Lee have you seen Jane? I need to get some information posted out asap to a potential new client.”

“I think she’s popped to the toilet. I’ll get her to come down to you as soon as she comes out.”

“Ok thanks.” He left closing the door behind him.

“Oh, you really have mastered that Jane,” Lee stated. Jane kept going and soon felt him tense, then “ooooh, yes Jane.” She swallowed all the fresh warm cum and then cleaned him up before climbing out from under the table.

“Well I’ve never had a complaint yet,” she said with a smirk.

“You’d better get back to work and get that post sorted out,” advised Lee as he zipped himself back up.

“Before I go, I’ve just had a wicked idea, when is Alex next due in?” Jane quizzed Lee

“He’s coming in on Thursday for his sickness review. Why do you ask?”

“How hot would it be if his wife was giving you a blow job under the table during it?”

“That’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that.” He started to formulate a plan in his head. Jane left his office and went back to her secretarial duties. He took out his phone and text Gina, she replied quickly and they started texting back and forward.

Lee – Are you free Thursday?

Gina – Yes Why?

Lee – Good, we need to meet.

Gina – Why do we need to meet?

Lee – You know why, I take it you’ve seen the video I sent.

Gina – Yes, I have and I didn’t give you permission to record me you creep!

Lee – Do you think Alex will care whether I had permission or not to record it?

Gina – Just tell me what you want.

Lee – Come to my office on Thursday Sikiş hikayeleri about 1pm.

Gina – Why?

Lee – Just do it, or do I send this video to Alex.

Gina – Fine I’ll be there.

Lee – Great, probably best you don’t tell Alex.

Gina – Well that’s pretty obvious. Now stop bothering me.

Excellent Lee thought to himself, he then text Alex confirming they were still ok to meet up at 1.30pm on Thursday, Alex confirmed he was. His plan was all coming together.

Gina was worried, what would he make her do, what did he want. She didn’t want to go, but knew she had to if she didn’t want Alex to see the video. The next 2 days were uneventful and passed slowly as she continued to worry.

Thursday late morning, Gina was dressed in her casual clothes, grey sweatpants and matching hoodie. “I’m just off out for some lunch with a few of the girls from work,” she told Alex as she was leaving the house.

“Ok honey, have a good time, I’ll let you know how my meeting goes.”

“Shit,” Gina muttered to herself. She had completely forgotten Alex also had his meeting with Lee today. Her worry level rose and a chill ran down her spine, just what was Lee planning. She decided to head straight to his office to get things sorted out asap.

As she approached the building she didn’t want to be recognised, she put her hood up and walked in and then straight upstairs. No one noticed her which relaxed her a little. How would she explain to Alex why she was at the office instead of meeting friends?

She went straight to the welcome desk where Jane was sat, “you must be Gina,” Jane stated. “Go straight in, he’s expecting you.”

Gina walked round to Lee’s office and knocked, “Come in,” came the reply. Gina opened the door and walked in. “Gina, lovely to see you, and I see you’re wearing clothes this time,” Lee chuckled to himself.

“Just what do you want Lee?”

“You of course.”

“You’ve already had me twice, you perv. If Alex found out this would crush him.” Gina stated as she sat in one of the chairs opposite him.

“That’s why I’m suggesting we keep quiet about our little morning fun. I’m sure that’ll be easy for you but I need a bit more persuading.” Gina stood there with a look of defeat on her face. “Also, I’ve been counting the figures and I may need to let Alex go as we’re losing money in his area.” This was a lie in fact it was the opposite.

“Lee, you can’t do this he’s worked here most of his life, he loves it. He just needs time to get his head sorted.” Gina pleaded Alex’s case.

“Well the ball is in your court Gina, either we agree an arrangement or I message Alex the video and terminate his contract.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You’ll do everything I tell you for the rest of the day, Alex will have his sick pay extended and I’ll keep the video to myself.”

“But Alex is coming in this afternoon!”

“Don’t worry you’ll be well hidden for that part. Do we have an agreement?”

“If you stop sending me texts and videos. I’ve had to delete them all from my phone in case Alex sees them. Then yes.”

“Great, now stand up and take of that tracksuit top.”

