Give a Name… Ch. 01

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The story came as an inspiration to me, after I read: Just Say My Name by Lionidaslion on Community Live Journal.It is a 18 Chapter story plus Epilogue and I wanted to see the response it will receive.Please leave a comment, I learn from them.

Chapter 1: Beginning with Letter I


“Because, it’s a pretty awesome name and I’m a pretty awesome guy.” Dean said confidently to the blond secretary.

“Thought batman was a ‘pretty awesome’ guy?” the blonde returned skeptically. Her long red painted fingernail touching an equally red painted mouth.

“We’re one of the same. He’s smart and a lady’s man. Besides, I’m starting to believe that you’re like Cat woman.” Dean said accusingly, his finger wagging in her direction.

The blonde arched her brow questioningly, a playful smile teasing her red lips.

Dean answered.”Because, you’re smart and sexy, like Cat woman and I think, Batman is catnip to her kitten. Just like, I’m to the likes of you…”


After hearing that, Sam was trying his best not to call Dean by his name. It was times like these that he wished he could. Dean, being the jerk that he is, was talking up the blond secretary at her desk. They were both told to sit and wait in the waiting room. Before, they could be ushered into Dr. Lucius office.

Sam was sitting in a comfortable love seat sofa. The cushioning was plush and sturdy but the back rest felt softer. He sat waiting for their turn along with the rest of the Doctor’s patients, while watching his idiot brother make a spectacle of himself.

Instead of doing as he was told, Dean was leaning over the secretary’s dark wooden desk, shifting the totem pole desk ornament to one side, to make space for his folded arms. Sam looked on in disgust. Only his brother can make such an ass of himself, by spouting such lame pick-up lines.

It didn’t matter if the secretary was hot and Dean wanted to kill time. Dean should be sitting next to him. He had made sure to sit in the two person’s love seat, where they had a reason to sit close together.

But no! From the moment, they entered the Doctor’s office, which was lavishly decorated by the way. The blonde took an interest in his older brother and Dean stayed behind, basking in her attention, like thirteen year old virgin.

Even from where Sam sat, he watched the little blonde hanging on to his brother’s every word. And ‘Whadyakno’! From Dean’s advantage and with the secretary leaning, so far over her desk, Dean was enjoying the sight, he’s been offered. Propped up on her crossed arms, her deep cut pink sweater was sporting a pair of breast that Pamela Anderson would buy.

Giving, Sam the idea to call out Dean’s name, so Dean could sport a stiff asset himself. It would be funny to watch, with him dressed as a federal agent, with a massive size boner. Sam knew that his brother would look over at him with annoyance, but still would beg him for a quickie in the bathroom, regardless of the circumstances.

Like that hasn’t happen already!

The last time, was a perfect example of Sam slipping up. But hating himself for it, in the end. He didn’t mean to call Dean’s name, but when he was on autopilot his brother’s name wasn’t far from his lips.

When it had happened, they were at the morgue looking at the victim’s body with one gaping vertical wound across her stomach and hardly any blood stains on the skin. The body was laid out on an iron slab, with her internal organs sectioned off into iron pewter dishes, according to size.

They were all surrounding her lifeless body, only on a different table, far off in the corner, were her large and smaller intestines. They were piled into a heap, in a big plastic bowl with their contents scraped out into another smaller one and the unbearable scent, in the morgue, was coming from that one small bowl. The mortician hadn’t checked her stomach contents, but the rest of her organs were thoroughly dissected, some unrecognizable after the examination.

Sam nearly hurled in the Doctor’s office. Just thinking about that smell, that was as president as the smell of the eucalyptus plants stuffed in the waiting room. He gave a light cough in his hand, hoping to get his stomach settled, to then pull his hand away, quickly. The slight smell of rubber was coming from his hand and was another stark reminder of the events of last night.

He had worn rubber gloves, to conduct his gruesome investigation. With cutting the wound horizontally open, it had created a cross cut over her stomach. He had pulled the four triangular shaped flaps back. Her esophagus and womb were the only organs left in her body cavity. From her chest till her belly, there was nothing left but skin, bones and air.

But with all of her insides on display, the smell of sterile noxious fumes mixed with the smell of acidic fermented digestive tract fluids and the open wound itself, large enough to remove a baby from, had made him light headed.

