It Didn’t Work Out Ch. 12

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This is last chapter. It’s a long story so if you made it all the way through thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. The entire thing couldn’t have been done without the help of my friend and editor. His contributions go beyond correcting my errors. He was a great sounding board to allow me to refine some of my ideas. Terry, thank you so much.

Bridget looked at herself in the mirror. She turned her head one way and then the other and then sighed a little bit. Her cousin looked over at her and smiled to herself. Joni could sympathize with Bridget. She was just as nervous six months ago.

“You look lovely, Bridget!” Joni told her. “You are a lovely bride.”

“I shouldn’t have let her take off quite as much length. It doesn’t look like I thought it would,” Bridget said in an exasperated tone.

“It doesn’t matter, hun! You are lovely! And Sian is going to be just as nervous as you are. I hate to say it but she isn’t going to notice your hair, let alone remember it. Believe me. Try asking Trevor what I looked like on our wedding day.” She laughed. “Try asking me what he looked like. I would have to pull out the wedding pictures and it was only half a year ago. But I couldn’t have told you the day after. You remember what I was like.”

Thinking back, Bridget had to laugh. She remembered helping to talk Joni down an hour before the ceremony as a case of wedding jitters hit hard. “Okay, okay. But I’m not as bad as you. I don’t see you having to lean against the door as I try to get to my car!” she told her cousin.

“You didn’t do that,” Joni said, putting her hands on her hips.

“No, your maid of honor did. And you are my maid of honor,” Bridget said. She had a smug look on her face.

Joni smiled at her. “By the way, I want to say thank you for asking me to be your maid of honor. I am really glad that you did.”

Bridget returned the smile. Joni had always been one of her favorite cousins growing up. That might have been enough for her to ask Joni to be her maid of honor. But what really did it was how Joni had not just asked Bridget to be part of her wedding but made sure that Sian was included in the celebrations too. When Joni told her that she was getting married, Bridget was excited for her. But after a second, she realized that it was the first family event since she had come out where bringing your significant other was expected.

She had tried to introduce Sian to both her parents but her mother had refused. It bothered Bridget that her mother had started a big fight with her father. She hated bringing trouble into his life. In the end, it didn’t matter. Once again, he stood up to his wife. He joined Riley to have dinner with Sian and Bridget. It started off a little awkward but by the end of it, he was a fan of Sian.

“She loves you a lot, Bridget. I can’t imagine anyone working harder to make you happy. Nothing against Don, but he isn’t close to her class. You are lucky, Sweetie,” her father told her.

Joni’s wedding made Bridget a little nervous. It wasn’t that she was ashamed of who she is or of Sian. Bridget couldn’t go without Sian, but she also didn’t want to cause any problems on Joni’s special day. When Bridget tried to tell Joni that, it was one of those moments that when she was truly surprised.

“I am not going to accept you and Sian not coming to my wedding, Bridget. I want you there. And I don’t care that you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Sian is who is important to you, so that makes her important to me too. If your mom doesn’t want to come, well I don’t care about that as long as you and Sian are there.” Joni had told Bridget.

It ended up being a wonderful experience for Bridget. Sian hadn’t just been included; she had been welcomed by most of Bridget’s family. In the end, it was really only Bridget’s mother who had a problem with it. A few great aunts and uncles weren’t quite sure about it but even they were polite. Bridget’s mother had made a big deal about refusing to talk to Bridget, let alone acknowledge Sian. In the end, Bridget’s father took her mother aside and told her in no uncertain terms to be quiet and think about Joni. It worked and there were no further incidents the rest of the wedding.

Bridget and Sian spent most of the wedding with Riley and his girlfriend. Bridget knew her from when she lived with Riley. She was the only one that Bridget had put two checks next to her name on her ratings list for her brother. Riley had tried to keep that secret but he let it slip and found his sister becoming one of his girlfriend’s favorite people. They frequently got together for dinner with Sian and Bridget.

The best moment for Bridget was when she was dancing with her father. It was a slower song and they talked as they danced. Her dad looked at her with a big smile and told her how proud he was that she was his daughter. She gave him a hug but when she went back to dance, he shook his head. He nodded and she noticed they were standing in front of Sian.

“Why don’t bursa escort you dance with the woman you love, Bridget?” he told her. She gave him another hug and a kiss before going into Sian’s arms. For most of the dance, Bridget just kept her attention on Sian. She didn’t want to look around and see any disapproving looks. At the very end of the song, she finally looked up. For the most part, no one was paying attention to them. But the few people who were all seemed to have smiles on her face. After that she had danced every time that Sian asked her. All in all, it had been a special time.

