Gloryhole Gas Station

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Pulling into the gas station, frantically I slammed on the brakes fishtailed and came to s screeching halt.

I had never had to take a leak so bad in my life at that moment.

I flung my drivers side door open and made way for the restroom.

Upon heading into the restroom I noticed it was a male female shared restroom. I remember thinking how typical for such a small town.

Inside the restroom there was a sink one stall and the urinal on the other side of the stall. While hurrying to the stall to relieve myself I was already unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. I immediately starting going once I got up to the urinal and let out a nice loud Aah.

As I let out that aah, I heard a noise to the left of me, naturally I looked thinking I was the only one in there.

As I looked to the left what I saw was a hole in the stall wall, and the smoothest looking tan thighs with a light blue skirt pulled up them. I couldn’t believe my eyes some woman was in the stall next to me.

I couldn’t help but stare hoping to see a bit more than thighs, and I began to get hard.

Just as I was getting hard a big brown pretty eye ball with heavy mascara came in view of the hole.

When I saw the eye I turned slightly so she couldn’t see my penis. The eye became bigger and she pulled her face back and I could see comment backlink her licking her red lips.

I started to wonder if she liked what she saw, so I fully erect turned back towards the hole and let her get a good look at all ten inches of me.

I heard her begin to breath hard, and saw her mouth open as she traced the outline of her lips.

She then put her fingers through the hole. I took that as a gesture of her wanting to touch my cock.

Without hesitation I walked up to the hole and stuck my dick through it a bit.

She grabbed my penis so tight, and pulled so hard it forced my whole body into the side of the stall with a loud thud.

She then, while holding my penis started to stroke it lightly with the other hand. She began to moan.

I could feel myself start to produce nice amounts of pre cum and could feel it start to trickle out with every stroke she gave my penis.

My whole body seemed to be connected to the head of my penis at that moment and it felt so hard and big.

She began to slap my penis and I could feel it shaking hard after each stinging slap.

This drove me even more wild, I was not sure what was next and the anticipation was overbearing. I wanted to say suck my cock please, but just as I was thinking that I could fell nice long licks comment backlink Botu up and down my shaft.

I could hear the wetness in her mouth as she slowly licked my cock, and she was saying mmmmmmm. She did this for what seemed like twenty minutes, and I had to be leaking pre cum like crazy. I wanted her so badly to put it in her mouth.

Finally she started to lick the head, and if my cock wasn’t hard enough already it felt ten times tighter by now. She licked underneath the head of my penis around and around, and sent unbelievable erotic sensations all over my body that made me feel down right dirty all over.

She then began to suck on it slowly pulling her lips off the head with a nice lick and a loud pop as it burst out of her mouth. When going back down on it, it sounded like a nice wet kiss. The sounds of her sucking became louder and louder, I was about to burst when she all of a sudden let everything go.

My big penis fell with jerking pull and I could feel it throbbing up and down. I could apparently hear her undressing, she wanted that huge dick in her.

I felt her grab my cock, and the warm softness of her ass rubbing on me.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and extremely tight. She took her time slowly little by little sticking it in and out until it was all wet comment backlink Programı and I slid in and out nice and smoothly.

I could feel her ass banging on the other side of the stall it was apparent to me she was trying to take all of me she could. Her pussy was making nice little sucking wet noises as she rode my cock in that dirty bathroom.

I heard her start to moan, her pussy start to squeeze my cock even harder, I heard her crash against the toilet in there she had cum on my cock.

I began to feel myself tighten up to cum, and so did she, she got off my cock and on her knees, I could see them from under the stall.

She grabbed my dick and placed her hot mouth on it and I began to blow, after each shot she moved her mouth down my cock almost like she craved cum and wanted more and more.

When I was done shooting, she slowly pulled away and licked every inch of my penis, she squeezed the base of my shaft up to my head and sucked up any remaining cum that was left in me.

She let loose, I pulled my cock back through, looked at it and noticed nice red lipstick stains all over it. I buttoned up and heard the bathroom door open then close.

I hurried up to see who she was, just as I got outside I saw her bent over wind blowing her dress over her tanned ass and she disappeared in her car. I kept heading towards her, but just like me she fishtailed out of there and went in the direction I had just come from.

I was dumbfounded, what luck I thought. I lowed my head and laughed to myself and walked away, my shirt was hanging out of my zipper I noticed grinning all the way back to my car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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