Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 19

Janet patted the sofa cushion beside her. “Jenny, why don’t you come over here and sit between us,” she said.

Jenny obediently walked over and squeezed onto the couch between Janet and Sophie. Janet leaned over and forcefully pushed her tongue into the younger girl’s mouth as Sophie fondled Jenny’s breasts through the fabric of her dress. Two minutes later, Jenny’s dress was halfway off and her panties were down around her ankles as Janet finger-fucked her and Sophie sucked on her bare nipples.

Kristin felt the wetness flowing between her legs and was about to start playing with herself when Janet suddenly stopped. She licked Jenny’s juice carefully from her index finger and smoothed back her hair. Addressing Sophie, she spoke firmly in a voice made husky by desire. “Bring out the Bitch,” she said.

Sophie nodded and stood. “Kristin, why don’t you give her a hand,” added Janet. Kristin stood tentatively. Between the martinis, the wine with dinner, and the after-dinner drinks, she was much more drunk than she generally allowed herself to be. She was also wearing higher heels than usual, so she was pretty wobbly on her feet as she followed Sophie out of the room. She knew that Janet was just trying to get Jenny to herself for a minute, but in her present state she was more than willing to play along.

Sophie led her down several dark corridors to a small, dimly lit room that Kristin had never seen before. In the darkness Sophie began to take liberties, sliding a hand between Kristin’s thighs, penetrating her with one finger, then several. Kristin knew that Sophie fancied her, and was also a little jealous of her. Sophie treated Kristin’s pussy very roughly and to her great shame, Kristin just took it, leaning against the wall and moaning softly.

As her eyes grew accustomed to the dimness, bursa escort Kristin realized that they were not alone in the room. There was a figure in the far corner on its hands and knees, but it was hard to make out because it was clad entirely in black. Removing her hand from between Kristin’s legs, Sophie walked that way. Taking down a leash that was hanging on the wall, Sophie clipped one end to the collar around the figure’s neck, then leaned down to unhook the chain that tethered one of its ankles to the wall. Turning, Sophie strode purposefully from the room and the figure followed, crawling on its hands and knees.

In the slightly better light of the hallway, Kristin saw that this Bitch, as Janet had called her, was covered from head to toe in tight-fitting black rubber. The only openings were eye and nose holes and a zipper over the mouth, currently closed. You couldn’t tell much about who was under there but it was unquestionably a woman, because the form-fitted rubber showed off her D-cup breasts and well-rounded butt, which was thrust proudly in the air as she crawled down the hall.

When they got back to the sitting room, things had changed. The lights had been turned off and the only illumination came from candles scattered around the room. In the middle of the room was Jenny, naked, with her hands tied together over her head by a rope descending from the ceiling. The rope was tightened such that Jenny was balanced on her tiptoes, able to stand but not quite comfortably. She had a red ball gag in her mouth and when she saw Kristin, the expression on her face was one of mild fear mingled with relief.

Kristin’s immediate impulse was to go over and take Jenny in her arms, but she resisted. Things needed to play out the way they were going to play out. And Jenny did look devastatingly escort bursa hot in this vulnerable position. Kristin flopped down heavily on one of the couches to watch, her head swimming from the alcohol and from all that was happening.

Producing a short chain with small clamps at either end, Janet fastened one clamp to Jenny’s left nipple. Jenny trembled visibly and moaned through the gag. Janet then clamped the other end to Jenny’s right nipple. When she pulled the chain, Jenny groaned pitifully and Kristin reached for another drink. She hated to see Jenny treated this way, but she knew that in the end the pleasure would make it all worthwhile.

Janet stood for a moment considering her next move. She rested one hand thoughtfully on the head of the Bitch, who was kneeling now at her side. Sophie walked over to Jenny and tugged again at the chain between her nipples, harder than Janet had, eliciting another helpless moan. She pushed a hand between Jenny’s legs and smiled up at Janet. “She’s very wet.”

“Yes, she’s quite the little slut, isn’t she?” Janet looked over at Kristin. “You’ve trained her very well.” Opening the zipper over the Bitch’s mouth, Janet pushed the rubber-covered head roughly into Jenny’s crotch. “Taste that pussy,” Janet ordered.

The Bitch obeyed, burrowing into Jenny’s snatch like a woman possessed. “Is it good?” asked Janet. The Bitch just moaned, smothering herself in Jenny’s wetness. Suddenly Janet yanked on the leash, pulling the Bitch’s head away from Jenny, and pulled the zipper closed. The Bitch groaned in disappointment as Janet roughly pushed her head to the ground so that she was on her hands and knees again.

Next Janet lifted Jenny’s feet off the ground and rested them on the Bitch’s back. Taking a candle in one hand, Janet approached Jenny from bursa escort bayan behind, the flame throwing orange and yellow flickers on her face. She pulled the clamps off Jenny’s nipples and tossed the chain aside. Jenny exhaled audibly in relief, but a second later the first drops of hot wax hit her bare skin. Jenny’s eyes went wide with surprise and pain, then relaxed as the heat subsided.

Slowly, deliberately, Janet dripped wax all over Jenny’s naked body – first her breasts, then her stomach, then her legs. Finally she trailed long lines of wax onto the sensitive skin of Jenny’s inner thighs, then leaned in to taste Jenny’s cunt for herself.

Meanwhile Kristin, who had been stroking herself as she watched all this, was startled to feel a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Elena, who had finished her duties in the kitchen and was now able to join in the fun. Elena crawled over the back of the couch, knelt between Kristin’s legs, and began to skillfully tongue the blonde’s wet pussy.

Kristin leaned back and closed her eyes for a minute, and when she opened them again, Jenny had been untied from the ceiling and was now on her knees, still gagged and with her hands still tied. Janet Lee had donned a large strap-on, which she forced into the Bitch’s mouth after unzipping her again. Satisfied that it was sufficiently lubricated, she pulled it from the Bitch’s mouth and slammed it into Jenny’s pussy from behind. At that very moment Kristin orgasmed violently, quaking and gripping Elena’s head with her hands as the servant girl continued to lick and finger her clit.

Sophie, meanwhile, had stripped naked and was ready to get involved. She removed Jenny’s gag and tossed it aside, wriggling underneath Jenny so Jenny could lick her slit. Kristin reached for her drink and tossed back a mouthful, feeling Elena’s tongue work inside her as she watched Jenny, still covered in wax, get fucked hard from behind with her face buried in Sophie’s beautiful cunt. Yes, there was no doubt about it: Janet Lee knew how to throw one hell of a party.

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