Jessica Gets a Surprise Package

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“I wonder why Jessica wanted us to come over so fast,” remarked Cindy on the way to the apartment of their friend, Jessica.

“She probably wants to tell us about her latest boyfriend,” laughed Sally.

Sally and Cindy giggled at the thought of Jessica obsessing over yet another guy. A few blocks later they arrived at Jessica’s apartment. Cindy reached up to knock on the door, but it swung open before she could hit the hard surface. Cindy and Sally gasped at the person holding the door open. It was Jessica. But she wasn’t herself. She stood with one arm raised on the threshold, the other holding the doorknob. Bright red platform sandals clung to her feet, her legs were bare and glistening with a sultry mixture of sweat and massage oil. Lace panties barely covered her pulsing pussy. Cindy and Sally’s eyes ran from Jessica’s bikini line, up her perfect abs, to her bulging breasts. A skimpy red bra held her tits together, hard nipples pushed out on the lacey fabric. Jessica’s hair reached down to her breasts, gently tickling her cleavage. Her lips were pouty and shining, her eyes determined. The three girls stood in the doorway for a minute in complete silence. Cindy and Sally just stared, slowly getting wet and numb.

Finally Jessica invited them in, “I told you this was urgent! Come in!”

Jessica turned around, her ass sticking out, her back arched. She moved her head slowly, her hair trailing across her back. She led her friends into her red-lit bedroom. Sally and Cindy had always teased Jessica for her decor. It screamed, “I’m desperate! I need a man to fuck me!” today, however, their bodies bursa escort looked at the lighting and furniture in a different way. Jessica jumped up onto the edge of her bed, her legs spread.

“Jessica, are you ok?” Sally asked, as she removed her jacket and sat on the couch.

“Something happened to me today. I was looking through old yearbooks and picture albums. I was trying to find a picture of one of my old crushes. After a couple hours I found him. And he wasn’t as attractive as he once was. I was confused at how uninterested I was in him. I mean, I still like guys, but that’s not all anymore. I kept paging through my books, and there was this one picture I could not take my eyes off. Jessica turned over on the bed, on her knees, reaching for the picture on her nightstand. She handed it to Cindy and Sally. The picture was from a few years ago, at a slumber party they had. It was right around the time when Sally and Cindy first realized they were lesbians. The two were experimenting at the slumber party. The picture was of Cindy and Sally in their bras and underwear wrestling on the floor. The girls giggled, remembering how horny and uncertain they had been.

Jessica stood up and walked very close to her friends and grabbed the picture from them. “Now, you two have always been my best friends. Today, I want to try something new. So, take off your clothes. All of them.”

Cindy and Sally looked at each other and grinned. They always talked about Jessica during their greatest fantasies. Now, it was coming true. They quickly began ripping off the layers of clothing until they stood naked escort bursa and panting.

“I hope you girls don’t mind, but I’m going to be in charge today. If you want to take control, you’ll have to fight for it. Get on the bed,” Jessica demanded as she pulled out two vibrators from behind her back. She kneeled on the bed in between Cindy and Sally, their legs spread wide. She turned the vibrators on and gently pushed them inside their wet vaginas. Jessica’s right hand pushed and pulled on the vibrator inside Sally, while her left hand pleasured Cindy. The two girls grasped each other’s hands, barely able to contain their excitement. Jessica removed the vibrators after a few minutes, wanting to make this adventure last as long as possible.

“Now, I want you two to blindfold me and then do everything that you’ve always wished you could do to my body,” Jessica stated, handing Cindy a blindfold. Cindy kneeled close to her new lover and wrapped the blindfold tightly around Jessica’s head. Sally reached for Jessica’s bra straps, and tugged them down off her shoulders. She moved close to Jessica, kissing her neck and shoulders, her hands caressing her stomach and back. Then, Sally started grinding into Jessica’s hip and thigh. On the other side, Cindy wrapped her arms around Jessica’s body, rubbing her pussy against Jessica’s warm skin. Cindy and Jessica moved to Jessica’s breasts, each licking a hard nipple. Sally pushed Jessica down onto the bed and continued sucking her breast. Cindy pulled Jessica’s panties down to her knees, and started kissing her legs. She pushed Jessica’s legs up, and licked bursa escort bayan the underside of her thighs. Cindy spread Jessica’s legs apart and pushed her face into her pussy. Jessica let out a groan as Cindy licked her clit with her expert tongue. Sally ripped off Jessica’s bra, leaving her completely naked. She caressed her boobs and started kissing Jessica’s lips. Jessica opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into Sally’s hungry mouth. Jessica moved her hands, feeling for Sally’s tits, then for her pussy. Jessica sighed, hearing the doorbell ring. Cindy got up, wiping her mouth, to answer the door.

She swung the door open, “Can I help you?”

A young man stood there, gaping.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh, damn. I hope so. I have a package here for Jessica?” The man said, holding a small cardboard box.

“A package? Why don’t you come in? I’m sure she’d love to see your package.”

He cleared his throat, shaking. Cindy grabbed his arm and ushered him down the hall into Jessica’s room. Cindy motioned to him to be quiet as she unbuckled his pants and tore off his shirt. Sally was humping Jessica, distracting her from the latest visitor. Cindy pushed the delivery man toward Jessica. His cock was pulsing and his skin was glistening with sweat.

Jessica gasped, “Who was at the door?”

“Oh, there was a package for you,” Cindy replied, guiding the man toward Jessica’s pussy.

“What was it?”

“Something you haven’t gotten for a long time…”

“Tell me, what was–” the man slammed his cock inside Jessica. She gasped and reached for her blindfold. Sally grabbed Jessica’s hands and held them down.

“Do you like the package, Jessica?” Cindy teased. Jessica grabbed the man’s body and brought it close to her, in response. Cindy and Sally smiled at each other, grabbed hands and headed for the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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