Juanita ‘n Dito Ch. 13-15


Dear readers,

I hope y’all are well during these difficult times. For those who are having a hard time I hope it gets better soon for you.

Maybe my story can help you to get away from it all for a bit.

Never thought I would ever publish this story based on my life. This is already the fifth part and to be honest… there’s a lot more coming when we may live through this corona-crise.

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13 In the living room

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Little Earthquakes by Tori Amos

Sixty-five minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened the door for her. She hesitated for a moment so I pulled her in by her arm. I closed the door again while she took in the room. We were in my living room. Two large windows with net curtains let a diffuse light fall on a three-seater sofa, two large armchairs and a coffee table. There was also a large bookcase in the room, which was filled with yearbooks from the sorority.

Next to this bookcase was the door to my bedroom, well, the door to the bedroom of the preses. And next a door to the bathroom.

“Sooo, Chèrie, so you thought you could make the hour a little longer?” I snapped. She looked amazed at me.

“Here, an hour has sixty minutes,” I said, letting her hair slip through my fingers. “And not sixty-five, IS THAT CLEAR!” As I sank to my knees, I yanked her hair down.

She uttered a shout, more fright than pain, and lost her balance. She fell back and I put my arm around her shoulder. I planted the other one on the carpet so that I would not fall and she would not fall against the coffee table with the back of her head. My hand squeezed her shoulder.

“Is that clear?” She looked at me with wide eyes. I squatted beside her and held my arm around her. I could hardly suppress the urge to kiss her. Again she opened her mouth and I lifted my hand and brought my fingers to her face. Totally bewildered, I saw how she leaned forward and took my fingers into her mouth.

She winked at me, gently bit me in my index finger, took them out of her mouth and said, “That is what you wanted to do, Oui?” I squeezed her lower jaw with my wet hand.

“We agreed not to talk. And if you answer me, you address me as Madam De Preses. And to remind you … ” I leaned forward and bit hard on her lips that were squeezed by my hand. She shivered and I heard her moan. I licked her lips and tasted blood.

“Now it should be clear, be obedient and you will like it here. If not, then I know something about teaching you in other ways.”

I stood up, pulled her with me, and sat down in the closest armchair. As I sat down I tapped her knee to indicate that she could sit in front of me. She first wiped a drop of blood with the back of her hand from her chin and then sank through her knees. I spread my legs, came forward and put my hands on her shoulders.

She looked questioningly at me, lowered her eyes for a moment, and then looked straight between my legs. My skirt was tight and I felt how she slumped slightly under my hands.

“My eyes are here, Chèrie!” She looked at me again. Her eyes searched for confirmation. It excited me that she had looked at me so boldly. I tried to stay stoic, which didn’t work out well and I felt how I got wet.

“Good.” I cleared my throat and started: “Regarding your duties here in the coming weeks. Your first concern is that I and my adjutants lack nothing. In addition…”

Her gaze strayed to my skirt. I grabbed her chin and tilted her gaze up. “HERE, pledge!”

I had to admit that it hadn’t sounded convincing to me either. I tapped her cheek with two fingers. “You also take care of my breakfast and my dinner. You do the shopping and clean the rooms. If you do this satisfactorily, you may use my bathroom once at the end of these weeks. Is it clear so far? “

I still held her chin and immediately as her mouth opened I squeezed hard. “Yes or no is enough. So nod or shake.” I demonstrated once again what I meant by it.

Her eyes became watery. I released her and she had to resume herself. But again her eyes wandered to my legs. I had an idea, sat back and made sure that my skirt remained tense between my thighs.

I started talking to her softly: “Does this bother you Chèrie? Do you like to look at a woman between her legs?” I put my knees together for a moment to catch her attention.

All the time she had been sitting in front of me, her hands had been in her lap. At least, so it seemed. Now that I relaxed and looked closer, I saw her left hand move under her skirt. She covered it with her right hand. Because I held my knees together, her eyes slowly rose. Her mouth was slightly open and I saw her tongue go down the lower edge of her damaged upper lip.

Suddenly I pulled her left hand towards me.

