In the Garden of Eve_(0)


I hadn’t realized that there’d be another woman in attendance this evening. I guess this was a good thing as she could concentrate on one of the men, and I could concentrate on the other. Where was the other guy, anyway? I wondered what she was being paid. I’m sure not as much as I’d get if I pulled this off! Something bothered me about her, though. She didn’t look like pussy-for-hire to me. She stroked that leg with a proprietary air. It was also the first time I’d ever seen a woman sitting on the ground still look like a queen. Elizabeth II on her throne couldn’t look more regal.

The man was no slouch in the looks department, either! His well defined body set my pulse racing the moment I laid eyes on him. He dressed in light gray slacks, black leather boots and a black golf shirt. The short sleeved shirt showed off his arms, though they looked like the work of a drunken, brilliant sculptor. For every graceful line of muscle and sinew on display, he had at least two scars crossing his arms as if the master craftsman had often slipped when chiseling him from a block of Desert Ironwood. He didn’t look like a CEO of a company. He looked more like a Marine to me, with his short, skin-faded hair and his no-nonsense demeanor.

I walked up to the pair who still hadn’t acknowledged my presence. Feeling awkward as a virgin at an orgy, I cleared my throat and spoke, directing my words to the handsome black man.

“Hello. Are you Mr. DeWinter, or Mr. Summers?”

He looked up at me with a patient smile. “She’s Miss Summers. I’m Mr. DeWinter. Nice to meet you, Eve.” Though he addressed me directly, he didn’t really focus his attention upon me. He made no effort to rise or to offer me his hand. His friendly tone didn’t jibe with his all-business attitude. It didn’t matter, since my mind still reeled from the shock.

“She’s Evan Summers?”

“No, she’s Eden Summers,” he corrected. Come here.”

Eden. Not Evan. Had Bill known, or had he made a grievous error?

No, that bastard knew.

He’d often teased me about my prudish stand on lesbianism. A hot piece of ass like me shouldn’t live in the ’50s, he always said. I knew he fantasized about having me and another woman go down on him and then do each other for his pleasure, but I’d never complied with his deviant desire. I didn’t even like thinking about lesbian sex, much less participating in it. He wouldn’t dare set me up this way, would he?

Well, after the Eric Affair, I believe he would.

“Eve.” The low, soft voice sliced through my thoughts like a scream in church during the sermon. “Never make me repeat myself.” He pointed to a low stone table, one cut from a single block of marble with a recessed glass top. “Stand upon that,” he commanded. I placed a high-heeled foot upon the table, unsure as to what they expected of me next.

“Stop,” he said. I froze, one foot on the raised dais, the other on the paving stones of the roof top. The stretched leg posture pulled my Capris tightly into the crack of my ass and between the lips of my quim, dormant right now, but working up as the pant crease pressed upon my clit. Summers and DeWinter stared at me, their eyes caressing my gray sheathed legs and my petite feet encased in ebony strips of Latigo leather. Without a touch, I felt myself lubricate. My ass twitched uncontrollably.

“Proceed,” he said, three years later. I clambered on top of the low table, standing with my head bowed and my hands clasped together over my quickly dampening crotch.

“Are you new at this?” he asked. It surprised me how much scorn he invested into five short words. My face flushed. “Move around a little. Let us get a look at the goods.” I reddened as I moved, stiffly, I’m sure. He spoke further commands for me. Push out my breasts. Spread my legs. Strut for them. Bend over and wiggle my ass in their direction as I grabbed my ankles. He put me through my paces like a show dog at competition. I’d come here to fuck, sure, but I felt subhuman doing all of this Bitch on Display crap. It’d be so much easier if he’d just throw me across that black leather divan, spread my legs, and shove himself inside me until he came. That’s what I’d expected to happen tonight. Isn’t that what whores did, fuck, get paid, then leave? Why all this preamble?

“You really are new at this, aren’t you?”

“Of course not,” I said defensively. Adam quickly poured some scotch into a crystal tumbler, then handed it to me. My hands shook so much, I could barely hold it. The amber liquid sloshed over my fingers. Its reek made my eyes water. “I don’t drink hard liquor,” I told him.

He looked at me like I was a bitch that had just piddled on his fine Persian rugs. His thick lips pursed in distaste. “You didn’t before today. Drink. It’ll help you to relax.”

I finished the burning liquor in a couple of gulps, trying to force it down so I wouldn’t have to taste it. Bad move. Instead, it fried my nostrils worse than any wasabi-rush I’ve ever experienced eating sushi. The glass tumbler did just that, shattering into a glittering panorama that competed with the twinkling celestial display above.

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” I knelt to the ground, ready to pick up the shimmering fragments. Adam’s dark, strong hand tightened around my pale, slender wrist and drew me upwards.

“Don’t worry about it. Here.” Adam passed me a second glass of scotch. I took it with a steadier hand, my nerves stabilized from the earlier dousing from the oblivion-bringing urine substitute. The stuff smelt vile, but sure did work quickly! “Just sip on that,” he said. “No one shoots back Caol Ila.”

I leaned against the stone table as I sipped my drink. The woman, Eden, hadn’t moved from her position on the ground, but she’d not been idle. She’d rubbed that leg of his so much, I’m surprised she hadn’t worn a hole through it. During my show she’d loosened Adam’s belt. She now pulled it out from its belt loops, folding the black leather strap in half as she presented it to him across both of her upturned palms. She tilted her head down, staring directly at the generous bulge of his crotch. As he took the belt from her, his hand stroked her shoulder length auburn hair as one would a kitten’s fleece.

“Suck me,” he said softly. No more than that. She must’ve been waiting for that command all evening. She surprised me with her rapid compliance. She lunged forward, unzipping him quickly and liberating his thick, flaccid cock from his smoke-gray pants. She leaned forward, her obscenely stretched mouth capable of taking all of his cock inside. Lewd slurping caressed my ears as she worked him over. She knelt in front of him, her gold sandaled feet crossed at the ankles, her petite hands grasping him about the waist as her face bobbed back and forth in front of his groin. She worked his cock with a frenzy I could never match! Nothing in his demeanor showed him to be enjoying her. His flat eyes looked like someone’s who had a fresh sirloin steak dropped onto his plate seconds after he had finished gorging on a 20 ounce T-bone. The head session didn’t seem to excite him in the least. But did he have to stare at me like that? For some reason, I felt incredibly embarrassed. Why? It wasn’t me on my knees shoving my mouth full of hard black cock. Not yet, at any rate.

“What are you thinking?” he asked. How could his voice sound so calm while he got his cock sucked? Incredible.

“I don’t understand why I’m here. You definitely don’t need me. Eden’s beautiful.”

“She certainly is. But so are you. Why don’t you join her?” He stretched out his hand to me in invitation. I rose from my seat on the table, happily setting my unfinished drink upon it as I took his hand. Eden didn’t look up from her work. His cock glistened with her spit as she forced him into her rapidly working mouth. It amazed me how well she serviced him. Her lips were stretched taut by the black iron bar which filled up her entire throat. Breath whistled through her nose as she consumed him. She certainly couldn’t breathe through her mouth, not with that cocoa skinned creature lodged into it. His meat was as thick as a tin of deep brown beans, and only a little longer than that. Squat and thick, just the way I liked them. I wondered if he tasted as sweet as beans in molasses as well? I smiled at the thought.

My gaze quickly slid back to him as I saw him move. He grasped his leather belt in both of his hands, which now moved towards me. I shied away. He dropped one end of the strap so he could grab me and pull me back towards him. His steely grip on my forearm kept me from bolting. “I’m not going to strike you with it. Relax.” His low, hypnotic voice eliminated all resistance. I stepped forward. He collared me with his belt, sliding the thick silver buckle home to rest against my Adam’s apple. Even my throat belonged to him, named after the forbidden fruit his namesake had sampled eons ago. The same fruit my namesake had first fed him. Just as I hoped he’d sample me, the wife of another man. Sin, upon sin, upon sin. He snugged the belt against my throat. He used the makeshift leash to gently pull me toward him, and then to force me down upon my knees next to Eden. Eden glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, but didn’t stop sucking Adam’s cock.

I knelt in my garden just as I had in time immemorial, preparing to accept the seed of the man I’d been commanded to serve and obey.

“Give her some room, Kitten. Let Eve have a taste.” Hearing this, Eden stood up, but not before pulling Adam’s pants down around his ankles and making him step clear of them. She moved around him, positioning her face between his taut asscheeks, and pushed her face forward, splitting them apart. The wet sounds I heard earlier recommenced. She couldn’t be doing what I thought she was, could she?

