It’s My Life: Four

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My husband Mike, after claiming that I promised to let him find me another girl to have sex with, went at his self-appointed task with his typical enthusiasm.

Amazingly, he managed to succeed. This at least showed me that I wasn’t the only one who would do anything he asked. I always thought that he had some sort of power that enabled him to propose the most outlandish things to people and they would actually do them. I was only kidding when I thought that, but I saw it happen too many times with people with a lot more on the ball than me to totally dismiss it.

It’s 1974 in a town on the outskirts of Utica, New York, and we haven’t been married a year yet.

* * * * * * * * *

1. Mike the talent scout.

“There she is!” Mike practically yelled in my ear as he poked through the venetian blinds at the figure that was helping the old lady from next door into her car.

“I can’t see,” I complained as I struggled to see through the window pane that had been made foggy by our breath.

Mike to the rescue. He forced his big paw through the shades and swiped at the glass to clear the fog and the blinds went swaying wildly, breaking the first rule of urban snooping. Don’t make it obvious. Luckily the weather was so bad visibility was lousy, and the girl had her hands full with the old woman besides.

“This is so fucking fantastic!” Mike said as he squeezed me with the big hand that was draped over my shoulders. “I’m going crazy.”

On that point we were in full agreement, because Mike was a loon. This quest of his to find a girl for me to make love to had gone on for over a month, and his every thought seemed to be based on that.

“How about her?” Mike would say if we passed a woman in the store that met his qualifications, and I would be forced to give him my appraisal of the girl.

I would also be quizzed on my opinions of the actresses in the porn movies on our trips to the ‘Petit Cinema’, although with the coming of winter our visits had become less frequent. The wind that whistled into the building froze everything from the knees down, and it must have been damn cold for Mike to pass on going.

After the girl got the old woman inside, Mike went through his dresser and pulled out his high school yearbook, rifling through the pages until he found her.

“There she is,” Mike crowed. “Suzanne March! Not bad, is she?”

The picture of a rather sullen young girl with black hair posed in the traditional manner for her senior picture did nothing for me one way or the other, but more importantly to Mike, I didn’t recognize her.

“C’mon Becky, you have to remember her! Suzanne March!” Mike insisted.

“Mike, I never heard of any Suzanne March and she doesn’t look any more familiar to me no matter how loudly you yell her name in my ear,” I said. “Besides, she was a year ahead of you and you were two years ahead of me.”

I didn’t mention the fact that I was rarely in school myself when I actually was supposed to be. Sophomore girls didn’t hang around with senior girls as a general rule either, and more importantly I wasn’t looking for girls back then either.

“Besides, you said that she went to BOCES with you,” I added, Mike having told me of her taking auto mechanics class with her. This would have removed her from the building for much of the time and made it even more unlikely that we would ever have met.

“She remembers you!” Mike said. “I mentioned your name and her eyes lit up.”

“So what have you gotten me involved in now?” I asked with the enthusiasm of someone going to the electric chair.

“I got to talking to her and I asked her if she wanted to party with us, and she said yes,” Mike said.


“She knew what I was talking about, believe me,” Mike assured me. “She’s a lezzie, Becky. It was all over the school. So after I mentioned your name she perked right up, and before you know it, it’s party time!”

Before she knew it as well, I thought to myself as I tried to imagine what the conversation was like.

“What did you say?” I finally asked Mike, unable to stand the suspense. “Something like, hey you want to go down on my wife?”

“Hell no Becky,” Mike said. “I used my charm and I was very subtle about it.”

That got a chuckle out of me, as Mike’s idea of subtle still had all the look of a bull in a china shop.

“Tonight Becky,” Mike breathed in my ear, and a chill went down my spine. “How about a little something to help take the edge off, babe?”

Mike’s erection was sticking out the opening of his pajamas, and my hand was drawn to the swollen member like a magnet to steel. I stroked Mike’s cock a couple of times before kneeling before him and tugging the bottoms down.

“Arrrghhh!” Mike moaned as I began to slide my mouth up and down his cock, working his pendulous nut sack with my hand as I went further down the shaft.

I heard the blinds rattle as he apparently looked for our future party guest to provide visual accompaniment to my activity. Having no luck, he concentrated on guiding my head up and bursa escort down and giving me encouragement.

