Great Mom Pt. 5

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The next morning I slept in a bit later than I wanted to. I guess I was tired from the great fucking my sons gave me the previous day. I got dressed and when I opened my bedroom door I saw my daughter, Tiffany, standing outside of Hunter’s bedroom door peaking in. I quietly walked up behind my daughter and took a peak around her to see what she was looking at. I got a quick glimpse and saw my saw lying on his bed jacking off, probably to the magazine. I let my boys keep the magazine with my picture in it, so they could jack off as much as they wanted to me. Although now after our incestuous fuck we had yesterday, I thought I might take a nude photo of myself and give it them to replace the other one.

I put my hand’s on my daughters shoulders, “Psst, Tiffany, what are you doing?” I whispered into her ear. Tiffany turned around; bright red embarrassed that I had caught her watching her brother. “Nothing mom!” She hissed back at me. I played dumb, “seems like something has your attention in your brother’s room. Let me take a peak.” “No! Wait mom…um it was nothing…I um…wanted to see if Hunter…was um…awake yet.” my daughter quickly responded in a low voice. Tiffany tried to move away from the door, so I wouldn’t look in. I held her still and whispered back to her, “It sure took you a while, I saw you standing out her for a long time peering into your brothers room. I better take a look.” “No mom, wait…” She did not get to finish her sentence as I pushed the door open about an inch to pretend to look in on my son.

“Oh I see what had your attention!” I turned around and gave my daughter a quick smile. “I take it you have never seen a guy jack off before?” Tiffany didn’t respond she just turned bright red and looked all over, except at me, so I knew by that her answer was no. “It’s ok Tiffany, it only natural to be curious. You can watch Hunter if you want to.” Tiffany looked surprised. “It’s not like I haven’t caught your brothers before jacking off. They are not very good at being sneaky about it.” Tiffany perked up a bit, “You have?” “Oh yes” I responded, and “I have to admit, I watched them jack off until they came. I know it wrong but there is something exciting about watching a guy get himself off.” Tiffany just looked at me with a surprised look; she smiled a bit at me. I could see her nipples going erect, so I knew she was enjoying watching her brother. “Go on Tiffany, you can watch if you want to. I will watch with you, we will call it a mother, daughter moment.”

I gently turned my daughter around, which did not take too much effort. She faced the door peaking through the opening, she turned her head to face me again, “Are…are you sure mom? You don’t mind if I watch?” “Not at all tiffany. Besides, I am going to watch too.” We both watched as Hunter kept stroking his cock to my picture. Faster and faster his hand went up and down his hard, erect prick. “Look at him go Tiffany! The woman in that magazine must really turn him on. He has a nice size cock, don’t you think?” My daughter didn’t respond for a moment, “Yeah mom, it is a really nice size cock.” We kept watching I took a peak at my daughter’s tits, her nipples were sticking out like little flagpoles, just like mine were. “Mom, do all guys jack off to magazine pictures like that?” “Oh yes Tiffany. Guys love to look at the pictures of hot women and fantasize about fucking them and about the women giving them blowjob’s too.”

I could tell by my sons moaning and at the increase of his speed of stroking his shaft he was getting close to cumming. “Watch Tiffany, your brother is about to cum.” “How…how do you know mom?” “Listen to him moaning, look at how fast he is stroking his cock and do you see how his prick is getting even stiffer.” Yes mom, I can see that.” “Ok well just watch Tiffany, watch your brother cum.” A few seconds after I said that, my sons cock erupted with cum. We watched as his cock spurted out a large stream of nice white cum. It landed on the magazine, on my picture, and then several more spurts of his hot; gooey cum erupted from his prick head. We listened to my son, her brother, moaning as he came, we could hear him saying, ‘oh yeah, oh fuck, take it, yeah take it all, oh fuck that feels great.” I hoped my son would not call out my name or say mom; luckily he didn’t.

After Hunter had finished cumming all over that picture of me, my daughter and I quietly closed the door to his bedroom. “So what did you think Tiffany? Did you find that erotic?” “Um, yes mom. That was really kinky watching him cum, especially since it was brother. I would never have thought he would cum that much.” “Like I said, that woman in the picture must have really turned him on a lot.” There was a part of me that wanted to rush into my son’s room and suck his cock dry but I couldn’t; at least not with my daughter there.

“Mom, I…um…having something to tell you. I don’t know if it will make you mad or not.” “What is it Tiffany?” “Well, you know how some porno magazines do the women of collages and things like that?” “Sure I do.” I responded. “Well…um…I was asked to pose for one and I did. I got paid real well.” I was taken a bit off guard by what my daughter had just told me. I thought for a moment on what to say to her. “Well Tiffany, you are over 18 so you can do what you like. If you got paid well then that is good and it is ok with me.” “Really mom? I thought you would be angry or think less of me.” “Come on Tiffany, I used to be topless dancer to put myself through school. I would be a hypocrite to be mad at you.” My daughter smiled, “I never knew you did that! You do have a great body mom, so I can see why. Wow, that is pretty exciting mom.” “So when does the magazine come out and will I get to see it?” “It comes out next week and sure, I will show you the layout. I do have some pictures from the shoot if you want to see those?” “No, I will wait for the final product.” I smiled at my daughter. We went downstairs, had breakfast and carried on as normal when Hunter came for his breakfast. Hunter and Ryan were going to be gone for the day, as well as myself; I had some job sites to go to. I asked my daughter if she would do the laundry for me, she said she would, of course because I said I was ok with her posing for that layout.

