Her “Ailment”

What is it with men? I think everyone of them has a fantasy involving two women. My husband and I have talked about this subject many times. It’s usually after we had a few drinks. When I was younger, (in college) this one girl I met, Bonnie, latched on to me and we kissed and played with each others tits a few times. That’s all that ever happened. I mistakenly told my husband a couple of months ago. You should have seen his eyes. The thought of his wife with another woman gave him a hard on instantly. I never thought much of it, because like most young women, experimentation is part of growing up. I must admit, the thought of watching a woman play with herself does get me wet. As much as I blame men, most women probably have some lesbian tendencies. I found this out last week…

It was a beautiful fall day. My daughter was having a friend over for a “play date”. Ah! to be four years old again. Well maybe not four. Its very heart warming to see her having fun. Jennifer and Elizabeth were playing away up stairs. Lori, Elizabeth’s mother, and I were chatting in the kitchen. We were talking about her recent ailment and started to cry. Some of her limbs become numb throughout the day, and by night fall she’s very tired. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong. She was obviously feeling overwhelmed. My Motherly instincts took over, and I gave her a comforting hug. She did not want to let go. Suddenly she said, “Oh Mary you are such a good friend”, and gave me a kiss – full on the lips. It wasn’t a “friendly” kiss. It was passionate. I felt this incredible tingling sensation throughout my body. I couldn’t believe that I was feeling this way. She pulled away from the kiss, and I could tell she was embarrassed, and apologized for her forwardness. I realized that there was more to this than her ailment.

“Let’s sit on the couch, Lori,” I said. We moved to the couch.

I continued, “Lori, there’s obviously something else going on. Do you want to talk about it?”

At that point my daughter yelled down and asked me to come up stairs and help her. “Hold that thought,” I said.

I returned from helping my daughter, and Lori was in the same spot staring into space. “Okay Lori, what’s going on?”

Lori paused a minute, and then began to speak. She said, “My husband hasn’t made love to me in over three months. It’s my ailment, but he says it isn’t. When you hugged me, it felt so good, I just could control myself.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. We sat in silence for what seemed like 30 minutes. I finally reached out and grasped Lori’s hand. I told her I was sorry. I’m just trying to imagine what it must be like not to have your husband hold you, or touch you. My husband tends to be the opposite. He can’t keep his hands off me. She looked so sad; I reached out and hugged her again. As we were holding each other, she kept telling me how good it felt.

As we were holding each other, I said, “When was the last time you had a real good orgasm?” This time I took her by surprise. She pulled away from our bursa escort hug and put her head down. She raised her head and looked at me. “Mary, I haven’t even masturbated in a month!!”

I couldn’t believe it. I said, “YOU”RE KIDDING!!” Well this didn’t help, she started crying again. I apologized for the comment, and reached out and grabbed her. I started running my hands up and down her back. She started doing the same to me. I couldn’t believe it; I was actually getting wet at her touch. I pulled her away from the hug, starred into her eyes, which were bright red from crying and jokingly said, “you’re a mess!!” That brought a smile to her face. She leaned forward and kissed me again. This time it was more like a friendly kiss. As she was pulling back from the kiss, I pulled her back and gave her a wet, passionate kiss. She melted in my arms. As the kiss lingered, she began to moan. I knew her panties had to be as wet as mine. Maybe even more.

As we broke the kiss, she looked me in the eyes and said, “What are you going to do?”

I reached out and ran the back of my hand across her cheek a few times. “I’m going to make you feel like a woman again,” I whispered to her.

Fortunately for her, and me, it was a warm day and she was wearing a tank top. Lori has smaller tits than mine. They were about palm sized. I ran my hand slowly down her neck, and through the middle of her breasts. Her breathing was getting heavy. I used the back of my hand to circle her small, firm breasts a few times before I used the palm of my hands to squeeze them. She just closed her eyes and started mumbling, “God, that feels good!!”

I said to her, “Touch me the way I’m touching you.” She opened her eyes and looked down at my tits. Her hands were trembling. She reached out and started squeezing my tits. “Oh!! You’re not wearing a bra!!” she stated.

“No, Brian hates me wearing them,” I said. I bent over and whispered in her ear, “I’m not wearing any panties either!” She gasped.

“Would you like to feel,” I said.

She stopped caressing my tits and moved her hand to my crotch. She could feel the dampness of my wet pussy as she touched the crotch of my black stretch pants.

Like she had done to herself several times in her life, she started slowly rubbing my pussy. I started to moan.

I could tell she was apprehensive about continuing because she moved her hand away. I grabbed it, and put back. I was becoming very aroused, and said to her, “You don’t have to stop.”

As she continued to rub my stretch pants covered pussy, I moved my hands from playing with her tits, down to her wetness. She was wearing panties, but she was so wet it was hard to tell. The second I touched her wet pussy, she started shaking. I thought she was having an orgasm right then.

“My God Lori, you are so wet. Let’s get you out of these,” I offered.

She said, “Wait, what about the girls upstairs?”

I said, “They’re watching Barbie. They’ll be fine.”

Lori stood up, and started to take off bursa escort bayan her pants. She stopped momentarily, and said, “Mary, I’ve never done this with another woman. I’m very nervous!!”

I retorted, “Lori, I’ve never done this with another woman either.”

