Jem’s Lust Ch. 01

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Based on a true story.

Jem’s freshman year at a Southern California university was coming to an end, and she was still a virgin. Even her plain and mousy roommate had lost her virginity a whole semester earlier. Jem was not an unattractive girl by any means, as she was toned, lean and athletic. In fact, she was admitted to the university on a volleyball scholarship.

Nevertheless, Jem took her mother’s advice and took her birth control pills daily ever since the week before she started attending the university. In fact, as Jem was standing in her kitchen, swallowing down a pill, she felt a sense of excitement washing over her. “Tonight, tonight will be the night, she thought to herself.”

Feeling quite a bit horny over the thought, Jem put down her glass of water and started trailing a fingertip over one of her pink nipples, which quickly reddened as it became hard. Jem continued to run her fingertip along her toned abs, down to her clean shaven pussy. As she rubbed her pink clit and pussy, the pussy juice begun to run down her legs. At this point Jem was fully aroused as she walked back to her bed. Jem got on her bed and begun to squeeze one tit at a time as she played with her soaking wet pussy with the Escort Bayan Gaziantep other. She inserted one finger into her tight pussy and moved it around. Jem tried inserting two fingers, but it became slightly uncomfortable, as she was still a virgin, so she removed the second finger. She started squeezing and rubbing her pussy from the sides with both hands, and before Jem knew it, she was coming. Her body shook and quivered as she let out a moan of ecstasy.

That night Jem had a date with Brandon, a tall and handsome chemistry major who was finishing up his junior year. Althought it was their first date, they had socialized with one another a few times at the volleyball games that Jem played in.

The plan was to go to a bonfire party after dinner. By the time they arrived, however, the party was mostly over and people were leaving. “Sorry, dude, you got here late,” one of Brandon’s friends called out as he packed up his black Range Rover. Within minutes, everyone was gone, but the bonfire was still burning.

“Well, we’ll just have our own party then,” Brandon told Jem as he pulled her in closer and gave her a smile.

“Yeah, I think it’s great that we’re the only two people on the beach anyway,” Jem replied.

She put down the beach blanket and got on it, then pulled Brandon closer to her. Still feeling a little bit shy, she slowly started kissing her date. Brandon begun running one hand all over Jem’s perky and firm ass while squeezing a tit with the other. Jem let out a moan and started undoing his jeans zipper. Within minutes they were completely naked.

Brandon placed Jem on her back and quickly got on top of her. With a knee secured on each side of Jem’s body, Brandon cupped a tit in one hand and begun squeezing the hardened nipple, while sucking on the other. Jem moaned and writhed her body under Brandon’s weight as he slowly licked the center of her chest and moved downwards. His tongue flicked across her tit continuously as Jem let out moans after moans of pleasure.

Jem felt a strange heat coursing through her veins and her pussy juice kept on pouring out. Brandon hungrily lapped it up and stuck a finger in her tight and wet hot pussy. He then stuck in two fingers, then three and begun massaging the silky smooth pussy with them. Jem could no longer contained herself at this point, and moaned and she begged, “I want you…fuck me already.”

Brandon let out a chuckle and teased, “Not yet.” He pulled Jem up and put his rock hard dick in her mouth. She begun sucking hungrily and rapidly, as though it was the most delicious thing that had ever been in her mouth. Jem licked and sucked, and trailed her tongue around the tip of his dick as he squeezed her ass.

Pushing Jem backwards, Brandon begun straddling on top of her. He spreaded her her legs and inserted his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Jem gasped at the pain and tears begun to come out from the corners of her eyes. Yet despite the pain, she grabbed Brandon’s ass and moved along with the motions as he pumped away.

Suddenly Brand flipped Jem over and placed her on her stomach. “Get on all four,” he commanded and she complied.

Grabbing her sides, Brandon stuck his dick again into her pussy from behind, and begun moving in and out, and he pushed his dick in deeper each time. This position allowed her to wholly feel Brandon’s dick inside her. Jem was in such a state of ecstasy that she could no longer think. Before she knew it, her body shook and she felt a sensation that was much more intense than any orgasm that she had ever had before. Brandon came soon afterwards, and they both collapsed on to the beach blanket. Jem smiled as she snuggled against Brandon’s chest, with pussy juice still running down her smooth inner thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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