I Watched My Wife With An Older Man 4

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I Watched My Wife With An Older Man – chapter 4

My name is Cleo. I’m Pat’s friend, and I’m writing his story as sort of a therapy device for him. Pat’s terribly confused about his life these days. I have written numerous articles and stories for other men, and I hope some of this finally helps him cope. Here is Pat’s story:

It’s been several months now that I had my friend, Cleo write the last story concerning mine and Anna’s unusual marital arrangement. I’m afraid you’ll have to read my previous chapters in order to see how we arrived at this state in our otherwise orderly lives. Anyway, the “older man” in these chapters is Walt. Walt was supposed to visit us again two months ago, but the company he and I both work for sent him overseas to rescue a failing segment of the organization. That’s what he does. He’s like a hired gun, and I guess there’s where he gets his aggressive attitude that Anna finds so stimulating. She’s been like a lioness in heat lately, ever since he sent the email that he wouldn’t be coming to Dallas for quite a while. Up to now, he’s been visiting us regularly about every two months, and that seems to meet her – and I guess, my needs. Since receiving that last message, I’ve lately observed Anna covertly looking at other men, usually big rough, older guys that probably remind her of Walt. To be honest, Walt’s big cock. In any event, she seemingly looks downward or off to the side, but is actually hungrily staring at some guy’s crotch, if she thinks I’m not looking – which I always am. In a way, I suppose I’ve also grown addicted to Walt’s visits, watching him pound her pussy while I jerk off. Oh, Anna and I still make love occasionally but that doesn’t seem to take the edge off for either of us. Neither of us have the dynamic orgasms during our sex as we do when Walt joins in. I guess we need what Walt provides both of us, and now, he wouldn’t be coming for several more months. Anna was so depressed that her depression finally rubbed off on me too. I needed to do something.

I know for a fact Walt is the only guy Anna has fucked in all the years we’ve been married. She’s not typically a slut, but since we’ve let Walt into our lives I’ve noticed subtle changes in her. Last week at our community gym, there was a big muscled black guy in jersey shorts lifting weights and I saw her eying his bulging crotch as she rode the incumbent bike. He was a huge ugly dude but I suspected Anna hadn’t even noticed his facial features, so intent was she on watching his crotch move under the soft fabric of his shorts. I also suspected she was sopping wet, as she never took her eyes off that fat cock the whole time. That surprised me, for Anna is a southern gal and I don’t think she has even known a black guy before. I covertly watched, fanaticizing about them going off into a remote corner and watching her suck his cock. She finally caught me watching and turned her head, but not before I saw her face, flaming red. I just had to go into the restroom and whack off, deciding to approach him the next time I saw him working out, maybe feel him out on this subject, see where it goes. Just the thought of it made me hard.

I get all kinds of responses to my earlier stories I’ve posted about this, some telling me what a pussy I am to let my wife fuck another guy, but others who, like me get off by watching their wives. Some have even asked if they can fuck her while I watch. Lately, I’ve considered exploring that option but I don’t think Anna would go along with it. One guy in particular sends a response once a week, even pictures of his cock which is every bit as long and thick as Walt’s. He suggested I show his pics to Anna and let her decide if she wants it. So far I haven’t acted because I don’t know what her response would be to my shopping her around the internet.
Walt finally called one day while I was in the other end of the house, but I could hear her subversive tone and suspected it was him calling. Porno hikayeleri I immediately picked up the extension and heard her say, “You have to come before then. I . . . uh . . . need to see you.”

“Miss my cock, huh?”
“Walt . . . please, can’t you make it before then?”

“I have the weekends only. That would only give me about a day and a half before I’d have to start back.”


“Tell you what. You know what I want. You promise I can do it and I’ll come.”

She knew what he was talking about. So did I. He had been pressuring her to let him fuck her asshole, but his large size just hurt her too much. The last time, he’d made it inside her about three inches before she started crying.

“You know I can’t,” she sniffled. “It would ruin me forever.”

“No it wouldn’t. Take my word for it. You want me to come back, you have to promise.”

After a few more minutes of back-and-forth, she finally relented, “I promise I’ll try. Hurry.”

“You won’t try. You’ll do it,” he said.

