Helen Found Love Once More


Helen was stood at her sink in the kitchen, it was 6:15 the start of another day, she was preparing breakfast for her husband, son and daughter, they would be up in 45 minutes or so, one by one they would troop downstairs, mumble good morning, kiss her on the cheek and flop into their respective chairs, it was boring, boring, fucking boring, she thought.

Until last month!

If it wasn’t for! No! She said to herself don’t even think it!

But her pussy tickled her whenever she did think of it.

She was wearing a dressing gown that came down to her shapely knees, and open toed sandals for slippers, she was naked underneath, no need for any garments at this time of a morning was there?

Helen is a dark haired lovely woman, but 40 now, she thought her best days were behind her, as far as turning heads went anyway. But not really, Helen had never understood or appreciated how good looking she was still, even now. And when she was younger, any man who saw her always took a second look.

At 5ft tall she wasn’t the biggest of people who filled her life, even her daughter was taller than her now, she grumbled to herself.

But her face was still her shining star even now, the crow’s feet, or laughter lines, depending on your point of view, at the corner of her eyes, highlighted her still undoubted loveliness.

The dark depth of her dark wide eyes could still stun a man, if she looked at him in a certain way.

But all this was lost on her now; her confidence, in her own mind had waned to nearly nil.

Until last month!

The lightly bushy and gorgeously arched eye brows set her eyes off, and below them were high cheek bones, soft natural cheeks over plump full lips, which could turn a cock inside out!

Wide-ish shoulders, she was, in her youth, what she would refer to herself as, a little on the chunky side, but she wasn’t really, she was full bodied that’s all, she would always know that a man liked something to get hold of, instead of one of those skinny bony girls, or women.

Skin still smooth and soft, she looked after it carefully, using lots of moisturisers and creams.

She was never short of boyfriends, or would be suitors, her life had been a full one, and she had loved it, she met her to be husband, and they went through all the trials and tribulations that young married people do.

Eventually settling down, bought a house, had the kids, bought the dog, a car, one holiday a year etc, etc. and that was her life now in a nutshell.

Until last month!

Her body was till in good shape, she had always tried to keep her self fit, never had a training regime, or went to the gym, but she walked a lot and did her own little exercises at home.

Her tits were still in good order, proud even now, perky upturned nipples that loved attention, although her husband didn’t pay her enough nowadays, she thought somewhat sadly.

Her waist still had a certain narrowness to it, although it wasn’t as narrow as it once was.

Why would any man want her, as she looked at herself sadly in the mirror? I want my youth back, she wistfully thought.

‘No one wants me now, fucking damn it!’

Until last month!

Her hips? Well, she had had 2 children, so they weren’t as slim as they had once been, but all in all she was at peace with them

Her legs, if she had been about a foot taller and they had been in the same mould as they were right now, would have been world beaters, she loved them, toned and powerful looking with slim ankles, and no bony bits from top to bottom.

She used to weigh, in her prime at about 7 1/2 stone’s, but now was around 8 1/2!

Fat sod, she admonished herself.

It was then that her back door opened quietly, she felt a draught, she was just about to turn, when two dark arms encircled her luscious voluptuous body.

‘Glenn,’ she whispered too loudly, ‘what are you doing, you shouldn’t be here,’ she protested.

‘They will be down soon, please don’t, please, you must leave, please?’

He was nuzzling into her tender sensitive neck by the time she was finished speaking, his hot breath was burning holes in her skin, his strong white teeth were gouging furrows as he nibbled and sucked at it.

‘Oh Glenn, please no,’ she begged.

But it was already too late for her.

She succumbed again, in those few seconds.

His hands were feeling her full breasts, inside her dressing gown, twisting and pulling at her already hard and fully distended nipples that were craving his attention.

‘Oh Glenn, oh Glenn,’ she moaned softly.

She could feel the hardness of his prick pressing into her arse, it was immediately driving her onwards and upwards to his power over her.

She turned her head sideways, she wanted to kiss him, he did, she dove her tongue into his mouth, as the kiss deepened.

He hitched up her dressing gown, and one hand went to her pussy, already leaking her juices, he smiled to himself, gotcha!

