Ken and Raven Ch. 04

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Raven was furious with Ken and how he had treated her. She wanted to play with toys not be used as one. She had taken the chance and showed him what she liked and he wasn’t going to be of any use to her. She still loved him but she was beginning not to like him as much any more.

The next few days were spent in serious thought. She didn’t want to cheat on Ken. It wasn’t so much morals that kept her back as the lack of available men. His previous wife had cheated on him for years and he didn’t do a damn thing about it. The problem was finding someone who shared her interest and didn’t want to fuck her with anything but toys.

She had used Craigslist in the past to buy and sell some of her stuff and browsed the personal ads at times. The ones looking for sex were amusing with all the dick pics. She looked again and found no one who wanted to play with toys. Some did but not in ways she wanted to play. Figures.

After placing her own ad with some explicit pictures she sorted through the mountain of responses to find one man who seemed like he was on her wavelength. Email and then texts confirmed it and they made arrangements to meet at a local hotel. She hoped and prayed that Mike was his real name and he wasn’t using a fake one. She couldn’t bear the thought of it being someone she knew.

They set up a date to meet later that week. Raven wanted to have her fun before Ken decided to play husband again. She was still pissed at him for the last time and wanted to get her pleasure before performing what she was considering to be her ‘marital duties’ again.

She packed up a few of her favorite but less extreme toys and headed out to the hotel after he texted her the room number. The drive was short but she was squirming in her seat and cursing every red light. She was eager to find out if he was what she wanted or if she was going to be resigned to fantasy for her pleasures.

Raven knocked on the door and was greeted by a nice looking man — a pleasant surprise. He was about six feet tall with a runner’s build — long and lean. His shaved head gleamed in the light and he had a brown mustache and goatee. The look worked on him. The gleam in his eye matched the gleam on his skin.

“Raven I presume?” His voice was a pleasant baritone and he smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you since your first email. Such a pleasure to meet you in person.”

She blushed. She wasn’t used to this type of response. She knew she looked like what she was — a middle aged housewife who had let time keep up with her. The last time she heard that kind of flattery was when Ken met her the first time.

“Mike. I’m pleased to meet you as well. May I come in?” Standing in the hallway was making her nervous and she wasn’t sure her manners could match his. She looked around like she expected her church activity group to come trooping up the stairs. “I’m not used to doing things like this.” Her voice quivered a bit on the last.

“Of course.” He stepped back and gestured for her to enter with a sweep of his arm. She noticed his hands were also long and lean. She shivered as she imagined how they would look holding her toys.

Holding her head high she walked into the room and set her bag on the floor next to the bed. The bedspread had already been swept to the floor but the rest of the room was in order. Raven cast a sudden longing glance at the closed door back to the hallway. This was the moment where she had to decide if she could let a stranger take her body.

Mike stayed away and watched her closely. He’d seen the nervousness and that look at the door many times before. He put 70-30 odds on her staying and going through with it. Talk was cheap but now she was putting her body and her fidelity on the line.

Raven closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Thoughts flew through her head like lightning and warred with the arousal rising from her crotch. The two met and the combination was overwhelming. She almost came on the spot and knew the decision had been made when she placed her ad.

She opened her eyes and started unbuttoning her shirt. Smiling at Mike she pulled it off and worked her jeans down her legs. She was left standing in front of him wearing a modest but still attractive set of lingerie. She flushed with pleasure as Mike smiled back.

“Very nice.” He duplicated her slow but efficient strip until he was down to underwear as well. Her nipples were visible through her bra and he was pressing out the front of his underwear with his erection. Running his fingers gently over his cock he stepped forward until he was close enough to feel the warmth of her body.

Seeing her passivity he reached behind her and opened her bra. Her arms came up to hold it in place and he gently pushed them down and slid the straps with his movement. Her bra dropped to the floor and he looked at her naked breasts. Holding her wrists he asked “May I?”

He could clearly see the deep breath she took as she considered her answer. “Please. As we talked about.” Their chats Casibom had become quite explicit as they set up the meeting.