“Okay,” she replied, her voice sounding faint and tiny
The next weekend Walt telephoned that he was on the way, wanting a ride from the airport. Anna was on pins and needles all day, like a bride who was both excited and scared. On the fifteen minute ride to the airport she squirmed and fidgeted in her seat, a wild hungry look in her eyes – Just a bitch in heat, I thought angrily. I speculated if I could touch her cunt it’d be sopping wet. She’d never been like that for me when I returned from a trip. I also noticed my dick was as hard as wood and I was having trouble breathing. Anna went inside the terminal to meet him while I drove around until they came out. Without even a word, they both crawled into the back seat of our SUV. I’d suspected they would and had already adjusted the rearview mirror so I could see the entire back seat. I was barely out of the parking area when I saw her hastily unzipping his pants, reaching inside and extracting his cock, which simply flopped out like a giant sausage. She stared hungrily at it for a moment, slowly stroking it. In seconds it was a hard slab of meat with thick purple vanes running through it. I saw her lean forward, lovingly sliding her mouth around its knob, licking it from top to bottom, her eyes closed. It was clear, she was loving it. She then engulfed half of it, moaning softly. It was only fifteen minutes to our house, but she was nearly frantic trying to taste his cum before we arrived, as I watched her cheeks suction his cum from his balls, not even attempting to hide the loud slurping sounds as she slobbered over his throbbing cock. We were still two blocks from home when he suddenly grunted and she started swallowing frantically, making tiny little sounds of contentment as she milked his sperm, swallowing his entire load. His balls must’ve been full because it took a long time. Finally, she licked a few drops from its tip, and reluctantly put it back inside his trousers. I rubbed my cock through my pants, being careful not to blow my own load in them. I was so close though.

Pretending I hadn’t noticed their behavior, I pulled into the driveway and they quickly headed inside as she tossed breathlessly over her shoulder, “I’ll help Walt unpack, Darling.” Her face was flushed, frantic.

I’ll bet you will, I thought, buying into the charade.

Inside, little squeals immediately took me straight to the guest bedroom door where I peeked in and saw Walt with his face already between her long tan legs as she clutched his hair and squirmed around on his tongue. In less than two minutes she screamed loudly, clamping his head between her thighs, gyrating against his face as she pulled the back of his head to get his tongue even deeper inside her sloppy pussy. Then she collapsed, exhausted from her effort. Walt continued licking her for a while as I retreated hastily. That seemed Sex hikayeleri to take the edge off for them and they both acted more relaxed for the rest of the evening. As for me, I had to go into the bathroom and whack-off to find relief.

Later, I was in the kitchen making coffee when Anna came up behind me and whispered, “Please don’t watch us tonight. Okay?”


“Just because.”

“Why? Because he’s going to fuck you in the ass?”

She stepped back, surprised. “How . . . did you know that?”

“It’s all over your face,” I lied, not wanting her to know I’d eavesdropped on her earlier telephone call. In any event, I wasn’t going to give her a break. “No deal,” I said walking away.

Around 8:30 PM they were already staring at each other hungrily again. By 9:00 they just stood and walked into Walt’s room, leaving me alone with the TV. I followed immediately, stopping at the open doorway. Walt practically ripped her shorts off, as she did the same to him. In less than a minute she was on the bed, clutching his ass cheeks, with his cock stuffed down her milking throat. His pot-belly nearly covered her pretty face, but I could hear her loud wet slurping sounds as she sucked it hungrily. After a while, he started to grunt and pulled away, but she kept holding him in deep, unwilling to let him go. I could tell he was very near to cumming, and that is exactly what she wanted him to do. Walt had other plans it seemed, as he pushed her mouth off his cock, tumbling her onto her back.

“You hungry bitch,” he growled at her. “Get on your hands and knees.”

She turned around, looking over her shoulder at him in fear. He got behind her and rubbed just the head of his cock across her pussy as she groaned. He let her savor a few inches of his thick meat before he pulled it out and produced a tube of KY, rubbing it onto his cock and into her asshole. He slowly inserted a finger, then another. I knew she liked this when she was fucking, but that was as far as she’d ever let me go. She knew what was coming next, her eyes wide with fear as she stared at me as though hoping I’d intervene. Fat chance of that. She was finally getting exactly what she deserved. I loved her and didn’t want to see her hurt, but I was having trouble breathing and my dick was so hard it ached. If I moved I figured I’d erupt.
Walt grabbed her hips in his huge hands and pushed his cock head against her puckered anus, shoving, grunting with the effort. Anna screamed but Walt just kept pushing until the fat knob was inside her. Then he let her rest. Anna was sobbing into the pillow.

Walt said, “If I stop, I go. That what you want?”

Anna was a proud woman and it hurt me to see her grovel like this, but she said, “No. Please don’t go. Just do it. I’ll be all right.”