Gina slowly stood up and started to remove her top. Lee watched like a vulture around a wounded animal. She put the top on the chair and just stood still.

“Next, turn around and slowly remove your joggers.”

Gina turned around and started to slowly pull her joggers down, revealing her white satin panties. Suddenly she stopped, grabbed her top and headed for the door, “No, I can’t do this.”

Just as she reached the door, “Are you sure Gina? It would be such a shame to see your marriage fall apart and Alex’s career follow it.”

She stopped and turned around, she stared at him with daggers in her eyes. “Fine, I’ll do it for Alex.”

She put her top back down, “Give that to me, I’ll store it safe for you.” Gina handed the top over to him, “Now the bottoms and remember to turn around. I want to see that ass of yours pop out of these and do not bend at the knees.”

Outside the office Jane switched on her monitor and connected to the live stream security camera’s. She ***********ed Lee’s room and instantly started to get wet watching Gina being forced to strip. She sat in her seat and slid her skirt up a little, enough to slide her hand under to start massaging her clit.

Back in the room, Gina was bent over but kept her legs straight. Lee had taken his cock out and started to stroke it. “Excellent Gina, your ass is amazing. Now pass me those as well.”

Gina picked up her joggers and handed them to Lee, he threw them under his desk with the top. Gina was left stood there in a t-shirt and panties. “Ok, have you seen enough now?” she asked hopefully it was over.

“Nowhere near it, now take of t-shirt and slowly turn around while you are doing it.” Gina did as she was told. Lee watched closely. Jane’s vision was fixed on the monitor outside. “I’ll take that as well,” he said as she stood now in her bra and panties. “Bra next, let me see those lovely pert tits, they look great.”

Gina removed her bra and covered her breasts with her hands. She threw the bra at him, “pleased with what you see?”

“Oh, very pleased, now take of the panties, slowly and again turn around and face the other way. No bending at the knees.”

Gina slid her panties down and once they passed her thighs they dropped straight to her ankles.

“Stay in that position. I want you to spread your ass cheeks for me.” Gina did as she was told. “It’s like a little piece of heaven right here in my office. “Look back at me and smile.” Gina did this without question.

Click went the sound on Lee’s phone as he took a picture of her standing there smiling while spreading her ass and pussy for him to see. “What the fuck Lee? We didn’t agree to this.”

“You agreed whatever I want for the rest of the day. Now back into position please.”

Gina returned to her bent over stance, hands on either cheek pulling them apart. Lee walked round his desk and kneeled down behind her. He put his nose against her pussy, “smells as good as it looks.” Then he began to lick at her pussy. Shortly after he spat at her anus and rubbed it with his thumb. “I’ve missed you,” he said.

Jane couldn’t believe quite what she was watching, it made her wonder if she looked that hot when she first started screwing Lee.

Lee was vigorously licking at Gina’s pussy and had 2 fingers wiggling in her anus. Gina was moaning with pleasure. Lee suddenly stopped just as Gina was almost about to orgasm. “My turn slut!” he stated as he walked back round to his chair. “Crawl round here on all fours and suck me off.

Gina continued to do as she was told, she couldn’t afford to lose Alex, after he was finally starting to recover. If this was all suddenly dropped on him it could have serious consequences. She took Lee straight into her mouth.

Outside, Jane heard the outside door open, she stopped fingering herself and switched the monitor back to a word document she’d been working on earlier. Alex then appeared at the top of the stairs. “Hi Alex, it’s good to see you. How are you doing?”

“So so you know, been feeling better these last few weeks though, is Lee ready?”

“He was on a call before, let me just call him and see.” Jane called through to Lee’s office, “Lee, Alex has just arrived shall I send him in?”

Jane listened waiting for a response, first she heard “Gina get under the desk, Alex is here”. Then “ok Jane send him in.”

Gina quickly crawled under the desk, Lee pulled his seat in and guided her mouth back to his cock. “No, not while Alex is here,” she angrily snarled at him.

“Well in that case you’d be as well coming out, if you’re not going to be compliant the agreement is off.” Gina said nothing but took his dick back into her mouth and slowly started to suck and lick at it. “That’s better.”

Alex walked into the room, “Hi Lee how are you doing?”

“Today’s been excellent so far but we’re not here to talk about me, how are things with you?”