Bending her over the sink, he undid his zip and pulled out his Ankara travesti beautiful, thick, round hard black prick, and drove it into her sultry wet pussy. She grabbed for the cloth at her side, and stuffed it into her mouth, to stop the scream of ecstasy that she knew his prick would drive out of her.

He thrust at her for long seconds, her cum gushed out of her, around his genitals and down her legs; he shot his load deep into her, as he grunted his satisfaction.

Biting her neck, below the collar line, he sucked at it, and left a hickey, ‘mine’ he said to her. ‘You are mine now!’

‘Yes,’ she grunted quietly.

He pulled out, spun her around and kissed her passionately, his muscular powerful young black body pressed right into her, his cock right there at the entrance to her sodden pussy.

‘See you at 9:30 Helen, be ready for me honey, won’t you?’ He said softly.

‘I’m spending the day with you okay?’ Then was walking to the door, she dashed after him, grabbed his arm, and said.

‘Kiss me again before you go Glenn.’

He did, and was gone.

She was stood there in her kitchen stunned, her cum, and his was running down her legs. He had just walked in, fucked her and was gone, and her body was trembling like an earth tremor.

She hurriedly cleaned herself up, left the door open and opened windows too, to let the sex smell now pervading her kitchen free.

Her life was upside down now because of this, because of Glenn. But it had been as stable as a life could have been.

Until last month!

Her husband was the first to appear gave the perfunctory kiss on her cheek, and sat at the table, followed by Josh, then Aimee.

They had their breakfasts, left the table for her to clean up as usual, and then eventually left, him for work, them for their town jobs.

It was 8:30, Glenn had told her he would be back at 9:30 so that gave her an hour to prepare for him.

She went upstairs and into the shower, she took great care to wash out her pussy, he wouldn’t want stale cum in there when he plated her, he loved doing that, and she did too, she would cum in droves when he did it.

It had all started last month; Glenn was a boy of nearly 19 who lived in the next street, her husband had hired him to clean out their garage, it was so full of junk and other things, it had become impossible to get into it.

Her husband had had a skip delivered, and Helen was to decide what was kept, and what was dumped.

He was a black boy, quite good looking, 6ft or so, naturally well built without being prominent about it.

And he wasn’t pretentious at all.

He was a very personable young man, and she immediately took to him, they had some great chats as he worked, he seemed very knowledgeable for such a young man.

And he for his part was immediately enamoured by her, he just wanted to be with her, in her bed fucking her, the moment he laid his eyes on her.

He thought she was gorgeous, so soft and so sexy, and not only beautiful to look at, but she was beautiful inside too, she was always just so nice with him.

She would give him his breakfast, lunch, drinks, and then on the 3rd day, had, for some reason known only to her self, stood on her tippy toes and given him a kiss on his cheek, as he thanked her for the sandwich she had made.

He instantly, without thought, kissed her back, he didn’t know why he did, but before he had time to even think, he was kissing her on the lips.

He put his arms around her, and kissed her again, any protest she might have made was silenced by it.

She was stunned into immobility by it, frozen in place.

Her own arms were at her side, his fully around her, and holding her tightly, but not crushingly. His kiss was knocking her sideways, she couldn’t think, she had pecked him, he was now kissing her and she liked it.

Without realising it, her hands lifted and rested on his hips, and then moments later they crept around his back. She was now holding herself in place although she wasn’t aware of it.

Her head was tilted back because he was taller than her, but it had the effect of making her believe that he was in charge and commanding the situation. Which, in reality he was. Even though he, himself was trembling with excitement and arousal.

But what tipped the scales for her, and unknowingly for him, was the very arousal she felt coming through to her from him. She could feel the trembling, his excitement, and his need for her, they were becoming more and more apparent.

He was a young man, not very experienced she guessed.

But his kiss was becoming more powerful and urgent, a woman can surrender to such a kiss, and Helen was no different. Her own excitement of this situation was building in her too, and she wasn’t able to think clearly at all.

Then she felt his excitement in her pussy, the hardness of his cock was very evident. She had never made love to a black man, let alone a black boy, she had had a black boyfriend once, but it never progressed Konya travesti to sex, she hadn’t wanted to, but now she did!

And that thought shook her rigid; she wanted this boy, and badly. Or her body did, after the months of near rejection from her husband, or was it years?

