Guerison Sexuelle (Sexual Healing) Partie Deux

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“This has nothing to do with my career Charlie, this is about your unrealistic expectations of me.”

“Unrealistic? Unrealistic? All I am asking for is time with my wife, is that so crazy? I didn’t marry you so that you could relegate me to your calendar like a client Isabel, that is not how marriage is supposed to work.”

“You knew well before we were married what I wanted to do with my life,” she snapped.

“Your life or your career? You seem to have forgotten that there is a difference,” he retorted.

The Newman’s had recently celebrated their seven year wedding anniversary, but things of late were far from the honeymoon phase. Isabel, a successful attorney was struggling to balance career and marriage, while Charlie, a University professor, was trying everything he could to rekindle their mutual commitment to each other. They’d spent months in couple’s therapy, but the more they analyzed their situation the more complicated it seemed to get; they wound up nit-picking with each other, only forcing them farther apart.

Isabel had to wonder how they’d gotten to this point; she and Charlie met in college and fell instantly in love; their’s was the real thing, but even the real thing was having trouble surviving the life they had created together. She’d relied to much on her husband…he was her rock, the only man that mattered, and she knew he felt the same way about her. Now, having so much strife between them was beginning to wear at their bond. Isabel was so exhausted from her work that she didn’t have any energy to put into fixing their marital problems. It didn’t help that a few months back when she’d gone to the University to surprise Charlie with lunch, she’d found him in his office with a buxom blond graduate student who had her hands all over him. It wasn’t the first time; Charlie was incredibly handsome, and while she knew he would always be faithful to her and only her, the insecurities she felt caused her to wonder, if…when…how would he step out on their marriage.

There were times when Charlie felt inadequate; here he was married to one of the top litigators in the city, who was drop dead gorgeous at that, and he found himself wondering if she was satisfied with their simple life, or if she longed to stay in the fast lane, married to one of those ritzy lawyers that charged a thousand dollars an hour.

He knew they were struggling in their marriage, but he really began to worry when their most recent counselor effectively threw her hands up, declaring there was nothing she could do for them. She’d said they weren’t prepared to do the work, weren’t prepared to make drastic change, and he feared it was true.

“I can only give so much Charlie,” she snapped.

“Give to whom? The firm? Your clients? What about me? You said you could be happy with me.”

“I am Charlie! I married you, didn’t I?”

“I see the way those men look at you,” he said glumly.

“What men?”

“At the firm! At those stupid parties and celebratory dinners…they all want you, I can see it in their eyes.”

“Who cares what they want? Just because they want me doesn’t mean they can have me!”

“Do you really expect me to believe that you’re not attracted to that? All that power, all the money…you spend all your time at work, you spend all your time with the people you work with, it’s like I’m not a priority…like we’re not a priority.”

“Alright, alright, I would like for both of you to stop talking now and just breathe,” Olivia Lavande said from behind her desk, her expression serene, her voice barely above a whisper. “Now, why is it that you have come here?”

“Our last therapist suggested it. We were in couple’s counseling, but it didn’t help.”

“Help, are you kidding? Everyday something was worse than the day before,” Isabel grumbled.

Olivia held up her hand, silencing the distressed couple. “Pain and suffering are good gifts in our lives, when something is not working, or when something is getting worse, it is a clear signal that something else must be done, that you have not yet found a solution to your problem.” She stood, smoothing her long, black hair over her shoulder. “I would like for you both to stand and face each other.”

They followed her command. “The only thing that I want you to do, is look at each other; Isabel, look into Charlie’s eyes, Charlie, never take your eyes from your bride, can you both do that?” The nodded together. ‘Good, now take three, deep, cleansing breaths, and we shall begin.”

They each took three long breaths, their eyes locked. Olivia watched the couple intently and waited. Countless minutes passed until finally Olivia stepped closer and raised her left hand over Isabel’s shoulder without touching. She lifted her right hand over Charlie’s shoulder, both hands mid-air. After some time had passed, she took her left hand and slowly pressed it into the center of Isabel’s chest; who sucked in a breath in response, feeling as if a ten ton weight had been dropped on her, and as she started to feel she would faint, Olivia’s right hand pressed into the center of Charlie’s chest.

What passed from one to the other could not be seen with the naked eye; Ankara travesti they breathed together and Isabel was filled with overwhelming fear, while Charlie felt overcome with sadness, tears springing to his eyes. Olivia kept her hands in place until she was sure they were both engaged, and then removed them, stepping back from the couple.

