Jenny Ch. 03


Thursday was a flurry of activity, as preparations were made for Saturday’s big event. Both girls called their friends to invite them to the party, and even enlisted some to help. I went into town to pick up supplies and a few special items. The caterer would take care of most of the party preparations, including food, tables, chairs, and drinks, but we still had to work out lodging for those coming from out of town, transportation, and, of course, certain still secret aspects of my plan. I spent the day on the run, working out the last details. Thankfully, the weather forecast was for clear skies and warm temperatures, as I had no backup plan for bad weather.

Shortly after I arrived home late that afternoon, Amanda drove up. All three of us went out to the car to meet her. Amanda was shorter than Sarah, about 5’4″, and with a slim build. She was of Mediterranean decent, with olive skin and very dark hair. Her eyes were dark brown, and seemed to always be filled with mirth. She is majoring in Business at the same school Sarah attends. When she got out of the car, she shot Sarah a questioning look, as if unsure of what we knew, or our reaction. Sarah immediately embraced her in a loving hug, followed by a passionate kiss. This caught Amanda by surprise, but certainly left little doubt in her mind that we knew about their relationship. After Sarah, Jenny followed with a warm hug and a kiss that lingered for a moment on the lips. Finally, Amanda turned to me and somewhat nervously offered her hand, saying “You must be Sarah’s father. I am very pleased to finally meet you.”

I looked at her hand, but instead of taking it, I said “Amanda, if you are to be a part of our family, a handshake just isn’t going to cut it.” With that, I embraced her as I would a daughter. “I am very pleased to meet you, Amanda, and welcome you into our home.” We all then went inside, with Sarah and Amanda holding hands and beaming at each other. The three girls went upstairs to help Amanda get settled, and spent some 30 minutes cloistered in Sarah’s room, talking and getting acquainted. I took the time to check shipping status on a few items that I had ordered from out of town, and then called in a pizza order. We don’t get deliveries out here, but by the time I could drive in to town the order would be ready. I shouted up at the girls to let them know where I was going, and then headed in.

By the time I got back, the girls were downstairs and had drinks and plates ready. We had a great time, swapping stories while munching on the pizza. There was little doubt about how Amanda and Sarah felt, as they stayed together all evening, frequently holding hands and sharing long gazes. Even more telling was how their faces glowed whenever they looked at each other. I was a very content father indeed to see my daughter so happy and in love. Briefly, I thought that I almost missed this, and silently thanked Jenny for giving me my life back.

As the evening wore down, we each took our leave and headed up to bed. As Jenny and I were closing our door, Sarah shouted at us to remember that we had company, and to keep it down to a reasonable level. Everyone laughed, except Amanda, who had a look of shock on her face. Jenny shouted back that she doubted very much if we were the only ones making noise this night. The look on Amanda’s face at that was priceless.

Once the door was closed, Jenny came into my arms and gave me one of those full body kisses that were her specialty. When she pulled back, she kept her arms around my neck, and, looking into my eyes, said “Have I told you that I love you recently?”

“Yes,” I said, “but I never get tired of hearing you say it. I also love you, with all of my heart and soul.”

As we undressed for bed, she said “I am very proud of how you handled the situation with Amanda. Sarah was very nervous about coming out, and you handled it beautifully. She also mentioned that you knew about her and I, which caught us both by surprise. I thought we kept that a secret. Do you think Lisa knew?”

“I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure. Somehow, knowing Lisa, I would have expected her to hit the roof if she had found out. That is why I never mentioned it to her.” I replied.

“Does it bother you that I have a bi personality?” she asked.

“No, not in the least. I think it is obvious how you feel about me, and our relationship. You love me and I love you. What more could I ask for?” I replied.

“Well, considering that you are a guy, I expected you to ask to watch sometime. Would that get you hot, watching Sarah and I get nasty with each other? Or maybe Amanda and I, or all three of us? I know that the thought makes me positively wet with anticipation.” Her eyes were now glowing with animal desire.

