Hanson House Ch. 09


After sport the following Saturday the roommates found time to relax and compare notes. With that week’s heavy academic requirements out of the way, everyone could afford to waste a little time. The conversation quickly turned to what they had been learning and, in particular, some extra-curricular matters they’d been involved with.

Grace was the first to speak. She had a tone of outrage in her voice.

“Let me tell you what just happened. I was on my way out of the changeroom and I was grabbed by two of them.”


“Master Paul and one of the attendants. Simon, I think, is his name. They stopped me and then they told me to relax and obey them.”

Jas was looking worried. “Obey them how? That doesn’t sound proper to me.”

“Paul is an instructor,” replied Grace with a tone of exasperation. “I do what an instructor tells me any time. I don’t want to get what Mona got. Remember?” Everyone nodded. The example made of Mona earlier in the semester remained strong in all their minds.

“They took me aside,” she went on. “They lifted my shirt off me and then they pulled down my bra. Of course my boobs bounced out right in front of them. I was so horribly embarrassed.”

“Of course they want your tits,” laughed Amanda. “Everyone loves those big tits of yours. Even Elissa.” Grace, most definitely straight, looked sharply at her friend.

“Master Paul kept telling me that he’d gotten such good reports about me. He said I was being such a promising student.” To Amanda that sounded all too familiar.

Grace went on. “Simon was just rubbing my boobs. Kind of squeezing them and holding them. Then Paul started playing with my nips. Oh my god!”

The others wondered what could be so bad about that. “Totally nothing,” Grace exclaimed. “I’ve had to fight boys off so many times when they wanted my boobs. Right then I realised why I’ve been saving myself for older guys. Even I can’t make my boobs feel as good as those two were doing to me.”

The others were on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear the rest. “I was a little scared,” said Grace. “But I knew since this is Hanson House they couldn’t hurt me too bad. Not even when Simon started pulling and twisting my nips. Shit, that hurt a lot!”

“You poor thing,” murmured Jasminda.

“No! I was loving it,” shot back Grace. “He was holding me. A real man, so much better than the boys I’m used to. He hurt my nips so much I had to almost scream but he put his hand tight over my mouth. He just told me that I must learn to behave better.”

Jas was still worried. “Oh my, that does sound frightening to be treated like that.”

“Are you kidding?” retorted Lis who’d been listening intently. “It sounds perfect.”

Grace nodded furiously. “I’ve always fought off the boys before now. But once he said that I just relaxed and I knew that I would just give them anything they wanted.” Grace had gotten excited all over again and she proceeded to tell her friends everything that had been done to her.

How the men had dragged her into a nearby office. How they had fondled and then mauled her large breasts. The way she’d felt when the men suckled on her and made her feel more aroused than any mere boy had ever accomplished. She’d felt her juices flow as they played with her breasts and worried in case they flowed as far as her thighs.

The men had demanded she prepare to perform a titfuck for them both. They’d told her she’d be wearing their cum by the end of it. When they pulled out their cocks Grace had almost squealed with delight. They were both big, she said, and so hard they were like steel. When they licked and spat in her cleavage she’d trembled with the knowledge their big manly cocks would follow.

“They put me on the edge of a desk,” reported Grace. “Then Paul put his cock against my titties and he told me that I knew what to do. Luckily I was able to keep myself together enough to do what we were taught in class.”

“Sounds even better than class,” muttered Lis.

Grace nodded her head. Each man had taken turns between her breasts as Grace had squeezed her flesh around their weapons. Paul had gone long and slow. His cock was so big that he easily touched his head against Grace’s lips. Simon had been just as thick and he had shoved harder. With the force of his thrusting he, too, was able to touch his cock against her willing mouth.

“I’ve touched a few boys before Hanson. At least they helped me get off. Ever since I arrived here I have been so horny. When Paul took me, and Simon, I just squished my tits together to massage their cocks but really what I wanted was to be fucked by them. I didn’t care even if they both did it to me.”

Instead the men had kept taking their turns in her cleavage. Little was said to Grace but she knew how aroused they both had become by the use of her tits. Soon they were leaking pre-cum and small drops of the clear fluid were being deposited on the tip of her tongue.

