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As he was driving along, he kept glancing at the lovely 20 year old sitting next to him. It was only half an hour ago he picked him up in the new bar in town. He looked gorgeous standing there, he knew he wanted him. It was pure instant lust.

He really couldn’t believe his luck when he asked if he wanted a shag. No one, not even his boyfriend had been so up front. He thought why not! No one would find out.

He indicated and turned left to enter Strathclyde Park. It was his suggestion and his date seemed quite excited about the prospect. His date had also asked him if he had any sex toys. He was quite taken aback at this, but told him that he did. A set of handcuffs in the glove compartment.

His date just smiled. What was he thinking about? Driving along he watched his date, he thought he could see a bulge in his trousers. He was beginning too feel quite horny.

He pulled into the car park. A large open field lay behind the car, they got out. His date walked into the field out of sight. He opened the glove compartment and took out the handcuffs and a sachet of Picture upload liquid silk, he loved the feeling of it.

As he headed for the field he noticed his date leaning over a fallen tree trunk naked. He was becoming quite turned on by this, as he walked towards him, he began stripping and was naked by the time he reached his date.

He stood watching him, taking in every part of his body. The muscular chest, tight stomach and smooth skin. Mmm Mmm.

His date stepped forward and tripped him. He lay flat on his back winded, as he turned he caught a hold of his dates ankles and tripped him, his date turned and looked at him and smiled. So this is what he wanted, to play nude wrestling.

He grabbed his date round his waist and rolled in the grass, he could feel his dates erect penis against his stomach. It felt so good, he wanted to take him fully into his mouth.

His date managed to wriggle free and turned to face him placing his penis directly in front of his face. He took it fully into his mouth and gently sucked him, he began moaning with images upload pleasure, he felt himself becoming very hard at the thought of this.

Sensing this his date allowed himself to be manevoured into a sixty nine position. They both began to suck, lick and caress each other, using their hands to gently cup each others balls and scrotum, they began to moan with pleasure.

Just as he was about to come his date stopped and stood up, beckoning for him to stand also and follow him towards the tree trunk. His date lifted the handcuffs and beckoned for him to turn around, he did. His date handcuffed his hands together.

His date bent him over the tree trunk and spread his legs, he heard his date tear open the sachet of liquid silk. He was feeling extremely horny. He felt his dates warm tongue against his anus, it felt fantastic. He didn’t know how much more he could take.

As if on cue he felt his dates penis at his ass, he bent over as far as he could, his date ran his hand over his buttocks and slipped his finger into his asshole.

He moaned loudly and his date thrust his hard cock into him. He wriggled with pleasure at the feeling of this hard cock inside him.

He felt his date spasm and relax as he came, he felt as if he would explode. His date turned him round and kissed him hard, he beckoned for the handcuffs to be removed, his date took the key and removed them and held his hands. His date worked down his chest, kissing and licking his nipples down to his throbbing cock.

His date pushed him back onto the tree trunk, he then began to suck his anus and scrotum then round to his cock, starting off slowly and building up until he couldn’t hold on any more, he spurted his semen into his dates mouth, he heard his date lick his lips and move away.

He lay recovering from the session, his eyes closed. It was quiet, too quiet.

His eyes opened, he looked about but couldn’t see his date. He found his clothes on top of the tree trunk with a note saying thank you. He smiled, he had enjoyed himself and it was obvious his date had as well.

He got dressed and headed for the car, he looked back briefly and smiled. Getting into the car he laughed at how he could do what he had done.

He would ask his date when he got home. Who would believe his own boyfriend picked him up as a date!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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