“What gets you hot, thinking about getting it on with the girls, or having me watch?” I asked, my cock now standing at attention. “Both.” she replied. “Either.” With surprising strength, she pushed me back on the bed, her eyes smoldering with lust. She quickly positioned herself bayan escort gaziantep over me, impaling herself fully on my hard tool. I had figured out by now that this was her favorite position, allowing her to take control. She had confided that the worm Jason never allowed her this pleasure, but I was more than willing, as it was also my favorite. Lying on my back, watching her bounce up and down on my shaft, with my hands free to roam at will. What is not to like?

Soon, she was moaning her pleasure, and added something new. As she approached her peak, she began to talk dirty to me, shouting things like “Oh, God, you cock feels so good inside me!” and “Yeah, Baby, give it to me! Fuck me harder!” and finally “I’m cumming!” over and over. I surmised that having Sarah and Amanda in the next room listening inspired her performance, but I didn’t care in the least. Performance or not, this was the hottest that I had ever seen her, and that was saying a lot!

She rode me to three orgasms, before switching to a 69 to finish off. I sucked and licked her to two more climaxes before I could hold off no longer and blasted off in her mouth. She seemed to enjoy that immensely, surprising considering how her ex boyfriend had treated her in that regard. Once again, I had no complaints, as she was a master at oral. She also confided in me that, other than Sarah, I was the best in that department as well. As we finished, and cuddled in our afterglow, we could hear the sounds of passion from across the hall. With that serenade, we drifted off to sleep.

We woke early on Friday, and quickly showered and dressed. Sarah and Amanda were still asleep, so we shared a quiet breakfast to ourselves. As we were finishing, the two girls came into the kitchen with sheepish grins on their faces. Of course, Jenny could not resist.

“Wow, I didn’t expect to see you two rabbits until noon after a performance like last night!” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

“You should talk!” cried Sarah. “I bet the neighbors a mile down the road heard you two!”

Amanda was blushing all over, and looked like she wanted to hide. I got up and poured coffee for them both, and pulled out cereal and fruit for their breakfast. Both girls dug in, famished for some reason. Of course, Jenny helped them, even though she had just polished off her own huge meal. I left them to themselves, as I had a full day planned. I headed into town to take care of the final details, and did not return home until near dinner time. I had several boxes in the back of the truck, which I carried into my office and stowed away. The girls had dinner almost ready, and the sound of them talking and giggling in the kitchen warmed my heart, bringing back memories of happy times when they were growing up.

We shared our meal as a family that night, with Amanda now relaxed with our banter, and even joining in. The subject of shared showers came up, with both Amanda and Sarah thanking us for the suggestion.

“We had never tried that before, and it was marvelous!” said Sarah, her eyes gleaming. “Yeah, until the hot water ran out!” chimed in Amanda with a laugh.

“Well, remember, the point is to get clean, not frisky.” I said.

“Oh, so you are saying that my boobs and ass are really dirty? Because you sure spend a lot of time soaping them up!” added Jenny. I blushed while everyone laughed. “I never said that you can’t enjoy the experience. Besides, why shouldn’t I want my favorite toys to be clean?” I replied.

That night we all retired early, as tomorrow was to be a busy day. Of course, there was considerable moaning from both sides of the hall, but things quieted down well before midnight. Jenny slept soundly, but I had trouble getting to sleep. My mind kept running over the details in anticipation of the big day, until sleep finally took me in the early hours of the morning. I awoke at dawn, and began my preparations.

The caterer arrived about 8:00 to begin setting up, and by 10:00 Wendy and Nathan arrived, with their fiancés. We spent some time getting reacquainted before the guests began to filter in. By noon, I had about 50 people in my yard. We had music from a local string quartet, excellent food, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. After the meal was over, I asked Jenny to give me a hand, and we went into the house. Once inside, I pulled her into a hug, followed by a loving kiss. She smiled happily, enjoying the day and getting to meet so many of my friends and acquaintances. As we broke our embrace, I looked into her eyes and said “Have I told you how much I love you recently?”

“Yes, but I never get tired of hearing it.” She replied. “And I love you, with all my heart and soul.”

“Do you really feel that way?” I asked, now very serious. She noticed the change in my expression, and answered “Yes, of course I do. Why would you ask that after this week together?”