“Paul pushed really hard and stretched so the end of üvey kız kardeş porno his cock was resting on my bottom lip. I saw how much pre-cum he made and it was running down the head a bit. I didn’t know what to do next. I was looking straight into his eyes and I saw Paul just nod. So I took a chance and I stuck out my tongue and licked the little hole in the end of his cock. I licked a load of his pre-cum and it was so nice and sticky.”

“Oh my god,” gasped Jasminda. The little Filipina had never touched a cock before entering Hanson House. Even the sight of them still made her tremble.

Simon had quickly taken his place between Grace’s tits but he showed less control than the instructor. Grace knew enough that she could tell his orgasm was close. The panting of his breath and the force of his thrusting had told her to prepared for his eruption.

“He just started shooting out all over me. It felt even better than in class. This time it was just me they’d chosen and it felt so totally amazing to know I was responsible for that. His stuff hit me on my chin and my neck and then it just kind of gushed out all over the top of my boobs.”

When Master Paul took his place, Grace had felt her cunt gush even harder.

“Fucking hell, I was covered in sticky goo already and now this guy wanted to dump his on me. I wanted it, too. I really wanted it. It was like, whatever they did to me, I was leaving behind my old self.” All her friends could understand. It was how they’d all felt since arriving at Hanson House.

The instructor wasn’t bothered about another man’s cum covering Grace’s tits. As he thrust he quietly instructed her on how best to take care of him with her large tits. His commands made Grace even hotter. Right then, that titfuck seemed to her to be the most important thing she’d ever done in her life. Her eyes never left Paul’s and she even heard herself whisper ‘please’ to the older guy just as he was at the point of release.

“Fuck, he sprayed it everywhere. I’ve only seen it before in a porno.” The others were agog. “On my boobs, my shoulders. Of course it sprayed up on my chin and he got it in my hair. There was just so much.”

Grace lifted her shirt to expose her large tits to her roommates. “My shirt stuck to me when I was walking back but its dried all over me.”The friends looked and could see the crusty remains of two loads of cum stuck to the ample chest of their roommate. Everyone felt so jealous and so horny. To be that close to two cocks, alone in a room with them, was a prize they all yearned for.

“Master Paul was so happy with me,” said Grace. “He told me what a great job I had done and he even gave me a little peck on my cheek.” Grace knew that over the coming weeks she would keep a keen eye out for Master Paul in the hope he would repeat the experience.

Then she looked at the others with a more serious expression. “You can’t tell anyone about this guys. Master Paul told me the staff like to ‘help the students with our training’. But I don’t want everyone to find out. I wouldn’t want either of those guys to get in trouble.”

Everyone understood. The young women were eager to win the ultimate prize and be assigned to their future Dominant. They all knew that many students had to wait months, sometimes years, to be assigned. No-one wanted to be forced to endure such a wait. They wanted to do nothing that might impede their chances of being assigned at the first opportunity.

Amanda felt it was time to come clean. She knew about the “rules” at Hanson House, thanks to Candace. She felt bad about holding out on her friends and not telling about her experiences with the instructors. Plus she wondered if she ought to warn them that possibly they were all considered ‘fair game’ by the staff.

The others were stunned to hear Amanda tell them how the female instructors had twice “helped her with her lessons”. Of course the roommates demanded all the details.

She told them as much as she dared. Still, Amanda decided it was best to leave out mention of Elissa and Mistress Rose. She just mentioned Candace’s name and left it at that. She explained about “rules and ‘rules'” and how some students were chosen for “extra classes”. She told them how she’d been made to finger Candace and be fingered in return. She told them all about being forced to eat out the cunt of their beauitful instructor.

The others were less sure they wanted to be forced to serve in that way, sexual submission to the female instructors. For the most part they dreamed only of the cocks they expected to worship and obey after their graduation. Their attitudes did change, a little, when Amanda related her experience of being fingered in both holes and that she had exploded her orgasm all over the Mistresses’ fingers.

Lisbeth spoke for them all. “I’m so goddamn horny all the time with all these classes they give us. I’d happily put-out for one of the Mistresses or one of the male attendants just so I xnxx porno don’t have to finger myself all the goddamn time!”

