How I became a slave, part I

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When I was a teenage boy, I was something like a nerd. At least that’s what the other kids thought of me. At the age of 16, I was about 6 feet tall, blond, and very skinny. I had glasses and was quite good in school. Of course that didn’t make me popular with the girls. Being a shy guy didn’t help ether.
I used to be bullied by the other boys, often they would call me a fag. Of course I was straight, I was desperate for a girl and I never wasted a thought on being gay.
I had never even had kissed a girl; my only sexual experience was jerking off to porn movies. I was particular fascinated by blowjobs and cumshots and things like that.

In 10th grade we made a two week school trip to Italy. We stayed in a little hotel right by the beach. The hotel was booked up just with our school. Most of the kids shared rooms with three bunk beds. Because I wasn’t allowed into the room with the cool boys, a had to share a room with only one double bed with another outsider, a boy named Danny.
There was a rumour about him being gay to, so everybody made fun of us having to share a double bed. Unlike me, Danny never seemed to be offended, he always made jokes about it himself. Actually Danny was a really nice guy; I wasn’t sure if he really was gay or not, but I was sure didn’t want to find out. I even sleep just on the edge of the bed, so I didn’t get to close to him. He thought that my behaviour was terribly funny (and I it sure was), and he always made jokes like “Don’t you want to pick up the soap?” or “Do you want to be the woman first?”, because he know I would freak out.
Apart from the sexual harassment and the usual bullying I had a great time in Italy. The sun was shining, the beach was just a few steps away, the Italians were friendly and we would get drunk on red wine every evening. Time flew by.

At the end of the first week, at one early evening, I had just finished a bottle of wine and wanted to use the toilet in my hotel room. As I entered the room, I could see Danny pissing in the bathroom. He smiled at me and didn’t bother to close the bathroom door, so I could see everything. I was about to leave the room immediately, as he said to me “Do you like my dick?” Do you want to suck on it?”. It wasn’t a real invitation, he just wanted to annoy me once again. But I didn’t leave. I just looked at him with his pants down. I wanted to say something quick-witted, so I wouldn’t be the fool again and he might stop to tease me. But I am just not a very spontaneous guy. So I just stood there an stared at his cock. Danny was about 6 feet tall, black haired and a little bit chubby. His dick was not erect, so its size was hard to guess, but in this state it maybe looked a bit larger than mine. “Come on, what you’re waiting for? Suck my dick!” And I actually wondered what his dick might taste like. I couldn’t believe what I had just thought. I didn’t want to believe what I had just thought, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Maybe I really was gay. I wanted to suck his dick, I wanted it so bad, just this once, nobody would ever need to know.

I entered the bathroom. Danny wondered what I was up to. He stood up against the bathroom wall, and I walked up right in front of him. Then I kneeled down. I placed my hands beside him at the wall, so he couldn’t get away that quickly. For the first time since I knew him, Danny was speechless. My face was just inches away from his cock, and I could smell its scent. I little bit of doubt came back into my mind. If I just called it a joke and left, that would be the response I’ve always wanted, Danny would never dare to make fun of me again, and I would have my triumph. Now was the time to decide. My heart was beating fast and heavy, I felt an excitement in my stomach, the same excitement I felt as I saw my first porn movie. I was like hypnotized. That cock now seemed to be the most beautiful thing I ever saw, it made my mouth water.
I slowly moved forward, his dick first touched my nose, and then rested on my lips, and a gave it a gentle kiss. Danny gasped, but he didn’t try to move away. From this point there was no return. I put his cock in my mouth and started to suck. His cock tasted wonderful, and having another boys dick in my mouth turned me on like nothing ever did. I sucked hard on it, so I really got the taste. I pushed my tongue through his foreskin to the tip of his penis, and I tasted a drop of pee. At first I could take his hole dick into my mouth, but soon it started to grow. It grew to an impressive 7 inch and I just could take about half of it. I sucked dick like the girls in the porn movies used to do. I sucked the tip and I licked the shaft like a lollipop. I never used my hands, and his cock was rubbing across my face as I slowly moved down to his balls. I started to lick them, then I sucked one, then both. I just loved the feeling of his balls in my mouth. I slowly moved up again, liking the shaft and putting his penis back into my mouth.
There where no doubts anymore, all I wanted was to suck cock and I fucking didn’t care what anybody else would think about that.