I came back from my morning appointments around lunchtime. When I came into the house I saw that Tiffany was in middle of doing all the laundry. I did not see her anywhere downstairs, I called out her name but got no response, which was a bit odd. I figured she was probably upstairs putting away some of the laundry so I decided to go upstairs to see what she was up to. As I got up to the top of the stairs I heard her moaning, a pleasurable moan if I judged right. I noticed the door to my bedroom was partially shut so I peaked in to see what was going on. I saw something I was not really expecting, there was my daughter laying on my bed, her shorts and panties were down around her ankles, she was fucking herself with one of my vibrators and sucking on the other one; not doing a very good of practicing giving head. I watched her making herself moan and squirm for a bit. I had never watched another woman getting herself and I did find if very exciting.

I finally decided to open the door and go in. “You know Tiffany you are not using my vibe the right way and I can see you need some pointers on cock sucking.” Tiffany turned bright red, completely embarrassed that I caught her playing with herself. “Oh shit mom! Oh god…oh I am so sorry…I don’t know what to say…Oh my god I am so embarrassed.” My daughter quickly pulled the vibe out of her pussy, placing it and the other one on the bed. She quickly tried to pull her shorts up. I sat down on my bed next to her, placing my hand on her leg. “Tiffany, don’t worry hon. Why do you think I have those toys? I use them to pleasure myself, to get myself off. I don’t care if you use them. There is nothing wrong with it. Ok sweetie?” I gave my daughter a reassuring smile. This seemed to ease her tension and she stopped trying to pull her shorts up. “Now then Tiffany, it looks like you need some pointers on using the vibe to fuck yourself and on giving blowjob’s. So, being that I am an understanding, helpful mom, I will teach you, ok?” My daughter didn’t respond at first, I think she was shocked at first, then she hesitantly said yes.

“Well then, the first thing we need to do is get your shorts off.” I reached down and pulled my daughters shorts and thong panties right off. She giggled a bit as I did this. Tiffany had shaved her pussy and left a very thin racing stripe of pubic hair leading right to her clit. I grabbed the vibe she had been using on her pussy before I interrupted her; I turned it on to low hum. I held it in my hand and looked at my daughter, she was biting her lower lip, and she spoke up; “This is kinda weird, having my mom do this.” “Who better, I know how to use these toys, I have been using them for years. Well I guess you better spread’m Tiffany!” I gave her a quick smile. My daughter spread her thighs wide, giving me a great view of her pussy. I could see her pussy lips were wet, an enticing site.

At first I ran the vibe slowly up and down her pussy lips, making sure to slowly run circles around her clit. My daughter let out a very loud moan of pleasure. “Oh wow mom! That feels great!” I played around with the speed for a bit while I kept running the tip of the cock vibe up and down her pussy lips. I watched my daughter begin to squirm with pleasure. She kept reaching for her tits but then would put her hands down. “Tiffany, its ok to massage your tits while doing this. It makes it more pleasurable. Why don’t you take your shirt off so you can play with your tits and nipples.” My daughter nodded yes, she sat up and removed her shirt. I was not ready for what I saw; wow my daughter has some really nice tits! I just stared at them for a moment; she has nice large, long nipples like me. Her nipples are bit thicker than mine, a nice pink color. Her areola were not as large as mine, about half the size, about the diameter of a quarter, where as mine are about the size of half dollar. They were a nice light brown color. I had to ask my daughter how large her tits are, she said they are about a 34D! I thought to myself, guys would love to fuck her tits and suck on them! They were firm, perky and round.

Immediately my daughter began to fondle her tits and play with her nipples as she moaned with pleasure. I slowly slid the cock vibe into my daughters’ pussy. I watched her pussy lips encircle the cock, I could tell she had a tight pussy. As I slid the cock out I could not only see her pussy juice all over the vibe; I could almost hear a slurping sound! My daughter squirmed and moaned even louder as I fucked her slowly with the vibe. I watched my daughter go absolutely wild when I hit her G spot with the tip of the cock vibe. She arched her back up, her massive tits bounced all around, then Tiffany writhed around moaning and screaming with pleasure. She grabbed her tits and began to lick and suck on her nipples. “Oh yeah mom! Oh Sex hikayeleri god that feels sooooo good. Keep fucking me with the vibe like that. I love it mom! I love it!” As I thrust the cock vibe in and out of her wet pussy, I ran my free hand up my daughters’ body up to her tits. I couldn’t resist; I had to fondle my daughter’s tits. My daughter loved it! She played with her other tit and nipple, with her free hand she began to rub her clit as I fucked her with the vibe.