Oh yes, yes she could! Adam’s cock pulsed, threatening to slap him in the belly with every beat of his heart. A deep sigh escaped him as Eden worked between his asscheeks. One of her hands snaked around and grabbed him by the cock, jerking it roughly as she speared his anus with her pointy pink weapon. Her crimson-tipped fingers couldn’t even close around it.

“Suck me,” he said coolly, in direct contrast to the sharp tug he gave to my belt leash. I fell forward and smacked my cheek against his turgid black cock, a wet sound caused by the glistening spit still upon his dusky skin. Drops of precome dribbled out of his cockslit, flowing freely onto Eden’s pale jerking hand. Another tug on the leash pulled me forward, the blunt end of his cock bludgeoning my front teeth and threatening to bruise my pouty lips. I opened my mouth wide, ready to accept him but the spit slickened skin, skin moistened by the loving mouth of another woman, stopped me. l pulled my head back. He’d have none of that. He released his hold on the leash and captured my head between his strong hands. He drew me forward, forcing me onto his cock. I could either accept him, or have my front teeth staved in by his cock.

I opened my mouth wide for him.

His cockhead fed into my mouth, depressing my tongue. My mouth stretched around his girth, feeling like it’d split at the corners. With time, I’m sure I could’ve adjusted to the feeling. He didn’t give me that time. He lunged forward with his hips, skewering my mouth. I couldn’t back up as his hands still gripped me tightly. I could only swallow him.

Eden released her grip upon him. He tried to force the freed-up inches into my mouth, but I couldn’t handle cock as thick as his. If you rolled three Bill-sized pricks together, they still wouldn’t equal Adam’s sausage in thickness. I coughed up around him. Adam didn’t seem to care. He forced even more licorice stick down my throat. Too bad for him. I couldn’t handle it. I choked around him, sending gouts of spit and mucous flowing around his prick and down my chin. I frantically slapped at his hips and legs in a vain attempt at making him release my head.

I don’t know how, but I managed to stop myself from vomiting. God, that would’ve been something! I’d not given a very impressive performance thus far. I hoped Adam wouldn’t sink the deal because of it. My heart slammed up against my ribs, racing with worry.

“Don’t push her, hon. It’s no good if you make her pass out,” Eden said, taking a brief respite from her anal endeavors. I couldn’t see her from around Adam’s waist, but her husky voice sounded clear. I guess she’d pulled out from his ass long enough to give me some much-appreciated moral support. Surprisingly, Adam released my head and moved his arms behind him. Grabbing Eden’s head instead, he leaned forward and pulled her in. I heard a muffled noise, then the wet sounds of anal loving recommenced. He worked her face against his ass roughly. My respect for Eden grew. She made sucking his gargantuan cock look easy. She also took some of the heat off of me.

“Get back to work,” he said coldly. I’d rather suck him by choice than be forced, so I complied. I took him back in, as deep as his cock would go. Not too damn far, I’m sorry to say. I concentrated on pleasuring his cockhead, nibbling around the corona of his glands. I used both my hands on him as well, pumping his cock as I massaged his balls. He seemed to like that. Done right, it should feel just as pleasing to him as deep throat. His eyes finally closed as he worked Eden’s face up and down his ass crack. The Iceman was melting, finally. Probably due to his tail, and not my head, unfortunately. I couldn’t believe how much noise she made back there. Eden certainly must have been enjoying her anal play!

His cock was much thicker than Bill’s, and tasted different. He smelled of cinnamon and musk, a sweet, primal scent that drove me wild. He tasted of pure sex. Although coerced into coming here, I had no regrets. Seeing such a lewd show as Eden’s excited me. In contrast, fucking my neighbor’s son was nothing. It may’ve been sex out of wedlock, but the vanilla, missionary-style fucks lacked the fire of this evening’s adventures. Nothing like being sold to some stranger for an evening, and servicing him on my knees while another woman rimmed his ass with her tongue. Nothing like being collared with his belt as he drove his cock into my throat. Nothing like knowing that I’d come solely because my husband demanded that I whore for him. Nothing like knowing that pleasing this man would earn me 2 mil, my cut of the Phobos deal. I felt cheap and well used. I also felt happy, a feeling that surprised me once I recognized it for what it was.

My eyes closed as I worked him over. In the darkness behind my eyelids his cock felt even larger between my lips. His hands stroked my shoulders and ran over my forearms, right down to my hands. No, not his hands. Her hands. Definitely. Long fingernails raked over my bare skin and traced my arms from shoulder to wrist. Eden caressed me as she worked his ass over. It felt funny at first, but the sensation soon grew intense. I prayed that my heightened sexual awareness would last forever.

Of course it couldn’t. All too soon, I felt Adam’s legs tremble. The balls in my hand tightened up, their skin crinkling like a couple of wizened apples in the cellar after a long winter. Instead of pressing forward, forcing himself into my mouth as I’d expected, he lunged backwards, driving his ass hard against Eden’s face. She made a loud surprised sound, a grunt quickly smothered by his ass. He leaned forward, his torso now almost parallel with the ground as he pressed himself upon her probing tongue. This of course, pulled his cock out of my mouth as he fired his spunk. Hot semen splashed over my opened mouth, filling it full of his essence. He sprayed cum over my cheeks and chin, my face and breasts. Then he thrust forward, shoving his rapidly softening member into my mouth. Finally, I could get all of it in! I didn’t question its importance, it just was. Perhaps no woman likes knowing that another can do for a man what she herself cannot. Friendly, demure Eden was my competition. By the end of the evening, I’d learn to suck Adam’s cock just as well as she could, or die in the attempt. I swore it.

I took in all of him, suckling on his cock gently, cleaning it off as it shrank down to an easily managed size. As I serviced him, just as Eden had minutes before, her face peeked around his waist to have a look. Her nose, cheeks and chin shone, glossy with her saliva. She smiled at me, and I smiled back, imagining what I must’ve looked like, my face doused with his cum, my breasts saturated by it.

“So, you two can get along. Good,” Adam said. “Eve, close your eyes, and don’t open them until I command you to do so. Don’t move a muscle.” Of course I did as he asked.

At least, I tried to.

The cooling semen felt tacky on my face, so I raised a hand to wipe it off. Another hand stopped me. A small, delicate, female hand, not the beefy paw I’d expected.

“Let me,” Eden said in a happy tone. Lips lightly brushed across the skin of my cheek, feeling out the territory. I shrank from the unwanted contact. The belt tightened around my throat in unspoken warning. ‘Don’t move,’ he said, and ‘don’t move,’ he meant. After that reminder, I stayed stock-still and bore the humiliation stoically.

Eden resumed her tongue work, moving her pink muscle all over my face, lapping up his semen like a starving kitten would her evening’s milk. Her long, talented tongue sought out his elusive wigglers in any nook or cranny where they might’ve hidden themselves. She drove her tongue into my hair line, behind my left ear, and under my chin. Of course she sucked the cum out of my clothing. She mauled my breasts as she tried to wring out my top, like a washerwoman would a wet cloth. Her teeth and lips expertly stimulated my nipples until they threatened to bore through the thin silvery material of my damp halter. She sucked all the cum out of the top, then turned her attention back to the only place she had yet to explore.

My mouth.

Her tongue pressed against my tightly closed lips, prying my plush lips apart as she stuck it inside. She moved her tongue all along my teeth and gums, eventually working it in between my jaws and running it over my tongue. She applied suction, drawing my tongue out of my mouth and into hers. I let her do as she wished, but forced myself not to feel any pleasure from it. I didn’t resist her, but neither did I participate in her oral exploration. She must’ve felt my reserve, for she suddenly ceased her spelunking and pulled back.

“Open your eyes,” Adam said. Eden’s face hovered close to mine, close enough that her warm breath fluttered my eyelashes. The scent reminded me of blooming lavender in spring. She knelt in front of me, her slim ankles crossed behind her as always, her hands palm down on her thighs. She regarded me with a wistful, almost sad expression. Did my rejection hurt her? I wouldn’t have expected her to be so soft, not with a brusque man like Adam ordering her about all the time.

“There’s obviously something you don’t fully realize here, Eve. You’re not here for me. You’re here at Eden’s request.” Adam stroked Eden’s cheek, which she nuzzled against his palm. “If you don’t impress her, Deimos won’t get the contract. Do you fully understand your position?”

“She’s your boss?” I couldn’t keep the surprise out of my voice. Eden’s low, deep chuckle betrayed her amusement. Her rich, velvety voice could challenge her satin skin for softness. A touch of smoke graced it, and lots of heat.

