Jack , Karen Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: The Motel Clerk and the Wedding Present

My wife, Karen and I had left immediately after work Friday evening to attend a friend’s wedding in another state. The wedding was Saturday evening and the plan was to arrive late Friday night and then relax at our motel all day Saturday. Karen works as an agent for a real estate firm and I sell advertising for a local newspaper. It was almost midnight when we arrived at the motel and Karen was worn out from the drive. I left her in the car while I went inside the motel office to check in.

It was one of your typical cookie cutter motel chains, but I had to admire the night clerk for the beauty she was. The desk was empty when I walked in, but when I rang the bell, a gorgeous young blonde woman come strolling out of another office, stifling a yawn with one hand and holding a calculus text in her other hand. This was a university town and it wasn’t hard to figure out that this hot little number was a college student.

“Evening, I’m Molly,” she said. Glancing at the clock on the wall, she amended her answer, “I guess I should say, good morning instead.” It was almost one A.M.

I told her that I was Jack Bowman and that my wife and I had a reservation. She called up my reservation on the computer while I admired her sexy body. Molly the desk clerk stood maybe five foot, five inches and weighed maybe one hundred and twenty-five pounds. She was very slim and casually dressed in a scoop necked T-shirt and denim mini-skirt. Molly had athletic legs and very well endowed breasts (maybe 42 DDs) enhanced by what I imagined was a push up bra that offered up a very revealing sight of the upper portions of her breasts. Her skin was flawless porcelain and she had the bluest eyes. Her blonde hair was long, hanging halfway down her back and parted in the middle. She reminded me of a cheerleader back in my long ago high school days and I felt a pleasant ache in my cock.

Molly caught me staring at her and just smiled sweetly. “Here we go, Mr. Bowman. Reservation for two…King size bed and no smoking…correct?”

“That’s right,” I replied. She leaned towards me, sliding a registration card towards me, smiling knowingly as she offered me a bird’s eye view down her shirt…revealing more of her magnificent breasts and her splendid cleavage.

She remained leaned over as I filled out the card. “So, are you on vacation, Mr. Bowman? You know, there are some beautiful places here to visit…some really exciting views to check out.” She toyed with the collar of her scoop necked shirt, pulling it down just a little to reveal even more of her milky white breasts.

I slid the card back to her, smiling broadly as I enjoyed the view she was offering. “Well, my wife and I are here for a wedding, but we both enjoy the chance to experience something beautiful.” I emphasized the word “both.”

The young woman’s eye’s widened. “Really? You…and your wife?” She licked her red lips.

I nodded. “Oh yes, we’re very broadminded…very open to new experiences.”

Again, Molly licked her lips…slowly running her tongue around her mouth. “She sounds very interesting…I’d like to meet her.” Her eyes flickered past me and she almost purred. “Oh my! Is that Mrs. Bowman?”

I turned and couldn’t help grinning at my wife’s good timing. Through the plate glass window and the glass doors of the lobby, we both had a good view of Karen. My wife had climbed out of the car and was taking a long, luxurious stretch which treated both Molly and me to a good view of Karen’s body. My wife…five years younger than my forty years old is a gorgeous woman. Karen stands five ten and one hundred sixty pounds. Her heavy breasts counter her slim waistline and her more than voluptuous hips. These days, she wears her bright red hair in a sort of pageboy that frames her face and draws attention to her hazel eyes. The outfit she was wearing showed off her figure to excellent effect. It had been a warm day, so she had tied her dress blouse into a knot, leaving her midriff bare…buttons open to reveal her large 40DD breasts. She had shed her skirt and was wearing tight blue jeans that emphasized her shapely ass.

“Why, Mr. Bowman…she’s lovely,” Molly said…interest thick in her voice. She reached out and touched my wrist. “And you say, she’s open to new things.”

As we watched, Karen was leaning into the car, emerging a minute later with trash that she proceeded to toss in an outside trashcan. “Oh yes…my Karen is very…” I winked at the young woman. “Very adventurous.”

“Mmmmm. I’d love to meet her,” Molly replied as she slid my key card over. “Um, you’re in room 250.” Molly began to say something and then hesitated, studying me and then glancing again at Karen who was now leaning up against our SUV. “The motel serves up breakfast from six until nine in the morning, but I have to say, they usually run out of food early.” She leaned forward, crossing her arms under her chest, again offering her breasts up for a better glimpse. “If you and your wife antep escort bayan would like, I get off at eight in the morning and I’d be happy to bring you something for breakfast.”