A couple of months later, she and Sian went on a hike in the mountains. It was still early in the year but the trail wasn’t too high and it ended at a lake. There was a short patch through the snow but it didn’t last long. When they got to the lake, Sian set up lunch for them. They were all alone even though it was a warm early spring day.

Bridget was surprised to see that in addition to the sandwiches, fruit and snacks, Sian had also brought a bottle of champagne. They only had their camp cups to drink from, but it was still a nice surprise. She ate lying back in between Sian’s legs with her back against Sian’s chest. It felt like she was in heaven. When Bridget finished her sandwich, Sian took her hand and kissed it. Bridget turned so that she could look at Sian.

“I love you, my darling Sian,” Bridget said as she wiggled her body against Sian’s.

Sian leaned forward to give Bridget a kiss. “I love you too, Baby,” she said. Her voice sounded almost nervous. Bridget looked back at her again but couldn’t read the expression on Sian’s face. She was about to say something when Sian started talking again.

“I’ve loved you a long time now, Bridge. Since almost when I first got to know to know you, I fell for you. We had our challenges, but being with you has been being with my soul mate. I have had to face life without you, and I never want to do that again. I want to live my life with you. I want to experience the changes. I want to grow old with you. Being with you makes me happier than at any time in the rest of my life,” Sian told Bridget as she hugged her close.

“Oh Darling!” Bridget started to say something before Sian shushed her.

One hand let go of Bridget and Sian reached into a pocket. She brought out a beautiful white gold ring with a stunning diamond embedded in the center and surrounded by smaller diamonds. She held it in front of her girlfriend. Bridget’s eyes opened wide with surprise.

“I want it to be forever, Bridge. And I want everyone to know that I am binding my life to yours. Would you marry me, Bridge?” Sian’s voice was still nervous even though the love she felt was plain to Bridget.

Getting up and turning around on her hands and knees, Bridget gently kissed Sian. “I would love to marry you, my darling Sian. I would love to be your wife. You are the only person I want. You are who I want to share my life with too,” Bridget said. Her voice wasn’t nervous. She knew this was what she wanted more than anything, and unlike Sian she already knew the answer to what she wanted.

Bridget held out her hand to Sian. Carefully Sian slid it onto Bridget’s ring finger. She sighed as it fit perfectly. Having taken one of Bridget’s favorite rings to the jeweler, she had been pretty sure but it was still one more thing to make her nervous. As soon as it was on, Bridget kissed her. This time the kiss was full of the passion that they both felt. Their mouths kissed hungrily, twisting and biting at each other. Slowly Sian sank backward on to the blanket and Bridget followed.

Unable to help herself, Bridget had to stop kissing to look at Sian. Her smile was as big as possible and her eyes sparkled. Sian couldn’t believe how lucky she was.

“I can’t believe that I’m going to be your wife, and you are going to be mine!” Bridget said. “I am the luckiest woman alive.”

“Sorry, I have to claim that spot.” Sian stroked Bridget’s face as she spoke. “A year ago, I was in despair. I’d lost you. I was alone. Now I have the one thing I couldn’t have then; the one person who was right for me.”

Bridget hugged Sian close. “Forever,” she said softly.

They began to kiss again, giving into their passion. Bridget’s hands began to wander over Sian’s body. She loved how touching Sian’s breasts made her thrust up against Bridget. She pressed down to answer the pressure. She brushed her fingers over Sian’s nipples, making her moan with each stroke. Beginning to kiss down Sian’s neck, Bridget’s fingers sought out the hard bumps so that she could gently pull on them.

Sian’s arousal grew as Bridget played with her. “Yes,” she hissed as she felt Bridget’s lips kiss down her neck. When Bridget unbuttoned her shirt, she welcomed it. They might be outside, but there was no one around. Most people didn’t even know that the lake was reachable yet. She felt the fresh air touching her body as Bridget opened up her shirt so that escort bursa she could trace little kisses around the edge of Sian’s sports bra. Each kiss provoked some sort of reaction from Sian, whether it was a moan, a hiss, a long groan or simply saying Bridget’s name. Slowly the kisses built and grew in length. Bridget sucked on the skin or nibbled on it. Sian could feel how wet her pussy was getting.