He remembered feeling numb and ümraniye escort devoid of emotion, while he pulled the bottom skin back to pull her womb forward and take a closer look at it. His other hand was free to move fluorescent light above his head, brining it closer to the body.

The skin over the stomach was stretched to hold the eighth month old baby that was removed from its protective home. Still, the womb was intact. Not a scar or a tear on the organ. The womb looked normal with no conspicuous discoloration, as far as he can guess. Surprisingly, it was also very small.

Sam had felt confusion and helplessness, while searching for clues to whom or what could have done this. It was all nicely executed and they had left no trace of themselves behind.

His mind was elsewhere as he asked Dean for a scalpel, causing the slip up as he said Dean’s name. Dean’s reaction wasn’t a shocker, but it still shocked Sam. He couldn’t believe that his brother would want to have sex after viewing such a body.

The macabre sight wasn’t horrific in the sterile room, but it was a shocking reminder of humanity and its mortality. The baby was gone and the mother was dead. End of story, no tears to be shed.

So, why do I feel like it but…?

Sam had wondered if he was truly becoming immune to the deaths or the sight of it. Though he knew or hoped there was some humanity left in him, to care and want to help. He couldn’t help think about his uncaring reaction to the corpse.

Sam looked over to the secretary’s desk to see his brother chatting up the dumb blonde (because anyone who fell for Dean’s lame ass pick-up lines had to be) and was leaning in closer. Sam couldn’t hear what his brother was saying, but he wondered if Blondie would still be interested in his brother. If she were to find out that they were in a morgue, last night, dissecting their patient’s corpse.

Unlike his older brother, Sam knew how Dean got squeamish around dead bodies and this one was too human that it looked inhumane. The victim looked like a normal white female: brown hair and blue eyes, average build and height and far too young to be claimed by death. Hardly a scar or a blemish on her skin to tell a life story and she looked like anybody’s sister, daughter or wife. Now, she was toe-tagged and filed open case number GHW-0147985, instead.

What was amazing for Sam, while he watch his brother whisper to the blonde, that Dean was giving the same look to the secretary that Dean gave him, last night. When they were in the morgue, Dean stood back and gave him a smug look filled with devious intent. Sam kept saying ‘no’ but who was he kidding. This was Dean Winchester, there was no way he could escape his brother intentions, once it came to sex.

Sam remembered refusing to give into his brother, telling Dean to take care of it by himself. Dean only stood back and waited with a solemn look on his face. Sam was angry with the world and with himself, then. He felt frustrated and the one to blame for his brother’s discomfort. He caused the slip up. Now, Dean was paying for it.

Dean had begun to grab his own dick through his pants, while grunting in pain. Dean never asked for Sam to hurry it up. But Sam wasn’t deterred by his brother’s painful sobs and had remained focused on the job. The one, they had to do, that night.

Sam could care less about his brother’s little frustrations. He couldn’t deal with Dean and the dead body of Stacy Rutherford. During his examination, he had found some interesting things that he would like to ask the Doctor about, which mattered more.

Like, how was it possible that the victim had everything out side of her body, with not much blood being spilled? Though everything was accounted for (besides her baby) why was her womb still intact?

After Sam made note of his findings, he watched his brother shift from one foot to the next in the morgue. Dean’s hands held himself in a firm grasp, watching him with that painful but devious look. Sam hated the damn curse back then. He couldn’t keep his big mouth shut, something Dean would agree. He knew he had been careless, when he had called Dean’s name. Sam wasn’t sympathetic to do anything about Dean obvious aching erection.

I was feeling anger and guilt; not horny!

How could he, with such a horrid sight. It was the stuff of nightmares. But Dean’s craving hadn’t quite lessened, from the first time, it had happened to him. The only difference was that he had learned to hold out longer. Not much, but better than before. Still, it was more than usual.

Yet today, while sitting in the Doctor’s lounge, Sam saw potential to the curse. Dean would buck up against the secretary’s desk and look at him with pleading eyes. His actions would make it clear to the blonde, who Dean really belonged to.

Sam knows Dean likes a bit of manhandling and the petite blonde wasn’t equipped for Dean. Besides, Sam is the only one, who knows how to handle something that is unmanageable as Dean.