Without saying a word, Lori continued pulling her pants down. She had a nice little patch of hair that was glistening from her pussy juice. Once her pants were off, I told her to remove her top too. She did so without hesitation. She had very puffy areolas. Unlike me, she had pencil eraser size nipples. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them.

“Lay Down right here,” I said.

She lay down and I parted her legs. I could smell her wetness. It was intoxicating. I reached up and grabbed her breasts with my hand. “OH MARY!!” she moaned. I lightly pinched her nipples between my fingers. While doing this, I slowly kissed my way up her thigh, over her mound and back down the other thigh. She was squirming and panting. I retraced my steps. Only this time, I used fingers on my other hand to expose her clit, which was extremely swollen.

She was begging me, “Please don’t tease me too much. It’s been so long!!!”

She was helpless and I knew it. I started licking her clit. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She was in another world. She kept saying, “OH SWEETHEART!! OH BABE!! LICK MY PUSSY!! OH SUGAR!!” I knew she was getting close. Her hips started bucking. She was there.. “OH MY GOD!! I’M GOING TO CUM MARY!! YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!!!!!!!” She came and came and came again. Her whole body was convulsing and shaking for 5 minutes.

I stopped licking her and put two fingers inside her pussy. It was so wet that I didn’t think she even felt me put them in. However when she started fucking them, I knew she knew could feel them. Within seconds, she reached another orgasm. This one was more powerful than the first. She had to put her hands over her mouth to muffle the loud release. Even when she finished her big O, her body just kept quivering.

I removed my fingers and put them in my mouth. The taste was musky, but I loved it!! I moved up and gently started kissing her nipples. She could feel my wetness, as my crotch straddled her leg. She just lay there naked on my couch smiling at me. She looked like a new woman.

She kept telling me how awesome that was and how good I was. I told her again, it was the first time I had pleasured a woman. I guess it’s instinctual. A woman knows what a woman likes.

She looked at me and said, “What can I do to return the favor?”

I looked at her lustfully and said, “I have another treat for you.” Her eyes lit up.

I said, “Relax a minute, I will be right back.”

I went upstairs to check on the girls and grab a couple of my favorite toys. I returned, hiding them behind my back.

“How are the girls doing?” she asked.

“Fine!” I said.

“What are you hiding?” she asked.

“Have you ever used a vibrator?” I said. She was lying naked on my couch and escort bursa actually blushed.

She said, “I’ve wanted to try one, but I just can’t go into those sex shops!!”

I moved my hands from my back and held the vibrators to her. “Which one would you like to try,” I asked.

She pointed to the pink, ribbed one. I said, “Nice choice!!”

I handed it to her, set mine on the table and quickly removed my clothing. She was eyeing me. “Wow!! You have a great body Mary. I love your nipples”. Then, she sat up, put her hands on my tits and started sucking my nipples.

“Oh Lori, your mouth is so soft,” I moaned.

Once she stopped sucking on my tits, we laid down opposite on the couch. The couch wasn’t big enough for us to spread our legs to pleasure our wet pussies. So, I spread my legs first. She then spread her legs, and laid one of them inside mine. Our pussies’ were inches apart. What an erotic sight.

“What’s that purple rubber thing on your vibrator,” Lori asked.

I winked at her and said, “I’ll show you in a minute.”

Like a coach, I instructed her to turn on the vibrator. She giggled as it started buzzing.

I said, “Turn the black knob on the end to adjust the speed. When you like the speed, hold your pussy lips open with your other hand like this.” I took my index and middle finger on my mound where my clit was hiding. I spread my fingers exposing my clit.

“Now, take the vibe and place the tip of it on your exposed clit,” I instructed.

Like mine, hers was fully engorged. I started moaning as soon as my toy touched my swollen clit. I closed my eyes but could tell when the vibrator hit her clit by the sounds she was making. It wasn’t going to take long for me. I was very aroused. I opened my eyes and looked at her. God she looked hot rubbing her clit with my vibrator.

“I’M CUMMING LORI. RIGHT NOWWWWWWW!!!!!!”. I tried to keep my eyes open but couldn’t. As I was finishing my climax, Lori was starting hers. She kept saying, “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! HERE IT CUMS!!!! OH MARY, THHHHANNKKKK YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The intensity of our orgasms pushed our pussies against each other. What a great feeling. After she calmed down, I looked at her and said, “Here’s where the purple part comes into play”. No need for any lubrication. She was watching me intently. I moved the purple toy to my wet hole. I teased myself by pushing it in and out a little bit. “God this feels so good, Lori,” I moaned. Then I pushed it in deep. I was watching Lori’s reaction when I shoved it into my wet hole. She was biting her lip and squeezing her nipples. I started to fuck myself with it. I grabbed it with both hands and started to pound my wet box. My hands were working faster and faster. She started to rub her wet pussy against my inner thigh. That’s all it took..

I raised my head and said, “Lori, watch my eyes. I’m going to explode. Watch my eyes.” I couldn’t hold out, I came bucking like a bronco bull. Our eyes met. We never blinked. I kept saying to Lori, “YES!!, YES!!, YES!! It was the one of the most erotic experiences I ever had. After resting a couple a minutes, we both started to get up and our wet, spent pussies’ touched again. We quickly lingered for a moment. Then Lori spoke, “Something for next time??”

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