Soon there was a new taste. The first drops of pre-cum were dripping down. I sucked even harder, because I wanted more. Danny Sex hikayeleri breathed more heavily, and he gasped “I’m cumming!”
The first gush of cum sprayed to back of my throat, and I nearly choked on it. Then Danny filled my mouth with his warm, gooey cum. I was surprised that it was sweet, it was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted. I enjoyed his sperm in my mouth, the feeling of it around my tongue and my teeth.
Then it was time for the most important decision in the life of a cock-sucker: spit or swallow?
It was never really much of a question, I just loved the taste and I wanted to give Danny’s sperm a new home. I got up from my knees and looked right into Danny’s eyes. I opened my mouth to show him his cum. Then I swallowed it down and showed him my empty mouth. The cum went slowly down my throat.

No words were spoken. I think we both were to stunned about what just happened. I pushed Danny out of the bathroom, closed the door and had my piss. I didn’t feel like going back to party with the other kids, drinking wine and singing silly songs, so I went straight to bed. Danny went to bed to. So we both lay on our side of the double bed and nothing happened anymore. I didn’t jerk off myself, I didn’t need to, I could not have been more satisfied. Before I fell asleep I thought about what had happened that night. I realized that I was gay and sooner or later it would be better to be openly gay. I still had the flavour of Danny’s cum in my mouth and the funny feeling on my teeth.

The next morning the alarm clock rang. We slowly woke up and looked at each other for a while. I wondered what he had to say about last night. Would he accept it, or would he want to forget it about it. Danny’s response was as straightforward as it could be; we hadn’t even said “Good Morning” and his first words were “Suck my dick!”.
I could not hide a smile. I dived under the blanket straight to his lovely cock, and it still tasted as good as the night before. This time I used my hands, too. His huge cock felt good in my hands, but I especially liked playing with his balls. I jerked him off quickly, we needed to hurry up, breakfast would be served soon, but my breakfast was Danny’s creamy cum.

During the rest of the school trip we went to the beach, to the sight-seeing-tours, we partied with the other kids. Nobody was suspecting anything unusual, but Danny received a blowjob twice a day.
We still didn’t talk. I just went down on him every morning and every night.

One night, just when he was about to cum, Danny grabbed my hair and pulled my head away from his cock. The first gush of cum landed onto my forehead, the second sprayed into my left eye and onto my nose, a third landed on my left cheek. Getting a facial was a cool experience, I liked the smell of the cum, and the feeling of it dripping down my face. I liked to see it cumming at me, but it hurt in my eyes and I definitely prefer to swallow.

Two nights later, I had already fallen asleep after blowing Danny off, as he woke me. He looked at me in a strange way, and finally said straightforward: “I want to fuck you in the ass. Bend over!”. I knew something like that would happen someday, but it still took me by surprise. I had fantasized about anal sex ever since my first blowjob, and I was willing to try it, but I had serious doubts if Danny’s 7 inch would fit into my ass. I tried to explain my concerns to Danny, but he was determined to fuck me: “Bend over, Bitch!”. So I did.
First I sucked on him a little bit and put a lot of spit on his dick as a lubricant. Then I took my pants of and got into the doggy-position. I also put some of my spit on my asshole. Because spit isn’t really the best lubricant and it dries off quickly, the best way was for Danny to push his hole 7 inch at once into my asshole, no time for hesitation.

Danny got behind me, and I felt the tip of his cock touching my asshole. My heart was pumping so fast and heavy, I feared I could suffer a heart-attack. I was so excited by the thought of being fucked now. Danny grabbed my hips und pushed his huge cock into me. I tried to relax, and although his cock was rather thick it went in well, my asshole didn’t hurt much. As he pushed his full length into me it felt unpleasant at first, but it did not hurt. Soon I was overwhelmed by the feeling of a cock inside of me. I wanted to moan, but we needed to be quiet. Danny now pushed his cock just an inch or two in and out of my asshole. He started slow and carefully, but soon he fucked me faster. I loved the feeling of him pumping in my ass. His balls touched my ass every time he pushed into me. I had sucked him off earlier that night, so he would need a while to cum.
I wondered if getting fucked in the ass is better then sucking dick; maybe it would be nice to have anal sex and do a blowjob.
Finally he came inside of me. He was exhausted and lay down an my back, his dick still inside of me. I felt the weight of his body on me, and I could smell his sweat. I was so glad that a could satisfy him.
He pulled out of me, showed his dick to me and ordered me to lick it clean. I didn’t hesitate. I could taste some of his cum, and something else, most likely Sikiş hikayeleri my own shit. It did not taste very nice, but it was OK and I didn’t want to disappoint Danny, because he gave me so much pleasure. I licked his dick clean, then I squirted the rest of his cum out of my asshole and ate it. My ass felt kind of sore afterwards, but I figured it just needed some training.