“You obviously find that hard to believe. Why?”

“You’re so … so … “

“Submissive?” she supplied.

“Eager Sex hikayeleri to please,” I said. That brought laughter from Eden and Adam both.

“How I act in the bedroom has no bearing upon how I act in the boardroom,” Eden said.

“So, which will it be, Eve? Are you going to play nice, or are you going to take your ass back home to hubby William with that contract unsigned?” Adam asked me.

Whoa! Take it back to hubby William?

“You know who I am!”

“I do,” he said. “Real whores don’t get so excited over vanilla sex. They certainly don’t freeze up when asked to display themselves on a pedestal.”

“Don’t fill her head with crap,” Eden said, cutting Adam an annoyed look. He studiously ignored it. “We placed an order William would be hard pressed to fill in the limited time we gave him unless he used a resource close at hand.”

“You did what?” I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.

“Yes. We placed a special order that only his wife could fill,” Adam confirmed.

I thought of Bill, and how much he had riding on this contract. I also thought of myself, and how much I’d get from Bill. For pleasuring this woman I’d receive $2 million in the morning. If I failed to please her who knew what Bill would do to me when I got home? Much better to bite the bullet than go home empty-handed. People have vanished forever for a lot less money.

“What must I do?” I barely heard myself say.

“Just what I tell you,” he replied. As if I hadn’t already figured that out! But things felt different now that I knew that Adam wasn’t the one in control, no matter how it had first appeared. Only Eden mattered. I had to concentrate all of my efforts upon her, and upon her happiness. I had two million reasons to do so.

But could I do it? How far would I have to go with the woman? The thought of doing anything truly intimate with her disgusted me. I prayed to God that my discomfort wouldn’t show through. Adam removed the belt from my neck and placed it on the divan. I missed its comforting presence. While collared, I could pretend that he made me do these things. Now, any act I performed would be of my own volition. “Pleasure her, Eve. Take your time. I think we both know that you’d better do a good job.”

My mind remained numbed by the reality of the situation. Even knowing the stakes, sexually pleasuring a woman is something I simply didn’t want to do. Adam might’ve taken the leash off my neck, but he still wielded the reins. He grabbed the back of my neck with vice-like fingers and hauled me up until I stood on my tiptoes, my 4 ½ inch heels dangling off of the ground. He gestured at Eden with his free hand. She rose soundlessly, now standing less than a foot away. She watched me carefully, searching for my reaction to Adam’s excessive manhandling. She couldn’t have seen it, but she might have smelt it; my crotch had dampened at his rough treatment.

“Let’s get this started,” he said. His abruptly opened hand dropped me to the ground. My heels made loud clacks as they hit the paving stones. Eden didn’t make a move. She simply waited for me to begin.

“Please?” That’s all she said, whispering the word at me in a raspy voice filled with longing.

Somehow, that single word, the fact that she requested something from me and didn’t demand it though she knew she could, made all the difference. I took a single step forward and put my hands upon the breasts of another woman for the very first time. I don’t know what I expected, or why I thought they wouldn’t feel any different from my own, but the feel of her breasts confounded me. Her palm-sized tits felt custom made for my hands. As soon as I touched her nipples she gasped. Her nipples felt like iron pips sewn to her breasts. I couldn’t help myself, I had to press down harder upon them. She liked that, rotating her wide, full, hips to some unseen music as I fondled her. Her eyes closed as I continued tweaking her sensitive tits.

She really did have iron slugs under there! Stainless steel, at least. No, for a woman as classy as Eden, only gold would do for her pierced nipples. Human flesh couldn’t feel so hard. I should know, my pierced nipples often felt just like hers. I wondered if she had a pierced clitoral hood, just like me. I hadn’t worn any hardware today, thinking it for the best. Now, I regretted my decision. I continued to paw at her breasts, using heavy pressure around her nipples, rotating my hands in opposite facing directions just as I liked to do to myself when I masturbated. I really didn’t know what I was doing, but figured that she’d enjoy the same things I did. In a way, she assumed the role of my spiritual mirror, allowing me to see how I looked when someone made love to me. Eden, the doorway to my inner self.

“More,” she said from between clenched teeth. “Play with me more. Harder.”


Time to exchange Apples and Gardens for Jungles and Rubyfruit.

I changed my tactics. I ran my long fingers through Eden’s shoulder length auburn hair, raking them through the silken fire. I loved the way her hair changed from a deep chestnut near the roots, to the lightest shade of gold at the tips. No hairstylist could’ve created a color so complex. It had to be natural. Her healthy golden skin tone spoke of hours spent outdoors enjoying the sun. I wished I had the luxury of doing that, myself. My skin color rivaled a washed up corpse’s for pastiness. Eden smiled as I played with her hair, her hazel eyes flickering open as I combed my fingers through it again and again. She opened her mouth in surprise when I pinched her nipple hard with my fingers, then twisted it sharply. Her hips lunged forward, smacking into my own.

“Yes! Just like that!”

OK, now I knew. Eden liked it rough. I could understand that. Sometimes, I did too! Another reason why I felt so unsatisfied with Bill. His always-gentle, careful ways often failed to excite me, much less bring me to orgasm. The rutting beast of a boy next door always fucked me in the way that I liked, and as often as I liked. Mindless sex. That’s the only thing the 19-year-old Eric was good for. I stopped playing with Eden’s hair, and took her other nipple in hand, tweaking and pulling at it just like I did the first. She really enjoyed that, tossing her hair back, then baring her throat to me as she gasped for air. The submissive gesture stimulated me. For the briefest of seconds, I felt the urge to nuzzle at her exposed throat, to nibble at it and kiss her neck and shoulders. What the hell was happening to me?

Her arms clamped onto my forearms, as if for support. Perhaps she feared I’d rip her nipples off if she didn’t restrain me! She needn’t have worried. I didn’t intend to cause her any harm. To tell the truth, I didn’t really know what I intended at all! I played a new game, just as Adam had guessed. I didn’t know what to do.

I guess Adam sensed that.

“You’re getting there, Eve. But don’t concentrate only on the nipples. Squeeze her breasts. She really likes it when her tits are mauled while her nipples are sucked on. Don’t be afraid to bite,” he added as an afterthought.

Stupidly, I had expected to be allowed to keep her clothing on during my tryst. How’s that for naive? Obviously, this wouldn’t happen. I looked over my shoulder at Adam, confusion etching my features. The annoyed look he gave me in return stopped my heart as readily as a solid blow to the chest.

“Bare her tits, fool!” He grabbed Eden’s gold lamé dress by the square-cut neck and heaved. The expensive cloth split like rotted linen. Eden didn’t even flinch. She’d experienced this before, I’d wager. He continued pulling until the garment split to her navel. He slipped the dress off of her shoulders, letting it settle into a golden puddle around her feet. She wore a minuscule golden thong underneath, one that accentuated her shaved pussy and her puffy, flared open vaginal lips. The rectangular finger’s breadth of cloth gagged her second mouth, but didn’t obscure the cute blue-inked Winnie the Pooh tattoo she had upon her left front hip.

She liked Pooh-Bear! How bad could she be?

Her tits possessed every quality mine didn’t. Her small, firm breasts exuded perkiness, while my 46 DDs absolutely required the help of a bra or tight halter top to defy gravity. Her extremely long, barbell-adorned nipples stood proudly upon her breasts. Mine, even when fully excited, looked like olive stones. I barely had any areolas to speak of, only slightly darker rings around my nipples which tended to goose bump when I got excited. Eden’s breasts seemed almost all areola. They easily spanned three inches across and shone pink like the inside of a conch shell. They looked so different from mine, yet so attractive, I couldn’t help but stare. Exactly the wrong thing to do, at least in Adam’s eyes.

“Holy shit, girl. What the fuck’s with you? Step aside.” He approached us and took me by the hand, gently pulling me out of the way. He motioned for me to sit on the divan. I did so with relief. In truth, my legs had turned gelatinous after he’d ripped open Eden’s dress. In his other hand he held a coil of black rope. No, not rope. It looked like a thick black elastic band. He saw my questioning look. “Rubber tether. It works like cording, but it constricts when used.” He bound Eden’s breasts with it, looping the tether three times around the first breast, then crisscrossing around the front and lacing up the opposite breast. The tether bit deeply into her flesh. He used locking metal thumb clips to cinch the ends of the tethers together behind her back. Eden said nothing, but tears glazed her eyes. I’m sure the tethers pinched her terribly. Slowly, right before my eyes, her breasts changed color. It started around the tethers, then spread out, plum suffusing her breasts. All the while, Adam teased her nipples with his tongue.