His hands slid to her sides and his fingers trailed up her body until they rests at the sides of her breasts. Her nipples were standing at attention and he could feel her trembling in anticipation. Without taking his eyes off of them he brought his hands around and circled each nipple with a single finger.

Raven let her head fall back and sighed. She was wondering if he was going to be the man she wanted. She didn’t want gentle. She wanted to be taken. Admittedly she didn’t want his cock but she still wanted to be taken.

Mike waited until he saw her shoulders droop and then grabbed her nipples in an iron grip. He tugged them until he raised her breasts off her chest and held them there. Raven arched to meet him and take some of the strain off her tits. Her hands went to his hips to steady herself and her harsh gasp told him this was what she really wanted. She hadn’t been lying.

“You like this?” He pinched harder then let her nipples slide out of his grasp. As soon as he let go and her breasts bounced back into place he pinched her nipples and twisted them rough and fast. “You want me to take you?” He needed to hear the words.

“Yes”. Her answer was more of a hiss. “Yes. Make me come. Make me take everything you can give me.” Her eyes were unfocused as he kept up the assault on her breasts. “Make me come until I can’t come any more.”

“Well that was blunt” he thought as he used her tits as handles to turn her towards the bed. Pushing hard she fell backwards and he grabbed her tits to let them squeeze through his hands. He pulled her panties off and threw them in the pile of clothes. While she caught her breath he pulled off his underwear and let his cock spring free.

She looked at him and shook her head. “Not that. We agreed not that.” She was braced to push off the other side of the bed if he came closer.

Mike wrapped his hand around his dick and shook his head. “No. This isn’t going near you. I’ll take care of myself while I take care of you. I promise.” He was stroking himself gently as his cock grew to full hardness. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

He reached down to rummage through the bag she left on the floor and she relaxed. He never said he was going to jerk off but she should have expected it. Raven smiled and realized that it was a good sign he was aroused since it meant he was as excited as she was.

“Hold on a minute.” Mike walked to the bathroom and came back with towels. His cock was bobbing with every step. “We might make a mess.” He smiled at the understatement. There was no ‘might’ about it. He could already see her pussy getting wet and they had barely started.

He grabbed her ankles and pulled her towards the edge of the bed. When her ass was nearly hanging off he let her drop and walked away. Her eyes were huge as he moved her around. She watched him bring the wooden chair to the edge of the bed and pulled it close. Sitting down he grabbed her ankles again and pressed her feet against the arms of the chair.

She was spread open in front of him. His weight would keep the chair from moving and he could pull her closer if needed. Grabbing her hips he moved her and she was fully exposed. The position opened her outer lips so her entire pussy was on display for him.

“What a pretty kitty. It looks like it wants some attention.” He could see her clit start to emerge from its hood as she let herself sink into the scene. She was panting and her hands went to her breasts to keep playing with her nipples. A drip of wetness slid down her crack and disappeared under her. She was so ready for this.

“Look at me.” His voice was stern and her eyes flew to his. “Remember what we said. Say ‘yellow’ if you want me to slow down and ‘red’ if you want me to stop. I’m going to work you over hard and see how much you can take but I don’t want to give you more pain than pleasure.” He saw her pupils dilate when he stressed ‘pain’ and knew he had a submissive on this bed.

“I remember. Yellow and red.” Her voice was husky and soft. “Red means you stop completely no matter what I say after. It’s done.” She knew the concept of safe words but had never used them before. Her pussy clenched at the thought that she might need to tell him to stop.

“Lay back and take what I give you. No hands down here. Your pussy and ass are mine now.” Mike was no longer trying to be gentle. He’d seen that part of her she never admitted and let his dominance come through. “You’re going to be sore, I can promise you that.” The shudder rolled through her at his words.

Looking in the bag he found three dildos of different sizes. He pushed down on her stomach to remind her that he was in control while he decided what would go where. She said to work both holes and he planned on doing just that. This first time he would ease her into it.