She couldn’t remember feeling as up for sex as this. Her own arousal was now in control of her senses.

Glenn had moved a hand from around her back and was now caressing her left breast, her nipple was so prominent, and hard, he twiddled it easily.

The kiss had been altered mutually, to a more consensual one, it was a definite fifty fifty one now.

Helen moved her body a little to one side to get the full effect of his hard prick pressing into her, and sending messages to her pussy, that were being uncontrollably accepted.

Glenn then started walking her backwards, she let him control her, and they left the kitchen in a fever of kissing and fondling.

Her hand was holding his prick tightly; she could tell he was in the larger department of cocks.

When they reached the lounge, he backed her into it and toward the large comfy sofa in the corner.

As Helen’s legs touched it they both fell onto it and in a fit of giggles too, the kissing started again in earnest. Glenn went for her tits once more, finding and torturing her nipples so much, she nearly came right then.

He was more or less on top of her, and was now scrabbling to get her clothes off.

She didn’t want to take charge just yet, but to slow him down, and also show him the way.

‘Glenn baby, slow down honey, I’m not going anywhere okay, I’m here with you, easy babe, easy, okay?’ she whispered in his ear.

He did, he looked at her, waiting for her to make the next move, it nearly blew his mind, she grabbed his young cock again, and he gasped in ecstasy.

‘Oh wow Helen, oh my, Mmmm.’ He groaned.

He was undoing her blouse, and then reached behind her to free her tits from her bra; he immediately kissed and sucked at them both.

It was Helen’s turn now to moan and groan as he did.

Glenn stopped and jumped up, suddenly ripping away his top, and dropping his pants, she reached up and grabbed his cock again, and pulled it out of his shorts.

She marvelled as it popped in view, ‘Jesus,’ she thought, ‘oh boy, am I going to enjoy this!’ she said to herself.

Glenn yanked at her skirt, breaking the hook and zip at the back, then yanking her panties away too.

He was in a frenzy now to get at, and into her, Helen did nothing to stop him, in fact she encouraged him, she wanted this beautiful thick black prick in her pussy as fast as she could get it in there!

Her pussy was totally soaked now, fully wetted up and waiting for his cock. He almost dived on her and after a few stabs at it, he was in. He thumped away at her, she humped back at him, wanting desperately to ensure an orgasm before he blew his load, she knew he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds, if not a minute.

They came together in a thunderous orgasm, that left them both winded and very happy, his cock was on fire, her pussy was too, their cum mingled, and the heated lovemaking made their bodies settle into a loving embrace.

He was snuffling into her neck.

He said, ‘Oh Helen that was just so good, so fantastic, you are wonderful, thank you Helen, thank you.’

She beamed with pride at his thanks, her own were stuck in her throat, she wanted him to know she felt the same, but couldn’t speak, his and her own orgasm had silenced her voice.

After they started recovering Helen said.

‘Come on Glenn, let me lock the doors, and we can go upstairs, if you want to, that is?’

‘Unless of course,’ she murmured, ‘you want to leave, now that you have had me?’

He was mortified at her words.

‘Helen, please don’t say that, I want to stay with you, I want to be with you, to love you again, kiss you again, and hold you again, I promise you!’ He fervently told her.

She smiled at that, and she knew what his answer was going to be anyway, but her heart wanted to hear him say the words.

She went and locked the house up, came back to him, where they shared passionate kisses and touches, before she took his hand, and led him upstairs to her bed.

Thankfully her husband had straightened the bed before leaving, she pulled back the covers and got in, Glenn was right behind her.

She turned to him, he pushed her on to her back and climbed over her,.

‘He can’t be hard again already?’ She gasped to herself.

Managing a look down between them, he was!

Then it disappeared into her wonderfully, it forced the breath right out of her. He was hammering away at her as if it was his last act on God’s earth.

Helen looked up into his dark intense eyes and came, in a crashing orgasm, he never flinched. He just pumped away, leaning down to gather her fabulous kissable lips with his as he did.

Helen hooked her feet over his back, held on tight, dug her red İzmir travesti nails into his back, and let him get on with her battering, because his youth was demanding it.

How many orgasms she had, she didn’t know, but she did know it had been years since anything like this had taken place, if it ever had!