I massaged her very large tit, pulling on her nipple and then flicking it around. Tiffany did not last much longer before she had an awesome orgasm, awesome for her to have and for me to watch. As she was getting close I spoke up, “Tiffany, were you thinking about Hunter when you were fucking yourself? Huh, did you picture that vibe cock in your mouth as his?” My daughter let out a moan, breathing heavily, “Yes…yes mom…I thought about…what…what his cum tasted like! Oh god mom I’m gonna cum.” “Have you ever tasted cum before Tiffany?” “Ooh…no… no I haven’t mom! Oh mom I can’t take this much longer! Does…does cum taste good?” “Oh yes Tiffany, I think you would love the taste of hot, sticky, salty cum on your tongue, in your mouth and going down your throat.” Then I said under my breath, ‘and yes, your brothers cum tastes wonderful!”

My daughter let out such a loud scream I thought the neighbors would hear her! She writhed around wildly as she came; she arched her back up, grabbing her tits, sucking on her nipples at the same time. Sweat was rolling off her very beautiful body. I got so much pleasure out of watching my daughter have such a great, intense orgasm. I watched her tan body, covered with sweat, squirm around, her brown hair with blonde highlights rolled all around on the pillow, her eyes closed as she moaned away. I let her recover for a few minutes, I watched her tits bounce around with her heavy breathing. “Oh fuck mom! That was incredible!” “I am glad you enjoyed it. Do you think you learned how to use the vibe now?” My daughter smiled at me, “Yes I think so but could I practice…on you? I want to see if I got it right.” I couldn’t believe what my daughter just asked me and I didn’t even have to think about it, “Sure Tiffany, lets see if you got it right.”

I stood up on my bed and slipped my pants off. My daughter smiled when she saw I don’t wear panties. “Wow mom, your pussy is wet!” I just smiled at her. “Your pussy looks so good shaved bald. I like that look on you mom.” Tiffany stood up and pulled my top off. “Mmm, you have some nice tits mom! Geez, your nipples are as long as mine are if not a bit longer! I bet you made a lot of money dancing.” “I did good. Guys loved it when I would grind their hard pricks’ in-between my tits. Some guys actually came in their pants! The guys I really liked and trusted, I would let them suck and lick my nipples when I danced for them.” My daughter started to fondle my tits as I talked to her. I let out a small moan; she smiled back at me.

I laid down and spread my legs for my daughter. She took the other cock vibe and began to run it along my pussy lips and all over my clit. I was really turned on by now so I could not hold back the moans of pleasure. I began to play with my tits, massaging them, pulling on my nipples, flicking them around and then I held my tits up to mouth and I lustfully licked them and sucked on them. Then my daughter slid the cock vibe into my pussy. I let out a loud groan of pleasure. I guess to put it plainly, my daughter fucked the hell out of me the cock vibe. She would fuck me hard and fast with it, making me squirm and writhe around my bed, just as I was about to cum; she stopped! She played with my tits just like I played with hers.

Then she did something I did not expect, she slid the vibe deep into my pussy and left it there, she grabbed both of my tits, bent down and began to suck on my nipples! My hands went right to her tits in return. She reached down and began to fuck me again with the vibe with one hand, while she massaged my tits with the other, licking and sucking on my tits at the same time. “Do you like that mom? Is this wrong?” “Ooh noooo…it…it feels soooo good Tiffany. Please…please don’t stop!” Tiffany looked at me and then said, “Get on all fours mom!”

I couldn’t believe it but I did just what my daughter said! I rolled over and got on my hands and knees. My daughter fucked me extremely well from behind. As she fucked me she asked me if I ever thought about Hunter or Ryan after I saw them jacking off. At first I just moaned, she fucked me even harder with the vibe until I answered her. “Ooh yes Tiffany! I wondered too what their cum tasted like!” She didn’t say anything; she just hit my G-spot and finally allowed me to have my own incredible orgasm. After I recovered, I grabbed the cock vibe I had used on my daughter. “Let me show you how to suck a cock. If you do this good Tiffany, you can get a guy to do anything for you! Especially if you let him cum in your mouth and you swallow his cum. Guys love that!”

I began to give the cock vibe a nice blowjob, I could taste my daughter pussy juice all over it, and wow did Tiffany taste good. Tiffany watched me for a bit and then took the vibe she fucked me with into her mouth and began to practice giving a blowjob. She sucked and licked the cock vibe shaft, she took it all into her mouth, hmmm, I guess she has no gag reflex; just like her mom. “Mmm mom, I can taste your pussy on this vibe. You taste really sweet!” I took the vibe out of my mouth, “So do you sweetheart. I know guys will love licking and sucking on your pussy!”

I don’t really know what happened next. We both watched each other sucking on the cock vibes, then we put them down on the bed. We got on our knees and embraced, giving each other deep, long, hard, tongue kisses. Tiffany’s hands ran up and down my back down to my ass. She began to rub and squeeze my ass cheeks. I did the same to my daughter; her ass is so tight, firm and soft to the touch. Then our hands found their way to each other’s tits. My daughter fondled my tits, flicking my very erect, hard nipples around. I massaged her tits, pulling on her nipples. We both let out loud moans. Then I leaned down and began to suck on my daughter’s nipples as hard as I could. I licked them, flicking them around with my tongue; I sucked and lightly bit Tiffany’s nipples. I listened to my daughter moan with incestuous pleasure.

