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I wrote a story about one of my fantasies and posted it. Within a week, I had feedback from a girl who said she really enjoyed it and told me to instant message her anytime. But it was almost 6 months before we ever connected on IM.

She told me how she liked older men because they were so excited when they got to fuck a hot young girl. She wanted to know if I wanted to fuck her?

She sent me a couple pictures and she had a beautiful smile and a great body, so of course I wanted her. But for that night, we could only stare at the words on our screen.

My heart raced as we chatted and I was really worked up when … She got cut off!!!

I panicked a little. She said she had just turned 18. What if she was younger than that? What if her father had caught her fingering herself while naked in front of her screen? What if I had been too indecisive and she gave up?

Again, there was a painfully long pause before her name popped up on my IM. This time I got right to the point. I told her I wanted her to make me cum — now and in real life.

She typed about licking, teasing, sucking and fucking for the next hour. My one-handed typed responses got shorter and less frequent every time she had me near the point of exploding. I had to pause three times for a quick clean-up.

We began to make arrangements to meet for real since we were only 200 miles apart. Several other online encounters were similarly adıyaman escort bayan hot before we were able to meet. If this is mid-life — then I welcome the crisis.

Since we both wanted the encounter we agreed that it had to be no frills. We picked an inexpensive hotel near halfway.

I could barely concentrate as the day approached. I got there first and called her to let her know our room number. I left the door unlocked and turned on the television, searching for something to settle my nerves.

Jackie pushed open the door and a blast of cold air swept over me. In the flickering light of television I could see she was bundled in a knee-length winter coat and her sexy face poked out from under a warm, fuzzy hat. The anticipation had peaked; which outfit was she wearing? the tight jeans and sheer black shirt; the cheerleader outfit; the full set of cammies. Which fantasy was first?

My heart was pounding and cock was stirring. She pulled off the hat and shook out a pair of thick pigtails! Had she done it? I sat on the far bed as she began unbuttoning her coat. She had done it! Jackie slowly revealed a short, white oxford shirt, barely buttoned; blue plaid, pleated skirt cut well above the knee; sheer white stockings up to her knees.

She tossed the heavy coat on to the empty bed and whispered a lusty “hello” as she strolled toward me.

She akkent escort bayan stood between my parted legs. Her hand touched my cheek and slid down to my chest, before falling to her side. I was speechless, but I didn’t need words. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me. My face buried in the bottom of her shirt. I nestled into her tight tummy and kissed her soft skin. I drank in the aroma, noting a hint of her musk. She had anticipated this opportunity more than I expected.

She knelt to kiss me and at the same time undid my fly. Our tongues twisted passionately and my hard-on raged. Jackie nibbled on my bottom lip then slid to her knees and freed my cock from my boxer-briefs. She sat back on her heels and licked her lips longingly — staring at my swollen member for a second … that seemed to last forever. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and a shiver ran from my crotch up my spin. My whole body shivered in anticipation.

She licked lightly up the underside of my rod and flicked that sensitive spot where the shaft mushrooms into the head. Light as eyelashes she ran the tip of her tongue around the rim of my head. I didn’t know if I could take any more stimulation.

She swallowed the head and the first few inches of my shaft. She let out a low moan and the vibration sent me over the edge. My moan crescendoed. I reached for her pigtails and gaziantep anal yapan escort bayan slide my hands down the thick silky length, gripping the ends, but not pulling on them. I shot several full force streams into her sucking mouth, she only flinched slightly at the first. We both continued to moan and she swallowed everything I had to offer.

“Ahh, you taste happy!” she said as she sat back again. She pulled the waist band of my underwear over my cock, which was still amazingly hard. She put her hands on the waistbands of my pants and shorts and gave a light peck on my still sensitive head.

I jerked reflexively and she grinned seductively. She stood and turned away from me. I put my hands under her skirt and felt the soft cotton panties that completely covered her round butt cheeks.

She bent forward and lowered her hot wetness onto my throbbing shaft. She began to rub the damp cotton back and forth and I was back to full strength in seconds.

I pulled the cotton aside and slide easily into her soaking wet pussy. I was buried to the hilt on the first thrust and she stayed all the way down, grinding around until I could feel her juices running over the top of my balls. She had leaned her head back and was moaning again. I reached for her pigtails, and this time, pulled them firmly. Her moans grew. She continued grinding and reached her hand down to lightly stroke my nuts. The motion betrayed the action her thumb was giving her clit.

This time we both nearly screamed as we came almost simultaneously. I wrapped my right arm around her waist and we rolled back and on to our sides, spooning and breathing heavily.

Our night had just begun, but I can’t write anymore about that with out taking care of my impending needs brought on by my reminiscences.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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