It all Started with a Bet Ch. 02

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Since Steve’s last visited, we had been messaging each other a lot.

It started off with us saying that we couldn’t believe what we had done. Before long we were talking dirty and sending dick pics.

Unfortunately, he was still with Tammy (his girlfriend). He says that things would be awkward if he was to leave her at the time. I didn’t argue with him, I kept my thoughts to myself.

I have always been a softy when it comes to Steve. This is why when he asked me for the biggest favour, I couldn’t refuse.

We were chatting by text the other day. We were being a little naughty, talking about things that we wanted to do to each other. Then out of the blue, he asked for the favour.

“Can me and Tam stay at your place over the weekend?” He texted.

It took me a few minutes to reply. I wanted to say no, but I knew that I would kick myself for saying no to Steve.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I texted.

“Thank you mate. We are coming up so she can see her friends.”

“That’s good, I might not see her much then.” I texted, regretting it instantly.

“We can get a hotel if you would rather.” He texted.

“No, I want you here.” I replied.

“Ok, I’ll see you Friday afternoon then. Take care sexy boy.” He texted.

“See you soon babe.” I replied.

Friday came around and they were due within a couple of hours. I quickly ran through the house, doing a little bit of cleaning and dressing the guestroom.

Once I felt the house was ready, I went to get myself sorted. I quickly showered and got some nice clothes on.

I wanted to look good when Steve arrived. I wore a pair of jeans that showed off more then they should and tight fitted shirt.

Before I knew it they had arrived. I was watching out for them and saw them pull up outside. I quickly moved over to the sofa and took a seat, trying to make myself look more casual about Steve being here.

As always Steve let himself into the house. He flashed a huge smile in my direction as he walked in the door.

“Hello.” I said.

I jumped off the sofa and went toward him.

“Hello mate.” Steve said.

Just as I was about to reach Steve I heard her voice.

“Hi.” Tammy said.

I glanced through the doorway to see her standing there. We was waiting for Steve move out of the way. It was difficult to keep my mouth shut when I noticed that he was carrying all of their luggage.

“Here….” I took one of the cases from Steve, “I’ll take that upstairs for you.”

“Thanks mate.” Steve said.

Tammy stayed downstairs while Steve and I went up the staircase with the bags. We went into the bedroom and placed the bags on the bed.

I was about to turn and walk back out of the room when Steve stopped me. From behind me he grabbed my wrist and used it to spin me round to face him.

“Hello, baby.” He said.

“Hi…” I pecked his lips gently, “I’ve missed you.”

“You look hot.” He said.

“Thanks….” I wrapped my arms around him, “Don’t I always?”

“Of course you do.” He said.

He put his arms around me and gave me a little squeeze.

“We had better go back downstairs.” He said.

We released each other and left the bedroom. Before walking down the stairs, Steve planted a quick kiss on my cheek.

He was being so sweet, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. I took a deep breath and followed him down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I saw that Tammy was sat on the sofa. She was in the exact place I was in when Steve sucked my cock.

As usual she was tapping away on her phone. The thing was never out of her hand.

“Do you want a drink Tammy?” I said.

“Yeah…” She looked up from her phone, “What can I have?”

“Anything you want.” I said.

It killed me being so nice to her, but I didn’t want her moaning to Steve about me.

“I’ll have a beer.” She said.

People not saying please has always annoyed me, even more so when she did it. I wanted to say something but I quickly decided against it.

“Ok.” I said.

I went to the kitchen, closely followed by Steve. I took three beers from the fridge and placed them on the counter.

“Open those please baby.” I said.

Steve reached into a drawer, took out the bottle opener and opened the bottles. I took a tall glass from the cupboard.

Escort Bayan Gaziantep “That’s for her.” I said, passing the glass to him.

He smiled at me, knowing that she had annoyed me.

“I’m sorry about Tammy.” Steve said.

“Why?….” I took a bottle from the counter, “You shouldn’t be apologizing for her.”

“I know.” He said.

We both walked back into the living area. Tammy was still messing with her phone.

“Here you are babe.” Steve said.

She looked up at him and took the glass of beer from him. She didn’t say a word, not even a thanks. I quickly glanced at Steve, to see him roll his eyes at her. I sat in the chair opposite the sofa.

“How have you both been?” I said.

“We’re good mate…..” Steve took a seat next to Tammy. “You been ok?”

Tammy didn’t acknowledge that I had spoken, she just tapped the phone.

“Yeah.” I said.

It came to my mind that Steve and I could fuck right next to her and she wouldn’t notice. The thought made me smile to myself.

I sat back in the chair, purposely opening my legs. My tight jeans pulled even tighter, showing off my bulge.

Looking over at Steve I saw him looking at me. His eyes didn’t lose sight of my crotch, not even when he took a drink of his beer.

He reached down to his own crotch and adjusted himself slightly. He looked up at my eyes and winked at me. He was clearly liking the view.

