Jim and Edie Again Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 — Discovery and Discussion

We sat outside in the warm evening at Rita and Hank’s and I had a cup of coffee since I was driving. Bruce joined me in the beverage. On the other hand, I made sure to refill Edie’s wine glass with the last of the wine so that she’d be a little less inhibited about answers when I posed my questions later.

About ten-thirty, Bruce and Mindy, and Edie and I got up and made departure moves. I got a large hug from Rita and another kiss on my lips. I could have chalked that up to casual affection, but I thought there might be something more sinister going on. Nonetheless, I managed to maintain my happy demeanor all the way to Edie’s house.

I mentally noted that I’d give her ‘home court advantage’ before I asked any questions. We’d do this at her house, then if I felt I needed to, I could leave.

Edie was in my arms and kissing me as soon as the front door closed. I kissed back, but led her into the living room. I seated her in a chair and then sat in its duplicate, facing her. For a couple of seconds, she looked confused and slightly worried.

I said slowly and deliberately, “We have to talk … or rather, YOU need to talk.”

Edie suddenly looked pale. “What?”

“My new girlfriend got caught by her new boyfriend kissing our host and letting him feel her breast through her clothing. I thought that was a little out of the norm, so I was curious about what was going on. I’m guessing based on what I heard, that one of the secrets that you’ve yet to share is involved.”

I shut up at that point. I learned well in the class I took at NASA entitledThe Art of Negotiation’; he who talks first after the challenge loses. It wasn’t that I wanted Edie to lose, but I did want her to talk in a revealing way.

Edie muttered, “Oh, shit. I’m sorry.”

I remained mute and waited.

Edie finally started after a long silence. I outwaited her. “A little over four years ago, I got all restless and horny again after years of keeping on the straight and narrow. Harry and I were rarely having sex, and I was … horny all the time like I am now with you. I talked to Harry about wanting to do some sexual things with other people, but only if we knew them well and could trust them. I don’t know how he did it, but Harry produced Hank and Rita; I think he knew them through some of his volunteer work or maybe his regular work. I forget. We got together with them socially several times and then he asked whether I liked them enough to engage sexually with them. I did, and so we did. I think we all fell in love with each other. Rita became my best friend, although we didn’t do anything sexual unless the men were around. I loved Hank and he was and is very solicitous of me.

“And then, Harry died. I was devastated. I crawled into my shell and wouldn’t come out. I didn’t want to do anything sexual with anybody. As the months passed, Rita and Hank asked me to rejoin with them, but I told them ‘No’. I didn’t want to be a fifth wheel or create a triangle. I worried that I’d latch onto Hank and try to turn him into a husband, or even create a lesbian relationship with Rita. I didn’t want to be the ‘other woman’.

“Also, I knew I couldn’t engage with them without having my own love interest. I needed a solid base for my own confidence in that kind of sexual situation.”

I nodded and gestured for Edie to continue.

“Rita and Hank left me alone, but every few months one of them would make sure to let me know that I’d be welcome back with hugs and kisses. Somehow, they found Bruce and Mindy and started a loving and sexual relationship with them. Rita told me, and I heard about their exploits in being together. They also became good friends … and lovers with each other.”

“Rita decided I needed to get social — to date — and that’s where you came into the picture. She never said it, but I’m sure she hopes you’ll become my base and support so we can all play again.”

I sat back in the chair and studied her. The silence hung on the air as she studied me trying to figure out what I was thinking. I asked, “Do you want to?” I kept my voice as neutral as I could. I was even avoiding judgments to myself.

“Honestly, yes. It was fun, arousing, naughty, and all sorts of positive things. Harry and I both thought it strengthened our marriage. We talked more, made love more, and became a couple again rather than two individuals rooming together.

“I know this is kind of shock so early in our relationship. I am ready to just avoid any kind of situation if it means losing you. You are of paramount importance to me. We have been having our own fun and can continue to do that.”

I posed, “And other secrets or confessions?”

Edie shook her head. “I told you I got pretty slutty in late high school, college, and my twenties until I met Harry. I guess I could go into detail, but I was going to hold onto those until I needed a dirty story or two to tell you to get you cranked up. I’m not hiding them, I promise.”

“Affairs while you escort tanıtımları were married?” I posed.

“None. Zero. Harry, too.”