Sam grinned pendik escort wickedly to himself. He knew with Dean’s blond spiky hair, that he likes to grab while staring into those bright green candy colored eyes, kissing his brother’s full pouty lips and touching his muscular freckled body. Not to mention, the hot precum that would leak out of his brother’s massive erect cock when he would…

A high pitch laughter filled the Lounge and people turned to look at the secretary, while she laughed. The other patients had finally stopped looking at his brother and for once was adverting their eyes to the real problem at hand. Some looked at him, but all he could do was smile and shrugged his shoulders. Whenever, they both walked into a crowded room. Dean always caught the attention of people. It was something inevitable, but was annoying to him.

Because like the blonde, who began to twirl her long blond hair about her long red painted fingernails, was giving Dean a come hither stare. Sam wished he could openly look at his brother like that. Maybe even touch him lovingly in public.

Sam watched as his brother rubbed the back of his neck and grinned widely, giving his award winning smile to the blond bitch.

Dean was unconsciously rubbing the same spot, where Sam had marked him, last night. Sam wondered if Dean was reminiscing, about after they had left the morgue. Seeing that Dean is one heck of a persistent and determined little bugger and had refused to relieve himself of his own burden. He’d walked stiffly to the car, his gait wide and his hand in his pocket.

As soon they had entered the Impala, Dean had jumped him. Sam wasn’t even remotely into to it. He tried to get his brother off his lap, until Dean dropped his pants with his back turn to him and began to grind in his lap, putting a prized lap dancer to shame.

Dean had no shame in seducing him, making it hard for Sam to ignore. The action itself was more a turn on than the friction. Dean had wanted him now, with no question.

Feeling Dean’s ass grind on his growing cock, Sam went at the flesh at the back of his brother’s neck. While Dean began opening himself up with one forceful finger. Dean removed his finger and spat on a second digit.

If that wasn’t a sexy sight then Sam needed his dick fixed. Because before Dean could work himself more open. Sam had pulled his fly down, flipped his cock out, spat in his hand, lathered himself up and rammed it home deep in his brother’s sweet ass. It was tight, but Dean always was.

Another louder laughter rang through the Lounge and through Sam’s growing arousal. Sam was going to pop Dean’s name. His little day trip down memory lane had awaken his desires along with jealousy and his need to possess his wayward brother. He wanted his brother with him and he wanted to claim his brother, now!

He was about to take a piece out of his brother’s fine ass, rising to approach the pair, when the door to the Doctor’s office opened. Doctor Lucius came out of his office, a sour look written all over his face.

“Well, I do believe that you gentlemen have become very acquainted with my secretary, am I right?” looking at Dean. “Linda, would you be so kind to bring me a copy of Stacy’s file to my office?”

Then said more directly at what he was looking at “That is the motives, for why you are here? Am I correct, Agent…?” the Doctor asked with a raised eyebrow and a wave of his hand.

Sam could tell that Dean had heard the jab in the Doctor’s voice. The Doctor stood waiting, quietly.

With the same smile, Dean had on his face for the buxom secretary. Dean gave the Doctor an ‘eat- shit-and-die’ look. Sam moved in to grab the Doctor’s attention away from Dean. Since, Dean looked like he was about to flip the Doctor off, in another second, but the blond hussy tapped Dean on his hand. Stopping Sam to look at it and try to burn it off with his glare.

“The files will be right in your office, Dr. Lucius.” she said towards Dean. The look she gave Dean, when she bended over to get out from behind her desk, said enough.

“Well thank you, Lin. I hope to hear from you again.” Dean said with a wink and it had twisted Sam’s guts.

That is it! Jealousy or not he was going to chew through his brother’s ass and brand his name into the stump.

Sam had it with his brother and Sam wanted Dean to focus. Before he could say anything or pull them aside, Dean was already introducing himself to the Doctor as Horatio Daniels and his partner Jack Caine.

Like clock work Sam pulled his badge out the same time as his brother pulled his out and stuffed it back into their coats.

Sam hated it when Bobby picked out the names for their fake badges, but he hated it more when both Bobby and Dean picked them out together. Of course, it would be a mix between what they were watching the night before while drinking.

Because, that was all the two drunks could remember, the following day. Sam had refused to join them in their quest to get shitfaced, bostancı escort staying focus on the job.

“Well, Agent Daniels would you and your partner Caine would like to enter into my office?” Dr. Lucius offered while stepping aside.