Feeling that we had sat in silence for too long, I thought I’d better start a conversation.

“What are your plans for the weekend?” I said.

“We are just going to have dinner and drinks with friends.” Tammy said.

She still didn’t look up from her phone, but at least she was talking now.

“Cool….” I took a drink of my beer. “Where are you going for dinner?”

Steve and I both looked at Tammy, waiting for an answer. Knowing that she wasn’t going to answer, Steve looked at me and rolled his eyes again.

“We booked a table at that Italian in town.” Steve said.

“I love that place.” I said.

“Oh yeah….” Steve sipped from his bottle, “We went there for your birthday last year.”

“You did?…” Tammy looked up from her phone. “Where was I?”

“You wanted to stay home.” Steve said.

Tammy didn’t comment, she just looked back down at her phone.

After sipping at the last of my beer, I looked over at Steve’s bottle. I saw that he had also finished his beer.

“Do you both want another drink?” I said.

“No.” Tammy said.

“I’ll have one please mate.” Steve said.

I jumped out of the chair and started to walk out of the room. Glancing over my shoulder, I caught Steve staring at my butt. He flashed a beautiful smile at me as I left the room.

I took another two bottles from the fridge, opened them and took them back into the living room.

Steve’s fingers gently ran over my hand as I passed him the bottle. This simple touch sent tingles right through me.

“Thanks mate.” Steve said.

“You’re welcome.” I said.

I sat back in the chair, once again flashing my crotch at Steve. To tease him a little more, I loosely placed one hand over my package.

I looked up at him, to see that he was staring at my crotch again. I slowly moved my hand over my bulge, being careful not to be seen by Tammy. Steve started to bite his lip, still watching me.

I sipped at my beer, while brushing my crotch. I was meant to be teasing Steve but I was beginning to get myself hard. Now I was as frustrated as Steve seemed to be. I began to think of all the things that I wanted to do to Steve.

“I’m going to bed.” Tammy said.

She forced me to snap back to reality. I quickly stopped stroking myself and acted like everything was ok.

“Ok….” I sat forward in the chair, “Do you remember where the bedroom is?”

“Yeah.” She said.

With her phone in her hand, she went up the stairs. She went into the guestroom and closed the door behind her.

“You fucking tease.” Steve said.

“Me? Never.” I said.

“I had better go up too.” He said.

“Yeah, we don’t want you getting into trouble.” I said.

Steve walked across the room and softly kissed my lips. I kissed him back, which just made me harder.

“Night baby.” I said.

“Night….” He pecked my lips, “See you later.”

I smiled although I didn’t want to at the time. I killed me that he was going to bed with her. I was desperate for the connection that we had last time he was with me.

I slowly finished my beer, waiting for my cock to settle. Those jeans looked great, but were so uncomfortable when I got hard.

Once I had myself under control, I cleaned away the empty bottles and went up to my bedroom.

I removed my shirt and dropped it onto the floor. As soon as I pulled my jeans down, my crotch felt relieved. I left my jeans on the floor, near my shirt.

I jumped into bed and turned the light off. I couldn’t keep my mind off Steve. The thought that he was just at the other side of the wall, was torture.

I started to think about what we would be doing if Tammy wasn’t here. Thinking of me sucking his big cock and him sucking mine. I soon started to get hard again.

I slipped my hand underneath the bedding and started to rub my cock through my shorts. I tormented myself for about ten minutes before removing my boxers.

After kicking my shorts off the bed, I started to slowly stroke my throbbing shaft. Thinking of Steve was a wonderful motivator, I began to ooze pre cum.

Lost in my own imagination, I didn’t hear anyone approaching my room until the door slowly opened. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and stopped playing with myself.

I looked into the darkness, only just able to see Steve standing there. He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. I searched for the lamp and turned it back on.

“What are you doing?” I said.

“I need to be with you.” He said.

I scanned my eyes over his beautifully toned body. He was totally naked and looked like he was already semi hard.

“Get in here.” I said.

I moved to one side of the bed and lifted the bedding. Steve quickly jumped into my bed and climbed on top of me. My hard cock pressed against his abdomen.

He wrapped his arms around me and started to kiss me. While making out, I felt his cock hardening and pressing against me.

Steve pulled out of the kiss and repositioned himself. He was now sat on me, right on my solid cock.

“Tell me what you want.” He said.

“Your cock….” I looked down at his leaking rod. ” I want to taste it.”

Without saying another word, he moved further up my body and straddled my chest. Having his cock so close to my face, my mouth opened almost automatically.

He slid his thick rod into my mouth and started to massage it against my tongue. I locked my lips around his shaft, holding it tightly. My mouth soon filled with the taste of his pre.

He began to grind, slowly fucking my mouth. I reached up and placed my hands on his toned ass. I felt his butt clench with each thrust.

I pushed on his butt, forcing him further into my mouth.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned.

He must of liked it, because he started to fuck my mouth faster and deeper. His helmet slammed against the back of my throat over and over. My mouth was still being filled with his pre, nothing had ever tasted better.

