Just a Dream


This is a true event, and to be honest if I had read this I would say no way but as I say this really happened.

I lived above a shop on reasonably busy road straight outside my window was a telephone box and in the summer with the windows open I could sometimes here some strange conversations.

I worked away from home in the week and only stayed in the flat on weekends, well one very warm Sunday night I was lying in bed wide awake waiting for the half five alarm to go if, at around one o’clock the front door knocked, not wanting to go down the stairs I peered out of the kitchen window and seen a young mixed race girl of around 19, she asked if Julie was in, I explained that no one of that name lived here, she apologised and that was that, I got back into bed and heard the telephone box door open, then a raised voice and the receiver being banged down. Two minutes later there was a knock on the door I went to the window to see the young girl standing there, she asked if I could ring her a taxi, as she had no change.

I went down the stairs dressed in my boxer shorts covered by a dressing gown. I rang a taxi but they said that they would be at least half hour if not longer and would give me a ring back when they were there. So I was left in a bit of a quandary on what to say to the girl. I asked if she wanted to come in to wait for the taxi, she agreed and followed me up the stairs.

We entered the lounge and I offered her a drink whilst she waited, she accepted and had a glass of water. After about five minutes small talk she asked me what I had on under the robe and I replied boxers she immediately leant over and placed her hand inside my robe and started rubbing on my hardening cock. She then looked me I the eye and asked if I wanted her to suck my cock. I was in a bit of shock and just nodded, here I was a forty year old single parent with a cute sexy 19 year old girl about to put my very hard cock in her mouth, she knelt in front of me and started licking the inside ateşli gaziantep escort bayan of my legs slowly whilst she tugged down my boxers and slid them over my feet. then she licked my aching balls nibbling on the sack then slowly licked my cock up and down, she complemented me on the size saying it was the biggest she had seen in real life, now I always considered myself to be average but I guess she had only man handled boys cocks and never experienced a real man.

She opened her mouth and put just the knob in and started sucking as if it was an ice lolly, the sensations were astounding but I needed to push my cock in the back of her throat, I wanted the here her gag on my meat, I held the back of her head and encouraged her to move her head up and down each time pushing her head further down after a few minutes I was amazed to have her lips and nose firmly pressed against my pubic area and my cock touching the back of her throat and no gagging not even a whimper, she started pumping my cock with her mouth every couple of strokes stopping with my cock tickling her tonsils, I told her I couldn’t last much longer when she suddenly stopped stood up and removed her trousers she bent over the arm of the settee and demanded that I fuck her from behind,

I stood up and was just about to place my, by now throbbing member at her very wet pussy lips when she asked if I had a condom, I didn’t but told her I had been fixed and couldn’t make her pregnant (a blatant lie but hey I’m a guy) she said to fuck her but to pull out, I immediately but slowly pushed my cock into her and boy was she tight her juices helped me penetrate all the way and I just stood there pulsing my cock inside her, she was trying to hump back against me but I wouldn’t let her I whispered in her ear that this is my house and we will fuck how I want to fuck, she was begging me to start fucking but I held back and slowly pulled my cock most of the way bakımlı gaziantep escort bayan out and started making very short movements teasing her, then I let her have it “bang” I slammed my cock hard into her, she yelped in delight but I pulled out again making the small movements and “bang” in again she screamed at me that she was Cumming her leg started to shake and her cunt gripped my prick like a vice being tightened. I held firm and started to fuck her hard I leant round and found her clit and started to pinch it between my fingers she stared to come for the second time this time she was very vocal and very loud she was shaking all over screaming “give it to me – give it to me” then she started to spray I could feel her warm love juice hitting my legs and feet, then she just stopped and fell forward not a movement, just lay there with her eyes closed and a bloody big smile on her face,

Well I shit myself I thought she had died, I stroked her face and kept saying wake up, after a few minutes she did, she looked at me and said “can we do it again” she had actually passed out, she said that the second orgasm was the best she had ever had and that she had never sprayed before. She composed her self and noticed my still hard cock; she asked if I needed to come, which I did, badly. She leant over and whispered in my ear that she wanted a sixty nine,

I lay on my back whilst she removed the rest of her clothes she then got on top with her pussy only inches from my waiting mouth she started to suck on my cock really gently, whilst I blew slowly onto her womanhood, she lowered her pussy to my mouth and I started sucking and nibbling at her very prominent clit, straight away she was moaning and gyrating her hip, it was then that I decided to play with her tight anus I slowly pushed my thumb tip into her hole only a couple of millimetres she jumped forward and told me to stop so I dipped my thumb into her wet cunt gaziantep bayan escort to lubricate it and again pushed the end into her arse she again bucked away but I held her firm and eventually she pushed back on my thumb, this was heaven a young beautiful wet pussy in my mouth and my thumb now wedged in her tight arsehole up to the knuckle. She was thrashing about having lots of tiny orgasms; she had stopped sucking my cock as she was panting and moaning to much, then the phone rang, the fucking taxi was outside, she said ignore it, keep sucking.

After a while and lots of very wet orgasms I decided that the time was right for me to come my load. And that I would fuck hard and fast has she had wanted before. I released myself from her grip and crawled from beneath her told her to get up on her knees and that I was going to fuck her big time doggy style. I pushed my cock against her swollen pussy lips and just let her have it I pounded her pussy for all I was worth and at the same time I decided to finger her arsehole I managed to get two fingers inside her she was begging for me to stop and that it hurt to much, but I was to far gone to listen to her pleading, I said that it wasn’t pain, “this is pain,” I pulled my cock out of her cunt and forced into her arse she screamed like a banshee and started to cry as I fucked her arse but when I started fingering her clit, her pleading for me to stop turned into pleading for me to give it her harder.

I knew I was about to come so I re-entered her pussy and pumped her full of my very fertile man seed. She just lay there with her arse in the air, her tight arsehole now much looser and open and her cunt very swollen and dripping with both our juices. She eventually dressed and I walked her to the door, I looked at her and smiled and said I didn’t even know her name, she looked at me leant forward and gave me a passionate kiss whilst stroking my very well used cocked, she then whispered in my ear, you don’t need to know my name just say it was a dream come true and with that she was gone.

A couple of months later I moved out of the flat, but one day I was driving down the road when I saw her again it was definitely her only this time she had a big belly so you never know I may have a son or daughter out there somewhere. And when they grow up and ask their mom who their dad is, she can say you don’t need to know his name it was just a dream.

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