“Why did your mood change four years ago?”

“I asked my doctor. She told me I was likely hypersexual and had been since adolescence. I’d managed to curb the tendencies while I was having and raising our children. Things started up around menopause and after the last one left home — my daughter Penny, and I guess I relaxed and allowed my nymphomaniac tendencies to reemerge. Harry wasn’t surprised at all; he just rolled with the situation.”

I asked, “Was Rita coming onto me tonight?”

“With her kisses and hugs? Yes, probably. She likes you and hopes you like her. She whispered to me that she ‘got off’ on you. I said nothing, but I did roll my eyes. Tonight, and earlier, I’ve really tried to avoid the issue with them, but I guess I knew it would come up sometime. I didn’t want to say or do anything to upset what we’ve started to build. Please don’t leave me because of this.

“The moment with Hank was sweet and just him reminding me that the two of them wanted me … wanted us. I pretty much told them I wouldn’t do anything unless you were part of it. I emphasize, we don’t need to be or to do anything further with them. I want them as friends, but beyond that we can just put a barrier there.

A long silence ensued. Finally, I stood. “I need to think.” Without a further word, I sauntered to the front door and left.

* * * * *

I cried all night long — a woman’s prerogative. My pillow was drenched. My eyes were red. My complexion was blotchy. I was up wandering around at dawn again, having coffee. A man! I was crying over a man — a truly great man that I’d fallen deeply in love with in only a few days — a few hours.

I looked out at my empty driveway where he’d parked whenever he was at my house. I cried some more. The house had wet tissues on almost every surface. I lost him. He was gone. My past behavior and the portent for more had done me in as far as he was concerned. I was a sexual deviant and he wasn’t.

My phone rang and eight-thirty a.m. I answered and it was Rita. I sobbed, “I’ve lost him — I told him about us and he just went off to think.” I cried really hard.

“Come over!” Rita implored almost screaming at me over my crying. “Now!”

I choked out, “All right. Later.”

Rita emphasized, “No, right now. It’s important. We want to support you, but you have to be here.”

I didn’t understand, but I got dressed. I thought of Jim’s admonishment about my bra and panties and left them in my dresser, as though adhering to some request he’d made hours earlier would bring him back.

I got in my car and managed to drive to Rita and Hank’s home, although I was crying. As I arrived, I was astonished to see Jim’s car parked on the street. Now, I was puzzled.

Rita was out the door to greet me in a flash. “Come on. Yes, Jim is here. He woke us up at seven this morning, and we had a long talk.” She led me into the house and into the living room. She pushed a mug of black coffee into my hands. Jim and Hank came into the room from the kitchen and sat down. I saw Jim and sobbed again, “I love you; I miss you.” I didn’t dare go to him; it might aggravate him.

Jim got up and came to me. He kissed my forehead. “I do love you, and I haven’t been gone long enough for you to miss. Besides, based on what I’ve heard, I’m not leaving you.”

My heart kind of soared into outer space on just those few words. He was still going to be my boyfriend — maybe?

Rita motioned Jim back to his seat, and she knelt between all of us on the rug. She announced, “Jim wanted to know the extent of the swinging that we did with you and Harry, and what we wanted to do with you now, and the emotional attachments. I think we answered those questions.”

Hank volunteered, “We always felt great affection for you and later genuine love as our relationship matured. We put the sexual part of that on hold when Harry died and you told us you weren’t ready for that kind of thing again. We still love you and want what’s best for you. We want you to be happy.

“I fell in love with you, as you know, and Rita loved Harry. When he died, we were all shattered and dumbfounded. Later, we happened to meet Bruce and Mindy, and they kind of took your place as you licked your wounds of widowhood. I want to add that we love them, too; and they certainly love Jim and are coming to feel the same about you.”

Jim said, “The feelings of love in the relationships are important to me. If this were a casual ‘friends with benefits’ hook-up I’d be less enthused about the situation. I told Rita and Hank, that I am surprised and amazed that Bruce and Mindy are sexually involved with them. I’ve known them for years, and they never once hinted at that side of their lives.”

Rita said, “Well, what about you, Jim. Tell Edie the rest of your thinking.”