I grinned wolfishly. “Oh, I’d think we’d like that fine, Molly.”

She winked sexily at me. “Maybe some donuts? Something sweet and sticky with a creamy filling. Do you like to eat things that are hot and creamy inside, Mr. Bowman? Would your wife like something creamy to eat?”

I reached over and patted her hand. “It sounds like our favorite dessert, Molly. I’m sure it will make a nice surprise for my wife as well.”

“Get some sleep then, Mr. Bowman. Get some rest…I have a feeling you’ve got a big day tomorrow.” She blew me a kiss as I walked out and I wondered idly how I’d sleep tonight.

Back in the car, Karen yawned sleepily. “Honey, were you flirting with that big tittied girl?”

I grinned as I handed her the room card keys. “Maybe…she’s a looker, isn’t she?”

Karen patted my hand. “Sorry baby…but Momma’s whipped. Maybe we can look her up tomorrow…you dirty old man.”

We made our way to our room, unpacked, took a quick shower and fell into bed. Karen quickly drifted off to sleep, but before she faded, she asked. “Did you leave a wake-up call at the front desk?”

I smiled in the dark as I recalled the pretty blonde young woman. “Molly said she’d take care of us personally.”

“Mmphh…thas nice,” Karen said drifting off to sleep. It took me a little longer to drift off to sleep…wondering what exactly the morning would bring.


I suppose I should talk a little about Karen and myself. We’ve been married for ten years…no children…at least not yet. I met Karen at a swinger party held by a mutual friend. The chemistry was there from the first and we both discovered that we had a gift for finding and a joy of experiencing sexual adventures. Before and after we were married, we agreed that we both wanted an open relationship…free to experience whatever sexual adventures offered themselves up to us. We both have affairs and encounters independent of each other, but find that we have the most fun and sexual satisfaction when we have them together. We hide nothing from each other and have found it incredible erotic to describe in detail our separate adventures. Karen is enthusiastically bisexual and I’m willing to dabble a little myself, although it is my life’s mission to enjoy the female form in all the shapes and forms I can discover.


We both slept soundly and were cuddled up…a tangle of arms and legs when there was a loud, insistent knocking at the door. Karen surfaced first and shook me awake. “Honey…someone’s banging on the door!”

I groggily woke up…wondering what was going on when a vision of the young blonde passed through my mind. I glanced at the alarm clock. It read 8:10. “Do you think something’s wrong, Jack?” Karen said, struggling to get the sheets untangled from her naked body.

I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about, honey,” I replied. “Stay in bed and I’ll go see.” I was naked and stiffening up as Karen looked at me curiously. I suppose I would have been in a world of trouble if anyone else was at our door, but as I expected and was pleased to see, when I opened the door, Molly the desk clerk stood there holding a bakery box. She was dressed as she had been last night, but judging from the twin bullets standing out in her T-shirt, she had abandoned her bra before she came to visit.

“Good…uh…morning,” Molly stuttered, taking in my naked body, her eyes stopping at the hardening pole between my legs. I’m not overly long in the cock department, but I think my seven inches have a more than considerable girth…and thickness can please a woman just as much as length. “Wow!” Molly returned her gaze to my face and a big grin broke out. “Are you ready for breakfast, Mr. Bowman?”

“I am very hungry, Molly. Come on in and I’ll introduce you to the missus.”

I took her free hand and walked her into the motel room, making sure to throw the bolt lock behind us. I led her to the foot of the bed. Karen was sitting up…somewhat still tangled in the sheets, but smiling as she took in the lovely blonde girl.

I stood behind Molly and put my hands on her shoulders. “Honey, meet Molly. Molly, this is my wife, Karen.” I winked at my wife over Molly’s shoulder.

Karen immediately relaxed and said, “Good morning, Molly. It’s nice to meet you.” Without a hint of shame or modesty, my wife dropped the edge of the sheet she had been holding up and revealed her bountiful bosom to our young guest. Karen’s breasts are superb. Huge, gourd shaped udders that sloped downward on her chest with long, thick nipples…as round as nickel and almost half an inch long when she was aroused.

“Hi…uh, Mrs. Jackson. “I’ve been waiting all night to meet you!” Molly held out the box. “I brought you some breakfast.”

“Mmmm…sounds wonderful, Molly and please araban escort bayan call me Karen. What did you bring us?”

Molly shivered under my hands and took a deep breath and opening the box, said, “Well, I’ve got some donuts here…some glazed, some chocolate…but Mr. Bowman said you both like sweet things that are creamy on the inside, so I’ve got something special for you.” Having said that, Molly sat the box down on the edge of the bed and with a flick of her fingers, undid her denim skirt, letting it fall to her feet.