Alex and Lee had a long conversation about how he was starting to feel better but wasn’t quite ready to come back yet, Lee gave him some updates on staff changes, all the time Gina softly played with Lee’s cock and balls under his desk.

The conversation then turned to that Saturday night. “That was a hell of a night mate, did you honestly have no idea about it?” asked Lee.

“Not a clue mate, I still can’t believe she did it.”

“Wow you’re a lucky guy to have found a woman that loves you as much as that.”

“I know, it was always something I had wanted her to do but I never dreamed she would Erotik hikaye do it. Let alone enjoy it as much as she did.”

“Just out of curiosity do you think she’d ever do it again?” Lee asked with fingers crossed.

“I don’t think so she said it was just a one off, but in all honesty if she wanted to, I’d be happy. I’d rather she was fucking guys with me there rather than cheating on me.”

They both laughed and Lee slid a hand under the table and patted Gina on the head. Gina knew what he was indicating.

Alex then changed the subject “I see you’ve got a new security camera up there.”

Gina’s eye’s widened under the table. “Fuck he’s got all this recorded as well now,” she thought to herself.

“Yeh, I’ve had all the security updated as there was an attempted break in, they never got in but I thought the more camera’s I have if someone does get in, they’ll get caught.”

“Good idea, any other changes?” Alex asked, they continued their conversation, Lee gave him all the updates he needed, he also agreed to extend his sick pay for another month. That was a relief for him and Gina.

Alex stood up to leave and offered to shake Lee’s hand. “I’ll stay seated if you don’t mind, I’ve hurt my back.”

“Probably lingering from all of those awkward positions you were doing at mine.” They both laughed again, Alex left and said goodbye to Jane on his way out.

Lee let Gina out from under his desk, “you fucking asshole, you better not have that camera running!”

“Of course, it is. It’s permanently on.”

“Delete todays footage.”

“Don’t think I will it will be a nice addition to my collection. Now back down to my cock you’ve not finished yet,” Lee demanded.

“I can’t I’m getting jaw ache; I’ve been sucking for over half an hour.”

“I’ve got a cure for that. Bend over the desk.” Gina did as she was told, “your pussy is still wet,” Lee undid the button on his trousers and they dropped to the floor. He then slid his cock straight into her, there was no love, no care, he just pounded as hard and fast as he could, within a few minutes he coated the inside walls of her vagina with thick semen.

“Can I get dressed and go now?” Gina asked.

“No, I have another task for you.” He picked up her panties and used them to clean his cock off.

“Can I at least put some clothes back on?”

“No, but from all the chatter I take it your jaw is fine again. Follow me.” Lee walked out the room and towards Jane’s desk.

“I can’t go out there, someone might see me.”

“The only person out here is Jane and if I know her like I think I do; she already watched the show on the security feed.”

Gina walked out, she had one hand over pussy and the second across her chest. “What do you want me to do now?”

“Come over here.” Gina walked over to the desk. “Now same as you did in my office under the desk and please Jane for me.”

“What? No! I’ve never even kissed another woman; I’m not doing that.”

“Ok, Jane can you call Alex and get him to come back to the office please.”

“You’re a bastard Lee,” is all Gina could say before she crept around the table and into the footwell.

“Just so you know Lee, Alex is still downstairs. He wanted to speak to a couple of people before heading out.” Jane replied to Lee with a smile.

“I suggest you please Jane or I’ll have him back up here asap.” Lee threatened Gina.

“It’s ok Gina, just think what you would like done to you then do that to me,” advised Jane as she guided Gina into her neatly trimmed bush.

Lee took his phone out and started to record, Gina was totally oblivious to it. Lee started to get hard again watching and listening to the wet slurping noises coming from the 2 women.

Gina was now starting to enjoy herself; she had never expected eating pussy to taste so good. Alex set his phone up to continue recording. He told Gina to crawl out from the footwell.

“Oh boss, I was almost there,” moaned Jane.

“Don’t worry she’s going straight back to you; I just need her ass for a bit.” Gina’s face was pushed back into Jane’s bush. Lee then slid his fingers into Gina’s vagina, He scooped with 2 of his fingers as he went searching for his cum. When he took his fingers out, they were covered with a mixture of cum and pussy juice. “Perfect,” he smiled.