She lifted my head up and then my daughter bent her head down to my tits and nipples. I ran my fingers through my daughters’ hair as she sucked on my tits, licking my nipples, running her tongue all over my large areola. We kept this exchange up for 10 or 15 minutes; I reached down and began to massage my daughters’ pussy. Her pussy was soaking wet with her sweet honey; I could feel her little erect clit. Tiffany instantly did the same and began to run her fingers along my pussy lips. We inserted our fingers into each other tight, wet, hot pussy’s as we continued to suck on each other’s tits. I couldn’t resist any longer, I had never gone down on a woman before but I wanted to do that to my daughter. Without saying a word, we both separated, I watched as Tiffany laid down, spreading her legs wide for me. She inserted her fingers into her pussy and began to finger fuck herself. I got on all fours, my daughter probably thought I was going to bury my face in her sweet pussy; I didn’t.

I turned around and got into the 69 position with my daughter, her head on the pillows, my pussy just above her wet mouth, my head facing the foot of the bed and looking down at her waiting pussy. I used my thumbs to pull apart her wet pussy lips; I lowered my head and buried my tongue deep into my daughter pussy. I took a long, loving lick of her pussy. My daughter grabbed my ass, pulling my pussy down to her mouth. Tiffany thrust her tongue into my pussy, licking my pussy lips, then licking and sucking on my clit. All that you could hear was the slurping of tongues on each other’s pussy’s and our moans of pleasure. We came in each others face’s after only a few minutes. I loved the taste of my daughters’ pussy so much; I went right back sucking and licking her sweet pussy. My daughter did the same, only she inserted a couple of fingers into my pussy and began to finger fuck me as she ate me out. I of course did the same to my daughter.

I completely, COMPLETELY forgot that my best friend for years, Tom, was coming over to meet me for lunch. I knew Tom for eight years; I told him he could always let himself in. Suddenly my daughter and I heard from the doorway, “Oh shit! Katie! Tiffany!” I looked up and saw Tom standing there, his jaw dropped to the ground. My daughter and I panicked and freaked out! We grabbed our clothes, trying to cover up, just totally embarrassed, and humiliated at being caught in the midst of an incestuous affair. Tom spoke up, “Hey, hey, hey! Tiffany, Katie, you don’t have to stop on my account! I would love to watch.” We both stopped, I looked at Tom, “You are not going to tell anyone?” “Are you kidding Katie? Do you know this is such a kinky fantasy of mine and of any guy, watching a hot mom and hot daughter having sex with each other.” Tiffany spoke up, she had always had a crush on Tom, “You think we are hot?” “Oh hell yeah Tiffany. I have been having fantasies about your mom since I first met her. I have been jacking off to images of her for years! Shit, when you began to develop and got to be 18, I have been jacking off to thoughts of you as well!”

Tom sat down in a chair facing us. “I would love it if you two would go back to what you were doing. I will just sit here and jack off if you don’t mind?” My daughter and I looked at each other; we were both so horny and flattered. I had never thought about Tom in a sexual manner but now… My daughter spoke up, “There is enough room on the bed, you could sit up here and jack off. You could be closer to the action.” I turned to my daughter, “Tiffany! Are you serious? You want to keep doing what we were doing in front of Tom?” “Yes mom, he already saw, so why not let him enjoy himself.” I patted the bed next to us, as we put our clothes back down. Tom got up on the bed next to us. “Tom, can I undress you?” My daughter asked him. “Sure” Tom said happily. Both my daughter and I went over to Tom and undid his shorts. My daughter pulled his underwear down, letting his cock spring out like a jack in the box. “Wow mom! Tom has a good size cock. Look at all the pre cum coming out of it!” Tiffany was right, Tom and a really good-sized cock and it was dripping out a lot of pre cum!

Tom sat down, leaning back against the headboard. Tiffany grabbed his cock; “Can I stroke it?” “Sure Tiffany, as long as your mom will too and if I get to play with your tits.” I just nodded my head yes and moved closer to Tom. Tiffany began to stroke his hard prick, she played with his pre cum; Tom reached out and began to play with my tits. “Katie, I have been wanting to feel your tits forever!” I leaned closer to him, he knew I was giving him the chance to suck Sikiş hikayeleri on them. Tom’s mouth went right to my tits and nipples. He licked and sucked on them as wildly as my sons did! I whispered into his ear, “I will let you watch us but under one condition. When you are ready to cum, let me know. My daughter has never tasted cum before and I want to watch you jack off and cum in her mouth.” Tom said in a lustful manner, “That’s a deal Katie.” I told Tiffany to let Tom suck on her tits for a bit while I stroked his cock.