Steve quickly stopped and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I gulped hard, swallowing every drop of pre that he had given me.

“What’s wrong.” I said.

“I don’t want to cum yet.” He said

Steve moved back to the position he was in before, straddling my waist.

“Why not?” I said.

“I want you….” He ground on my cock, “To fuck me.”

“Really?” I said.

I was a little disappointed that he didn’t want to fuck me, but that soon passed. My thoughts turned to Tammy and if she would hear us.

“I’ve never been fucked before, so take it easy.” Steve said.

That soon brought my thoughts back to him. After all, would be all that bad if she had heard us.

“Ride me, you can control the pace.” I said.

“Ok…” He scanned the room. “Where’s the lube?”

“In the drawer.” I said, pointing toward the bedside table.

Steve leaned over, reached into the drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. After squeezing some into his hand, he started to rub my cock with it. He squirted a little more lube and smothered his ass with it.

He gripped my wet cock and pushed it again his ass. With a little force, my helmet spread his opening and fought its way in him.

“Oh fuck…” He pulled me back out of him. ” It hurts a little.”

“You will get used to it.” I said.

He once again took the tip of my rod inside him. He ground a little, allowing his virgin ass to adjust.

“Fuck it.” He said.

With that he relaxed his waight onto my cock. This forced me to slip all the way inside him. His face showed the discomfort he was experiencing.

“Fuck you’re tight.” I said.

His ass gripped my cock hard. It had been a long time since I fucked a virgin and I’d forgotten how good it was.

Steve sat still for a few seconds, getting used to having a cock in his ass. I was thankful, if he had carried on with his grinding, I wouldn’t of lasted long.

His fingers slowly ran over my chest, as he began to grind. His tight ass slid up and down my throbbing cock. I could feel myself pumping pre into his ass.

Looking at his face, I could see that he was starting to enjoy it more. He looked down at me, with a beautiful smile. He picked up the pace, riding me faster and making sure to take all seven inches of my thick cock.

“That feels good.” He said.

“Fuck yeah.” I said.

After letting him ride me for a couple more minutes, I reached up and pulled him toward me. When his chest connected with mine, he wrapped his arms around me.

I began to thrust, fucking him at the same pace as he was riding me. He lifted his head and started to make out with me. The kissing egged me on, I started to fuck him faster and harder. He pulled out of the kiss.

“Oh fuck!” He said.

“Shush, she will hear.” I said.

I continued to pound his ass, trying to keep him quiet by kissing him. His tight ass was too much, I was struggling to hold it back.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said.

“Oh yeah, cum for me.” He said.

My whole body clenched and began to shake. With a few more thrusts, I was cumming. I shot a big load deep inside him, causing my body to quake with each shot.

“Oh fuck….” I thrust again. ” Your ass is amazing.”

Steve pushed himself back up, making sure to keep my softening cock inside him. He took hold of his rod and started to stroke it.

He started to grind on me, stroking his cock faster. I felt his body begin to shake. He moaned quietly when he started to cum. Steam after stream shot over me. Most of his cum landed on my chest, some landed on my face.

Steve collapsed on top of me, once again wrapping his arms around me.

“That was awesome.” He said.

“Tell me about it.” I said.

After taking a minute to catch our breath, Steve sat back up. He looked down at me with an amazing smile on his face.

“What?” I said.

“I came….” He laughed out loud. “I came on your face.”

“Shush….” I put my hand on his mouth. “She will hear you, if she hasn’t already.”

“Who cares if she heard?.” He said.

I chose to say nothing to that, I wasn’t sure what response I should give. The smile left Steve’s face, he was now looking upset.

“I had better go back to bed.” He said.

“I guess you should.” I said.

Steve pulled my softening cock out of his ass and climbed off me. Looking at him, I saw that he had just as much cum on him as I had.

“You will need to clean that off you baby.’ I said.

“Fuck….” He looked down at his cum covered chest. “What am I gonna do.”

“Use a towel.” I climbed of the bed. “She would know if you had a shower.”

I opened the bedroom door and quietly went into the bathroom. I brought to towels back into the bedroom.

“Here….” I handed one towel to Steve. “Use this.”

“Thanks.” He said.

We both wiped ourselves off, not forgetting to wipe Steve’s cum from my face. When we were done cleaning ourselves up, I threw both of the towels into the corner of the room.

“I’d better go.” Steve said.

“Ok baby.” I said.

It hurt that he was leaving my room to her back to her, but I knew it was for the best.

“See you on the morning.” He said.

“Night baby.” I said.

Just before opening the door, he gave me a quick kiss. He left the room and closed the door behind him. I listened as he shuffled across the landing and went back into the guestroom.

I climbed back into my bed and turned the light off again. I was upset for a few minutes, but that came to an end when a thought flashed through my mind.

“He is sleeping next to her, with his ass full of my cum”

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