That’s how we changed our daily program. Blowjob in the morning and ass-fucking at night.

On our last night in Italy, after I’ve got fucked in the ass, I demanded a wish. Danny was afraid that I wanted a blowjob or to fuck him in the ass. I never requested that before, and I didn’t want to. My wish was: “Please, piss in my mouth!” I had never forgotten the little drop of pee I tasted when I first took his dick in my mouth. I wanted some more. Danny smiled relieved and granted my wish.
We went into the bathroom, and I sat down in front of the toilet. I lay my head back onto the toilet and opened my mouth widely. Danny unzipped his trousers and pulled out his large dick. He had some problems staying calm and preventing an erection. Then a golden stream run into my mouth. Danny stopped as my mouth was full, I enjoyed the bitter taste, gargled a little and drank it down. Then Danny continued pissing in my mouth. He did not stop, and I tried to drink as much as I could. When I couldn’t take it anymore, he aimed at my face. A golden shower went down on me, and I got completely soaked in his piss. I loved the scent of his piss on me. After he was done I sucked the last drops of pee from his dick and we both smiled satisfied.
“Well, now it’s my turn for a wish.” Danny said calm. I wondered what he was up to, since we had already done everything I had imagined. “Lay down on the floor!” So I did. Danny placed himself above me and sat down on my face. I started to lick his asshole, I did it sometimes before when I was giving him a blowjob. After a short while, I could feel his asshole open, and I felt the end of a turd with my tongue. He was going to shit in my mouth! I thought about turning away, but it was to late.
Danny pushed the turd right into my mouth. It was so huge that it didn’t fit in and as Danny stood up most of the shit landed on my face. “Eat it all!” Danny commanded. I had never tasted something that was so intense. To be honest, I didn’t like the taste, well, it tasted like shit. But he was the boss, so I started chewing. I needed to chew his shit for quite some time before a could swallow the first load. Than I took the rest of the turd of my face. It felt nice my hand, it was soft and warm and had a dark brown colour. I took a few good bites and ate all of it. After I while you get used to the taste.

I took a shower to clean up, and a gargled with whisky to get the taste out of my mouth, but it didn’t help much, I could still taste his shit the next morning.
We left Italy that morning. It was a journey to remember.

Back home daily routine kicked in soon. We went back to school and nobody suspected anything unusual about the two of us. I was still the nerd and got bullied. But after school things were different. I wouldn’t spend my time jerking off to porn movies. After school I told my parents I would go to Danny’s place to do homework.
Danny lived with his mom in the village next to mine, about 3 miles away. School usually ended at 2pm and his mother worked up until 6pm, so between school and her coming home we had about 4 hours to do our “homework”.

Our homework would always start the same way. I rang the doorbell and Danny opened. I stepped in and closed the door behind me. Without any word spoken, I would go down on my knees, unzip his trousers and suck him of. The hole morning I was always desperate for his delicious cum.
Afterwards we both got naked and did what he wanted to do, which usually meant that I got fucked in the ass. I became a well trained anal whore, it didn’t hurt at all and my asshole didn’t get sore anymore. I really loved feeling his large cock deep inside of me.

In the time left, we did some non-sexual thing like watch TV or play videogames. I recall we once actually did our homework. But in our 4 hours, there was always a time when Danny needed to go to the bathroom. He learned to control his erection well and had no problems to piss in my eager mouth. I noticed that the taste of his piss changed, depending on how much he drunk or probably even what he ate. Sometimes, maybe once a week, he would take a dump on me too. I cleaned up, went home and nobody noticed anything.

After a while, Danny seemed to become bored with the “standard procedure” and he became experimental. First, he told me to address him as “Master”. I felt unsure about that, but after all, it was just the way it was, so I did. From now on, every time he told me to do something, I had to reply with “Yes, Master”. Every time he pissed on me I had to reply with “Thank You, Master”, and every time I dared to ask something, I first had to go down on my knees and kiss his feet. Maybe that would be humiliating, but after you have been used as a human toilet you don’t have any problem with kissing someone’s feet. He actually Erotik hikaye had nice feet.