Taking up a long moderately thick latex cock he lubed it up and Casibom Giriş spread her pussy open with one hand. She looked a little loose but she had kids and had been using toys like this so he wasn’t too surprised. Without warning he pushed the bulbous head into her slit and watched her spread around it. Her gasp was exactly what he wanted to hear.

Rolling it around he teased her with just the head until he saw her legs relax and then pushed hard to fill her pussy. He didn’t let her get used to the size and started fucking her with long strokes, pulling all the way out at times and then thrusting as deep as he could. She moaned at the invasion.

When he felt resistance he pulled back and then started pounding the end of her. He started slow and kept adding pressure until she had taken another full inch of the thing. Once again he used long strokes and kept adding pressure when he filled her. Feeling her backing away he pushed down on her stomach to keep her in place.

A few more times jamming it into her and he forced another inch into her already stuffed pussy. As expected she came hard and he kept the dildo buried in her as she rode the pleasure. When she stopped groaning he yanked it out and set it to the side. Her pussy gaped open and was flowing with cum. Her asshole was winking and covered in her juices.

His next choice was shorter but much thicker. It wasn’t penis shaped and had a rounded end rather than a head and it had some raised bumps on the tapering shaft and a sturdy handle. This time he put just the end into her and pushed slowly. He watched her lips strain to stretch around the monster.

“Slow. Go slow with that one.” She had used that one on herself many times but it was still a strain and she worked up to it by using several thinner ones first. She knew the one he had used wasn’t enough.

Mike pulled it out and looked at her slit. She was still slightly gaped. She could take this but she didn’t have the guts to force herself. Well she was the one who said she wanted to test her limits and he was more than willing to be the one to test them.

He put the end in her again and slowly pushed until he reached the first row of bumps. At this point it wasn’t much more than the one he had just used on her and he twisted it back and forth. Her walls didn’t grip it very hard and he had no trouble with moving it.

“She can take it and she will.” The thought made him smile. Keeping the pressure on her stomach he started to push. He was slow but he also didn’t stop. At the third row of bumps it was starting to be thicker than the first toy and she gasped. He paused and twisted again. There was more resistance but she quickly adapted to the new size. Mike decided that was slow enough. The last third of the thing would be not quite double the previous size and he wanted to see how quickly she chickened out. If she called ‘yellow’ on this he was done with her. He’d make her come a few more times then call it quits.

Still twisting he tensed his arm and pushed. He screwed her with the dildo as he, well, screwed her and kept going. Her inner lips got pulled in with the latex as he kept driving it into her body. When he got to the last inch he thrust it in with one solid move.

Raven screamed as he jammed it into her. She felt like she had been split in two. She hurt and wondered if he had done real damage. As she was thinking of using the safe word to go easier on her the pain lessened and the pleasure of being stuffed started to rise. She groaned at the confusion of feelings.

Mike paused with the thing fully wedged in her to see what she would do. Her groan relieved him because she would have used her safe word at that first scream if she was going to do it. He twisted it around again and for the first time felt her pussy walls grip tightly enough to make it difficult. Pulling back he saw the end wasn’t just wet it had a white line. Her body was responding quite well to his treatment even if her mind was conflicted.

He started a steady twisting fuck so those bumps would work her over. Her inner lips were still being drawn in by the girth of the dildo so he took the chance of taking his hand off her stomach and using his fingers to spread her pussy more. One hard shove filled her again and this time it was her cunt that took the full abuse and she came.

Raven couldn’t believe how hard the orgasm hit her. She’d come on that one many times but this was beyond anything she had done to herself. When he twisted the thing back and forth in fast spins she kept coming. She couldn’t help clamping down as she came and it sent her even deeper into the climax. He didn’t stop moving it while keeping it completely inside of her and she couldn’t stop coming.

Mike watched her pussy spasm around the red latex and tried to pull her lips further apart. She was too wet for him to do that with one hand so he flicked her clit hard. Her orgasm kept going and he was going to stay with her no matter how long she came. This was testing Casibom Yeni Giriş a limit she didn’t know could be tested until now. Just seeing how much she could stuff into herself was easy. A screaming thrashing orgasm that wouldn’t stop was difficult.