“Awwwww! That’s it babe,” Mike groaned as my nose burrowed into his pubes. “Take it all babe. Take that big cock all the way down. Oh man, it is going to be so hot seeing you with her.”

“What’s she like?” I asked, extracting him from my mouth for a second before diving back down on him.

“Oooooh man,” Mike sighed as I went down the length of him. “About your height, maybe a little taller. Black hair cut kinda short… oh my god, slow down… gonna cum. Big tits.. real big ones… geez!”

As I felt Mike’s orgasm surge through him and his cum squirt powerfully into my tongue and down my throat, I realized that Mike had managed to do it. He found his own Kay Parker for me to perform with.

2. Awkward beginnings.

Mike’s party preparations consisted of getting a case of beer and some chips, and I assumed buying some weed. It disturbed me that we seemed to have little or no money to put away for the future, but always managed to find the money for grass. Having said that, I have to add that when the joint got fired up I was always ready and willing to partake.

Mike was also involved in selecting my wardrobe for the evening, and when he “suggested” what I should wear, I thought it was a tad strange.

“Mike, it’s winter for cryin’ out loud!” I said as I held up the bright orange tank top and little white shorts. “You’ve got me dressed like it’s Beercan Beach in August!”

“It’s gonna be a theme party, so you’ll be cool,” Mike assured me. “I told Suzanne that we would be having a pajama party.”

“Theme party? Pajamas? Where do you come up with this stuff?” I said in amazement. “You think this girl is going to waltz over in her jammies to drink beer and smoke dope with us?”

“You wait and see,” Mike said with confidence. “This is going to be so fucking cool you won’t believe it.”

“Am I to assume that you are going to be involved in this in some way?” I asked, dreading hearing that my husband would be making love, or as he put it the last time with Daphne, fucking this Suzanne with me being forced to watch. Well, not forced but you know what I mean.

“Er… no, I don’t think so. She says she’s not into guys,” Mike said rather sheepishly. “But I can watch!” he added with glee.

“How do you find all this crap out about people?” I said while shaking my head in reluctant admiration.

“I ask them,” Mike simply said while shrugging his shoulders.

“Well, you should work for the CIA, because you get more out of people in five minutes of conversation than they get in a month of interrogation.”

“People are usually dying to spill their guts but they never get asked,” Mike said. “They fart around and dance around the subject they really want to know about and it takes forever that way. Fuck that! I just ask what I want to know, and usually they open right up.”

“And you love to listen,” I noted.

“I love to listen, and watch,” Mike added with a twinkle in his eye that make me shudder as I went off to the shower.

The warm spray helped me relax a little bit, and I was able to shave my legs without getting an artery. I was busy lathering up my underarms when Mike barged into the bathroom to take a leak, and I rolled my eyes as I heard him splashing away. I know we only had one bathroom, but there was no such thing as privacy with Mike around.

“Let’s see how you’re doin’ there babe,” MIke said as he put his arm around my hip and bent around me to inspect my freshly shaven underarm. “Mmmm…. nice. Suzanne will like this. Maybe she’ll do this to you.”

With that Mike began kissing and licking me there, sending shivers throughout my body as he nibbled away.

“Mike, I want to get done in here at some point, and that won’t happen if you keep doing that.”

“Nothing wrong with that Becky,” Mike said. “Maybe a quickie before she gets here?”

I managed to decline and get Mike out of the bathroom so I could finish up. As goofy and as annoying as Mike could usually be, he always had a way about him, as well as an uncanny ability to push the right buttons either by words or actions. The result usually being me finding myself in a situation like the one I was in at that time.

When the clock struck seven, we were in our pajamas. Mike in his baggy tan flannels and me in my little orange tank top and white shorts. Our party favors were set out, consisting of a bag of chips dumped into a bowl and a couple of joints sitting on the coffee table.

Our occasional stereo was cranking out the Beach Boys, while my Jefferson Airplane remained perched and waiting above it. I called it our occasional stereo because the one speaker would drop out quite frequently, leaving us with some strange sounding music until Mike was able to jiggle the wires around to get it back in order.

“She’s here!” Mike yelped as he got up and practically ran to the door like it was Santa.

Mike let in this Suzanne March that I was supposed to know, and although escort bursa she looked a little familiar to me, I still couldn’t say I remembered her. Just someone that I had passed in the halls at school I supposed. Mike helped her off with her coat, and the cold air that blasted in as the door closed had my shiver even more than I was already.