After a few minutes, my daughter and I resumed our 69 position but in a direction so we could both watch Tom jacking off. My daughter and I went back to licking each other’s very wet pussy. We pretty much alternated what we were doing to each other. I would be running my tongue up and down her pussy lips, making sure to circle her clit with the tip of my tongue; while Tiffany would be thrusting her tongue deep into my pussy while sucking hard on my clit. Then we would switch around what we were doing to the nice wet, sweet tasting pussy’s that were in front of us. It was very hard for both of us to concentrate on making the other person cum; we kept turning our heads while eating each other out to watch Tom stroking his hard, red, pre cum covered cock.

I could see the lust in Tom’s eyes growing as he watched his two fantasy women pleasuring each other. I could also tell it was hard for him to concentrate on either one of us. I could see his eyes going from lustfully taking in my body to that of my daughter. It strangely made me happy and made me feel even more comfortable with eating out my daughter. Even though she was much younger than I, Tom was getting equal pleasure out of my body. Not to mention it was kind of turning me on knowing and seeing how much he lusted for my daughter as well. Tom would start to stroke his cock really fast, then he would slow his pace down, I know he was trying to keep himself from cumming too soon. I figured he wanted to enjoy this sight for as long as he could, not knowing if he would ever get to see this again.

My daughter must have sensed this as well, she slid two fingers deep into my hot, tight, wet pussy and began to thrust them really fast in and out, making sure to hit my G-spot each time. I let out a very loud moan of pleasure, “Ooh Tiffany…that feels so fucking good! Fuck me hard with your fingers! That’s it faster! Oh yeah, that’s way I love to get fucked, hard and fast!” I looked over at Tom and gave him a wicked smile; he returned the wicked smile with one of his own. I inserted two of my fingers into my daughters’ tight pussy. She let out a pleasurable squeal of delight. “Mmm, Tom, Tiffany’s pussy is so fucking tight and wet. Just like mine. My daughter tastes so good, nice and sweet.” I then began to suck my daughters’ clit as hard as I could, fucking her just as fast and as hard as she was finger fucking me. She removed her head from my pussy to let out a moan of her own. “Oh shit Tom! I never thought my mom’s pussy would taste so good! Her pussy is so tight, just like a teenager! You would love to fuck her tight, wet pussy!” Then she dove her tongue back deep into my pussy.

Luckily Tiffany and I came first, before Tom. I know Tom enjoyed seeing mother and daughter screaming with muffled pleasure in-between each other’s thighs as Tiffany and I came at the same time. Tiffany raised her hips up into my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth as she came, letting her sweetness flow onto my tongue, fingers and lips. I ground my own hips and pussy into my daughters’ face. She kept thrusting her tongue deep into my pussy as I came. I could hear her and feel her lapping up my sweet pussy juice as I came on her face. We moaned and writhed around for a few minutes in pure delight. When we recovered, we both looked over at Tom, our lips and chins glistening with each other’s pussy juice. Tom had such a happy look of complete pleasure and satisfaction on his face. I could tell by how fast he was jacking himself off he was about ready to cum.

“Oh fuck! Tiffany…Katie…I can’t hold back much longer. I’m ready to cum!” As soon as I heard Tom say that I quickly got off of my daughter and in a mom tone of voice I said: “Tiffany! Sit up now!” “Why mom?” “Just do it Tiffany!” My daughter sat up facing Tom. Her legs were stretched out and spread so Tom could get a good look at her pussy. I moved around behind my daughter and sat down. I wrapped my legs around her waist, and then I wrapped my arms around her, holding her very large tits together. I figured she had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen next so I whispered in her ear. “Tiffany dear, you wanted to know what cum tastes like. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue and you will find out.” My daughter got a smile on her face and did exactly what I said; she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. I really didn’t have to say anything to Tom but I wanted to excite him just a bit more. “Ok Tom, get over here and cum. I want to see you cum in her mouth!” Tom got up with his cock in his hand; he bent down right in front of my daughter’s open, waiting mouth. “That’s it, now jack yourself off! Cum all over my daughters face! Shoot your cum into her mouth and all over tongue!”

Tom moved his cock head right over Tiffany’s tongue. My daughter began to lick the underside of Toms’ cock, right at the bottom his piss slit. She moaned with approval at the taste of his pre cum. With a few strokes Tom began to cum. “Oh yeah! Oh shit Tiffany I’m’ cumming! Katie, watch me cum! Watch me cum in your daughters’ mouth. Here it cums! Oh shit Katie…Tiffany, I’m gonna cum now!!” His first spurt was a few drops of cum, I watched him stop stroking his cock for a moment, holding it tight, and trying to keep the rest of his load in his cock. Those couple of drops landed on the middle of Tiffany’s tongue. She went wild! “More Tom! I want all your cum!” Tom gave it to her! He let go of his cock and with one or two more strokes he let his huge load fly. A large spurt of nice white cum fired out of his cock, landing deep in my daughters’ mouth and throat. Then another spurt erupted like a geyser. It splattered on Tiffany’s cheek and nose. Then Tom shot several more large spurts of his thick, hot cum all over my daughter’s face. Cum began to cover her tongue, cum landed on her chin, dripping down onto her chest and tits. Tom gleefully shot cum into her open mouth. I watched my daughter smiling as she let Tom deliver all his cum into her mouth before she started to swallow it. She closed her mouth, cum oozed out of the sides of her mouth. She quickly licked it up. I took one of my hands and wiped off Tom’s cum that his wonderful cock had spurted onto her cheek and nose; then I fed it to my daughter. I held her tits up to her and Tiffany licked them clean.