“Take over here, Eve,” he mumbled around a mouthful of tit.

My hands closed about her firm, cool tit flesh. They felt so different than previously. With the loss of circulation, their temperature lowered, and the nipples stretched out even longer than before, if you can believe that! The breasts also felt harder, as if petrified. Very odd. I stroked her breasts more to examine them than to provide any sexual stimulation for either one of us. Whatever the underlying cause, Eden enjoyed the attention. She sighed contentedly as my hands wandered over her tits. Adam returned to us bearing a small spiked wheel, resembling a pizza cutter with needles for a blade. He used the pinwheel to stimulate the skin around her nipples and the undersides of her breasts. He didn’t draw blood, but I can imagine how she felt as he worked her breasts with it. Eden’s squealing shocked me. I wouldn’t have believed that such an undignified sound could come from a classy looking lady such as her.

“Silence, Kitten. Don’t make a sound.”
Eden clamped her jaws shut at his directive. Only her eyes revealed her excitement. He exchanged his metallic hedgehog for a ruler shaped piece of wood. He held the shiny piece of Red Jarrah tightly. I stared disbelieving as he laid blow after blow on her vulnerable breasts and nipples. Each strike caused her to open her mouth. Each time she swallowed her screams, the loud smacks as noisy as she was silent. Her wide eyes finally released their hot payload of tears. She looked up at Adam, her eyes pleading silently as he continued to abuse her swollen breasts. Dark red welts materialized, the livid marks clearly visible on her bruise-colored tits.

“Stop doing that to her!”

My outburst surprised everyone, myself most of all. I couldn’t read Eden’s expression, but Adam glared slantwise at me with annoyance.

“What did you say?”

“Stop hurting her!” I didn’t care what the fuck he said to me, or what he did. Eden didn’t deserve to be treated like this! I grabbed his stick-holding hand and tried to yank it back, but instead I almost pulled my own arms out of their sockets. I didn’t even feel his arm shift while he resisted my feeble rescue attempt.

I guess laying hands upon Adam’s person hadn’t been a really swift idea.

Eden shook her head slightly. I could read her expression now. Delight, and amusement. “You really are new to all of this, aren’t you? You’re not simply a whore acting innocent. Just as I’d hoped.”

“Hoped? What do you mean?” I asked.

“Enough,” Adam said curtly. “Time to move on to other things.”


“Let me speak,” Eden said. “Eve needs to understand a few things. Please let me do this?”

“If you wish it, go ahead,” he said affectionately.” Wow. Affection from Iceman. Tonight was full of surprises, that was for certain.

“Just as I hoped,” She repeated. “I enjoy it when Adam treats me like this. I feel so wanted, so nasty, I can’t stand it.” Eden nuzzled against the side of my face as she spoke, breathing the words into my ear. She pitched her words low for me alone to hear. “I always feel alive when Adam uses me in whatever fashion he desires. But I like gentleness, too.” Her hand slipped down to my bare tummy, stroking the mattress-firm stomach strengthened from long hours of Aqua-Fit and Aerobics classes. Her long crimson nails played havoc with my nerve endings, causing a mini fireworks display under my epidermal layer. “Adam does try his best, but there isn’t much tenderness in him, though he does love me. I need a friend, Eve. Someone I can talk to. Bond with. Tell my secrets to.”

“And fuck?”

A smile crossed Eden’s lips. “And fuck, yes. But in that special way only two women can. Adam understands this, and approves.”

I eyed Adam while Eden licked in and around my ear, simultaneously scratching at my tummy with those nerve ending-exciting nails of hers. He looked at us unemotionally, as if we meant nothing to him.

Before I knew it, my pussy throbbed in tandem to her belly scratching. The strong scent of our woman’s musk permeated the space between us. The crotch of my Capris sopped up my dew like a sponge did water from a pail. No way could Eden miss the telltale dampness now, since my crotch area looked much darker than the rest of my pants. I raked a fingernail across the moist seam that ran between my legs, enjoying the vibrations that rippled through my pussy. I needed to feel more of this. I mashed my pussy through the leopard skin print cloth as Eden sucked upon my ear lobe and felt up my belly.

I wouldn’t lie to myself any longer. This woman made me hot.

“No,” Adam said in that annoyingly glacial tone of his. “You’ve not been given permission to do that.” His hands gently pried Eden from me, then pulled my hand away from my juicy pussy. Eden mewed in disappointment. Her bottom lip jutted out coquettishly, but she made no other complaint. She knelt where Adam had placed her, ankles again crossed, palms face down upon her upper thighs. Why she assumed that position any time she waited for further instruction from him mystified me.

“I’m the one who controls your body this evening, Eve. Only do what I allow you to, nothing more. Don’t get creative unless I tell you to do so. Do you understand?”

I understood that this guy, gorgeous or not, was really starting to annoy my ass. My pussy hadn’t felt so alive in months, then this clown goes and douses my desire. Asshole. Having a woman fondle you while you played with yourself was heady stuff in my limited world of experience. The taboo nature of it made an act I’d performed solo so many times before refreshingly new. I resented Adam’s intrusion into my playtime with Eden.

“Stand up,” he said. Grudgingly, I stood, glaring at him in a most un-subservient way. Eden raised her head up towards me, and smiled.

I loved to see her smile.

Adam pulled my wrists together behind my back and told me to keep them there. He went to the divan to retrieve a black leather sports bag. He returned with it and removed a chrome rod with three stainless steel cuffs on it, a pair at one end, and the single large collar on the other. I’d seen enough of these things in the porno flicks to instantly recognize it for what it was. Adam strapped the posture bar’s collar snugly around my neck, and fitted my wrists into the two smaller cuffs behind my back. He tightened the stainless steel and leather cuffs about my wrists, then adjusted the telescoping chrome bar, locking it in place with the thumbscrews. The gadget pulled my shoulders back, making my breasts push out enticingly. My shoulders felt a bit taut, but not uncomfortably so. The collar about my neck forced me to keep my eyes level and my chin pointed slightly upwards. No way could I assume my natural slouch, not while strapped into this piece of hardware.

Funny, but when I saw how horny the getup made Eden, her eyes heating up so much that her pupils dilated, I immediately started liking the gear. But why should I care about what excited another woman? I didn’t know, but I enjoyed the effect that my properly displayed body could have on anyone, female as well as male. No one was immune to my charms.

Well, maybe hard asses like Adam.

Adam walked around me, examining my body from all angles. He seemed to approve. For a split-second, longing for me shone in his warm brown eyes. But, just for a second. Then his facade of cold indifference returned.

He knelt in front of me, staring up at my breasts so magnificently displayed for him. With a few precise movements he unbuttoned the front of my Capris, revealing a bright swath of hairless mound. He seemed thrilled to see it, though they had specified the very thing. He lapped at the exposed sliver of skin, his tongue sending shivers down my spread legs. He hungered for me. Bill hadn’t touched me with such heat for a long time.

He rolled down my Capris, pulling them over my narrow hips all the way to my knees. There they remained. The elasticized cloth tugged my knees together. He placed his hands on my inner thighs and pushed outwards gently. “Keep your legs spread, just like this,” he said.

His tongue snaked upwards, stroking my pussy lips in one long pass. He lapped at them, feeding upon the juices that smeared my baby-smooth skin. His skilled tongue skimmed over my lips, separating them, tantalizing them, but at no time entering me. This was a man who must’ve spent countless hours in this position, servicing women. But in no way did he seem subservient. Even doing this, he exuded the vibes of a man who’d take what he wanted from you, whether you derived pleasure from it or not. Lucky for me, I liked being eaten out as much as he liked doing it.

My hips bucked forward, pressing harder onto his face. Adam pulled his head back, whispering for me to remain absolutely still. If I did so, the pleasuring would continue. If I moved, he’d leave me hanging while he fucked Eden instead. The choice was mine. Eden cooed in pleasure when she heard his edict. Simultaneously, a little flash of anger flared up inside me. Was this going to be the way he played, dividing his affections between both women, punishing one of us by pleasuring the other?

Good plan.

“I’ll remain still for you,” I said breathlessly. “Just make me come.”

“You’ll come only when I allow you to, not before.”

His thick dark lips fastened upon my clitoris. Then he sucked me into his mouth. My head shot back, my mouth flying open as a little moan escaped my lips. My hips started to arch forward, but I managed to stop them from doing so in time. Adam’s deep laugh shook my pussy. His hands enveloped my manacled wrists, then pulled down sharply. This arched my back and pushed Sikiş hikayeleri my crotch hard against his face. I had to spread my legs even wider to maintain my precarious balance, an operation made more difficult by the Capri pants cinching my knees. I swayed unsteadily in my high-heeled sandals.