“Because,” I said, taking her hand and dropping to one knee in cim cif gaziantep escort bayan front of her, “I have been thinking about my life, and about us. I cannot think of anything that I would rather do than spend the rest of my life with you. You have made me whole again, and now you can make me the happiest man alive with one simple word. Jenny, will you marry me?” Jenny’s eyes went wide, and her face told me what a shock this was. I held my breath, looking into her eyes for some sign. Would she?

“Oh, my God, yes, yes, I will marry you.” She cried, pulling me up and wrapping her arms around my neck. We hugged, and kissed, with both of our eyes moist. When she pulled back and looked at me, she was beaming with happiness. “When do you want to do this?” she asked.

“Right now, of course. Everyone is already here.” I said.

“What? How?” she started to ask. “Don’t we need a preacher, and a license? Besides,” she looked down at her attire “I’m not dressed for a wedding!”

“Trust me. I have everything already worked out. The license is here, as well as the preacher. As for your dress, your two brides maids are waiting to help you get ready.”

At that moment, Sarah and Amanda appeared, giving both of us hugs. They were dressed in matching dresses, and looked beautiful, if you can accept a father’s opinion.

“Now, you go with them and get ready, while I get dressed. Everything is already taken care of. I’ll meet you outside in 30 minutes.” Sarah looked at her face, stroking her cheek. Her bruises had faded, but were still evident.

“Better make that an hour. Amanda and I will do her makeup to help hide some of the damage.” Sarah said, and the girls headed upstairs to get ready. I went outside to inform everyone of the timing, and then headed inside to get dressed myself. It took longer than I expected, as I was so nervous that my hands were shaking. When I was finally ready, I went outside to wait. Nathan was in his full dress uniform, while Wendy was wearing a very nice dress suit to match. They both waited by my side, serving as my “best man and woman”, and helped to calm me while we waited for the girls to make their entrance. Never has there been a longer hour in the history of the universe. I was convinced that time had ceased its flow altogether, and was about ready to send Wendy in to check, when I saw Sarah open the door and signal.

The string quartet stopped playing the Mozart piece that they had been working on, and began the traditional wedding march. Everyone stood and looked back at the house. First, Sarah appeared carrying a small basket of flower petals, which she spread along the path as she walked. She was followed by the most lovely vision I have ever laid eyes on, Jenny, in her gown. Her dress was full length, with a long veil covering her face and trailing behind. Her long hair was done in an intricate braid around her head and then falling down her back. She had bare shoulders, with lace across the bodice. Of course, the dress included an expandable panel to cover, yet still show off, her prominent bulge. Amanda followed behind, carrying the veil to keep it from dragging on the ground. Everyone was silent as the procession made its way to the front, where I was waiting. As she reached me, I took her arm in mine, and we turned to face the preacher, both a dear friend and long time pastor of our church.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this day to witness the joining of these two, Jennifer Marie McPherson and Josh Ryan Daniels, into Holy matrimony.” he intoned in a solemn voice.

As the preacher continued reciting the traditional words, I was so lost in looking at Jenny that he faded into the background. She was so beautiful that my heart was about to burst! Sarah and Amanda had worked their magic with makeup, as no hint of Jenny’s abuse was visible, even up close. Beyond that, Jenny glowed with that inner light that only brides have on their wedding day. I was mesmerized by this beautiful creature by my side, and counted myself among the luckiest men on the planet.

Nathan cleared his throat to get my attention, and after a moment I realized that it was time for the ring. Reaching in my pocket, I pulled it out. Taking Jenny’s hand, I looked into her wondrous eyes, almost losing my self, and then placed the ring on her finger.

“Jenny, I told you once that you held my heart in your hands. Those were not merely empty words, but truly reflected how I feel. Until you came into my life these few short days ago, I was lost. My heart was empty and my life hollow. I was simply waiting for the required number of days to pass so that I could leave this world, which no longer held any promise or meaning for me. You came into my life like a ray of sunshine into a deep mine shaft, illuminating my soul and opening my eyes to the world again. I am surrounded by friends and family that love me, but without your influence I could no longer see or feel their presence. You have cinsel bilgiler restored my life, my faith, and my love, and I am eternally in your debt. I offer you my love and affection, for as long as I shall live.”