As she did that, I opened my mouth, Tom knew what I wanted and he slid his cock into my mouth. I looked up at him; he had such a smile on his face as I slowly sucked his cock dry of his cum. I had to admit he tasted really good. “Oh god Katie. This is such a dream come true, seeing you with my cock in your mouth!” I flushed a bit, I guess I was flattered about how happy I was making my best friend. I moved off to the side, keeping Toms cock in my mouth. I kept bobbing my head up and down his cock, keeping him nice and hard. After my daughter finished licking up all the cum on her, she got on her knees next to me, “I wanna suck his cock too.” I reluctantly let his cock slide out of my mouth; I grabbed Toms prick at the base and offered it to my daughter. She happily wrapped her lips around his cock head and began to suck on it. I ran my lips up and down one side of his hard cock; my daughter then did the same to other side. Tom stood on the bed, looking down at mother and daughter sucking on his cock. He was moaning and smiling at the same time.

My daughter and I kept this up for five or ten minutes, making sure Tom stayed aroused and hard. As we had our mother-daughter moment, sucking Toms cock, we would take turns sucking on his nice hard prick. I would hold his cock for my daughter and watch her sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. I listened to his and my daughter’s pleasure filled moans. Then Tiffany would hold Tom’s cock for me, watching me suck on his prick. My daughter would look up at Tom and say things like, “I bet you are enjoying having my mom suck your cock. I bet you wanted this for years. Are you enjoying having mother and daughter sucking your nice hard prick? This is a fantasy come true for you, isn’t?” Then my daughter looked at me and said, “Mom, can we fuck Tom?” I let Tom’s cock slide out of my mouth, shocked a bit. “I guess but you will have to ask Tom. Tiffany looked up at Tom; “Do you wanna fuck?” Tom got the happiest of smiles on his face,

“I would love to fuck!” I had never thought about fucking Tom; after all he had been my best friend for years. I just never thought of him in a sexual manner. I grabbed his prick and pressed it against his stomach. I ran my tongue slowly up the underside of his shaft, enjoying the taste of his pre cum. As I did this I looked up into his eyes. “So you want to fuck my daughter?” I ran my tongue around the head of his cock. Tom moaned a yes. “You want to fuck my daughter in front of me? Are you going to fuck her good? I want to see you fuck Tiffany really good. I want you to make my daughter moan and scream with pleasure.” Tom responded, “I will fuck your daughter real good! Yeah I want to fuck her right in front of you!” I let his cock go, it bounced down, sticking straight out, and drooling with pre cum. I turned to my daughter and told her his cock was all her’s to do with as she pleased.

Tiffany crawled around on her knees behind me; I wondered what she was doing. She put her hands on my shoulders and began to gently pull me back down onto the bed, on my back. “Oh no mom. I am not going to fuck Tom first. I wanna watch Tom fuck you!” I didn’t know what to say but I didn’t resist, I laid back down on the bed. “I know Tom has wanted to fuck you all these years! I bet he has wanted fuck your brains out! Haven’t you Tom? You have wanted to fuck my mom for a long time.” Tom got on his knees in front of me, I spread my legs for him, and I watched him as she slowly stroked his cock. “Oh yeah Tiffany, I want to fuck Katie, I have wanted to fuck your mom’s brains out for years.” “Then do it Tom! Fuck my mom! Fuck her good! Fuck her hard and fast!” tiffany placed a pillow under my head so I could watch easier as Tom got ready to slide his cock into my pussy. Tiffany yelled out wait, she moved around to my waist and grabbed Toms cock, “I wanna guide your cock into my mom’s pussy. You are gonna love fucking her, her pussy is so tight, hot and wet.” Tiffany held his cock, she ran his cock head up and down my slit then she told Tom to slide it in and enjoy. Both Tom and I let out loud pleasurable moans. “Oh fuck Katie! Shit your pussy feels incredible! Fuck, I never dreamed it was this tight!” My daughter looked at Tom and told him to fuck me hard.

Tom Erotik hikaye started to fuck me like a wild, sex crazed man. He fucked me as wildly as my sons did if not a bit more. I loved it too! My daughter began to massage my tits as they bounced around from Toms thrusting. She played with my nipples as she massaged them. “That’s it Tom, fuck my mom. Fuck her good. Look at her big tits bouncing around! Make them bounce Tom.” Tom and I moaned and breathed heavier and heavier as we let our lust out. Tiffany leaned down and began to suck on my tits. She grabbed one of my tits and wrapped her lips around my large areola and long, erect nipple. She sucked hard, and then she began to lustfully lick my nipple. This only made me moan louder, now I felt my lust building in me as well. My daughter did this for a bit then she turned to Tom and told him to bend down and suck on my other tit.

