He Got His Man

Big Tits

“Take your clothes off,” he commanded.

“Why?” I asked.

“Don’t argue with me. Do as I say,” he retorted quickly.

I stared at him. Here I was, in the middle of a park, looking at a policeman who was commanding me to remove my clothes. What for was all I could think of. What had I done wrong?

“Come on,” he said. “Hurry up.”

Again I hesitated and he gave me an angry look.

“Look officer, I don’t understand what this is all about,” I said in a quiet voice.

He looked around before staring back at me.

“I’ve watched you for the past several days walking in the park. I noticed you always wear those short shorts and I’m thinking, not much else. I want to find out if what I am thinking is true or not, so take the clothes off.”

I looked around and saw no one. We were alone and I figured I was in trouble as the officer was big, broad shouldered and from the look on his face, not afraid to help me if I didn’t do as he asked.

I hooked my fingers in the top of my shorts and looked around again,

“Come on, you’re almost there,” he said quickly.

I looked at him and his eyes were riveted on my fingers. I slowly started to pull the shorts down but stopped when the top of my groin came into view. Again I looked up at the officer and his eyes were glued to the small part of my groin that was showing. I guessed he noticed that there was no hair on me there as I shave every day. I love to feel the smoothness around my cock and balls.

“You’re doing just fine,” he said, prodding me on. “Pull them right down and kick them away from you.”

I did as he told me and stood looking at him, my bald cock and balls in full view.

“Now that’s more like it,’ he almost whispered as he moved closer. His hand came out and moved up the length of my growing cock then rubbed my balls gently.

“Oh, that feels good,” he said, concentrating on my cock now. “It looks like you are enjoying it too.”

He moved closer and fondled me with renewed vigor, groaning a little as I grew harder and harder.

“Now turn around and bend over,” he said, taking his hand off me. “I want to see your ass too.”

I turned around and bent over. He reached out and pulled my cheeks apart, exposing my hole. I heard him groan again as his fingers started running up and down my crack, stopping only for a second Antep Bayan Escort on top of my hole. After several minutes of caressing and kneading my cheeks and exploring my crack, I felt his finger stop on top of my hole. He ran it around the entrance several times, then I felt nothing as he removed his finger.

“You ever been fucked before, boy?” he asked.

No, I mumbled as his finger returned to my hole. This time it was wet and he pushed a little harder against the opening until his finger jabbed into me. I stiffened and drew in a breath as he proceeded to push his finger further and further up into me. It didn’t hurt but I felt like I was bloated as his finger filled my hole completely. Slowly at first, he pulled his finger almost out of me before pushing it back up my canal. Doing this several times, I felt a new sensation and realized I was starting to enjoy him finger fucking me. When I pushed back against his finger slightly, he heard him moan softly.

“You are really enjoying this aren’t you boy?” he said. “You’re getting looser and looser.”

“Don’t stop,” I whispered, almost hoping he would hear me.

His thrusts started speeding up and soon I felt a second finger join the first, then after a few minutes, a third finger found its way up into me and I groaned this time, the feeling was so over whelming.

“I think you’re ready,” he said. “If you can take three fingers so easily, then you can take this.”

I wasn’t sure what he meant but almost instantly, I heard a zipper being pulled down and a slight rustling of clothes. I felt the heat from his body as he stepped closer then felt something softer that his finger but just as hard. He had his cock poised at the entrance to my hole and was going to fuck me, right there and then. I enjoyed the feeling I had gotten from his fingers so I figured his cock would feel just as good. I wasn’t ready for what I felt next.

He pushed his cock against me and his head popped into me, sending a sharp, acute pain, up my spine. I gasped loudly, wanting him to take his cock out of me to ease the pain but he just pushed it in a little further. The further he pushed his cock into me, the more the pain seemed to level off and even started to subside a little. When he was fully inside me with his balls resting against my cheeks, he stopped and waited. The pain was now definitely less and I started to get that same sensation back I had felt when he was finger fucking me.