“Now let me have a look at this!” I said as she rebounded and lost her bursa eskort bayan balance again due to the sudden jerk on her arm. She almost hit my knees with her head, and if I hadn’t had the presence of mind to spread my legs again, she would probably have hit it. Now she went on and ended up with her head between my thighs, which I promptly closed.

I still held her left arm and pulled over so that I got her wrist. “Hmmm, so I’m not the only one who was excited.” Her forefinger and middle finger glistened. I brought her hand to my face and smelled her fingers.

Then I stuck out my tongue and let it slide slowly down the back of her hand towards her middle finger. I licked her fingers one by one and then put them in my mouth, my tongue circling around it. All the while I had kept her head between my thighs and I could feel her breath on my skin.

I opened my legs and pulled her up. “For the time being Chèrie, this was it for you. Now, let’s see what you brought! Dépêche-toi! Hurry up.”

We entered her room. She had made the bed with a set of sheets and a comforter that were still in the cupboard. I also saw a small suitcase at the door.

“Why is the case there? Couldn’t you have cleaned it up?”

She looked at me and hesitantly started “I wanted to put’em on the cupboard. But I was too short and could not get it.”

I grabbed the suitcase and hurled it onto the cupboard. “That’s it. Now let’s see what you’ve brought? ” I said and opened the doors of her wardrobe.

Two complete school uniforms hung there. She was systematic. Blouse, skirt, blazer, blouse, skirt, blazer. Behind them were two more blouses and two skirts, then a white, translucent organza blouse with a ruffle along the buttons and on the sleeves, hmm, this was one classy lady. And a simple black skirt. There was also a boring sweater and jeans with holes.

She was still behind me. I looked in the two drawers. In the first, she had put her school stockings, some t-shirts and other stockings, and a bathing suit? Well, why did she take that? The second drawer contained her underwear. Hmm, 1,2,3… 5 strings, 3 butterfly pants and hip pants, 2 shorts and 4 bras in different colors. I grabbed a white bra and white butterfly pants, the black skirt and the organza blouse and threw them on the bed. “Put them on!”

For a moment it seemed as if she wanted to walk out the door with the clothes I had selected. She looked at me, then again at the door, then at me again and sighed resignedly.

Immediately, however, she resumed herself and began to undress aggressively. She was still ashamed when she had to change her pants and bra and turned her back to me. When she was dressed I looked at her.

14 In training

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Night Clubbing by Grace Jones

“Right! That blouse comes off. First of all, it looks expensive. I don’t want you to look like a lady, but like a maid, and it would be a shame to dirty such a beautiful thing. That skirt, I have to think about for a while.”

I looked at her from head to toe and turned her around.

“Well now stockings and …” I looked at the shoes she had taken off when she changed and looked further into the room. There was a toilet bag on the desk, but no shoes could be seen anywhere.

“Did you have no other shoes with you? These look well with your school uniform, but you won’t tell me that you didn’t bring any other shoes. Or is this it?”

“Yes, I brought other shoes, you threw them up on the cupboard.”

I looked at the cupboard, stood on her made-up bed and grabbed the suitcase. “That wasn’t very efficient, Chèrie. Now I have to get that suitcase down again.”

I clicked it open and a couple of All-Stars fell out. “That’s it…? Did you let me get that case just for that? For a few sneakers?” I looked angrily at her.

“Non, non, there’s more in the suitcase.” She took the suitcase from me and opened a zipper at the top.

Two sealed bags came out. She untied the knot from the cord of one bag and offered it to me. She started to open the second bag herself, but I took it from her.

“Je vous en prie, please, do it carefully. They are very dear to me.”

I opened the bag and took out a black lacquer stiletto heel. The special thing about this shoe was that it had a Rosé gold, 4½ inches long heel and at the bottom of the sole there was a curly “R” in the same Rosé gold. It was breathtaking. How I would have liked to have such high heels.

“Well, you can’t wear these when you’re my maid. Just put them back in the suitcase.” I threw the bag back into the open suitcase and the shoe on her bed.

“What shoe size do you wear? And didn’t I tell you to take off that blouse?”

She looked a bit lost in the room. “Should I give you a hand?” I asked.

Without waiting for her to react, I walked over and started unbuttoning her blouse. She said nothing and looked at my hands that had arrived bursa merkez escort at the fourth button. I couldn’t help touching her breast with the back of my hand. She had, from what I could tell, a size C cup, maybe D, just like me.