Looking down, Jenny saw the heart shaped diamond that I had placed on her finger, and looked up into my eyes with joy. Sarah came forward and handed Jenny the ring for me. She held it up to examine it, and found a simple white and yellow gold band, with no stones, but etched with interlocking hearts around the outside. She looked at me with eyes alive with the love that she felt. Taking my hand, she placed the ring on my finger.

“Only one week ago, my life was nearing a tragic end. I could see no light ahead, only a dark tunnel leading into oblivion. In my darkest hour, when I was asked if there was anyone that I could call, only one name came to me, a name from my past who was always there in times of need. You came when I called, just as you always have, and lifted me out of that deep, dark hole that my life had become. You saved my life, and rescued my soul, and have taught me how to love again. I now gladly give you my love and affection, for as long as I shall live.”

The preacher continued the ceremony, but Jenny and I were now lost in each other’s eyes. Only when he cleared his throat, and repeated the invitation for us to kiss, did we come back to the moment. I lifted her veil over her head, and our lips came together as our bodies melded into the kiss. Now, time literally did cease, as we sealed our commitment to each other. When we finally separated, we heard cheers and applause from our gathered friends and family. The preacher pronounced us husband and wife, and a new life began for us both.

After the ceremony, we were congratulated and wished well by everyone. A massive cake was brought forth, and we did the ritual cutting, and fed each other our first bites. We did not smash the cake into our faces as is the norm these days, but kept or dignity and respect. We then offered our toast to our union and took our sip of champagne. With the last of the ritual affair done, we then joined the photographer that I had reserved for the event for some group photos. We took pictures with various family groupings and friends before I sent Nathan to find his old friend. When he came back with Susan, we separated from the crowd for a private moment and picture with the one most responsible for this day. We ended up with a picture of us with Susan in the middle, me on one side and Jenny on the other, in a close embrace. That picture will always have a special place on our mantle.

Finally, the crowds were gone, the caterer had packed up and left, and our home quieted down at long last. Nathan and Wendy stayed, and we were joined by Sarah and Amanda. Jenny and I had changed into more comfortable clothes, and we lounged in our living room talking of things that once were, and things still yet to come. As we wound down, Nathan asked Jenny where we intended to go on our honeymoon.

Without looking at me, Jenny said “Everything that I need or ever wanted is right here. Where on this Earth could we go and be any happier than this very spot?” She fell silent for a bit, lost in thought, then added “Well, I can think of one place that would make me even happier than right here, and that is the bed waiting for us upstairs.” Everyone laughed, but I could see that special gleam in her eye, so I knew this was not in jest. As she rose, she gave me a quick kiss, and whispered in my ear for me to give her 15 minutes. She then went up the stairs to our room.

Wendy and Josh took their leave, heading back to town and their respective mates. They would be returning home tomorrow, but promised to come back soon for a better visit. Sarah and Amanda saw them off, then curled up on the couch together to watch a movie. Sarah commented that it would be awhile before they could get any sleep anyway, so they might as well just stay up. Amanda gave her a playful slap on the arm, then got up to give me a hug.

“You don’t know how much it means to me to have you accept me into your family like this. My own parents disavowed me when they found out about us, and other than Sarah I have been alone ever since. Now, I have a new family to love, and a new place to feel at home. There is no price for the gift that you have given me.” She then gave me a quick kiss on the lips, and went back to Sarah. As I headed up the stairs, I looked back to see the two girls wrapped in each others arms and lost in a kiss. Their happiness and love for each other radiated from the couple, and I smiled contentedly as I went on up the stairs. Reaching the top, I knocked gently on the door to our bedroom.

“Come in, lover.” I heard Jenny’s voice say through the door. I opened the door, and entered to find the room illuminated by candlelight. Jenny was just lighting the last candle, and turned to meet my gaze. I caught my breath, as she was wearing the nightgown that she had modeled for me just the other day. Her hair was now loose, and flowed down about her shoulders. I paused to drink in her loveliness, before closing the door and moving to meet her by the bed. We embraced and kissed, with our lips lingering, not wanting to separate. When at last we pulled back, I said “You have made me the happiest man in the world today. It has only been a week, but I cannot even imagine life without you.”

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