When Bridget reached down to undo Sian’s pants, Sian immediately lifted her hips. She was ready for more. Having her fiancée lick her was the only thing that was on Sian’s mind, other than the fact that Bridget was her fiancée. That awareness mingled with the caresses and kisses to stoke Sian’s desire.

Grasping both Sian’s pants and her panties, Bridget pulled them down to expose her pussy. It was very wet and the smell from it delighted Bridget. She dipped her head down and gently kissed the top of it. Slowly working her way down, she flicked her tongue in and out to capture the tasty nectar. Once at the bottom, Bridget slid her tongue between Sian’s petals and pressed in as she ran her tongue back up. Only when she almost reached the top did she pull it back. Bridget wasn’t ready to pay attention to Sian’s clitty yet. She only swirled her tongue around it, almost touching but not quite. Sian’s groans were music to Bridget’s ears.

Once again, Bridget began to move down. Her lips pulled at Sian’s pussy lips, tugging and worrying them. The caresses from her tongue dove in deep and then pulled back. Circling her tongue around the entrance to Sian’s pussy, she felt Sian’s hands on her head. She knew what Sian wanted. Slowly she pushed her tongue inward.

“Ohhhhh,” sighed Sian. “I love you, Baby!” Her hips thrust up to meet Bridget’s tongue. With each thrust, Bridget tried to get her tongue in deeper. She swirled it around when it was at the farthest point, stroking inside Sian. Then when she withdrew, Bridget swallowed down all the delicious juices that flowed into her mouth. Sian’s excitement built as Bridget fucked Sian with her talented tongue. In her time with Sian, she had become an expert on what Sian liked.

Sian’s hips were moving back and forth faster and faster. Her hands left Bridget’s head. Sian no longer needed to urge Bridget on. Pushing her bra up and off her breasts, Sian grasped her nipples and rolled them between her fingers. The noises she made grew in volume and urgency.

“Yes! Yes! Right there! Ohhhhhh!” Sian cried out. “Oh God! Bridget, I love you!”

As Bridget continued to fuck Sian’s pussy with her tongue, she began to brush her thumb up and down over Sian’s clitty. The hard little nub was pushed up against Bridget’s thumb every time that Sian bucked upwards. Rather than brushing lightly, Bridget met the thrusts by pressing down and wiggling. Every time it happened, Sian got wilder. Soon Bridget could tell that Sian was on the brink of cumming. Even when Sian’s hips fell, Bridget kept vibrating her thumb against Sian.

Suddenly Sian arched up her back and froze for a moment before beginning to thrash about as she screamed a long loud cry. “I’m cumming!” It was good that there was no one anywhere close because they would have been able to hear her. Bridget continued to fuck Sian’s pussy. Her tongue could feel the spasms clamping down on it. Pressing her face as hard as she could, Bridget made sure that she couldn’t be thrown off by Sian’s flailing. Even when it started to ebb, Bridget continued to thrust in and out of Sian’s juicy pussy. She slowed to match Sian’s movements until at the end it was just a very delicate flutter inwards and then back out.

Spent by her orgasm, Sian fell back against the ground. A moment later, Bridget’s head popped up with a proud smile on it. She loved to be able to pleasure Sian to the point of collapse. Her face was soaking wet with Sian’s juices dripping down her chin and neck. The collar of her t-shirt was dark from getting damp. Bridget loved it. She crawled up, straddling Sian’s body until she could give her a kiss.

“Mmmmm, you do that so well. Thank you, Baby,” Sian murmured after the lingering kiss ended.

“I’m glad my fiancée liked it,” Bridget told her. The tone of self-satisfaction was rich in Bridget’s voice. Sliding over, she lay down next to Sian and draped an arm over her. After a moment, Sian’s arm lifted up and rested on top of Bridget’s. They rested like that.

After a while, Sian started to recover. She turned so that she could face Bridget. She loved how Bridget’s eyes sparkled when she looked at her. “God, you are so good at that,” Sian said. “I came so hard. It’s a good thing I’m marrying you so that you can do that to me the rest of our lives.”

“I want to make you feel like that the rest of your life, Sian!” Bridget sighed. “I’m unbelievably happy!” She hugged Sian tight. After a few minutes, Sian sat up with a half-smile on her lips. She pulled both of the day packs behind her and leaned against them. Patting the ground between her bursa escort bayan legs, she told Bridget to come and sit there. Bridget came willingly. She loved the feeling of being against Sian like that, the more so now since that was how Sian had proposed. Something about it always made her feel especially loved.