His tongue was magnificent, the most skillful muscle that had ever worked upon me in my 35 years of life. It knew what to do and just when to do it. Quickly, I felt myself climbing toward that plateau that had only one destination. Nirvana.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” Adam whispered, taking a break from kissing my quadruple-lipped mouth. “As much as you think I’m good, trust me when I say that Eden’s much better at this. Believe it. Her mouth works magic.”

I found that hard to believe, but I couldn’t help myself from looking at Eden who stared at me with undisguised envy. She still hadn’t moved from her kneeling posture. But she wanted to. Even I could tell.

Adam stood up, then put one hand upon my left shoulder and the other one against my dripping pussy. He rapidly moved his hand back and forth, milking me as competently as a farmer did his cows at sunup. My lady’s dew collected in his palm, one agonizing drop at a time.

“Shall I let you come, dear Eve?”

“Please?” I begged.

“Not yet.”

He left me there with my pink orchid spread open, my shoulders pulled back and my tits pushed forward. Eden’s eyes sparkled as he approached her.

“You want to sample her?”

“You know I do,” she rasped. Her voice sounded hungrier than mine.

“Perhaps just a little taste, but only when I say so.”

Adam smeared my spend over Eden’s lips and chin, rubbing my juices into her skin like the finest lotion. She trembled as he applied my lube to her lips, pleading with her eyes for him to allow her a taste. His permission didn’t come. Adam stood, about to return to me, when Eden did the unthinkable. Her pointy tongue darted out, gliding over her upper lip and attempting to retreat back into her mouth unseen.

I say attempted, because quicker than I could follow, Adam’s hand streaked out and caught the pink sliver between his thumb and forefinger. Fuck! Was this one of those guys who went around catching flies with chopsticks, too?

“Did I permit you to taste?” he said, disappointment lacing his voice.

Eden’s head lowered, her shoulders slumping forward dejectedly. Her whole demeanor became that of a severely disciplined child. All that angst over a few softly spoken words? Could this man really have that kind of power over women?


Adam finally returned to me. Anticipation had me all tingly, as if he’d been gone for months. He stepped forward, holding me by my waist for balance as he raised his right leg, then placed his foot upon the crotch of my Capris. He stepped down hard, forcing them all the way to the ground. The sides of my legs itched from the material’s passage over my skin on its way down. Adam slowly slid his hands over my hips, thighs, and calves, soothing the discomfort caused by my pants. When he looked up, he saw the blemish upon my hip. He rubbed at it with his thumb, then brought his face closer to examine it.

“A Tigger tattoo? My, my! You’re certainly an excellent pick for my Eden.”

Pick? I felt like a piece of meat chosen at a market. Perhaps that’s all I was in his eyes. I glanced at Eden, whose body shivered in her rest position. This time she didn’t dare raise her eyes towards us. Curiosity had seeped into her bones, though. It radiated from her in tangible waves.

Adam pulled up my halter top, rolling it upwards over my breasts. My large tits prevented it from slipping back down again. He tucked a bit of it under my collar, just to make sure. He hefted my pendulous breasts gently, his thumbs raking across my hardening nipples as he appraised them.

“Magnificent,” he whispered. I felt inordinately pleased by the praise. “Sometimes a man needs more than a handful of tit for his pleasure.” I followed his gaze over to Eden, who flinched as if she was again being beaten with the Jarrah stick. “These are tits a man dreams of sticking his cock in between,” he continued. His words rained down upon Eden like blows, each syllable sapping a little of her strength and self-assuredness. Every sigh of pleasure Adam elicited from me resulted in a sigh of grief from her. It was as if there was a fixed amount of pleasure available on the rooftop, and to bestow some upon one woman would steal a bit from the other.

“A woman with breasts like yours should know how to keep them happy. Go and pleasure Eden’s tits for me,” he said. “Also, remove her thong. Don’t permit her to stand up.”

“Aren’t you going to release me?” I asked.
His hand snaked between my legs and pushed into my pussy. Two fingers probed deeply inside of me. My vaginal sheath sucked at his fingers greedily, eager to clench around the first thing to penetrate me this evening. He pumped his hand into me five times, five glorious, hard strokes, before slowly withdrawing from me. He brought his sticky fingers up to my eyes. He obviously enjoyed the effect his games had upon me. “I guess this is one of those times you’re permitted to be creative,” he said. He sucked two of his fingers into his mouth, swirling his tongue around them. He smiled around his fingers then winked at me, the first playful gesture he’d ever directed at me. My heart leaped. “Go now,” he said gently.

I reluctantly moved away from him and stood above Eden. She still looked down at the ground, though I knew she overheard every word. “My hands are cuffed behind me, Eden. You’re going to have to help me.”

She looked up at me, her face raw with her longing. I thought she had been crying, when in reality she only fought to contain her excitement. Shows you how little I knew about human nature.

“I’m not permitted to stand up,” she reminded me. “You’re going to have to kneel on your own.”

I didn’t intend to cripple myself by busting my knees upon the ground. I told her so.

“I’ll be here to catch you, hon.” As skeptical as I could be with others, the earnestness in Eden’s voice banished all doubts for my mind. I trusted her. I knelt on the ground before her a little too quickly. One of my heels slipped, and I lurched forward. My hands instinctively tried to reach out in front of me, but instead they jerked on the posture bar, choking me. The ground rose up to smash me in the face. I screwed my eyes closed, anticipating the worst.

I came to rest not on cold, hard tile, but on cool, firm flesh. Eden had guided me towards her chest, using the bound, burgundy-hued tits as padding to break my fall. She groaned piteously as I smacked into them.

By this time, her tits felt almost as hard as the ground would’ve. Eden’s hands pressed me downwards, forcing my face between the valley of her breasts, and over her belly. My lips and nose bounced along her stomach, her belly so much softer than mine. She had a long, deep gash of a navel. She also had a bit of a tummy, just a gentle swell in her lower torso. I smiled inwardly. I knew my buff midriff looked a lot nicer than hers. Well, maybe. The gentle softness of her skin did feel nice on my lips. No one could deny that she looked great in clothes, and out of them. I came to rest on the chilly ground in front of her, gazing up between her splayed legs.

Eden’s pussy lips clenched the small strip of golden cloth between them. It looked like the Yellow Brick Road leading to the Wizard, stretching off into infinity. But in this case, the most interesting part of the track lay off the marked route and much closer to the beginning of the path.

“Take my thong off,” Eden said gently. She lowered her knees so her crotch hung closer to my face. I craned my neck upwards, trying to reach, but couldn’t. Leagues separated us. I inched forwards, moving serpent-like towards her, slithering up the slope of her legs until I could burrow my face into her pussy. My rock-hard nipples grated against the rough tiles. The ground irritated my left nipple badly, but the little flashes of pain only incensed my desire the more. I latched my teeth on the scrap of glittering cloth, and pulled. I wrestled with her garment, worrying the scrap of cloth like a bull terrier would a rag doll clenched between its jaws. Eden repositioned herself, now sitting upon the ground with her legs extended to either side of my head. I used my teeth to pull her panties down over her wide ass. To facilitate this she arched her back, raising her ass off of the ground while I slipped the cloth over her generous hips. I inched backwards now, pulling the cloth over her smooth, flawless skin. My lips brushed against her thighs, moved down past her prettily wrinkled knees, then glided over her satiny, straight shins. My lips caressed her slim, delicate ankles as they passed them. I felt a moment’s shame as I thought of how thick mine looked in comparison to hers. I continued my work, moving the panties over her foot. My nose bumped along the golden straps of her sandals. Even her feet looked perfect with smooth, high arches and long, narrow toes all straight as rulers. I envied her.

Eden helped me out, pulling one perfectly sculpted foot through, and then its golden-strapped twin. “Now come to me, Eve. Suck my tits.”

I glanced up at her, up the long track I had just traversed, and sighed wearily. Must I make the journey yet again? Yes. I’d been commanded to do so. I strengthened my resolve, took a deep breath, and started my ascent.


Eden helped me into a sitting position, splay-legged, with my knees pointing outwards. Eden faced me. She scooted forward until our pussies lay only inches apart. “Anytime you’re ready,” she said.

I looked her over. Her discolored tits poked straight out, as livid as a bruise. I couldn’t bring myself to work on them. Instead, I moved my head down to her tummy, back to her furrow of a navel. I ran my tongue down it, slicking down the narrow crevice. Eden sighed contentedly.