After about a minute of being at the peak of her climax her moans got softer and she stopped moving as much. He stopped twisting the toy and left it deep inside while she recovered. He had to keep pressure on the handle to keep her fully impaled and he did. She subsided with a long groan and went limp.

Now he was ready for her final test. If she could take this without using her safe word and come again then she was going to be a lot of fun in future meetings. With the strength of that orgasm he didn’t know if he could get her to that peak again. He was going to try and he gave an honest hope that her body would respond.

“That was beautiful. You almost made me come with you while I watched you. Your pussy looks incredible stretched so tight. You’re so wet right now, so ready for pleasure. You’ve got more to take and I’m going to give it to you.” Mike was working her mentally as well as physically. Her reaction was what he hoped as she licked her lips. “More? You can give me more than that?” She sounded exhausted and amazed.

“I can give you so much more. Your body was made for this kind of pleasure. I want you to come that hard again. I know you can. You just need someone who can take you there.” Mike was dominating her without her knowing. She would associate that much pleasure with him, not her toys. He wanted her to think that she couldn’t get that without him. One more time and she would be his plaything.

Although the last dildo she brought looked interesting he had already decided what he would do. He wanted to see if she could take all of that first one in her ass. It was solid enough to give him a good chance at getting it deep without bending. Something told him she’d never had anything truly deep inside of her colon, past the second ring. That one was just long enough to make the effort.

He leaned his forearm on the handle of the dildo to keep it in place while he lubed up the second one. Her asshole looked wet enough from her pussy juice but not enough to keep it lubed for this. He made sure the bottle was in place so he could add extra without having to stretch.

With one lubed finger he rubbed around her asshole. Her reaction was to moan and arch down. Her moan changed to a deep groan as her movement wedged her onto the dildo in her pussy. She dropped back onto the bed and he didn’t push back. He was intent on his next target and pushed his index finger into her slowly.

Her ring gave him some resistance but not enough to keep him out. She moaned almost silently. Watching her reaction he pushed forward and only when his palm was pressing on her ass did she show a real response. Her response was a louder moan and a smile.

He could feel the bumps on the fake cock in her pussy and rubbed them with his finger. She gasped at the sensation and the next time he pulled back he inserted two fingers and rubbed the bumps some more. She was moving slightly with his motion which meant she was fucking the end of the dildo at the same time. He had a moment to wish that he could feel those bumps rubbing on his cock but let it go.

Removing his hand he took up the second dildo and rubbed the head on her puckered hole. It had closed up as soon as he removed his fingers and he alternated rubbing it and pushing the head against her ring. Her stuffed pussy would make this hole much tighter.

It didn’t take long for her ass to start opening up. When he felt her ring loosen up he pushed hard enough to pop the head inside of her. She gave a little screech as she was violated and he stopped. He held the toys where they were while she decided what would happen. Instead of watching her face he was entranced by the sight of her stretched holes and the heavy pieces of latex holding them open.

“Oh. My. God.” He glanced up to see her eyes wide and staring at the ceiling. “I have never felt so full in my entire life.” Because she could form a complete sentence he knew she was coming out of her pleasure haze. He was going to have to work to get her that deep again and he started by pushing an inch more into her ass.

Her head popped off the bed and she looked down at him. He was watching what was going on in her crotch and his expression was heavy with lust. His obvious enjoyment sent a spike of pleasure through her and she lay back. Her hands went to her nipples and she wasn’t surprised to find them hard and sensitive. She gave them a hard twist. “Yes. Like that. Yes.” She wasn’t sure if she was talking to herself or to Mike.

With her response he started feeding more of the dildo into her ass then pulling back. He was being gentle and opening up her walls. Every time the head passed over the bumps she gasped so he made sure that happened as much as possible. He needed her to feel good. With a stretch the hand holding the handle of the pussy stuffer could reach her clit and he gave it a tap every time he went deep into her ass. She didn’t have much in her ass yet and it was still running over the bumps with every stroke.

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