Putting her arms around Bridget, Sian began to kiss her neck. They were soft and sensual kisses that lingered. Sian was in no hurry. While one hand held Bridget, the other caressed her belly. Sian never stayed at any spot for too long, but as time went on Bridget started to squirm. As usual, Sian knew what buttons to push.

Slowly the fingers of Sian’s other hand joined in. Bridget felt Sian begin to stroke the underside of her breasts, moving around to caress the sides. She gradually made her way from one to the other. Each time she changed which breast she was caressing, Sian got a little closer to Bridget’s nipples. Her pace was agonizingly slow and was driving Bridget crazy. She wiggled and arched her back, trying to get Sian to hurry. The long slow tease was something that Sian did very well. Bridget both hated it and loved it. In the end, it brought her to amazing climaxes but the path getting there was almost torture.

As she got closer to Bridget’s nipples, Sian also was moving the hand on Bridget’s belly lower. Sian had pulled up her t-shirt so that she could touch Bridget’s bare skin. Her fingertips were dragging along the skin just above the waistband of Bridget’s pants. Sian would occasionally slip her fingers beneath the loose fabric. She could feel the top of Bridget’s panties. Curling her fingernails, she would catch them on the panties and pull upwards. It made Bridget moan as they were pulled against her mound. It wasn’t a strong pressure but with how excited Sian was making her, the effect was very powerful. Bridget couldn’t help arching her back, pressing her head against Sian. When Sian pulled her fingers out, Bridget whimpered with frustration. Even though she knew they would be back, Bridget couldn’t help herself. She wanted satisfaction now.

Feeling Sian’s lips moving across her cheek, Bridget turned her head and eagerly sought them out. Sian willingly obliged her. The kiss was deep. Opening her mouth, Bridget invited Sian’s tongue inside. There was no hesitation by Sian. Pressing hard enough that Bridget could feel Sian’s teeth against her lips, Sian plunged her tongue into Bridget’s mouth. She began to move it in and out. Bridget sucked on it, trying to keep it inside her mouth. She knew that always excited Sian which in turn made her usually accelerate how quickly Bridget got her satisfaction.

It seemed to work this time. Sian’s fingers grazed across Bridget’s breast. Bridget jerked hard as she felt the feathery touch against her nipples. She moaned loudly into Sian’s kiss. The caresses continued and became more focused on Bridget’s nipples. Sian began to run her fingers around them in ever tightening circles. As they brushed against the hard nubs, Sian would try to grasp them through Bridget’s shirt and bra. Tugging lightly they would slip away but each time, Bridget was more excited.

When Bridget felt Sian undo her pants and unzip them, she practically cried with happiness. She kissed Sian again but this time with a loving passion. She wanted Sian to feel how much she loved and cared for her. Sian pushed her fingers down under Bridget’s panties to find Bridget’s pussy. It was sopping wet and Sian’s fingers slid easily into her slit. From the first time that Sian let her finger go all the way down then up the slippery pussy, Bridget was crying out. As Sian did it again and again, the cries were growing in pitch and volume.

“Oh Sian, I love you! You are making me feel so good! I love your fingers in me!” Bridget babbled. No longer able to control herself enough to kiss, Bridget’s head began to twist one way and then the other. She pushed her hips up, hoping that Sian would start to finger fuck her. When Sian’s fingers got close to the entrance to her pussy, she would thrust hard. Gradually Sian began to push inside. It wasn’t as much as Bridget wanted to start, but as it continued Sian’s fingers went deeper. Once they were fully in, Sian began to move them in and out. Each time she tried to press harder. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she told Sian.

The teasing had already brought Bridget close. Sian had been bringing her slowly along for over half an hour by now. Bridget was going wild, forcing her hips down against Sian’s fingers. As much as Sian was fucking her, Bridget was fucking back. The pace was increasing and Bridget loved it. No longer able to talk, she was just making unrecognizable noises. Bridget could feel her orgasm approaching. Her body began to tremble. She knew that Sian could see the signs. Sian’s fingers felt more urgent inside her and Sian was pulling harder on Bridget’s nipples. Her lips were close to Bridget’s ears so that she could whisper.

“I love you, Bridge. I love you so much. Do you like how I’m fucking your pussy? Your pussy is so wet. You’re fucking my fingers! I love making you cum, Baby. You’re about to cum from my fingers. Cum, Baby! Cum for me,” Sian said. The sexy tone of her voice had the right impact on Bridget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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