“Very nice, Eve. You’ve found one of her erogenous zones without my help. I’m proud of you.”

I caught myself beaming at Adam’s praise before I could stop myself.

I shouldn’t care about what Adam thinks about me or my performance. But I do, God help me. I do. As I tongued Eden’s belly button, I saw in my peripheral vision Adam’s approach. He released the catches on Eden’s rubber tethers, freeing her breasts from their bondage. I felt, more than heard, Eden’s scream. It started from her diaphragm, right from her core, and then resounded through the humid night air. The noise was swallowed up by the thick green vines on the roof. The night remained oblivious to her anguish. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, forcing me to wiggle against her frantically, to slither up her body lest she rip out whole handfuls of my hair. My breasts smashed into her own, her gold adorned nipples digging into my soft tit flesh, burrowing into me as if they sought a safe haven. Then, awkwardly, she careened forward into me, clutching me tightly. Her soft arms turned into bands of steel. Her trembling limbs and torso telegraphed their quivering signals into my flesh as he clung to me for comfort. Eden bathed in Pain, floating free on the rivers of Agony. I wish I could’ve wrapped my hands around her to provide a firm anchor for her until the tide waters receded, but even this was denied me, bound as I was. Instead, I remained still, giving her something to latch onto until she could reassert control over her body once more.

Her breathing slowed, struggling to return to regularity. Eden’s look said all she needed to. ‘Thank you’ endued her hazel-eyed gaze. I smiled back at her. She could rest here as long as she needed to, I decided.

Adam had other ideas.

“Stand up for me, Eden,” he said to her. Eden slowly rose, gaining her feet despite the quivering of her unsteady limbs. She didn’t rise fast enough for Adam’s sensibilities, though. He grabbed her by her auburn locks and hauled her to her feet in one pull. Eden grabbed at his forearms, probably trying to prevent her hair from being yanked out of her skull. He pulled her to him, still maintaining his grip in her hair, while he kicked her legs apart. He spun her around so she faced me, then used his left hand to split her labia. He displayed her pearlescent inner orchid to me. His thumb rubbed roughly against her clitoris, sending her ass bucking against his groin.

“She’s all yours, Eve. Come forward and claim her.” His dark hand looked like a slash of midnight defying the bright light of morning as it pawed at her inner treasures. He rubbed her pussy roughly, but in a way I know I’d adore if he held me in his grip. I liked the way he split her inner lips then ran his fingernail over the sensitive skin gathered there. He pinched behind her clitoris, popping the pleasure button out of its pod. No, Eden’s gyrations weren’t all due to physical discomfort.

I’ll admit that Eden’s beauty turned me on. That didn’t mean I was ready to dive into my first quim. A little bit of finger fucking, maybe, but no tongue play. The very thought of going down on her for real made my stomach churn.

“Take her,” Adam said as he presented Eden to me.

I remained motionless, paralyzed by my fear. My head hung low in shame. I couldn’t make myself move toward them. A vein throbbed on Adam’s temple, looking like it would puke blood at any second.

“Enough of this shit. Get out,” Adam said, disgust clear in his voice. “Take your contract and your sorry ass back to William. Deal’s off.”

Adam released Eden, and went back to the divan. He waved at us dismissively. Eden understood that she should release me. He poured himself another glass of water from the pitcher on the minibar, and contented himself with staring at the sky. It was uncanny how distinguished he could look with his pants off and his dick still slimy with spit. My amusement was short-lived, though. What he had said finally percolated into my brain.

I had failed.

“I can’t go back with nothing. I just can’t!” Panic crept into my voice. Bill would kill me. Worse, he’d divorce me and leave me with nothing. I’d been a housewife since marrying him out of high school. I’d never gone to college. I’ve never even held a job outside of the home. What would become of me?. I needed this deal even more than Bill or Deimos did. Adam had to sign the papers! If he didn’t, I might as well drown myself in the lagoon over there. Either way, my life would be over.

Eden looked into my stricken face, seemingly understanding everything by simply glancing at me. “It’s no use,” she said. “Once he gets like this, there’s no convincing him.” She quickly freed me from the collar and cuffs.

“But you’re his boss,” I said. My sniveling sickened even myself. “Couldn’t you order him to sign the papers?”

“I could,” she admitted, glancing in his direction. “But I won’t.”

My mouth dropped open. “She wouldn’t? Now I was really confused. “I thought we were friends?”

“We’re well on our way to becoming friends, yes,” she agreed. “But he’s my master, even though he’d never consent to me calling him that. Everything I do is for his sake. I’d never go against his wishes while I concur with his assessment.”

Eden made less sense the more she tried to explain! “What is it you agree on?”

“I really want to make love to you, Eve. Adam wants to make me happy and to fulfill my desires. He placed a request with your husband and offered a fair price for you. Your husband, as agent, accepted the terms, and delivered the merchandise. Now we find that the merchandise doesn’t operate as promised. Adam expects to receive what he and William agreed on. If you wish to renege on your part of the bargain, he’ll feel no compulsion to honor his end. Strictly business, Eve. How his decision affects the rest of your life is none of his concern.”

“How about you?” I asked her. “What are your concerns?”

“Me? I’d like to make you happy,” Eden said. “But I’d like to be made happy as well. Show me that you’re seriously willing to try, and I’ll make sure Adam signs the contract.”

My heart pulled itself out of my throat and crept slowly back down into my chest where it belonged. “Promise?” I said in a tiny voice. I’m surprised I hadn’t stuck out my baby finger for a pinkie swear. Sometimes I even embarrass myself.

“Promise.” Eden said, smiling widely. “Now, let’s see how serious you are about fulfilling the terms of our agreement. Come here!”

The harsh tone out of Eden shocked me to my toes, but spurred me to action. I closed the distance between us and knelt in front of her. She knelt in front of me in return, mirroring each other. She laid the posture bar beside us. I reached for one of her breasts, but her hand brushed mine away. “Forget about my breasts and your hands for the moment. Concentrate on using only your mouth and tongue on me.”

Eden moved her still-sticky face to my lips. My juices had started to crust on her. “Lick me, Eve. And make it good.”

Her comment echoed Adam’s earlier command. Eden might be his sub, but she wasn’t subservient to anyone else. No, she submitted to him by choice, not because of some frailty of character. “Eve!” Eden’s eyes glittered angrily. “Lick me now, or get the hell out of here.”

The direct command forced me to action. My tongue darted out over her face, tasting my own tart secretions. I was long familiar with the taste of myself, though I never let it crust like this before. I ignored the fact that my sexual spend was smeared on another woman’s face. I lapped at Eden’s cheeks much the same way she’d done to me earlier. Fitting, in a way, for me to return the favor. But she was serious about this ‘no hands’ deal. Each time I tried to use my hands to steady myself, Eden pushed them away.

“Cross your ankles behind you, and grab your heels,” she said. “Keep them there until I tell you otherwise.” I found the position awkward, but exciting. I leaned slightly backwards. The position was not too uncomfortable to hold. I strained my neck forward, stretching to reach Eden’s face with the tip of my tongue. The bitch kept moving her face backwards, keeping it about a quarter inch away from me. Now that I was doing what she wanted, the slut teased me!

She took both my small nipples in her hands and pinched down hard. I sucked in my breath, rising up on my knees. Just when I thought it was over, she dug her thumbnails into my tender tit flesh. I squealed. Just then Eden lunged forwards, sealing my open mouth with her own. The tail end of my shriek flowed down her throat. She swallowed it as if it was the finest icewine.

Eden’s tongue played around my mouth. This time, I was aroused enough and scared enough to participate. I kissed her as feverishly as she kissed me. It felt more sensuous than any other kiss I’ve ever experienced. I guess only a woman truly knows what another woman needs. And like Adam said, Eden’s tongue truly held magic. Every nerve ending I possessed seemed to begin in my mouth area, conveniently located so she could stimulate them. The rest of my body ceased to exist. I wished that I could hold her, but I’d been ordered to hold this position.