Instead of stepping back to avoid contact as I had expected, she pressed her chest against my hand and looked at me bravely.

“Oh, so you want to go that way?” I looked her in the eye and she looked down. “We are going to work on that.”

Without saying a word, I pushed the blouse down over her shoulders and held her arms at her back by pulling the blouse straight backwards at the sleeves. With my other hand I tried to pull down her bra. This took me some effort because I only had one hand free.

She watched amused at my struggle. No way, I would let this pass unnoticed!

“Now you’re crossing a line Chèrie!” I pulled at the bra and yanked her against me. She bumped into my breasts. Because of the force with which I had pulled her towards me, her left breast was shot out of the cup and stood perkily up, her blouse had also come out of her skirt.

“Let’s see if you still have that smirk on your face when I’m done with you” I said in her ear and bit on her earlobe.


“Ssst, you call this upon yourself, ma belle. You want to challenge me? Then you will get it too.”

I grabbed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and turned it, as if I turned on a transistor radio. “Hmmmmpfff” she pressed her lips together while I continued. My nails were long and sharp, so when I pressed them into her areola and pushed them together her expression changed immediately.

“Nnnnnn” With gritted teeth she opened her mouth. When I let go, I left a few sharp pointed marks in her breast. I still held her blouse. I let go.

“On your knees now!” She sank to her knee and tried to keep her balance with her hand. I kicked her hand away.

“No hands, you keep them on your back.” She staggered but she managed to sit on her knees. Her blouse was wedged between her thighs and calves and kept her hands almost trapped.

“Stay seated and don’t move, pledge!” I hissed at her as I walked through the living room to my bedroom. I took two satin scarves from my wardrobe. On the way back I pulled down my now wet panties and got out of them. Before I got into her room I lowered my skirt. She was humbly looking at the door when I returned. I kept the scarves behind my back. I walked around her and knelt on one knee behind her.

“Keep your head straight, Chèrie.” I whispered in her ear and bit her earlobe again. I folded the scarf into a blindfold and tied it over her eyes, all the while she sat still.

“I don’t need to see that look of yours. Lift your butt, you will ruin your blouse this way.”

I reached for her and unfastened the last buttons. Then I also loosened the buttons on her sleeves. Carefully, in order not to damage the fine fabric, I helped her out of her blouse and laid it on the bed. She tried to put her bra back in order with her now released hands.

I tapped her upper arms. “Tut, tut, don’t. I hadn’t said anything about that. Arms at your back! ” She brought her arms back and I tied them together with the other scarf.

“Now you hold the ends and you don’t let go, you understand?” I put an end of the scarf in each hand. She nodded. I brought my arms under her armpits and slowly got up so she wouldn’t fall.

When she stood up, I whispered to her: “Listen carefully, Chèrie, I’m going to hurt you because you deserve punishment. And I want you to endure this because I ultimately want to make you a good Amazone. Is that clear?”

“Oui, mais …” I put my thumb in her mouth, pressed her tongue down and pulled her lower jaw.

“Again, is that clear?” She nodded.

“Good, then we will start your training now.” I grabbed her again under her armpit and guided her to the living room.

15 In leather

While you read this part of the story, listen to the album:

Lunatico by Gothan Project

She had been very candid this afternoon. I brought the conversation up again. We had gone to a small restaurant, just outside the center, where I sometimes came when I didn’t feel like cooking. I knew the owner, Xochitl, from the past, we grew up in the same village. She was a great cook and always knew how to surprise me with a special dish of the day. Juanita and I arrived with the Starlet around two o’clock and Xochitl was busy preparing for dinner in the open kitchen.

“Chittie, it’s me, Dito. Just stay in the kitchen. I’m with a friend. Do you have fresh coffee? Then I’ll get it myself. “

Despite of what I had said to her, Xochitl came out of the kitchen through the bead curtain with a big smile.

“Hola, Doña Delgado, what are you doing here so early? I’m still busy … but of course I always have coffee for you.”

She rubbed her hands clean on her apron and went to the bar.

“Never mind Chittie, bursa sınırsız escort bayan you go on with your preparing. I’ll make a bill and grab the coffee myself. We want to talk undisturbed and will dive into a corner.”