“Why…why are you so sad?” he asked, taking her hand.

“I didn’t know you were afraid,” she said in awe. They turned to Olivia who smiled at the couple.

“Charlie, I would never divorce you,” Isabel said with tears in her eyes.

“But are you really happy with me?” he asked earnestly.

“Yes, of course, it’s just…I don’t know, I mean, things have changed so much…you’ve changed…I’ve changed…everyday it feels like you’re further from me.”

“What do you want me to do Isabel? Tell me, and I’ll do it,” he turned to Olivia, “what do I do? How do we fix this?”

“You must, above all else, be compassionate for your partner. You must push yourselves to understand what the other is going through, even if you do not agree with it; in doing so you give the other the greatest gift…security, love, acceptance. You have both fallen away from this, and your therapist was right; you must take drastic steps to get it back.”

“How?” Charlie asked, his eyes still on Isabel.

Olivia turned to her, “please tell me, do you crave your husband?”

Isabel was startled, “what did you say?”

“Do you crave this man? Do not think about it, just answer.”

“I…I don’t think so, no.”

“Did you ever?”

She blushed, “yes.”

Olivia turned to Charlie, “are you addicted to your wife?”

“Addicted? No, what? I…would have to say no.”

“This is where we begin,” Olivia said, and rang the bell on her desk. The doors to her office slid open and a young woman clad in a long silk robe with turquoise colored sash waited for instruction.

“You will need to change, Isabel, Lela will help you.”


Twenty minutes later Olivia, Charlie and Isabel sat together in the large dining hall on the south end of the property; it was filled with people; employees and clients alike. Isabel noticed that as Olivia made her way to the front of the room, every person watched her; some obviously, some for just a moment, others stealing glances they hoped no one else would see; she was simply captivating. The threesome knelt at the head table, and an unassuming woman rushed in to pour three cups of tea, then three cups of sake. The room was anything but a simple dining hall, instead it was as rich and luxurious enough to rival any five star restaurant in the world. Charlie thought this must be like dining with a royal family in ancient Japan or something. There were no menus or any need to order; the food began arriving to their table almost immediately; dumplings, jasmine rice, beef and peppers, chow mien, fried prawns and chicken in black bean sauce.

Isabel smoothed the front of the wraparound dress she had been given, aware that the front plunged low, exposing more of her breasts than she ever would. The threesome finished their soup and filled their plates with food. Just as Charlie went to take his first bite of chicken, Olivia stopped him. “You must switch plates with each other,” she instructed. The couple exchanged quizzical looks. “You will not take anything for yourself, including drink; you must feed each other, serve each other’s needs. This will help you become in tune with what the other desires.”

Charlie shrugged and handed his plate to his wife, taking hers and setting it in front of him. He grabbed some noodles expertly between his chopsticks and held them up. Isabel barely opened her mouth, feeling timid and exposed, and most of the noodles fell back to the table. “Sorry,” he said, and hurried to clean his mess. “I don’t think this is going to work,” he stammered.

“You must both concentrate; only pay attention to your partner, put all of your energy and focus on the other person. Do not concern yourself with me or anyone else in the room, just each other.” Olivia’s voice was sultry, yet loving at the same time, and they were only more than willing to obey. After all, Olivia Lavande was an expert at her craft.

Charlie cleared his throat and scooted closer to Isabel. “What do you want to start with?” he asked.

He could see her face redden slightly and she pointed to the shrimp. He picked it up with his fingers and fed it to her, followed by a few sips of sake.

For the next hour everything else faded away and feeding each other was their sole purpose, their only reason for existing. They started out feeling awkward, but as time went by, they developed a system and a natural rhythm evolved. By the time they’d both finished eating, the sake flowed freely and they’d move intimately close to each other.

Olivia leaned towards the couple, “Charlie, I want you to touch your wife now.”

He looked up with a start, nearly forgetting anyone else was around and shifted nervously. “Wh-where should I touch her?”

“Wherever you would like, or wherever you think she would like you to touch her.” Charlie had Konya travesti an idea of just where that place was, but they were in a public setting, hardly the place for groping your wife. Instead, he decided to play it safe. He turned to Isabel, looking her over, and then settled his hand on her thigh as they both giggled nervously.

“Do you remember that taco place?” he whispered to her.

She nodded, “In college, before we were married…”

“You were really bad that day,” he smiled.

