Inappropriate Dress

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“Excuse me, Sarah, could you ask Annie to come into my office?” I spoke into my intercom to my secretary.

“Yes ma’am,” she answered.

As I waited for Annie, my mind drifted off. I always was one of the more attractive people in my office At 5’9 and 135 pounds, I was very fit. I have long blond hair that I keep curled and pulled into a low side pony tail. I have deep green eyes, not that anyone ever notices them because of my chest that I was some how unable to hide, even in the dullest gray suits. But Annie… oh wow, Annie was beautiful. Tall, slender and she was definitely not afraid to hide her body. She had long red hair cascading down her back to the top of her perfectly shaped ass. That moved with ever step she took in the 4 inch heels she impractically wore every day. She never wore a camisole under her suit jacket, but instead chose to wear bright colored lace bras that peaked under the black or gray suit; which was exactly why she was being called into my office.

A knock at the door interrupted my day dream and I looked up to see Annie standing in the door way, looking as hot as ever. I adjusted myself and cleared my throat, praying it wasn’t obvious how intently I had stared at her.

“Annie, we need to discuss some things, so come in and shut the door.” I spoke, trying to sound authoritative.

“Yes ma’am.” She said this as she smiled coyly and I knew instantly she knew what I had been thinking.

As she sat down, I noticed the teal green lace against her crisp bronze skin. Oh wow, I thought. Her breasts heaved as she breathed in.

“It’s, uh, about your wardrobe,” I choked out. “There have been some complaints about the fact that you are not in compliance with company dress code.” She took this opportunity to cross her long tanned legs and I saw a peak of teal green panties that matched the bra under her suit jacket.

“I’m sorry, Stacy. I didn’t know Casibom it bothered anyone. I can certainly tell you enjoy it,” Annie said as she slid her hand down her suit lapel and stopping on her lace trimmed heaving breast.

“That’s Ms. Johnson, young lady and I don’t enjoy anything.” I was completely unable to take my eyes off of her chest as she slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket to reveal what I had always known that she had nothing but that perfect bra underneath. She walked over to the desk with the suit jacket unbutton. I stood up to object, but she walked around to my side of the desk and sat down on the edge right in front of me.

“Ms. Johnson, you seem tense, let me help you. You know I only dress like this for you.”

She reached up to my hair and brushed a blond curl out of my face as she leaned in to kiss me. At first I was appalled, but my tongue did not object as it melted into hers and kissed her back as hard as she had kissed me. I reached up to take the jacket all the way off as she stood up to unbutton mine. She took my jacket off revealing my perfectly firm 36DD titties in a lace black bra.

“I knew you were as kinky as I was,” she said as she reached down to suck on my already hard nipple through the fabric of my lace bra. I moaned in appreciation and arched my back towards her wanting mouth. As she moved her kisses up to my mouth, I leaned back to watch as I took off the teal lace confinement on her perfectly firm titties. They bounced in appreciation as I threw the bra across the room. I rubbed and massaged them as I had done to my own so many times. I knelt down to draw her nipple in to my mouth. I sucked on it and flicked my tongue over it as she lightly moaned.

“Oh Ms. Johnson…I’ve been waiting for this day!”

“Me too,” I breathed at her through a tangle of passionate kisses.

She reached around in one swift movement unbuckled my bra Casibom Giriş and unzipped my black skirt. The skirt fell to my ankles leaving me standing there in nothing but a black lace thong as she stared at my naked body. She stood up and I unbuttoned her skirt to leave her in the same position as I. She cleared off the desk and motioned me to the edge. As I sat on the edge she removed my black thong, leaving my bare and shaven pussy for her to view. It glisten with my juices as she slowly kissed down my neck, stopping to suck on my nipples and then down my stomach. She kissed my inner thigh and I moaned, aching for her tongue.

“Annie, do it. I want you, NOW!” I breathed, barely audible through the moans of ecstasy.

She got down on her knees her mouth inches from my waiting, wet pussy. She licked up the lips. Tasty me as she licked her lips. Then her tongue darted inside me, looking for my hard clit. I moaned and bucked my hips towards her face. She reached up and massaged my titties as she sucked my clit and flicked her tongue over it.

“Oh my god! Annie, keep going this feels so good!” I bucked my hips against her, face fucking her pretty little mouth as her tongue darted in and out of me. And she sucked and nibbled on my hard clit. Her face covered in my juices. My hips shuttered as I came. I moaned and ran my fingers through her long red hair. As my orgasm subsided, I ran my hands down her neck and titties as she stood up in front of me and smiled; satisfied with what she had done.

“That was amazing,” I said as I leaned forward to suck on her still hard nipples. I reached my hand into her teal lace thong to feel her perfectly shaven pussy was as wet as mine had been. My fingers dipped into the lips to find her pleasure button as I looked up and smiled slyly.

“My turn,” I said to let her know how much i appreciated everything. “But this time, it is gonna Casibom Yeni Giriş be a little different.”

I massaged her clit, as her hips bucked towards my hand. I dipped in two fingers to her wanting pussy, while still working my thumb effortlessly over her clit. She looked down and I reached up to kiss her passionately as I got off the desk and freed my hand from her lace thong. I took off her thong and walked over to the couch. She followed me over there and just as I had her sit on the couch in my office, she spanked my ass just hard enough to sting a little. I laughed as I told her to quite being naughty, or fun time was over. She spanked me once more, but I liked it. I let out a purr as I sat her down on the couch and straddled her.

I began to slowly grind my pussy into her causing my titties to bounce in her face. She sucked on them hard and let out a loud moan as our clits began to grind against each other in an orgasmic motion.

“Fuck me, Ms. Johnson! Fuck me hard!” she screamed through moans and it all was muffled by my titties bouncing in her face. I arched my back to and began to grind into her harder and fast. Rocking back and forth, she gripped my firm ass to keep me from bucking off on to the floor.

“Oh god, Annie, I’m about to cum again!!” I screamed as I rocked faster against her clit. Our pussy juices mixing together. “Oh yes! Spank me, Annie!” She smacked my ass where she had before and this sent us both over the edge. She bucked her hips against mine both of us rhythmically rocking as she gripped my firm ass.

“Ms. Johnson!!! Stacy, FUCK YEAH! I’m cumming! Keep fucking me baby! That feels so good! Oooh, Stacy!!” With that last moan we both slowed our movements as our bodies shook with orgasms.

I got up off the couch and looked at her as she smiled that look that she knew this was all gonna take place. I laughed and gathered up my clothes.

“Now, Annie. I feel like this should be our little secret, okay?” I stated more than asked as she nodded and got dressed. She walked over to me and grabbed my now clothed ass and smiled as she hugged me and I knew this was definitely not the last time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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