“Ohhh, how pretty!” my wife exclaimed. Molly wasn’t wearing panties, revealing her pretty pussy, sparsely covered with blonde pubic hair. Karen was on her knees in an instant and quickly closed in to inspect the young woman’s vagina. I moved around to join my wife in inspecting such a pretty thing, but I realized that while Molly was aroused…her labia spread wide, that there was something unusual going on…little flecks of something whitish were spread around the girl’s cunt and something appeared to be protruding from her creamy snatch.

Karen laughed. “Oh my god…I guess I am having a donut for breakfast!” I suddenly recognized the object too. Molly had inserted a glazed donut up her young snatch! With all the aggressiveness that I expected from my wife, she reached out and around Molly and cupping her taut ass cheeks, pulled her onto the bed. As Molly went to her knees on the mattress, Karen thrust her face in between the college girl’s thighs, drawing a gasp from the girl.

“Oh…my god…wow!” Molly moaned as my wife began licking at her sparsely haired cunt. “Mmmm! You folks don’t waste any time!” I ran my hands around and under Molly’s T-shirt and deftly pulled it up over her head, baring her lovely breasts. Her tits were huge and stood up proud and pert, defying gravity as only a young woman’s tits can. I cupped her heavy breasts, rubbing my palms over her swollen nipples…dime sized and standing up almost an inch. I kissed her shoulder and began working my way up her neck.

Below me, Karen was exploring Molly’s pussy. Karen deftly ran her tongue up along the girl’s long, swollen labia, fluttering over her partly hidden clitoris before exploring the donut wedged in Molly’s wet cunt. Karen’s tongue darted out, and crushed into the donut already somewhat mashed from the pressure of Molly’s pussy walls and made soggy with the girl’s cunt cream. “MMMM! Delicious, sweetheart,” exclaimed my wife as she ate a bite of pussy cream donut.

Molly moaned again, muffled as my mouth found her hers and I slipped my tongue inside to dance with her tongue. She was shivering with excitement as I continued to caress her meaty breasts and Karen tongued her sweet cunt. Karen again dived in with her tongue exploring the girl’s sweet meat and then taking another bite of the pussy juiced donut. Karen rose up quickly, joining her mouth to ours, sharing the soggy donut bite with us…sharing the sweet sugary taste of Molly’s wet twat.

Having just met this girl, still absolute strangers, Karen pulled Molly down onto the bed and whispered, “I’ve got something almost as sweet as your sugar pussy, honey!” Karen straddled the college girl in a classic sixty-nine, her cunt hovering over Molly’s face as she said to me, “C’mon, Jack. You have to try this girl’s pussy for yourself!”

Karen dived between her legs again, using fingers to spread Molly’s cunt lips wide apart, revealing the glistening pink meat of her pussy, the remainder of the glazed donut looking appetizing and resting in her young cunt. My wife and I both dived in, taking turns or operating high and low. The girl’s clean taste mixed with the sugary donut to create a taste delight…a unique experience as I curled my tongue around a spongy piece of donut…the sugar flavor made even better with a liberal soaking of pussy juice. Meanwhile, Karen worked on teasing Molly’s clitoris out of its hood and now aroused and swollen, the little penis like nub was receiving a great deal of attention from my aroused wife.

Molly moaned and gasped…her pelvis wiggling about as wave after wave of erotic pleasure began to course through her body. “Ohhhhh, yes…please….lick me…eat me, eat myyy pusssyyyy!” Her sighs and groans became muffled as she discovered my wife’s pussy hovering over her face. Karen’s thick red haired bush was trimmed into a precise triangle, pointing the way to her treasure box and I heard my wife squeal happily as Molly reached up and kissed it. My face buried in Molly’s cunt, I couldn’t see it, but Karen later described Molly as a talented cunt eater with a tongue like a ravenous snake that could and did probe my wife’s pussy deeply.

Karen and I diligently, and with delight, ate the college girl’s pussy, cleaning it of every speck of sugar and every crumb of donut and then continuing to feast on her now absolutely soaked vagina, taking turns driving our tongues deep into her twat or both teasing her clitoris, showering it with gentle gaziantep arap escort bayan kisses and allowing both our tongues to duel over the little pulsing nub.

Molly exploded with a muffled scream, her body going into convulsions as she began to orgasm. Karen rose up triumphantly from between the girl’s thighs to rock happily on Molly’s face. Karen shivered with delight, her heavy breasts swaying…her thick nipples swollen like ripe cherries about to burst. “God! I love the feeling of a cumming woman screaming into my pussy!” my wife sighed happily.