I don’t know how long we stayed in that position but I felt him slowly pulling out of me. When his head reached my ring, he pushed fully back up into me until his balls rested against me once again. He did this several times slowly then started to speed up just a little. The pain was basically gone now leaving only a sensation in my body of something I never would have thought possible. I was getting fucked and enjoying it.

As he speeded up, his thrusts started getting wilder and harder. Leaning over the way I was, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was going to lose my balance because I had nothing to hang onto and his thrusts were sending me forward a little at a time.

Slowly I sank to my knees and leaned forward onto my hands. Sticking my ass up in the air, I buried my head in my arms and pushed back against his thrusts. He stayed with me, never losing contact with my hole, his cock pumping in and out of me faster and faster. I felt his sweat starting to drip on my back as he continued to fuck me with long strokes. God, it felt so good.

“You like it don’t you boy?” he asked between breaths. “You like it so much, I bet you’d like to get fucked every day, wouldn’t you?”

All I could do was mumble into my arms as he continued to fuck me.

“God, you are so tight,” he grunted. “You feel so good inside, I’m going to fill you with hot cum then watch it spill out of you before fucking you again.”

He was very thick and long so when he thrust up into me, he reached the end of my canal each time. I was getting hotter and hotter with every thrust as he brushed my prostate too, making the sensation feel even stronger. God, he felt good, his cock slid so easily in and out of me now that I felt like I never wanted him to stop. Everything seemed so easy and indeed, fulfilling as he fucked me and fucked me.

All good things must come to an end and I felt his cock twitching a little as his grunts and groans grew louder and harsher. Suddenly, my ass felt warm, almost hot as he started to spurt his hot liquid deep inside me, filling my canal as he slowed down his thrusts and then stopped altogether as he finished coming. What a feeling I had. His spent cock seemed to stay in place for the longest time after and he slowly started to thrust into me again.

This time he didn’t waste any time, he just pounded away at me, his cock springing erect again as he fucked me. I could hear the squishing as he continued to fill my canal with his hard cock and I felt the back of my thighs getting wetter and wetter as his cum trickled out of me as he pulled his cock out of me. For someone who had never been fucked before or even thought about it, I was enjoying this too much and wanted more. When he finished this time, his spent cock slid right out of me with a slight pop and the abundance of cum flowed down the back of my thighs, pooling below me.

He leaned against me trying to catch his breath as I relaxed under him. I wasn’t sure if we were finished or not so I didn’t move or try to get up. He rolled away from me and that allowed me to lower my ass and turn over. His pants were still down around his ankles as his cum coated cock glistened in the sunlight. I marveled that he was able to get the whole thing into me but I was glad he did.

After a few minutes rest, I asked, “Well, are you satisfied you were right?”

“Oh yeah,” he exclaimed. “I was right and I know one other thing too.”

He took a deep breath before continuing.

“I know that you are going to meet me every day here so I can fuck you again and again.”

I just looked at him then his cock and agreed. The next day after carefully shaving, I rode over to the park and met him. He fucked me twice more then too. As he was getting dressed, he mentioned he had a day off the next day and we should meet a little earlier in the day so we could enjoy fucking more than just twice. Again I agreed and met him earlier the next day.

This time I had a surprise for him and before I allowed his cock anywhere near my hole I grinned and told him I had something to tell him.

“Oh and what might that be?” he asked sarcastically.

“I want to fuck you too,” I said. “After all, I think it only fair since you are fucking me that I get to fuck you too.”

He thought for a minute and finally said, “Okay but only after I fuck you first.”

I agreed and assumed my position as he entered my body again, thrusting up into me with a renewed gusto. From that day, we fucked each other, him fucking me twice a day until it was getting to cold to meet in the park. We agreed to meet in a new place, somewhere where no one would see us or find it funny that a policeman was in that area regularly every day.

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