“Be careful what you wish for,” said Amanda. “That instructor fingered my arsehole hard. And then I watched as she got her bum screwed by one of the male instructors. I was really kinda glad it wasn’t being done to me.”

Having heard about Candace getting arsefucked by Stuart, the others agreed with Amanda. None of them were quite ready to be serving the staff with their little holes. On the other hand, like Lisbeth, they all craved the kind of sexual attention the staff were able to give them. Jasminda, the little Filipina, had other concerns.

“The staff haven’t used me yet. It might be better for me if they did.” Jas had her hands n her tits, still worried about her small stature. “I want to be like all of you. To learn to be the best submissive I can be. But I am so small that I sometimes worry that I can’t do it. I’ll be hurt too much.”

“Maybe those men will want you even more,” offered Grace.” You must be a tight little bitch with those holes of yours. Men always want tight little holes for their cocks you know.”

“I just want to be chosen, to be given to my Dominant,” replied Jas softly. “I don’t want to have to wait for years until someone chooses me. So I hope I get some extra tuition. So my holes can take all those big cocks.”

“Well you heard what they did to Susie? After she bombed out of ‘anal’ class.”

“Yes, I heard,” said Jas. “Some kind of special dildo to stretch her.”

Lis had heard the story too and she seemed to know more about it. “It was an inflatable dildo. They sound like fun. The instructor inserts it into the student. It could be her cunt or her backside. Then, just as the student is getting all comfy, they start to pump air into the dildo and it inflates. It gets bigger than any cock.”

Jas was looking wide-eyed. “Either the instructor stops when she’s happy,” said Lis, “or the student starts whimpering when it gets too big.”

“And that’s what they used on Susie?” asked Jas. “Must have been in her bottom. I hope it works and she can get better at anal.”

“Mistress Judith told me they won’t kick her out,” reported Lis. “But if she cannot take anal she’ll have to learn extra skills in something else. The instructors might give her extra training in serving a woman. Mistress Judith even thinks they might force her to learn how to be fisted.”

Everyone shuddered at the thought. Big cocks filled their imaginations but none of them considered they’d ever be capable of receiving a fisting.

But that was hardly the end of what Amanda could tell of what happened when the instructors took an interest in their pupils. Amanda had spoken with Elissa the night before and had learned all the details of what had happened that night in Rose’s office after she’d been dismissed.

The lesbian student had been kept on her knees for a good while as the older women enjoyed her talents. They had made full use of their pupil and her mouth. Each of them had taken turns to force Elissa to pleasure them orally. Before entering Hanson House, Elissa had the pleasure of eating two of her girlfriends. That had been mere exploration, a secret titillation. Discovering the fun of licking a cunt, however, was nothing compared to the thrill of being forced to serve her instructors in that way.

Rose had a lovely way of grabbing Elissa’s soft brown curls and pulling her face deeper into her cunt folds. For Elissa, feeling that lust, that need, from the older woman made it all the more satisfying to be on her knees and pleasuring her cunt. To serve, to submit sexually, was something Elissa desired as much as any of the students. Now, with the two instructors, she finally had a taste of the future she imagined so strongly.

Pamela, on the other hand, was more languid but by far the most orgasmic of the two. She preferred long turns of Elissa’s tongue lapping softly at her. She also had the dirtiest mouth and as she came relentlessly under Elissa’s tongue she called out all sorts of names like “dirty slut” and “filthy little bitch”. Elissa enjoyed being told she was “cunt licker”. She thought of it as a badge she would wear later on. By the time Pamela had finally done with her, sated for who knew how long, poor Elissa’s tongue and jaw had been aching terribly.

It had not been the end of her “special lesson” however. Elissa had been surprised when Master Stephen had entered the office without even knocking. Of course she had expected at some point to be forced to serve a male instructor. But kneeling there on the floor, naked, she’d felt a delicious surge of shame and humiliation. Elissa was excited at the thought that whatever she did for Stephen, it would be for the pleasure of Rose and Pamela.

It was Rose who’d ordered Stephen to take out his cock. Once again Rose had shown that she was the most dominant person among the staff. Elissa eyed Stephen’s cock even though she had no real zenci porno way of evaluating it. The cock was the most obvious thing that separated boys from women and that gave Elissa reason enough to study them.