I laughed and rose up to kiss my wife, both our faces covered in Molly’s cunt cream. As our kiss ended, little streamers of pussy juice connecting our faces, my wife whispered, “I love you, Jack! Thank you for such a nice surprise.” My wife’s hand reached out and stroked my aching, erect cock. “Oh honey…you need some relief!” Karen’s eyes danced with naughty merriment. “Fuck her baby…fuck this little college slut!”

My wife leaned down and daintily kissed the head of my cock. She then guided my hard dong down and between Molly’s long, athletic legs. Karen placed the swollen head of my penis between Molly’s wide open labia. We both grinned as we heard a muffled exclamation of surprise from between Karen’s legs.

“Fuck her, Jack. Fuck this little girl hard and fast…feed her your big cock and give her the fuck of her life!” Molly’s pussy was on fire…an incredible sensation of liquid heat as I pressed my cock into her pussy. Molly flung her pelvis upwards and then moaned as the first inch or so of my thick cock pierced her body. “Fuck her, baby,” Karen moaned. “Fuck this little college girl’s brains out!” My wife leaned forward, grinding her cunt against Molly’s face as she reached out, cupped my ass cheek and urged me forward.

Without hesitation, I drove my cock inside Molly’s tight pussy. She was very wet and aroused and with a steady motion, I sank my meat into her womb until I was buried to the root. Her cunt muscles clamped down around my aching cock, bathing it in a fresh burst of her juices while her body bucked, her arms flailed helplessly and she screamed into Karen’s pussy!

My wife began mewling…a sweet, happy cry that told me she was orgasming. It was a sound she always made when she was being pleased orally. I savored the sensation of the young, tight cunt that enveloped my cock and began to slowly piston in and out of Molly’s pussy, picking up speed with each thrust. The college girl’s body responded, rolling her mound upwards to meet my downward thrusts, muffled moans coming from between my wife’s thighs each time I buried myself deep in Molly’s womb. The sensation of her velvety and steamy pussy walls pulsating around my erect penis was almost beyond description.

Karen continued to cry with pleasure, the high pitch of her voice telling me that Molly had found and was pleasuring her inch long clitoris, until final a violent tremor swept through her body and she slowly slid off the younger woman with a pleased look on her face. “This little college slut knows how to eat pussy, honey!” she purred happily.

Molly’s face and hair were absolutely soaked with my wife’s pussy juices. She gasped for air and continued to moan as I kept feeding her hard cock. I dropped down on top of her, enjoying the pillow like cushion of her large breasts against my chest…her hard nipples poking into my skin. I kissed Molly, savoring the familiar and delicious taste of my wife’s cunt mixed in with the girl’s saliva. I felt Karen’s approach and suddenly we were both kissing the young girl as I continued to fuck her. Molly’s legs slowly moved to encircle my back, her ankles crossing as she used them for leverage to help me drive harder and deeper into her womb.

“Fu-fu-fuck meeee, Mister Bo-bo-bowman,” sobbed Molly in the throes of an orgasm. Her pussy was a fiery, steamy furnace…her juices flowing heavily, bathing my cock and our joined crotches together. “F-fuck me harder, d-d-deeper, p-p-please!” she begged me.

I obliged my young lover and she shook uncontrollably as I took her ankles in my hands and threw her long legs over my shoulders and curled her up to sink even deeper into her furnace hot pussy! I was pounding her sweet, young flesh with a vengeance, savoring every moist inch of her tight twat.

I felt Karen’s breath against my thigh and felt her arm slip between my legs, pausing to gently caress my balls and then her fingers slithered up to where my cock was buried in Molly’s wet pussy. Both Molly and I groaned as my wife inserted her middle finger into Molly’s pussy under my thrusting cock…making things that much more sinfully tight. Karen worked her finger down and I smiled as I realized what she was about to do. When she finally withdrew her finger, I knew without seeing it that it was dripping with the college girl’s juices. And I knew what she was going to do with it.

Molly jerked and cried out. “Wha-what are you doing! Oh god, that…not in my AAUGHHHHHH!” She screamed as Karen expertly pressed her middle finger against Molly’s asshole and pressed it inwards, thrusting her finger into the girl’s anal cavity up to the second knuckle. Molly began to buck and managed to impale my wife’s finger even deeper up her ass in the process before her body went into an orgasmic-like seizure and the young woman began cumming violently.

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