He then started massaging them into Gina’s anus. Once they were sliding in and out easily, he unzipped his trousers and pulled his rock-hard cock out. He then crouched over the top of Gina and proceeded to slide it into her ass.

Gina let out a moan as her back passage started to be penetrated. “Lee your stamina still amazes me,” Jane laughed.

What a sight it was for Jamie who had just come up stairs to drop off some paperwork. Lee glanced round and seen him stood there. He put his finger to his lips and waved him over. “Do you want a go?” he mouthed quietly. Jamie nodded his head; he soon had his cock out and was ready to step up.

Lee pulled out and let Jamie in. Jamie was a young lad; he’d never fucked a girl in the ass before and certainly wasn’t passing up this opportunity. As soon as he was in, he started to thrust like a man possessed. Jane leaned forward and stuck her tongue out slowly moving it up and down. Jamie leaned forward and embraced her in a passionate kiss. Gina just kept eating pussy.

Jamie’s inexperience showed as he didn’t last long before he blasted his load into her ass. Lee again put his finger to his lips suggesting he stayed quiet. Jamie did and pulled his cock out and wiped it against Gina’s ass cheeks before putting it back into his pants. Lee walked with Jamie away from the desk. Don’t tell anyone about this and I may let you join in again one day. Jamie agreed to keep silent.

Lee then headed back to Gina and again thrust his cock into her anus. “Oh fuck,” Gina moaned “not again already.”

“I can keep this up all day baby,” he replied.

At that same time Jane grasped 2 handfuls of Gina’s hair and pulled her tight against her pussy, “Ohhhh,” she moaned as she orgasmed on Gina’s tongue. Gina kept licking, Lee kept fucking and Jane kept enjoying.

It wasn’t long though until, “fuuuuuck” Lee grunted as he blasted his load into her ass. He patted her on the ass cheek “Good girl Gina, Jane when you’re finished with her, send her back into my office.”

Jane held Gina’s head closely against her pussy, Gina was frantically licking Janes clit while finger fucking her at the same time. Jane didn’t last long and soon orgasmed again. “Gina are you sure you’ve never done that before. You’re pretty good at it.”

Still aroused and licking her lips Gina replied, “maybe you’ll return the favour one day?”

“Maybe girl, maybe. You better head back to Lee’s office, he’ll be waiting.”

Gina got up quickly and rushed back to Lee’s office in case any one came and seen her. When she got back to the office Lee was sat at his desk again. “So how did you like your first day?”

Gina quickly sniped back “Only day you mean.”

“No, definitely first, you’ll be back.”

Gina stared at him wondering why he was so confident. Then pleadingly “I did what you wanted, now please delete the video and security footage.”

“I don’t think I’ll be doing that,” He quipped back. “Come and have a look at this, Gina walked round to his side of the table.” He opened up an unsent email with 4 attachments. The first two were from the shower and the security camera. He opened up the third was the picture of her bent over.

Gina stood there trying to think of ways to get out of this. “I’ll tell him you blackmailed me.”

“Can’t see that working, look how much fun you were having, besides what’s you’re excuse for letting Jamie fuck you?”

“Who’s Jamie?” Gina had no idea what he was talking about.

Lee then opened the fourth file which left Gina open mouthed, “there that’s Jamie, the one with his dick in your ass.” Lee couldn’t help but laugh.

“What, when, how.” Gina was at a loss for words.

Lee then started to type Alex’s email address into the address field, “So what’s it going to be Gina? Is this the first time or only time?”

Gina mumbled “First.”

“Excellent,” Lee replied, “so next time I want you to come in sexier clothes, I need to know your work schedule so I can plan around it. You also need to start looking at when the next gangbang party will be at yours.”

“No Lee, please be reasonable.” Gina dropped to her knees, “I’m begging you, please don’t do this to me.”

“Either you get on board with my plan or I email everything including how you invited me into the shower and how you just showed up at my office unexpected.”

“I can prove that’s not the case with my,” Gina suddenly remembered she had deleted everything. “shit, you’ve really screwed me haven’t you! I guess I have no choice but to agree.”

“Brilliant choice.”

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