Harry Potter and the Imperius Curse.

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Harry stormed into the hallway near the entrance to the common room, firing sparks at nothing and cursing at anything and everything. Detention with Snape was never a pleasant experience.
“Dilligrout!” he half-shouted.
“Alright. Alright,” and the portrait swung open and he climbed through.
Entering the room, he saw that the fire had burned out and everyone had already headed to bed, all except Hermione who was sprawled across a chair by the fire lying with her head resting on the arm, nestled in a pile of library books. Smiling, Harry walked over and went to wake her up, but he stopped, noticing what she was reading:

“Illegal magic is often hard to trace, especially within the grounds of highly protected magical establishments like Hogwarts. The scheme to trace magic became so expensive, that the responsibility to police spell casting was left to teachers and hired ministry officials that…”

He threw that book aside, losing interest and then froze, noticing what was under it. Hermione was dressed in her usual Hogwarts Gryffindor uniform; red and gold tie; white blouse; a black jumper with the Gryffindor colours across the neck; a black skirt and long black socks with small black shoes; but that wasn’t what had caught his eye. Her skirt had ridden up, along with her white panties, and they were now pressed firmly against her tight developing cunt.
Harry had an idea then. Thrusting his hand into his robe pocket, he pulled out his wand and began to rub the tip in between her pussy lips. It wasn’t long until a small patch if wetness was seeping through the thin cotton and Hermione was stirring and moaning softly in the armchair. Clutching his wand, he pulled away and stood, staring down at her wet panties.
Hermione rose, almost puppet like, staring at Harry with a kind of bored yet excited expression. He stood close to her and began Sex hikayeleri to run his hands up and down her body, cupping her breasts and stroking her waist. Remove your panties, he thought, staring at her waist, and stood back as Hermione slowly pulled her panties down her long smooth legs, then stepped out of them and kicked them to one side. It had worked.
After commanding Hermione to sit back in the armchair and pretend to sleep, Harry ran upstairs and woke Ron.
“What is it, Harry?” he said, dreamily.
“Come quick, you have to see this.”
Moments later Harry and a very weary Ron were standing in front of Hermione lying, apparently sleeping, in the chair by the fireplace.
“It’s Hermione, so?”
Harry smiled.
“Sit up straight and spread your legs, Hermione,” he commanded.
And Hermione obeyed. She had a beautiful cunt, with an average pea-sized clit, a triangle of well-trimmed, short yet curly pubic hair just above her slit and a nice round firm ass.
“Harry! How’d you…?”
“Imperius curse.”
Ron looked as if he was about to argue, then he turned to Hermione and a bulge appeared in his pyjamas almost instantly.
“Down on all fours.”
Hermione obeyed, getting onto her hands and knees on the rug by the fireplace. Harry walked around, and lifted her skirt onto the small of her back. She waggled her ass a little, responding to the cold. Harry then began fingering her soft cunt, with one finger then two, as Ron knelt down in front of her and kissed her softly. After a minute or so, Harry reached back into his pocket and pulled out his wand, then slowly slid it into her ass. Hermione broke the kiss, with a moan of mixed pain and pleasure, and rested her head on Ron’s lap, right next to the bulge in his pyjamas. His cock jumped at this, freeing itself through the unbuttoned hole in his pyjama trousers and slapping Hermione on the cheek. Sikiş hikayeleri
Harry had begun to pull the wand out of her ass when he looked up and saw what had happened. Suck Ron’s cock, he thought. And sure enough, Hermione lifted her head, shook her long curly hair out her face, then thrust it into her mouth, gagging and spluttering, then repeating until she was comfortably taking a good amount of Ron’s manhood in her mouth. Ron ran his hand through her hair, then began to push her head further down when she pulled back, forcing his bulging cock further down her throat. Harry was still pulling his wand in and out of her ass, too in awe of her round soft mound to notice the huge bulge in his trousers under his robes. Harry dropped his wand by her leg and unzipped his trousers, then threw his robe off and onto the armchair. Gently grabbing her thighs, he positioned himself and slowly pushing his cock against her soft virgin cunt as her pussy juice dripped onto the rug below. He did this several times, until he felt the head of his cock slip into her pussy. She let out a low moan and leant forward, deep-throating Ron by accident then pulling back, gagging, a strand of spit still connecting her lips to his cock. He pulled her hips back, forcing his way into her as her pussy struggled to accommodate him. Her hymen gave way and her body relaxed, finally beginning to enjoy Harry’s cock inside of her. Smiling with relief and pleasure, she turned her head and began sucking Ron off again,
Harry and Ron spit-roasted Hermione by the fireplace until the school clock struck midnight, at which time Ron exploded all over Hermione, drenching her face and hair in cum. The small amount that landed in Hermione’s mouth was swallowed and then, with her mouth free, she began to moan softly as Harry continued to pound her virgin cunt. Ron mumbled “Scourgify” and his cum vanished Erotik hikaye off Hermione’s face and the rug in an instant.
Harry pulled his cock out of Hermione and lay across the floor. After pointing at his dick, Hermione slowly began to lower herself down until Harry was forced further inside her. Gasping, she bent forward and lay across his chest leaving Ron to inspect her ass while Harry thrust his hips forward trying to satisfy himself. Ron had regained his erection, and was now positioning himself behind Hermione and prodding her anus with the end of his cock, until he managed to slide into her ass. Yelping in pain and with tears running down her face, she pressed her head into Harry’s chest as Ron entered her for the second time. Noticing this, he pulled out, then entered her again, trying to gain easier access to her tight ass, until finally her legs un-tensed and Hermione began moving her hips to accommodate Ron and Harry as they double-penetrated her. She moaned and grinned, enjoying the feeling of both cocks inside her until she reached a climax, and squirted all over Harry, splattering the rug and his robes with her cum. Shortly after, Harry too blew his load into Hermione, until cum was seeping out of her hot slit. Sliding out from under her, he let Hermione clean his cock with her tongue as Ron came inside her, filling her ass with his cum and pulling out, leaving several small trails of cum running down her round firm ass cheeks.
Ron and Harry both pulled out their wands and muttered “Scourgify.” Their cum vanished, leaving a partially dressed Hermione laying on the rug gasping with a gaping ass and pussy. They cleaned up, and put all their clothes back on and collapsing on the armchairs, sighed and stared into the dying fire.
“Thank god for the Imperius curse,” Harry smiled.
Then, Hermione stood, brushed and reset her clothes and picked up her panties.
“What Imperius curse?” she giggled, threw her cum drenched panties at Ron and then ran up the stairs to the girl’s dormitories, flashing her beautiful ass and tight pussy as she went.

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