My master’s experiments usually circled around the “shit-department”. He didn’t shit directly on my face anymore, he took a dump on the bathroom floor and I had to eat it without using my hands. Or he dumped his shit into a bowl and I had to eat it like a dog.
One Day we had lunch at the kitchen table. My master made some left over pasta in the microwave oven. He placed two dishes on the table, but he only put the pasta on his dish. Then he took mine, dropped his trousers and lowered a nice brown turd onto the dish and placed it back in front of me. Then he took my glass and filled it with his golden piss. He put his trousers back up and sat back at the table. Then we had lunch. We talked about school and about football and other things, he had pasta and a coke, and I had his shit and piss. I enjoyed eating the turd with a fork and a knife for a change. “Thank You, Master!”

My master also experimented on bringing our little games to school. We had thought about that earlier, but for example we weren’t able to sneak unseen into one toilet together for a quick blow job. He started to piss into bottles and made me drink “apple juice” during the break for his viewing pleasures.

But these variations only kept us entertained for so far, and after a while even I felt a little bit bored. So one day I kissed the feet of my master and begged him to come up with something that felt new and exciting again.
The next day he invited to other boys over. Peter and Josh were also in 10th grade. We played some videogames and talked about girls and football and stuff like that. I was so unhappy because I didn’t have the chance to blow my master off that day. Suddenly he said: “Hey guys, I’ve got this really cool porn movie, wanna watch?” The other two boys were only to pleased, so we sat down and watched some porn flick were a dumb blonde gets gangbanged. No to long ago I probably would have liked it, but now it seemed to be the most boring thing on earth. The other guys got “comfortable”, they took their dicks out and began to stroke them. I did the same, just to blend in. The sight of their cocks was nice, but I still was very disappointed with the course of that afternoon. I would have expected more from my master.

Suddenly he said: “Suck my dick!” And everything changed. I was nervous like the first time I saw his cock. Could I really do that in front off Peter and Josh? Tomorrow everybody would know. But I could not disobey him. “Yes, Master!” The other boys were laughing because they thought it was all a joke, until I got up from the sofa, kneeled in front of my master and placed my lips around his cock. The two stared at me in disbelieve. I was so turned on by being watched and I made sure that they had a good view. I made some nice slurping sounds as I sucked on his cock, I licked the shaft from top to bottom, I pushed the tip of his cock against the inside of my cheek and I took great pleasure in sucking his balls. Suddenly Peter managed to speak and said something like “What the fuck…?!?”. My master started to explain, as calm as he could be with me sucking on his prick: “You see, that little cocksucker down there is my personal slave, he will do what ever I tell him, when I tell him. If you want to he will suck your dicks too.” “No way, we’re no faggots!” Josh said. My master took a deep breath and shoot his warm load right into my mouth. “Show it to them!” So I opened my mouth for them to see. “Swallow it” I swallowed it and showed that it was all gone. “Thank You, Master” The two boys were stunned again. My master said: “It is not about being a faggot or not, you can have cock sucked before you go home, or not. It’s yours to decide.”
Josh was the braver of them two, “Do it” he commanded. A new cock to suck. I couldn’t have been happier. I used all my skill from the training I’ve had. It did not last two minutes before he shot a hot load down my throat. I didn’t wait for Peter to say anything, I just went down on him right away. He too didn’t waste any time to give me his cum. Cum always tastes like cum, but I would say every guys load tastes just a little different.
After I had swallowed the third load, my master told me to bend over. “You can fuck him in the ass if you want to.” Just a moment later I could feel Josh’s dick pressing against my asshole. He pushed in hard started to fuck me, while my master put his dick back into my mouth. Just like I always wanted it to be, one in my ass and one in my mouth. All three of them got their turn of fucking me in the ass and shooting yet another load down my throat. I got gangbanged just like that dumb blonde in the porn movie.
My master decided to finish me off with an nice golden shower, so we all went to the bathroom and the new guys watched as he pissed into my mouth. Of course both of them got their chance to piss on me too, it was so much I nearly couldn’t take it anymore.

“It’s time for you to go now.” My master told the others. “Can we come back tomorrow?” Peter asked. “Sure.”

From this day on it was triple the fun. I sucked three dicks every day and usually I got fucked in the ass big time. I had three streams of piss raining down on me at the same time and Danny told the other guys how to feed me their shit. I soon had to call all three of them “Master”.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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