“Becky, this is Suzie,” Mike announced.

“Suzanne,” she corrected him coldly, with the boredom that probably came with having told him that many times before.

“Sorry. Suzanne,” Mike corrected himself.

“Hi Rebecca. Nice to see you again,” Suzanne said after turning her face to avoid getting kissed flush on the lips by my husband and heading straight toward me.

I was standing there with my arms crossed over my chest as Suzanne came toward me. We hugged like old friends, and Suzanne’s pajamas were the first thing I noticed. Midnight blue with stars that looked really cool, and the fabric was soft to the touch. I also noticed Suzanne’s breasts flattening mine as we hugged, and although her pajamas were baggy there was no mistaking that underneath there was a lot of woman.

“Love your pajamas, Suzanne,” I said as we went into the living room.

“I like yours a lot better,” Suzanne said as she looked me over. She was undressing me with her eyes, but in a way that was far less threatening than I had previously experienced.

She was an attractive girl, with her shoulder length black hair in kind of a shag cut. Years later, when I first saw the actress Jeniffer Tilly, I almost had a coronary because I thought it was Suzanne under a different name, if that gives you an idea of what she looked like.

As we sat and talked, I got more comfortable with Suzanne. She was definitely a lot smarter than I was, and had a way about her that made her seem like she was really a nice person. I began to remember her a little more as we talked about school days, and I recalled that she used to wear a lot of pea green military jackets back then. Not uncommon around school, especially being so close to the miltary bases, but she used to really dress as drably as possible.

Mike, my dear Mike, tried to get into the conversation frequently, and I got the impression that Suzanne was not all that crazy about him. I don’t think her opinion was improved when he walked around with his erection threatening to tear through his pajamas bottoms either.

“Your husband is kinda… ,” Suzanne said when Mike made a trip to the bathroom and left us alone.

“I know,” I added glumly.

“You didn’t let me finish,” Suzanne said.

“It doesn’t matter,” I replied in a resigned tone. “Whatever you were going to say was going to be right. I know what he is, and he makes me crazy, but I love him.”

“You must,” Suzanne said, and the way she said it made me giggle, which started us both laughing.

Suzanne slid closer to me on the couch, and we were facing each other now, with my knee up on the cushion and Suzanne’s velvety pajamas touching my leg.

“Your husband wanted us to have a threesome,” Suzanne said as she put her hand on my knee. “I told him that wasn’t going to happen. I just don’t do guys, and he didn’t seem to like to hear that.”

“I’m not surprised,” I told Suzanne.

“He even told me how big his dick was,” Suzanne said while rolling her eyes.

“I’m surprised he didn’t show it to you,” I said.

“If it wasn’t so cold out he probably would have,” Suzanne said. “I remembered him from school, and he was never all that nice to me then. Kinda rough around the edges, not that it bothers me, but really not my kind of person.”

I nodded while looking at Suzanne’s hand doing lazy circles on my knee and just above. Suzanne was really sweet, and we had gotten along so well together that I had almost forgotten what this evening was all about, but her hand brought me back to reality.

“When he mentioned your name, well that’s when he got my interest,” Suzanne said as she blushed a little. “This is kinda embarrassing, but I have to tell you that back in school I had a crush on you.”

“Me?” I squeaked.

“God yes!” Suzanne said. “When I first saw you around the school I couldn’t believe how hot you were. You looked so much like Cher that I couldn’t get over it. I wanted so much to get to know you, but we weren’t traveling in the same circles.”

“Geez, I didn’t have any idea,” I said in amazement, the thought of another girl looking at me and thinking of me that way giving me a strange feeling. Not a bad feeling, but a totally different feeling. What I really found exciting was the fact that Suzanne had thought I looked like Cher. My dream had been realized and I hadn’t even known it.

“So that’s how I ended up here on your couch,” Suzanne went on. “I’m a free-spirit, but this is really way beyond anything I’ve ever done before. This is going to be kinky as hell having that goober watching us. Worth it, though, I think. Mike said you guys were swingers.”

“We’re not… I’m not a swinger anyway,” I answered. “Mike likes to… bursa escort bayan well he wanted to see me with another girl.”

“You mean you’ve never done it before?” Suzanne asked.

“No,” I said, refusing to count Daphne squeezing my titty last month.

“Is he forcing you to do this?” Suzanne asked and motioned toward the bathroom.