“Go and lie on the marble table,” Eden said. I eagerly scampered over to the stone table, and shivered as I laid down upon its glassy surface. She pried my lips open and splashed a dollop of my earlier abandoned scotch into my mouth. “Swallow,” she said, massaging my throat until she felt the liquid moving down my esophagus. Erotik hikaye She repeated the ritual until she emptied the tumbler. The scotch warmed me from the inside, heat radiating right through the layers of muscle and congregating in my nipples. I certainly didn’t feel cold anymore. Eden grabbed me by the underarms, using them as convenient handles so she could pull me towards her. My head slid off of the table. “Spread your legs,” she whispered. Once I was properly positioned she squatted over my face, allowing her flared pussy lips to graze the tip of my nose. “Eat me, Eve. Do it until I come.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and took a good look at her ass from this angle. Her hips and buttocks were full, having the fleshy padding one associates more with Black women than with petite Caucasians. On her, everything looked to be in the right place, and to have the correct dimensions.

I worked at her pussy in the same way I’d expect my own to be serviced. The first few seconds were difficult for me, I’ll admit, but the scotch had melted away the last of my inhibitions. Pleasuring this woman was a lot easier for me than I would’ve ever imagined. It seems that every person sets their own limits, and often sets their boundaries closer than they should. They can often be pushed back, if only they’d try. If only. I wish. Those must be the two saddest phrases in the English language. I wouldn’t be using these phrases tonight. I’d do whatever Adam and Eden desired of me, no matter what that was. I had to make this deal go through. But the money was now of secondary importance. I wanted to see what I was really made of. If little Eden could be as strong as she seemed, so could I.

I stretched my tongue into her as far as it would reach, tasting her depths as I kneaded her asscheeks together. My fingernail raked her ass cleft. Her crinkled flesh doughnut pouted, probably used to hard play. The way her pussy lubricated when I fingered her asshole, it seemed like she might actually prefer anal intercourse to the regular. I’d never experienced anal sex before, and couldn’t help thinking about how nice it might be. I worked a second finger into her ass, and was shocked at how easily the digit slid into her. I pulled out and examined my fingertips. They were greasy, lubed up with something. She kept her asshole pre-greased? Neat-o!

A dark shadow passed over my head, startling me. Then a thick black cock planted itself into the groove of Eden’s twat, blocking my tongue. I sucked Adam’s big surprise into my mouth, chewing upon its bulbous head gently.

“Good, Eve. Very good,” Adam said. Adam stroked my hair once, reaching down between his legs to do so. He patted my hair as if I was a dog that had just fetched his slippers. It should’ve humiliated me, but I didn’t feel that way. Any praise from Adam pleased me. He sawed his cock between my lips, being careful not too push in to far or too hard. As soon as he felt my throat tighten around him, he withdrew. It seemed that as long as I tried my best to please, he’d be gentle with me. That was something to remember! Good behavior was rewarded as swiftly as contrary actions were punished.

I felt Eden’s hot breath on my box. Her lips lowered to my lower ones and sucked my folds into her mouth. My hips rose up to her, enjoying her work. Suddenly, she stopped her oral ministrations. She pinched my clitoris between her fingers, rolling it gently. Her actions sent tremors through my groin and belly.

“You have a HCH pierce? That wasn’t anywhere on your dossier!”

“Done two months ago,” I said, gasping like a fish pulled from the brook. I was rather proud of my clit hood pierce. It was the most risque thing I’d ever done, and had taken Eric over four hours of nonstop oral sex to convince me to get one. Marking myself like that for another man … I never thought I’d ever do something like that. Now it didn’t seem like such a big deal.

“I thought you said you investigated her thoroughly?” Eden asked Adam.

Adam shrugged his shoulders. “Hey, no one’s perfect,” Adam said sheepishly. It was the first time I’d heard contrition in his voice. I liked him better for it. He now seemed more like a human being and not some kind of golem fashioned out of black marble.

Eden didn’t respond to either one of us. Instead, she flicked her tongue expertly along the folds and crevices of my most sacred place. I cursed my decision not to wear my piercing jewelry tonight. My 14 gauge CBR would’ve made a great addition to our play. Eden’s stellar tongue work more than made up for its lack, however. She knew how to make a clit stand up and take notice.

I got back to work on Eden, mining her pink treasure for sweet nectar. My tongue became a hummingbird’s beak. Suddenly, the full weight of her hips bore down upon my face, threatening to snap my neck. Eden moaned into my pussy. Adam’s hips smacked against my hands that held Eden’s waist for support. Her shriek could’ve shattered glass. His cockhead rolled over my pink tongue, separated from it only by the thinnest of Eden’s membranes. He was fucking her ass while I ate out her pussy! His second thrust was more violent than the first, sliding Eden forward about an inch. My lips disengaged from her sodden box. “Keep sucking,” Adam said. “Eat her pussy while I take her ass.” Adam worked her ass hard, slamming into it piledriver-style. I moved a hand from Eden’s waist and cupped his jiggly balls, squeezing them gently. His grunt told me that it was a good move on my part. I massaged his hairy nuts as he claimed his woman’s asshole and I sucked at her pussy for all I was worth.

In a few seconds, Eden resumed lapping at mine as well. How she could manage to think while her ass was being split by a cock as thick as a dictionary astounded me. Hell, thinking that her asshole could accept a piece of meat that my mouth couldn’t amazed me! Eden, though quiet and unassuming, was a tricksome wench that would bear watching. The quiet ones usually were.

Adam increased the pace of his fucking, plunging into her with a rapidity a sewing machine needle couldn’t match. Sucking my pussy became impossible for her. As far as I could tell, she was barely maintaining consciousness. Her moans undulated, sounding like the intermittent warbles of someone speaking through an electric fan.

“Fuck, Andrew! Fuck my ass! Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!” she wailed.

Andrew? Who the hell was that? Well, it made sense that they’d use fake names. I hadn’t believed that their real names were Summers and DeWinter. Too damned cute. But why would they need to assume false identities to deal with Deimos? Perhaps it’d be a necessity if they had a history with the company.

Son of a bitch! Andrew! Andrew Grissolm! That was the name of the founder and former owner of Deimos. It all came back to me in a rush, the scandal that made O.J.’s story look like a traffic infraction. Andrew Grissolm had been brought up on charges of selling weapons to enemies of the U.S. Before he could be arrested, he’d fled the country with Barbara Ann Synder, the wife of the VP of Deimos. David Synder, her husband, had taken control of the company, and had remarried less than a year later. His new wife had been his sister-in-law, Barbara Ann’s older sister. The scandal had been newsworthy for almost three years. Even now, rags like the Star and the Intruder had ‘Synder and Ashe’ sightings in exotic locales like Venezuela and the Caymans.

I stared into the delectable bare snatch that hovered above me. Was this woman really Barbara Ann Synder, the onetime wife of Bill’s boss? Who knew? I buried my face into this most tasty enigma.

Besides, I’d always wanted to fuck a celebrity.

My orgasm, when it came, was a fierce thing that surprised me with its intensity. I hadn’t believed that I’d ever experience an orgasm again after my affair with Eric ended. I’d reconciled myself to a humdrum existence of mediocre sex with Bill, my lawfully wedded husband. Imagine the shock of having my next orgasm due to a woman’s ministrations! Eden came shortly after, flooding my face with her succulent fluids. Adam continued to plug thick cock into her asshole until she collapsed upon me, utterly spent. Petite or not, having Eden’s full weight bearing down on me wasn’t comfortable at all. I had to keep on smacking her on the ass with both of my hands until she grudgingly let me up.

Eden gathered my exhausted self into her arms, hugging me affectionately. I hugged her back, desiring the reassuring touch of another person while I came down off my plateau. Hell, I would’ve hugged Adam at this point. Adam padded around us, circling Lone Wolf style, sensing that at this time we didn’t require his services. He didn’t go far, though. He kept Eden in his sights, as if loathe to take his eyes off of her.

“Eve, that was wonderful. Thank you.” Eden kissed me chastely on the cheek. Funny, considering that I’d been sucking on her pussy only seconds before, just as she’d been on mine. I gave her a quick peck on the lips. No tongue, though. I didn’t want to start something that I didn’t have the energy to finish.

“I enjoyed it too, Barbara Ann. Very much.”

Color bled from her face. “Barbara Ann? Who’s that?”

“Get off of it. I know who you are and who he is. What’s your business with Deimos?”

“What we intend to do with Deimos isn’t your concern,” Adam replied. He returned to us quickly, making sure I was within his arm’s reach. “What we intend to do with you should be.” His glacial tone returned, but now his face hardened as well. I couldn’t decide which chilled me more, his face or his voice. Only now did I really appreciate how powerfully built he was, and how easily he could take me by the head and crush my skull like others crumpled beer cans.

Perhaps I’d been a tad hasty in revealing my knowledge to them.

“Stop, Andrew,” Eden – Barbara Ann? – said, smacking him on one firm buttock. “Don’t threaten her for telling the truth.”