“Not as bad as you,” she whispered.

“Isabel,” Olivia urged, “touch your husband now.”

Isabel put her arm around him, her hand against his back. Olivia moved from her seat around the table until she was behind Isabel, her breasts against her back, her head over her shoulder. Isabel felt her heart beat quicken and her face flush.

Charlie was unbelievably aroused at the sight of two beautiful women in such close proximity to each other, and his wife, Isabel, she looked so…innocent, so shy, the way she bit her lip and blushed was making him crazy inside, but the buzz of their surroundings kept his wishes at bay.

“Charlie,” Olivia said softly, “you must follow your instincts…you know what you want to do.” He looked around nervously and was struck by the fact that no one was looking at him. “Do not worry about anyone else, this is not about any of them, this is about you and Isabel, that sacred, trusting bond of husband and wife.”

He looked at Olivia, knowing that his cock was hard under his trousers, and no matter how he tried, he simply couldn’t fight it; he lifted his hand and gently covered Isabel’s breast as she opened her mouth, her eyes dimming slightly. Charlie pulled the dress back, exposing her lace and satin bra, and cupped her breast again, fondling its nipple between his fingers as she gasped and leaned her forehead on his shoulder. He put his other hand around her, slipping it between Olivia’s stomach and Isabel’s back, and pulled her into him, griping her breast, and when she raised her head he kissed her with all the passion he could muster.

Isabel felt an absolute aching between her thighs, a sensation she hadn’t experienced in at least the past year, probably longer, and for a flash she didn’t care who was around and reached out to him, her hand stroking the hardened mound behind his zipper; she knew, and she knew that he knew what they were doing in front of everyone.

As their kiss deepened, he opened his eyes and found himself staring at Olivia, and he took the hand that was against his wife’s back and slid it up, until it was against Olivia’s breast, where he could slowly rub and play, his cock swelling with excitement. She looked him calmly in the eye, and he knew that she liked it, that deep between her thighs she was reacting to his gentle touch.

Charlie pulled at his wife’s bra with his other hand, feeling the seems break as he exposed Isabel’s breast to the room, then bent his head and sucked on it, his tongue tracing circles around its hardened nipple.

“Charlie!” She gasped in a hushed voice; she didn’t want him to stop, she knew there had to be at least 40 other people in the room, but for the most unexplainable reason, she simply did not care…she was being pushed over the edge, the aching, the throbbing, the full-on unabashed desire was more than she could take. When he finally pulled his mouth from her, her fingers were digging into his shoulders. He covered her breast with his hand again; as he looked down he noticed Olivia’s right hand slide up Isabel’s thigh to the hem of the dress she wore and slowly push it up, higher, higher, higher, until he could see everything there.

Isabel was panting with exhilaration; Charlie could literally see her heart beating in her chest, and he watched as Olivia’s hand slid between Isabel’s thighs and over her cunt. She grabbed his hand then, and placed it over Isabel’s drenched pussy and Charlie stole a glance to the room; now people were watching…and he didn’t care. He kissed his wife once more and felt her hands pulling at his belt; it opened quickly and she unzipped his pants, popping the button open. She freed his hardened shaft, her fingers stroking gently. “Isabel!” he hissed, laughing uncontrollably. Her stroke quickened, and she bent down, taking him into her mouth. His instinct was to push her away, but he couldn’t…instead he shoved his fingers with a magnificent rhythm, deep inside of her.

Again he was face to face with Olivia, he couldn’t help but pull her into a wet, lusting kiss. Olivia’s hands slunk between Isabel’s thighs, pulling them open, revealing her sex. Charlie wrenched his lips from her, just as his cock burst inside his wife’s mouth and she shook, cumming uncontrollably on his hand. The couple leaned into each other, panting hard, kissing each other. Charlie pulled a napkin over his lap while Isabel rearranged her dress to cover herself. He didn’t want to let her go, but sat back reluctantly as a waitress approached the table with a wooden bowl full of mango ice cream.

“What is this?” Charlie asked, stuffing his manhood back in his trousers.

“This is anticipation,” Olivia said.

“Anticipation?” İzmir travesti Isabel asked, “what do we do with that?”

“You savor it, of course,” Olivia smiled. “You both take your time with it; savor it until it is gone. The longer you take, the better it will taste.” She sat back and watched the couple expectantly.

“I don’t know if I can wait that long,” Charlie confessed.