The Doctor’s office was simple, a dark wooden desk, some filing cabinets and two upholstered chairs. The chairs were of the same color and texture as the dark brown sofas in the waiting room.

But it was the wall behind the Doc’s desk that had him stunned was covered in Degrees. Sam couldn’t believe the amount of Diploma’s that were plastered on this guy’s wall. In order, to receive this much of credentials, you would have to be studying all the time, for the past 20 years.

“It took me twelve years with no sleep to accomplish them all. I started college fairly young. I was a brilliant student and excelled at my academic studies. My parents could afford my tuition, and now…” the Doctor said while waving a hand around the room. “I would like to consider myself as a distinguished Doctor, but who knows?”

“And it’s an impressive achievement. But we would like to ask you a couple of questions, Dr. Lucius. About the death of Stacy Rutherford and its strangeness…” Sam began while taking a seat next to his brother in of the plush upholstered chairs.

The Doctor nodded his head. From the corner of his eye, Sam saw Dean shrugged and hasn’t said a thing. Dean was keeping his mouth shut. He could be smart that way, sometimes.

“We understand that Stacy had some problems getting pregnant. Till after she paid the fertility clinic a visit.” Sam continued.

“Yes, our fertility clinic is the best. It would be of a good judgment to concede to its highly successful rate. I am quite proud of our head office. Wouldn’t you say?” Dr. Lucius said looking at Dean.

“Uhm…yeah!” Sam answered instead, glancing quickly at his brother.

“But did Stacy had, let’s say, any problems with her pregnancy? Did the baby showed signs of distress? Or showed up differently on the monitor? Or was Stacy suffering from natal depression? Perhaps, she thought that her baby was possessed or something?” Sam asked note book in his hand, at the ready.

“No, it was all going so well. The baby was healthy and the mother was healthy physically and mentally. No signs of manic or natal depression. Why women opt to come to iStahar clinic? One: for its immaculate services and treatments. And two: for the guaranteed success rates along with the support they will obtain after the delivery. The iStahar clinic demands from their patients, to undergo rigorous and habitual medical and psychological evaluations, almost once every week. They make sure…”

“Excuse me, Doctor.” said the secretary as she entered the room, walking towards the Doctor’s desk.

Dean gave Sam a smirk after the secretary had bended over in-front of them to lay Stacy’s medical file on the Doctor’s table. Sam could see Dean’s hands twitched to slap her ass. Sam on the other hand wanted to smack his brother behind his head.

“What perfect timing or terrible timing, they say? Thanks, Linda! That will be all for now, I believe?” the Doctor said looking at his secretary with quizzical eyebrows.

“Understood, Doctor. No more interruptions.” the secretary said while leaning a hand on Dean’s shoulder before taking her leave.

Thankfully, the Doctor wasn’t looking at Dean, but at the files in his hands. Quickly, the Doctor wiped at his nose and coughed into his hand. Sam could tell that the Doctor was having a hard time like him to control their colleagues. Sam had already felt a kinship to the man. With a quick glare at his brother, Dean shrugged his shoulders with a mischievous smile. Sam returned his attentions to the Doctor when the man began to speak.

“Yes, here we are. These are the medical and examiners files on Stacy Rutherford’s pregnancy and death. They are already copied, together with a week pass to our iStahar clinic. As I was about to say, if I may proceed?” the Doctor said looking up at Dean, his hands wiping on a handkerchief.

“The iStahar clinic is our mother head office and my clinic is a subdivision from the iStahar clinic. Though, they subsidize smaller medical offices, they have dissimilar medical practices to their smaller endeavors. I considered my office, an independent or stand alone clinic, for the reason that I have my own patients. Intermittently, I do entertain patients from the head office. Stacy was one such a case and I was to tend to her and her child’s welfare. Of course, after she had delivered the babe, wouldn’t you say?” the Doctor said flipping his long black bangs out of his face.

He turned to his wall of diplomas. “You see, I am hoping to become a recognized pediatrician. I was eager to commence the required studies with Stacy’s infant. But now, who knows?”

Sam looked up at the wall and thought to himself that the Doctor probably not only had lack of sleep but sex too, in order to get that amount and want to add more.

Seriously, Sam has never seen a bigger nerd in his life. The Doctor was interestingly enough a rather handsome young man, dressed in a dark green tweed suit with a dark brown turtle neck sweater. The Doctor had wavy jet black hair and green eyes.

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