Andrew shrugged, but said nothing more.

“Now Eve,” Barbara Ann said, holding onto both my hands as if she feared I’d bolt, “It’s true we are who you think. But we didn’t come here for Deimos. We came here for you.”


“Yes, you,” she said, massaging my wrists. Her stroking made my nipples tingle. Why did contact with her, even something as mundane as this, excite me so? I struggled to focus on her words. Boy, that was tough!

“We’d originally come to buy out Deimos and amalgamate it with Phobos,”Eden said. I’d managed to pick up the thread of her conversation. “Once we saw the financials, we changed our minds. Deimos is going down, Eve. It isn’t even worth buying.”

Deimos was dying? That’s why the Phobos deal was so important to everyone concerned!

“But since we were Stateside, I decided to do a little shopping.”

“For what?” I said, though I felt I already knew the answer.

“For a friend, an American woman who would understand me. It gets lonely living in Asia, Eve. You have no idea.”

It could get lonely living right here in the U.S. I could imagine how it might be in a foreign land with only yourself for company. With only Mr. Personality over there for company, she must’ve starved for affection. Loneliness didn’t provide all the answers, though.

“Why me?”

“You’re the only woman I liked,” she said. “We’ve already auditioned eight others. They didn’t work out. I needed to find someone just as I had been, an ordinary housewife to someone who worked in the business.”
“You know I’ve a life here. I can’t just pick up and go.”

“Do you have a life here?” Andrew said. “You’ve no children, and no other family besides William. Just a husband who whored around on you, then pimped you out to earn himself some coin.”

“Whores around on me? Bill?”

“Come on,” Andrew said, a little of his old arrogance creeping back into his tone. “Did you think he’d let you fuck around with the neighbor’s kid and do nothing about it? Of course he had some ass on the side. While you were out doing dirt, he crept around undisturbed. Those three months were a holiday for both of you.”

That asshole! He had both sinned and hurled stones! Well, I guess we’ve both tasted of the forbidden fruit. That didn’t stop me from wishing that his bite had choked him, though.

“Well, what happens to the Phobos deal now?”

“What do you want to happen?” Eden asked me. Do you want it to go ahead? I’ll let you decide. You did earn it.” Barbara Ann glanced over at Andrew. He waved his assent.

Wow! In her subservient way, she still managed to run things. Strong like water. By seemingly yielding instead of resisting, suggesting instead of ordering, she managed to flow around him and to consistently get her own way.

“Let me call Bill. Give me five minutes alone, okay?” I didn’t wait for their response. I retrieved the calfskin document case and ran bare-assed to the other side of the lagoon so I could have some privacy.



“Hello, Bill?”

“Babe! How did it go?” The cheating bastard actually sounded worried about me. Or perhaps he worried about the Phobos deal. I’d soon see what really motivated him.

“Honey, I really don’t know,” I said in a tremulous voice.

Dead silence.


“You don’t know? Why don’t you know?”

“I never made it there. I couldn’t go through with this. I just couldn’t cheat on you again. I thought that with a few drinks maybe I could, but I couldn’t. I’m still at Club Adama downstairs. Could you come and pick me up?”

I was totally unprepared for the nastiness that exploded through the earpiece. His voice roamed in the high ranges, screeching like an opera singer with laryngitis. I let him spew his venom, patiently waiting for when I could say something in my defense. Bill eventually came to a sputtering halt.

“Why are you so angry?” I struggled to keep the sadistic glee out of my voice.

“Why am I so angry? What the fuck! You ruin my chance for making $4 million because of some last minute morality? Where the fuck was that morality when you let some young punk nail you? Stupid whore! For an hour’s worth of sex you pass up two million dollars?”

Bill shut up. I could almost hear the tiny gears in his brain whirring. “Only an hour. Maybe they’re still up there … Eve, listen to me! I want you to head up to the penthouse and apologize to Adam and Eden for being late. Say you had car trouble. When you see them –”

“Eden, not Evan?” I said sweetly.

“Yeah. Evan,” he corrected.

“Bye, William.” I tossed the cell phone into the lagoon, followed by the document case. Let Deimos and Bill sink with them.

I walked around the lagoon, back to where Andrew and Barbara Ann waited. Barbara Ann sat on Andrew’s lap, fondling each other while looking up at the stars. I walked up to them feeling remarkably composed. My marriage was over, and I honestly didn’t care. “Is the offer still available?” I asked them. Barbara Ann clapped her hands together in jubilation. She retrieved a manila envelope from the side table and handed it to me. A navy colored booklet with a golden maple leaf emblazoned upon its cover fell out of it. Canadian documents? I opened it up. My own face stared back at me, though the name of Lilith Connors underneath my portrait wasn’t mine. At least, it wasn’t until now. A small laminated card slipped out from between the pages of the passport. It was Lilith Connors’ birth certificate. I’d been born in Burnaby, British Columbia apparently. I wondered if it was nice there?

“I buy and sell weapons for living,” Andrew said in response to my unasked question. “Getting forged papers is child’s play.”

“Will you be coming with us, or not?” Barbara Ann asked me. “I’d really like it if you did.”

As a response, I kissed her full on the lips, spearing my tongue inside. She returned my kiss hungrily. “What should I call you?” Barbara Ann? Eden?”

“Call me Barb,” she said.
“Hey, what about me?” Andrew said, suddenly sounding annoyed. Is everyone going to get a chance to play except for the brotha over here?” His playfulness manifested now that I’d accepted Barb’s offer. I guess he saved his Bad-Assed Black Man persona only for the hired help.

“Poor baby,” I said as I knelt in front of him and took his penis into my mouth. It was still too large for me to swallow easily, but I’d enjoy learning. Barb peeled my halter off of me. I knelt before Andrew totally naked except for my high heels. “Prepare for your baptism,” Eden whispered. She took her place beside me and helped me handle his prick. Between the two of us, there was no way he could last. Within ten minutes great gouts of his soul sauce christened both of our faces, soaking us down in niveous streams of his ejaculate. We happily tongued bathed each other until we sparkled.

“I’d say she chose the Blue Pill,” Andrew said, gently stroking our heads.

Barb cut him a dirty look, but didn’t respond. “Forget about him,” I said as I kissed Barb’s soft lips again. But I couldn’t help wondering how Andrew would look with his head shaved and with armless Granny sunglasses, Fishburne-style. The image pleased me. Perhaps Barb could see to it.


The pimply-faced teenager at the slot machine dropped his bucket of tokens when he saw us coming. I guess even for Casino Gomorrah, we made a pretty hot sight. Barb and I dressed in matching yellow latex wraparound skirts and amber Latigo leather mules with four inch French heels. Our tit-hugging, yellow and Black latex bikini tops allowed every goose bump to be clearly displayed to everyone. Our short skirts didn’t even properly cover our bare pussies. Every step we took revealed our glistening, cum-filled quims to whomever cared to look at us.

Believe me, many did!

Each of us wore a thin stainless steel and leather collar from which a silver chain dangled. Andrew held both leashes in his left hand. He looked fantastic in his pale yellow suit and dark sunglasses. ‘Every brotha needs to don his pimpwear when takin’ his hoes for a walk,’ he had said earlier in the penthouse. Barb had rolled her eyes at him but had refrained from any scathing comments. Still, she had gotten excited when he told us what we’d be wearing for our late night walk and about the way he wanted our well fucked, cream-filled pussies displayed. My box still felt numb from the delicious cock pounding he gave me! He was the first-man to ever go off inside me without a condom besides my husband. Barb had to practically pry the poor man off of me, forcibly unwrapping my locked legs from around his waist when he’d finished fucking me. I wanted that cock to stay inside me forever. Barb had wanted to kiss my abused pussy all better, but Andrew had insisted that his spunk stay inside me for our walk. He promised to provide a semen-snack later on for both of us, perhaps on the drive out to the airport.

Andrew stayed two paces behind us as we led the way out of the casino. Barb’s and my hands mauled each other’s breasts, our tongues busily exploring one another’s mouths. I couldn’t get enough of her. It was like I was making up for a lifetime of missed experiences. I wanted to feel everything and discover everything. Barb promised to lead me on this voyage of self-discovery. With Barb’s guidance and Andrew’s support, I felt invincible. The gawking crowds couldn’t touch me. The pointing fingers didn’t affect me. The envious stares of the other women around us just made me want to laugh uncontrollably. The three of us exited Casino Gomorrah, and reentered the real world waiting just outside.

The real world. It would never be the same for me again. What is fantasy, and what is reality? They’re one and the same, if only you’ve the courage to make it so.

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