Xochitl stopped and looked at me, then she studied Juanita from head to toe and muttered: “Oh, fine. Just do it, you know the way, call Chittie when you need her, although I don’t expect that to happen.”

I smiled at her. “We’ll work it out, Chittie. Do you want coffee as well? Then I’ll bring you a cup.” She nodded and walked back into the kitchen.

I nodded to a table in the back of the restaurant and said to Juanita: “We’re going to sit over there.”

There was nobody else in the restaurant and I led Juanita to a round table in a corner where we could not be disturbed. Then I walked back to the bar and poured three cups of coffee.

I first walked into the kitchen and gave Xochitl a kiss and her coffee while I whispered in her ear: “Thank you, honey. My girlfriend and I need to talk to each other quietly, therefor we came here because I know I can count on your discretion.” I gave her a big smile and she thawed somewhat.

“You know, Doña Delgado, you can always come to Chittie.” She gave me a conspiratorial wink

I kissed her again on her cheek. “I know that, Chittie, I know that and I am grateful for that.”

I left the kitchen and brought the coffee to the table in the corner. Juanita had taken off her coat and sat with her back to me. I could tell from her posture that she was having a hard time and decided not to start talking about that fucking idiot Carlos and his mistresses. There had been more stories about Carlos and the ladies in the past years. But it wasn’t up to me to inform her about that. It would only make her more sad.

“Black, right?” I said as I put down the cup. “Do you want anything else?”

She looked at me. “No thank you, Dito. You have already done so much for me. “

I sat down and moved the chair a little closer to her, so that we came together. “So far I have not done much for you except for being able to give you some breathing space.”

She stared at me and, as I continued to look at her, lowered her eyes.

“That’s more than what most would do for me.” she whispered. “They would rather have seen me fall.” She began to play with her skirt nervously.

“All right,” I said to break the ice. “Now that we are getting to know each other better, please try to see me as your friend.” She tilted her head slightly and looked at me from under her lock.

“No Dito, I can’t do that. You are so much older and… ehhh” her voice became a little hoarse and she whispered: “You radiate authority; I could never be your equal.”

I wanted to shrug my shoulders, but just looking at her was enough to realize that she meant it, so I just nodded.

“Whatever you want, Juanita. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of our relationship.”

At the word relationship, I saw her eyes grow wide.

“Good, honey, have you thought about how you want to continue?”

She straightened her back and looked straight at me now. “I’m not going to give him the opportunity to fire me. Firstly because I desperately need the money and secondly because I do not wish to give him that victory.”

I clapped my hands … “Good, good, good girl! That’s the spirit! Make sure that you rise above him, that he cannot break you. Don’t give him any opportunity to get you down. You are stronger than such a fool!” I said laughing.

At that moment Xochitl came out of the kitchen with a tray on which a plate of warm tortillas and a number of bowls with salad and sauces, which she placed on the table next to us.

“On the house,” she said, walking away again.

“Hmm, if Chittie brings something like that, we just have to make sure we eat it. I would not like to make her angry.” Juanita started laughing.

I placed the plate and the bowls on our table and nodded. “Grab something, I’ll go get something to drink. Do you want a beer?”

She looked at me in surprise. “Uh, aren’t we actually working?” “


She kept her mouth shut and nodded hesitantly. I stood up and walked to the bar.

“Chittie, we’re having a beer.” I called to the back. Something unintelligible came out of the kitchen so I assumed it was okay. With the bottles I walked back, meanwhile observing Juanita.

She had hung her blazer over the chair and was stirring a red sauce with her coffee spoon while she was looking at the photos on the wall.

Suddenly I realized that I was in one of the pics on the wall. It was a photo from several years ago. But where was it? I once asked Chittie to take it off. She had said that there was nothing wrong with that photo and that almost all the others that were in it, were still part of her clientele, and that ended the discussion. After that remark I let it rest, although I now regretted it.

The group was packed together and someone had stood on a chair or table, I don’t remember exactly, to take the picture. I was posing with a friend in a rather compromising pose. We were both in black leather. I wore a corset laced close to the front, my breasts half visible. My girlfriend was wearing a black leather catsuit with a zipper that was open for quite a bit.

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