Jim smiled, “I can see ‘US’ gaziantep escort telefonları joining in with the other two couple in this mix, and I mean sexually and emotionally. I have all sorts of qualms about going against what appears to be ‘normal’ society, but I also have all these personal wants and needs that engaging like this might satisfy. I want to reserve the right to back out if I can’t cope.

“You mentioned being hypersexual. I think I have leanings in that direction. My shorthand for that is what I told you; I have a very active libido. I think about sex a lot, and then you entered my life. You are Aphrodite personified — the goddess of sex and love and beauty. I already pledged to love you, and I see no reason to change that pledge. I want for your happiness.”

I launched myself from my chair across the space and into Jim’s arms. “Oh, God, I love you too.” I rained kisses on him and he felt my wet cheeks and saw the redness in my eyes from my all-night bouts of crying.

I curled up in Jim’s lap the way a kitten might.

Jim went on, “As many find in a coupling that spans four decades, the heat and passion wane. That was true for Diane and me. I wanted the sex and the heat of a hot love, but it wasn’t there until you came along. Suddenly, I have an equal again. Someone who is as horny as I am, wants sex just as much if not more, and wants to do outrageous and sexy things. Why on earth would I ever give that up? I may never get another chance, and best of all it’s with YOU.” He kissed me again.

I sat up, “So … so … so, does that mean that you will be loving and sexual with everyone.”

Jim laughed, “Not so much the guys, although I already have a ‘good buddy’ relationship with Bruce and am already developing one with Hank. We just won’t be all that sexual with each other.”

“But with Rita and Mindy?”

Rita grinned lecherously at him and made us all laugh; even me.

Jim laughed, “Yes, if they want me. They will be part of the scene that I have been seeking for decades — the hot sex, the naughtiness, part of the outrageous scene I want to live in, and part of the loving.”

“And you won’t get all antsy and jealous if I make love with Hank or Bruce?” I asked in a near whisper for fear of a bad answer.

Rita jumped in, “We explained about ‘compersion’ to him. I’m pretty sure he gets it and can live it the way we hope.”

I nestled my head into Jim’s chest, “Oh, I’m so happy.”

Rita teased, “And when I had you on the phone you were to most unhappy person I’d ever known.”

“You all rescued me,” I said from inside Jim’s hug.

Jim said, “One request from all of you, please. Just give me a little more time to get used to all this and to spend some quality time with Edie.”

* * * * *

Despite the revelations of the past several days I was pretty happy. Edie was walking around my house naked except for her stiletto black heels that made her legs look like a million dollars. She’d often find me wherever I was and just hug and kiss me. She usually offered me a breast to suck on, too; and, of course, a pussy to finger or fuck.

Could I resist her advances? Fuck no! Who’d want to? We made love about eight to ten times a day, and no, I’m a male, and I didn’t cum that often. Those times, I would eat her to several orgasms and then try to return to whatever I’d been doing before being so delightfully interrupted. We were working our way through every room in both our houses.

I studied up about how to make love to a woman without a male orgasm, and hence the need for a refractory period. When I first searched on the internet there were only 625-million responses that I needed to check out. Edie approved of my research and provided me the platform for me to try out various techniques and ideas. We were having fun and she was having lots of orgasms.

I was in my den one day continuing my research and also keeping up with current events when I heard the door chimes. I wasn’t sure that Edie was dressed enough to answer the door, but I was wrong. I got to the foyer hallway just as she opened the door wearing … her heels.

Bruce was there and immediately broke into a really wide smile at his welcoming committee.

Edie said like the perfect hostess, “Well, don’t just stand there, come in.” She politely gestured.

Bruce came in and saw me. “Jim, I thought I’d stop by for some company and conversation.”

Edie pulled Bruce into the living room before he could say more. She pushed him into a chair and then sat in his lap. She planted a huge kiss on his lips and then pulled his head down so he could suck on one of her tits.

I found myself watching, getting aroused, and laughing. She put one of his hands between her legs so he could stroke her pussy. This was obviously for my benefit. I was being tested, and Bruce unwittingly had become her pawn in the experiment.

Bruce looked up at me, “I wasn’t expecting any of this … or gaziantep escort bayan telefonları planning … your girlfriend is hot.” They made out for a minute. He tried to continue, “I thought with what you learned a few days ago that you might like to talk. Mindy thought that was a good idea, too. She sent her love … and desire, too. Rita had a long talk with her yesterday afternoon sharing what had been going on with the two of you and various revelations.”