Tom slowed his pace of fucking me, leaned down, grabbed my other large tit and began to suck on it. I was going wild now, I had Tom fucking me and sucking on my tit, and then my daughter was sucking on other tit. I writhed around, moaning loudly and lustfully. “Oh yes! Fuck me! Suck my tits! Please don’t stop! Make me cum! Oh god don’t stop!” Tom stood back up straight, grabbed my legs and went back to fucking me like a wild man. All those years of jacking off, thinking about fucking me made him extremely horny. Tiffany started to lick and kiss her way down my body, down to my pussy. What my daughter did next blew me away! She began to lick my clit, my pussy and Tom’s cock as it was thrusting in and out of my hot, tight, wet pussy. I could only take that for a couple of minutes before I had a mind-blowing orgasm. I screamed out with passion, lust and pure, intense pleasure. I writhed around, arching my back as much as I could. I could feel Tom’s cock becoming stiffer and swelling, I knew he was ready to cum. My daughter could tell by his wild thrusting and heavy breathing that he was ready to cum. “Do it Tom! Cum in my mom’s pussy! I know you want to. Fill her pussy with all your tasty cum!” Within a few seconds Tom came. I could feel his cock-pumping spurt after spurt of his cum into my wet, tight pussy. He let out a loud moan. “Oh yeah! Oh Katie…fuck…I love your pussy! Oh yeah take it all Katie, take it all!”

He removed his sticky wet cock from my pussy after he emptied his cock of all of his cum. Tom laid down on the bed next to me; his cock was still erect. My daughter lunged for it taking it deep into her mouth. I watched her head bobbing up and down on Toms’ prick. “Oh wow mom, his cock tastes so good with your pussy juice all over it! You have to suck it mom!” I rolled over and began to run my tongue up and down Tom’s cock. Then my daughter offered his prick to me and I happily took it into my mouth. I sucked away, tasting my juice and some of Toms’ cum. Tiffany got up and straddled Tom’s chest. I watched her start to rub her pussy as she looked down at Tom. “I bet you want to lick my tight, teenage pussy. I want you to make me cum all over your face.” My daughter sat down on Tom face; she began to moan so I knew Tom had started to lick her sweet pussy.

As I sucked on Tom’s cock, I watched my daughter grind her pussy into his face. Tom began to grope my daughter, first her ass then his hands went to her huge, luscious, mouth watering tits. I let his cock out of my mouth and I moved around to my daughter. I got on my knees; my daughter was pulling on her nipples as Tom played with her tits. I could see Tom digging his tongue deep into Tiffany’s pussy; I knew he loved the taste of her sweet pussy juice. I reached for Tiffany’s nearest tit; I grabbed it and placed my mouth on it. I began to suck on my daughter’s own tit. “Oh yeah mom, suck my tit! Tom is eating my pussy so good! Oh god mom, you should have been fucking him long ago.” I looked down at Tom, “How do you like my daughters pussy? Her pussy tastes good, doesn’t it?” Tom nodded his head yes. My daughter came in his face after only few minutes of being pleasured by Tom and me.

By this time, Toms cock was hard again, ready to go.

My daughter sat on Tom’s face looking down at him. “I want you to fuck me up the ass first, ok? Fuck my tight little ass.” I couldn’t believe it, I had never let anyone fuck me up the ass and here was my daughter asking, almost begging to be fucked in her ass. Tiffany got off of Tom’s; I told them to wait a moment. I went to the dresser and got out a couple of things. I put a condom on Toms cock then lubed it up really well with some sex lube. I was ok with Tom doing this to my daughter; I knew he would be easy with her. Tiffany smiled and told me to lay down she wanted to 69 with me while Tom fucked her from behind. We got into the 69 position; I watched as Tom took his hard prick and slowly pushed into my daughters’ tight ass. She screamed out with pleasure. “Oh yeah Tom, oh fuck that feels so good. Mom! Lick my pussy while Tom fucks my ass!” Tom grabbed Tiffany’s narrow waist and slowly at first began to fuck her. “Oh shit Tiffany! You ass is so fucking tight! It feels so fucking good.” I slid two fingers into my daughters’ pussy and began to lick her clit. I finger fucked my daughter, licking her wet pussy and clit. I saw Tom’s pace speed up as my daughter moaned out for him to fuck her faster.

I couldn’t believe how quickly my daughter came. Geez, she didn’t last any more than a couple of minutes! I guess between Tom fucking her ass and me finger fucking her; the pleasure was too much. I never could have imagined my daughter moan and screaming out that loud with pleasure when she had her orgasm. She arched her back, while grinding her pussy into my face. She finally collapsed on to my body, breathing very heavily. Tom removed his cock from her tight ass. He took the condom off of his hard prick. “Tom, are you going to fuck my daughters’ nice tight pussy now?” “Oh yes Katie. I am going to fuck your daughter really good.”