Walt grinned like he’d known what she’d say all along, grinding his pelvis forward again, as another couple inches of meat disappeared into her asshole. I hated his grin. I hated him, but I couldn’t move a muscle, locked into what was happening. I watched Anna’s tear-streaked face twist with anguish, her eyes clinching tightly.

“Play with your pussy,” Walt growled as he pushed harder.

Anna’s hand went between her legs, rubbing frantically. After a few moments of this I saw her fingers were wet and she seemed to be handling it a little better. Walt’s horse cock was over halfway inside her and he was still pushing, determined to reach his goal. I noticed his cock was thicker at the base and wondered how he’d ever make it all the way in. He’d be inside her colon if he did. I felt I could cum without even touching myself. Walt paused, motionless, just letting her hang on his cock like a frog on a spit. The hand in her pussy was flying now, and she was starting to make little sounds and move her ass a bit. Soon, she began rotating her ass in small circles, pushing backward against his Sikiş hikayeleri unmoving cock. Grabbing her hips again, Walt suddenly buried his cock to the public hair inside her, his pot belly resting on her ass as she came apart at the seams, moaning, crying, sliding up and down the torturing cock buried in her asshole. Mesmerized, I watched as my beautiful wife squirmed like a woman possessed on another man’s large cock; her long dark hair flying wildly, small animal sounds coming from her pretty twisted mouth while she attempted to shove her entire hand into her gapping pussy. It was awesome. I’d never witnessed anything like it. Oh sure, I’d seen porno films where women are paid to act as if they’re enjoying being fucked in the ass, but this was my beautiful wife! My Anna! And she wasn’t acting! Walt had had enough by this time and suddenly began pounding her ass like there was no tomorrow. Anna simply went berserk, screaming and crying into her pillow as she finally came, wave after wave wracking her slender body for a long time. Then, Walt grunted loudly, threw his head back and his entire body went stiff as he also cried out and came hard, pouring load after load deep into her bowels. I simply touched my cock and shot all over the bedroom carpet.

I lay in bed and listened as Walt fucked my Anna again the next morning before she drove him to the airport. It was loud and prolonged, lasting for nearly an hour before I heard Anna cry out as she came. I was simply too spent to move. We didn’t speak about it, and I didn’t try to ass fuck her for nearly a week. When I finally did, she didn’t complain, in fact, I think she enjoyed having something smaller than Walt’s ham-sized cock in there. I know I did. Something had happened to Anna that night with Walt’s cock in her ass. She was almost insatiable after that, whenever we made love. I couldn’t keep up with her anymore. She wanted everything, several times. I tried, but couldn’t last long enough to completely satisfy her. I knew we had crossed over some kind of threshold. I decided to start looking for some local help. I still didn’t know how Anna would accept that, but I could see she was growing more and more sexually frustrated, and that my cock wasn’t enough for her anymore.

My chance came about a week later – the big black weight lifter. His name was also Walter. Just my luck – another Walt. He appeared even uglier up close. He said everyone called him “Bear” though and I liked that just fine. He kind of even looked like a bear and the guy was an animal, lifting twice the weight I could, muscles bulging, sweat pouring off his thick ebony chest. Anna watched us as we chatted, and finally I motioned her over. She initially shook her head no, but after a couple more attempts she finally stood and walked over. Bear’s eyes nearly popped out his head when he saw her up close. She was wearing this little form-fitting work-out suit that I’d always liked, dark hair stacked on top of her head falling down in uncontrolled ringlets. The white shorts made her tan legs look even longer. She looked delicious. Bear was practically drooling as he shook her hand, holding it just a few beats too long, as her face colored. He said he and his wife were from New York, new to the neighborhood. He was alone for the moment, his wife caring for a sick mother back in NY. I immediately invited him over for a drink, watching Anna’s confused face. My compulsive behavior proved to be a big mistake.

Bear has since taken over our home and our very lives. He has proven to be a bully and sometimes cruel, but anytime he wants, he can have Anna groveling at his feet, anxious to do anything he wants. Even I can’t stand up to him – hating what he’s done to us but reveling in his debasement of both Anna and I. His wife Tia is beautiful but every bit as sadistic as he is. I have found out things about myself I never knew, dark things. Anna never speaks of Walt anymore. Maybe I’ll write more about how our lives have spiraled out of control since this couple has been invited in. I long for the days we had before we ever met Walt – or these two black devils. I wonder if Anna ever does.

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