Hard On the Trail Ch. 10

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It had been months since I’d seen my Dom. After the night dad – the old man punished my sub for staying over I had decided enough was enough. I was done being submissive. I changed my locks and after a month I moved my sub in as a roommate.

I’m not gay so he’s not my boyfriend. We just fuck since it doesn’t hurt anyone. Well he doesn’t fuck me, he prefers blow jobs. I guess you’d say I’m the pitcher in our relatio–arrangement.

Anyway, we share a room for now, it only makes sense. Why sleep in separate rooms? This way when I wake up with wood I just spit on my dick and have my way with him. So much better than when I was dating. Single life fucking my roommate is much better.

He makes breakfasts usually and sure we kiss and are affectionate with each other. I like his company and his touch. But we’re not gay.

Things are perfect, so perfect it’s quiet. Really quiet! No more orgy parties since the first one. I even took up running again. It’s nice to get out and do something for myself.

Tonight when I was getting myself ready for a run I found my old shorts wedged in the back of my drawer. A little stain on them reminded me of when I last wore them. The old man! I wondered what he was up to these days. I hadn’t been on that trail in ages.

I don’t know what possessed me but I decided to go to the old trail and check it out.

I jogged up the trail to the end, past the turn off point that had sealed my fate so long ago. After fifteen minutes past it I turned to head home. But as I approached the turn off point I noticed a funny interaction. A man with his back to me was standing on the sidelines talking to someone. He passed that someone some cash and they nodded towards a man on the trail. The man was ahead of me a bit and as he passed the two men talking the man who had passed the money nodded back Bayan Escort Gaziantep and hurried behind the one jogging.

He did a brief shoulder check as he joined the trail and I knew who it was right away! The man giving money was daddy! And now he was following the jogger the other man had nodded at. Curiosity got the better of me and so I followed at a safe distance.

The jogger looked over his shoulder several times and as we approached the trail I couldn’t help but wonder, is this what happened with me?!

As the jogger reached the trail he veered onto it. Daddy slowed to a stop so I ducked into the bushes. I watched as ?daddy swallowed a pill and rubbed his hands together before taking off down the trail. I waited a few minutes before doing the same. While I waited I pieced together what had transpired. Was he on Viagra? Is that what he bought from the man on the side?

I was nearly to the thick woods now so I slowed and listened. I passed my rock before I heard it.

Off in the distance I heard loud pained grunts accompanied by, “Get the fuck off me you old perv Uhhh! Fuck!! Uhhh!!”

I hurried over to see daddy balls deep in the jogger who was bent over a log, hands bent up behind his back, pinned by ?daddy.

My balls twinged with excitement as I watched.

With ever powerful and deep thrust the jogger was shoved forward and let out a gruff “uhhh” of pain. Daddy was showing no mercy as usual, “listen you little fuck”

Thrust ‘Uhh”

“You start behaving”

Thrust ‘UHH’

“And this can feel amazing!”

Deep thrust ‘FUCK AHHHH!!’

“Now call me daddy you fuck!”

“never!” Slam “AAAAHHHH FUCK!”

“say it!”

“fuck you!” daddy grabbed shoulders and started pounding him deep, slam, slam, slam “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuhhhhhh” the jogger closed his eyes tight as he groaned.

“say it you little bitch say it!” daddy continued to pound into him.

The jogger burst out, “okay! okay! please daddy, i’ll be good. make it feel good!”

Daddy slowed down now. He released his grip on his shoulders and hands. The jogger went limp in his arms as he hung over the log. “that’s better.” he almost purred, “that’s my son.” he leaned in close, “you want it to feel good now?”

The jogger moaned in response.

“Alright son, straighten up.” And with that Daddy shifted the jogger into position so he could hit the sweet spot with his dick. He started slow and the jogger began to moan.

“Yeah, you like that son?”

“Yes daddy”

“Yeah. Good boy. Uh oh yeah, that’s my boy. Uh such a good fuck toy.”

Daddy began thrusting faster now and the jogger began stroking his dick. I instinctively had my hand in my pants doing the same.

Daddy grunted with every thrust, my strokes became more vigorous with every moan from the jogger.

Then he turned his head in my direction with his mouth hanging open. Fuck I wanted to fuck that mouth. I let out a soft moan and the jogger opened his eyes. He stopped what he was doing when he saw me. Guess it got him all pissed off again when he realized someone could see him in this state.

“Hey! Get the fuck off me you fucking dirty old man!”

He began to struggle, Daddy didn’t realize I was there. The jogger probably thought we were both a part of it and he was furious. He fought hard and the more he did the harder I got.

“Hey we were having a good time son. Don’t ruin it with your dirty mouth.”

“Get off me sicko!”

I couldn’t help it, I needed release, I stepped out of the bushes, cock in hand, “I will shut him up, Daddy!”

Daddy was shocked at first. It had been so long since he saw me. I positioned my cock in front of the joggers mouth, “take it, take my cock you dirty slut. Going to wash your filthy mouth out with my cum. And if you dare bite me we will double stuff your ass so hard you won’t be able to shit right for weeks! You hear me?!”

The jogger nodded and opened his mouth. Daddy still just stood there staring as I began fucking the joggers throat. He fucked his ass but was too busy staring at me.

“Mmm yeah, you like that? Dirty slut. Eat my cock.”

Daddy had eased up so much that the jogger had resumed stroking his dick. He started to moan and it vibrated down the length of my shaft. “Ooohhhgggg I’m getting close!” Just as I said it the jogger let out a deep moan as he came all over the log. It felt so good I shot my load straight into his mouth. He choked and spat as I poured down his throat. I leaned back as I finished and my cock fell out of his mouth. I looked up. ?Daddy must have finished cause he was standing back a bit from the joggers ass. With neither of us holding him down the jogger got up, dressed and adjusted himself. He nodded to us both and oddly enough he thanked us, then he limped off still swimming from his high.

I looked back from him to Daddy and noticed Daddy was still naked from the waist down and had a raging hardon. He hadn’t finished, and just as I had processed this thought daddy was on me!

He had knocked me down and had me pinned down on my back. His hands held my wrists and his knees spread my thighs. I could feel the moist tip of his cock touching my ass hole.

“You left me. You fucking left me.”

I grunted trying to get out from under him.

“Do you know how hard it is to find an ass like yours?!”

I couldn’t move my wrists and every time I shifted my legs his dick only got closer.

“I made you! You think you can just walk away from all this?! I fucking MADE YOU!” And as he said it he plowed unlubed into my re-virginized ass!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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