Tiffany called him over to her first, he moved up to her head and she whispered into his ear. “Tom, don’t cum in my pussy. I want you to hold back and just let me know when you are ready to cum. I want to jack you off into my mom’s mouth. I know you want to cum in her mouth like you came in mine. Is that ok with you?” “Yes Tiffany! I do want to watch your mom suck my cock dry. I will do my best not to cum in your pussy but fucking your ass has brought me so close already.” “Don’t worry Tom, you don’t have to fuck me ‘til I get off, you just gave me the best orgasm ever! Just fuck me until you are ready to cum, then we will give my mom a nice, tasty surprise.”

My daughter looked over her shoulder at Tom; Tom was holding his cock right by her pussy lips. I reached up and grabbed his cock, “Let me do this for you.” I rubbed the head of his cock up and down my daughter’s pussy lips. His cock felt so good in my hand, I still couldn’t believe that I was getting ready to slide my best friends cock into my daughters pussy. Tiffany was becoming anxious, she hissed at me, “Come on mom! Put Tom’s cock in my pussy. I want him to fuck me.” I pushed the head of Tom’s prick into Tiffany’s pussy; I watched her pussy lips spread around his hard cock. Tom rammed his cock into my daughters’ pussy; both of them let out very loud moans of pleasure. I looked at Toms’ cock as he slid it out of Tiffany’s pussy; it glistened with her wet pussy juice.

Tiffany lowered her head to my pussy and began to lick it, as she inserted her finger into it. She began to finger fuck me good, as she tried to lick my sweet pussy but that did not last long as she kept moaning with pleasure as Tom fucked her. I moved my head closer to Tiffany’s pussy; I stuck my tongue out and began to lick her clit as Tom fucked her. I couldn’t resist the sight and sound of Toms’ cock pounding my daughters’ pussy; I began to run my tongue up and down from her clit to Toms’ cock as it hammered in and out of Tiffany. “Shit Tiffany! Your pussy is so fucking tight! I could fuck you every day! Oh yeah Katie, that’s it! Lick my fucking cock and your daughters’ pussy.” Tom hammered at my daughters’ pussy and it was really turning me on. “Fuck my daughter! Fuck her hard! I love watching my daughter get fucked Tom. Do it Tom! Fuck Tiffany!” My daughter worked my pussy like a pro. I couldn’t take it much longer myself and I came all over my daughters’ face and finger. I could see Toms cock becoming redder; his balls were slapping against my daughter pussy. I knew he was getting close to cumming, I started to feel a little jealous; I wanted Tom’s cum in my pussy again. “Oh yeah, Tiffany…Tiffany I am getting ready to cum. Shit, you are so fucking hot, I have to cum already!” I thought Tom was going to let his load go deep into my daughters’ pussy, I was wrong!

Tiffany yelled out, ‘Take it out Tom’. Then in a flash, my daughter got off of me, turned around and grabbed Toms cock. She aimed his cock for my mouth, “Open wide mom! I want to make Tom cum in your mouth! We wanna watch you swallow his load!” I opened my mouth as my daughter and Tom put just the head of his prick into my mouth. I watched my daughter stroke Tom’s cock as fast as she could. It only took a few strokes on Toms nice prick to get him to cum. “Oh yeah Tiffany, make me cum in your mom’s mouth! Katie…Katie…I’m gonna cum… oh yeah…I’m cumming!” Toms cock erupted with his very tasty load of cum. His cock spurted out a nice load of hot, sticky cum. My daughter milked out spurt after spurt of his cum load into my mouth. “Yeah mom, swallow it! Take it all mom, he tastes so good!” I could feel Tom’s cock pumping each spurt of cum into my mouth; I could feel it on my tongue, the head of his cock pumping his thick load into my waiting mouth. I thought to myself that I would have to do this with my sons! I normally either kept my sons cocks deep in my mouth or I let them just cum into it, I never just kept their prick heads in my mouth. This must have been a dream come true for Tom, watching me swallow his cum load. Cum began to ooze out of my mouth as I tried to swallow as fast as he was cumming. When he was down my daughter leaned down and licked the cum off of my lips and the sides of my mouth. Then we both took turns sucking Toms cock dry. I got up and looked at the clock,

“Oh shit you two, I have to get going to an appointment.” I got off the bed, grabbed my clothes and went into my bathroom to get dressed and to clean up a bit. I was in there about five minutes or so. When I came out of my bathroom, there was my beautiful daughter, kneeling on a pillow giving Tom a very good blowjob. I bent down, gave her a kiss on her cheek, and then gave Tom a kiss. “Hey now, Ryan and Hunter will be home around three. Just keep that in mind.” I looked at Tom, “Enjoy fucking my daughter.” I flashed him a smile and he smiled back. As I got to the door, my daughter spoke up. “Mom, can we do this again. The three of us fuck like this?” I turned around looking at my daughter with Tom’s cock in her hand, a string of saliva and pre cum going from her lips to his cock. “You better believe we will do this again! Maybe some weekend when your brother’s go over to your father’s house and you stay home; we could fuck all weekend.” With that I left to go to my appointments, leaving Tom and Tiffany to fuck.

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