Eventually, Glenn stiffened, and she knew he was going to cum. She urged him on, ‘Oh Glenn, keep going baby, do me Glenn, do me baby, fill me up honey, give me it all!’

He did, he tightened his grip on her, held her still, then shot what felt like to Helen, a bucket load of boiling cum deep into her loving pussy. She had one final orgasm to go along with his, then collapsed under him.

They neither had the strength or the where withal to part their steaming bodies, he was laid directly on top of her, she was weighed down, unable to move him anyway.

Slowly he lifted his head and looked at her; it was a look of pure unadulterated pleasure, desire, love, need and utter gratefulness.

Then he lowered his mouth to hers as she looked up at him, and the kiss they shared right then, was one of wonder.

Helen managed to roll him onto his side and now they faced each other, he was in a state of shock over what had taken place in the last 45 minutes.

He had never felt so good about anything in his life, other girls had never been anywhere close to making him feel, how he felt right now.

He wrapped his arms around her, pulled her tight up to him, and told her.

‘You are the nicest, prettiest, softest, sexiest, most beautiful woman, I have ever known, I will adore you for the rest of my life Helen, I assure you, that is a life promise from me to you.’

His words broke her heart, how could anyone come up with those words, and say them like that, and he, so young?

She kissed him as passionately as she had ever kissed anyone, or even more so.

Her hand lowered down his rib cage and on down to his prick, she threw the covers back, she wanted to look at it, inspect it, feel it, and love it.

She did, but first her dark brown eyes took in his slim, powerful tight black body. The look of his skin next to hers sent shudders through her own body in waves.

Her eyes feasted on his prick, the dark brown skin, wet and wrinkled, the now soft bulbous, lovely purpley head, with cum still evident in his pee hole, lay in her soft hand, she squeezed it, and it jumped!

She turned and looked into his mesmerizing eyes, and smiled at him, before returning her gaze to what was going to become the most important thing in her life.

Helen couldn’t refrain from bending her head and kissing it, licking off his cum, along what was left of hers, on his gorgeous thick black pussy wrecker.

She marvelled at the tight curly mass of black diamond hairs around his balls and the base of his prick, it hypnotised her.

She had to have him; she slid down his body and began to worship his black, mind bending prick and nuts.

Helen gathered each one in turn into her hot succulent mouth, if a nut wasn’t in it, her hand was caressing it, if she had his prick in her mouth, both hands were caressing them and vice versa!

Glen was writhing about in utter ecstasy, his hands in her hair, pushing her farther and farther on to his prick, he was getting hard again, and it was growing in her mouth.

She could feel her cheeks expanding; her tongue was having less and less room to work in.

She was determined to make him cum; she sucked, licked and slurped him, her hands were at his balls, then one was on his shaft, her task was unstoppable, the power she felt in her being was galactic in size. There was nothing on this planet that could stop her from making it happen, least of all Glenn!

Glenn helplessly reared his hips, in a final surrendering thrust upwards, and ejaculated seemingly pints of hot thick cum into her waiting mouth. Helen hungrily took it down, forcing her mouth tight over the head of his mighty black prick as he did.

She never lost a drop, it was ages before she could lift her mouth of the now spent weapon, she was still gently sucking it, to make sure there was none left to suck out of him.

Glenn was sprawled on the bed, no strength left, she had taken all he had, she slid up to him, they collected each other into their arms and slept.

Helen awoke with a start, fuzzy from her slumber, dizzy from the fuckings she had received, and stunned by the events, she looked at the clock at the side of the bed, it was 1:00pm.

‘Thank you God, for waking me,’ she whispered.

She looked her boy lover, and her heart lurched in her chest, when was the last time she had felt like this?

But, she thought, he may be a boy in age, but he’s a man among men, that’s for sure.

She felt love in her heart for him, an unbidden love, a love she knew she shouldn’t feel, but love never the less.

He had given her hope, had shown her a love she hadn’t known for a long time, it was wonderful.

She quietly slipped from the bed, went to the cupboard and brought clean bed linen, she would have to change these she thought happily. I would be thrown in jail if anyone found out about this, she laughed to herself.

She got back in with him, and snuggled up; she would wait until he woke up.

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