I took a seat grinning as Edie went back to trying to get Bruce to suck on her nipples and finger her slit. “Go ahead,” I teased.

“My concentration is ruined for the next month,” he said not entirely honoring Edie’s advances.

Edie finally laughed and stood, “I’ll let you guys talk, but someday soon you are invited to fuck me into oblivion. Do you want a drink?”

Bruce accepted a Diet Coke. “God, she’s hotter than the sun, you lucky devil.”

I teased, “Oh, soon enough, you’ll get to enjoy some romantic time with her. I’m getting used to the idea. Watching her with you was a bit of a jolt, but I lived through it. I’ve been doing a lot of studying on the Internet about the practice of swinging, group sex, and hot wives and girlfriends.”

“We did keep that side of our lives private from you. Sorry for our incomplete disclosure.”

“Oh, quite all right. So, you and Mindy are swingers?”

“Yeah, but I don’t like that term. It sounds too frivolous. We wanted to feel some affection and love for the people we were intimate with. In case Rita or Hank didn’t tell you, the four of us didn’t just hop into bed the first time we met.”

I teased, “Oh, you made it to your second get-together.”

“No, I think we’d seen them half-a-dozen or more times, and then we worked up to it slowly. Because they’d been with Hank and Edie — who we didn’t meet until the night you met her, they had a head start on us in term of knowing what feelings and emotions we’d encounter. They talked us through those. They also worked up slowly with us, just like Edie just did with me — naked in my lap, having me suck on her breasts and stroke her pussy. The first time I saw Hank do that to Mindy, I almost came unglued. Are you OK?”

I nodded, “Better than fine. I knew she was toying with you like a cat with a lame mouse. Most of that was to test me, I think; not to take away from her attraction for you. If she was serious, you’d be down the hall in our bedroom with your cock buried in her vag. I’m glad she got the opportunity to do that with you and also to tease me with what she did.”

Bruce nodded, “So, I’m now an open book on the subject. I’m here to answer questions. Let me add a message from my wife and I quote as best I can; ‘Tell Jim that I can hardly wait to make love with him. I want his dick in as deep in my cunt as he can get it, and not just once. I love that man’. So, there’s your starting position with my wife. She already loves you.”

“And I have a great deal of affection and love for her,” I confessed. “I just never thought it’d include a sexual component.”

“The sex makes the love complete and more expressive. While sex without love is nice, adding in the love makes it so much greater.”

I posed, “Do you think you’ve hurt your marriage or relationship by having sex outside your union?”

“NO!” he reacted viscerally. “Our marriage was in the doldrums. We were roommates and rarely had sexual relations. We’re not spring chickens like we were forty years ago when we met in college. I thought Mindy would totally dismiss Rita when she approached her with the offer to get to know us better before becoming even more serious and sexual. Instead, she brought the offer up with me that night.

“We talked, and then we fucked, and then we talked some more, and then we fucked some more. She teased me and acted like she was Rita and I was fucking her for the first time. Then she pretended that I was Hank and she was fucking him for the first time. She got me so cranked up, I made love with her a third time that night. I was also a convert to the idea.

“I should preface all that with a few other points. I’ve always considered myself pretty liberal. We have gay and lesbian friends, one couple even married. Not my thing, but I love them just the same. I read some book not too long ago about monogamy being only one option for a couple or group. I have always liked the ‘hot wife’ stories online. Put that altogether, and I was kind of primed to say ‘yes’ to Rita and Hank’s offer.

“As for our marriage and relationship, I think doing the sex with them awakened our own love for each other and marriage. We’re more sexually active, talk more, do romantic little things for each other, and, of course, we love getting together with Hank and Rita.”

“How often do you enjoy sex with them?”

Bruce laughed, “Every time, but I know what you’re asking. When we started with both wanted to fuck with them every day, but after our first few weeks together they made it every four or five days. We’ve tapered down a little, so I’d say, on average, every ten days or so. Sometimes, we do two days back to back, and then not for a while. I don’t know what you’ll experience since Edie knows them, but just hasn’t been with them for a long while. I’ve never thought it made a difference in Mindy and my relationship whether we did it a lot or not because I found I liked being with Rita so much.”

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