She watched as Rose took it in her hand and stroked Stephen to full length. The expression on her face told clearly how Rose enjoyed the sight and feel of her colleague’s weapon. Elissa had experimented with touching the cocks of boys at school. Despite her preferences she’d been content to dabble and had been willing to please and to satisfy their demands.

Just the same, Elissa couldn’t help but be impressed by the easy way Pamela so easily handled this one. She stared as Rose bent forward and took Stephen’s shaft between her lips. The Mistress had as much skill with her mouth as her hands. She seemed to consume that cock, hungry as she swallowed almost the entire length. Stephen’s moans were arousing for Elissa and even as a confirmed lesbian she was ready to worship the male weapon.

Rose, the boss, beckoned to Mistress Pamela, herself a lesbian, and without a murmur of complaint she had taken her own turn on Stephen’s cock. Pamela sucked him deep, too, but added a further touch by stroking the male’s scrotum for him. Even young Elissa could understand the Stephen’s pleasure at having two women serve him like that.

She had watched the entire performance until she’d been dragged by Rose over to a padded armchair. Elissa was pulled onto the chair, facing backwards and forced to bend over the back. As she listened to the sounds of eager cocksucking behind her, Rose had moved her legs apart until she had the student positioned just so.

The instructors knew that Elissa had never been played with anally. She was yet to undertake the special “anal” classes. What they had planned for their “special” student might come as a shock to her. The older women were not concerned in the least. They’d chosen Elissa for her special gift for submission. They were prepared to push her hard and they expected her to submit without question.

Besides, Elissa’s tight little butt looked just perfect for being wrapped around a cock or fingers or even toys. Once she graduated as a full-fledged submissive, that arse would be in demand from dominants of both sexes.

So the older women both grinned when Eissa cried out at the touch of Pamela’s tongue against her anus. Pamela felt an extra thrill at being able to violate a new student. It was extra pleasing to tongue such a pert young tush. She knew well enough that it was important to prepare the backdoor of this young virgin. Pamela was no stranger to giving pain but she had no wish to drive away her new plaything.

For Elissa, the shock of a woman’s tongue pressing against her little hole was replaced by pleasure. Like most women she naturally enjoyed being licked in that most private place. It was impossible to suppress her soft moans. Elissa could well guess what was coming and the thought was scary. She felt a special honour at being used by the staff in this way. Naturally, she also feared any punishment that might come from failing to serve as they demanded.

Pamela ordered the student to hold her arse cheeks apart. The instructors shared approving smiles as their pupil complied. Anyone would be happy to shove their face into that gorgeous young arse but this way made for easier access to her holes. Mistress Pamela then slid a single digit into the young cunt before her. That brought a moan of delight from the pupil. Carefully, Pamela stroked Elissa’s hole, working slow and deep. The aim was not to bring her off but to raise her to the appropriate state of arousal.

After a few minutes the instructors changed positions. Elissa could sense Stephen moving in behind her, between her legs and with his hard cock at the ready. Elissa felt a sense of excitement mixed with fear. She knew the rules about being penetrated by cocks and she knew how Stephen intended to use her. Elissa also knew, all too well, that she had no hope of escape.

Mistress Pamela was whispering in her ear. “I know what you are my dear. But still it pleases me to see you used in this way. It may even hurt you somewhat. But please don’t scream too loud. Show me what you can do by taking this as best you can. Do you understand?”

Elissa nodded mutely and Pamela smiled at her. She shifted her position slightly so her shapely breasts were in the face of the student. “You may wish to suck on me if that helps,” said the instructor.

Without another word, Stephen pressed his lubed-up cock to the moistened anus and began to force himself inside. The young pupil swallowed and prepared herself for the inevitable violation. The instructors were going to use her, forcing her to take a hard, manly cock into her most private place. It was disgusting and degrading. But Elissa would not complain. She would obey her instructors just as she hoped, one day, to obey her Mistress.

Elissa felt the sudden pressure of his cock head and the fearful sensation of her tiny opening being breached. This was how it felt, the sensations of being arsefucked. Already he felt so large compared to her tiny tunnel. Elissa tried not to freeze with the fear. Instead she tilted her head and took a nipple between her lips as she prepared for the pain.

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