“Well, it was his idea,” I admitted. “I am curious about it though, and if I was going to do it I wanted it to be with someone I liked.”

“Do I qualify?” Suzanne whispered as her hand slid up my thigh to where the little white shorts started.

“Y….y…yes,” I said as a shiver ran up and down my spine, and Suzanne smiled softly.

“God, I want you so bad I can hardly stand it!” Suzanne hissed just as the sound of the toilet flushing broke the tension in the air that was almost suffocating me.

“He just has to stay completely out of it,” Suzanne said as Mike came out of the bathroom.

Mike had a big grin and a goofy expression on his face as he rejoined us, saying that he was glad we were getting along so well. He lit up a joint and passed it over to me, and when I gave it to Suzanne our hands touched and a spark of static electricity crackled between us.

“Wow, you two are really somethin’ together,” Mike offered lamely. “We ought to get more comfortable. What do you say?”

3. Are you feeling comfortable?

For once Mike was not in charge, and I think he was told this in no uncertain terms by Suzanne out in the kitchen. No yelling or anything, but when they emerged Mike went upstairs with a hangdog look on his face, while Suzanne had a different look altogether.

It was the look that Suzanne had been giving me for the last half hour, ever since Mike had declared that we should be getting comfortable, and Suzanne deciding we would stay there and party some more. Suzanne was in charge, and we would be doing what she wanted when she wanted to. Mike seemed to accept this, and as for me, I was melting.

The way Suzanne would look at me, and the gentle occassional grazing of the back of my hand or my knee, was driving me crazy. Never in my life had I been made so aroused, and all this despite my obvious nervousness. No grabbing at my breasts or pawing at my crotch had ever made me feel like this. Suzanne’s eyes were so piercing and hypnotizing that I found myself unable to not look back at her.

“Want to take me upstairs?” Suzanne asked as she stood in front of me and offered me her hand, helping me out of the pit that was our couch.

Suzanne was the one leading me toward the stairs, and as we got to the foot of the stairway she stopped and looked down at my hand, which was sweating and shaking in her own.

“You okay Becky?” Suzanne said with a look of concern. “You look like you’re going to faint.”

“Okay,” I croaked meekly as I looked over Suzanne’s shoulder to the stairs that led to our bedroom, and my eyes came down to look at Suzanne. The top button of her pajama top was undone, exposing her smooth white skin and the beginning of what appeared to be a deep and expansive cleavage, with the delicate lace of her bra hiding a more extensive view.

“Are you shaking because you’re nervous, or because you’re excited?” Suzanne asked.

“Yes,” I managed in response, which made Suzanne laugh.

“Good. I remember my first time,” Suzanne said. “It was with an older, experienced woman. and I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Maybe I can make it that good for you too.”

With that Suzanne let go of my hand and took my face in her palms, pulling me toward her until her soft and full lips met mine. A kiss unlike any I had ever experienced, and I found myself returning the same passion she was giving me, our bodies slowly grinding together as our tongues met and dueled slowly.

“Mmmmmm… nice,” Suzanne said when we finally separated. “How I wish we were going to be alone.”

I nodded, remembering that Mike was upstairs waiting for me, for us. Pretty much waiting for us to put a show on for him, and I wished he wasn’t there too, but I was so excited that at that point I was beyong caring.

The old and tired stairs creaked as I walked up ahead of Suzanne, and it was probably just my imagination that I felt her warm breath on the backs of my thighs as we went up.

4. Our bedroom.

When I walked into our bedroom just ahead of Suzanne, my first thought was that Mike wasn’t in there. Perhaps he had changed his mind, or that Suzanne had changed it for him. Then I saw him in the back corner of the room, just a hulking shadow in the darkness.

Mike had arranged the light at the side of our bed so it was pointed toward the bed and at its lowest setting. With the dresser shading the corner he was in, it was almost possible to pretend he wasn’t even there.

I stood by the side of our bed as Suzanne came up behind me, running her hands through my long vrown hair before pulling it ip and to the side. I felt Suzanne softly kiss my neck, and my entire body shook as she nibbled up and down.

Bert. For some reason my teddy bear Bert caught my eye while Suzanne was kissing my neck. My little buddy who had been with me through thick and thin for as long as I could remember sat passively by while Suzanne’s tongue slowly slid up the side of my neck.

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