“Of course you can,” Olivia replied. The couple each took up spoons and dove into the flesh colored mounds of ice cream. It took a great amount of patience, and by the time they’d gotten to the bottom of the bowl, the room was empty; only he, Isabel and Olivia remained. As Charlie spooned the last bit into Isabel’s mouth he leaned in and kissed her wickedly, pulling her into his lap.

“You are so goddamned hot,” he breathed, his lips against her ear, “I want to make love to you…I do, right now.” Isabel kissed him fiercely, her eyes filled with wanton desire.

Olivia grabbed a small bell on the table and shook it; two women appeared at the table, awaiting her instruction. “Isabel,” she said softly, “these women will see you to your room now.”

‘But…but I want to stay here with Charlie,” she insisted.

“You will see him again soon enough. For now, you must go.”

“Don’t you think we’re making progress?” Charlie interjected.

The women took Isabel by both arms and lifted her gently to her feet and led her from the room.

“Relax Mr. Newman. Please, come with me.”


Olivia had left him in a private bedroom. The first moments alone felt like an eternity; Charlie surveyed the simplistic, traditional Japanese room and after a time finally sat at the edge of the bed feeling defeated. When he slid open the paper doors and scanned the hall he found no one; even waiting, still no one came. The place was like a maze to him and he knew if he tried to make his own way he’d surely be lost. He sat on the bed again, sighing loudly before flopping onto his back. Soon the bare, pale green ceiling became a swirl of vibrant color and he could see Isabel above him, smiling her beautiful smile. He watched in awe as the last ten years of his life with her played out in slow motion…at times he found himself laughing…others crying…all the same, he wanted her now, more than anything he wanted to be with her…and after he could stand it no more, after hours of pining, he drifted into a wrestles sleep.


Isabel stood at the foot of the bed, watching Charlie, motionless. “What do I do?” She whispered to Olivia.

“Only you can decide that for yourself.”

“What if he gets upset with me? What if he doesn’t like it?”

“What if he does?” Olivia smiled, assuring her client.

Isabel sighed and moved towards Olivia until they stood just inches from each other. “I…I think it might help me if…you touched me first,” said the nervous seven year bride.

“Is that what you want?” Isabel nodded, averting her eyes. Olivia stepped even closer, until their breasts pressed together. She slid her hands up the back of each thigh, over Isabel’s perfect ass, slowly up her back, over her shoulders and to the front of the dress, pulling it open to reveal her luscious breasts, clad in a satin lace bra, her sex covered in matching panties. Olivia’s hands tugged playfully at Isabel’s nipples while Isabel untied the sash at Olivia’s waist and pulled the silk robe open. The sight of Olivia’s nude body was exhilarating and Isabel pulled her tight, kissing her forcefully, her tongue dancing around hers. The two women clung to each other, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

“I’ve wanted to know what that felt like for so long!” Isabel gasped as Olivia’s hand crept lower, slipping masterfully between her thighs. Isabel gasped again and leaned into the bed, her leg bumping hard against Charlie’s who woke up, momentarily disoriented. He blinked a few times at the sight before him, his wife…kissing another woman….Olivia naked, her fingers pressed in his wife’s cunt…Isabel’s eyes locked on his. He sat up, his dick at rock hard attention and watched the women, entranced, completely unaware that he’d shed his pants and pushed his boxers to his ankles, his cock extended before him. He listened to Isabel grunting and stroked himself eagerly. Without warning the women fell onto the bed next to him, facing each other. Olivia was closest, and he felt himself scoot towards her, his hand skimming her hip before touching Isabel. He reached around her and nearly ripped the clasp of her bra open. He moved to her hips and shredded her panties in one pass.

“Jesus Christ,” he said, his lips on Olivia’s toned backside. He watched as her mouth moved to Isabel’s breasts, licking slowly, sucking gently, and he leaned in and kissed his wife, a kiss like no other they’d shared before, a kiss full of pure animalistic, sexual energy. Isabel took his cock in her hand and pulled, almost to the point of pain, and he realized she wanted him to move closer…he did, his chest pressing into Olivia’s back, his cock poking past her ass to that perfect gap at the top of her thighs, right beneath her cunt, and he felt the first sensation of her hot, wet nectar dripping onto his shaft…he was dizzy, taking long, slow breaths in a lame attempt to steady himself, sure he felt Isabel’s hand pushing his cock towards Olivia…the head pushing its way inside her delightful, yet foreign flesh.

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