Ladies Network Ch. 09

It is said that a “man’s best friend is a dog.” However, it can also be said that a “woman’s best friend is another woman,” and before the day was over, Penny would find how true this motto could be.

This experience for Penny began the day she went over to her new neighbour’s home next door, a basket of goodies she had bought in her hand as a greeting to the neighbourhood. It all began very innocently, but before the day was over, Penny will have experienced something she never expected as she went to be a good neighbour, something so uncommon in this day and age when the majority of people living in the same neighbourhood knew no one by name or even cared.

Penny walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. It was mid-morning, and already despite the breeze it promised to be a sunny, clear-sky, hot day, and Penny had dressed appropriately for such a day. She had a white blouse with a winged collar that was cut low down to the first button, showing the top of her cleavage since Penny had large breasts. Her blouse was tucked snuggly into a pair of white shorts that came up to her mid-thighs, accentuating her crotch and shapely thighs. Finishing off her revealing ensemble Penny wore a pair of toeless sandals that displayed her pink nail polish on her toenails.

Penny didn’t have to wait long before the front door opened, and a very beautiful, statuesquely built woman about in her mid-thirties greeted her with a warm smile.

“Yes, may I help you?” the woman asked in a very soft, sweet voice.

Penny was so taken aback by the woman’s demure beauty she was dumbfounded and found herself speechless which for Penny was quite the opposite of her extroverted personality.

Instead of an immediate reply to her question, Penny ogled the woman’s face and body. She had a gorgeous heart-shape face. Her eyes were a brilliant green. Her nose was small but straight. She had high cheekbones. Her lips painted with a pink Gloss were full and voluptuous, kissing lips to be sure. Her eyebrows were arched slightly, and her eyelashes, top and bottom, were long and curled. She didn’t wear much facial makeup thus showing her natural beauty. Her cheeks had a natural blush, bespeaking her Irish-Scottish ethnicity. Her reddish-blonde hair was cut short, brushed back along the side of her head and back on top; although, her bangs lay softly along her upper forehead. All in all, she was beautiful, and Penny couldn’t help but stare rapturously at her natural beauty.

As for her body, it was statuesque, weighing about nine stones (126 pounds). She was short, about five feet six inches, but voluptuous with about 34 C breasts that stood out pert and pointed that Penny could tell by the way her semi-hardened nipples pressed against her white T-Shirt.

Her waist was narrow, giving way to well-rounded hips to match the size of her breasts; sculptured thighs and muscular calves; and small feet that were bare.

“God, my new neighbour is drop-dead gorgeous,” Penny thought as she took every inch of her through her mind’s eye.

Penny, a tall, large woman with a Reubenesque, voluptuous body, had very large breasts and wide, rounded hips, that by comparison somewhat dwarfed her new neighbour whom she devoured with her eyes.

Penny was so taken by this unexpected vision of loveliness that she had forgotten why she had come over to her neighbour’s home. She just stood there, basket in hand.

All of Penny’s visual attention to her new neighbour’s beauty, physical charms, and outrageously gorgeous body didn’t take long but long enough for her neighbour to wonder why she was standing at her doorstep, basket in hand.

“Yes, may I help you?” she asked again, only this time with a little more volume.

Her words drew Penny back into reality, and she blinked her eyes as she replied.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. It’s just I was taken with your beauty. I must look ridiculous standing at your door speechless with this basket of goodies that includes a small bouquet of flowers I cut from my garden, tying them together with a silk, pink ribbon,” said Penny.

Her neighbour smiled sweetly at Penny.

“No, you don’t look ridiculous. I was just curious why you are here and what you want, and thanks for the compliment that you think I’m beautiful,” Penny’s neighbour said.

Pointing towards her home, Penny said, “I’m your next-door neighbour Penny, Penny Kazantakis, but since becoming a widow, I seldom use my last name, so please just call me Penny. I just wanted to come over and introduce myself to you, welcome you to our community, and give you this small token of welcome.”

“Why, thank you, Penny. How kind of you. You’re the first neighbour I’ve met since moving in last week. My name is Julie, Julie Logan, but I’m usually just called J. L. by my friends.”

Penny reached out her hand and offered it to J. L. as much to feel her hand as to greet her, “Nice to meet you Julie.”

As the two shook hands, Penny held out the basket, repeating herself, “These bursa escort bayan are for you, Julie. Just a few items to welcome you to the neighbourhood. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

J. L. took the basket from Penny, a big smile brightening her beautiful face that showed off her pearly-white teeth.

“Why, thank you Penny. How thoughtful of you for such a lovely gesture. And you can call me J. L. since I already think we’ll be both neighbours and friends, too,” said J. L. positively.

“Yes. Yes, I think we shall,” Penny said as she felt J. L.’s soft hand in hers, and at the same time she felt a shiver run of excitement course through her body at the touch of J. L.’s hand in hers, making her quite aware of J. L.’s charm and beauty.

“Well, Penny, please come in and join me in a cup of tea,” J. L. said. “I usually have a cup of mid-morning tea out in the screened-in patio that overlooks the back yard and pool,” said J. L.

“Oh, I don’t want to bother you, J. L.,” Penny said half-reluctantly, done so because to be with J. L. was exactly what she wanted.

“No bother at all, Penny. I was just putting on the water for tea when you rang my doorbell,” said J. L. whole-heartedly.

Penny smiled.

“Well, then, if it’s no bother, I’d be glad to join you for tea. It will give us a chance to get to know one another better,” Penny replied enthusiastically.

“Good! Follow me then,” said J. L. as she ushered Penny into the large foyer, closing the door behind them.

J. L. led Penny past the large living room on the right, the library on the left, the winding stairs along the right wall that went up to the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor along with her office, and into the screened-in patio that looked out over the tree-filled back yard that was completely enclosed with an eight-foot high privacy fence, one side running along the property line between Penny’s and J. L.’s homes.

J. L. pointed to a glass-top table with four cushioned metal chairs around it.

“Please, do sit down while I go get our tea,” J. L. said in her soft, soothing voice. “I won’t be long.”

Sitting alone at the table Penny looked out over the enclosed yard and marveled at how much privacy the eight-foot privacy fence afforded J. L. She admired how beautifully landscaped it was with Eucalyptus trees indigenous to Australia, and it was made into a small park-like setting with footpaths winding around islands of various shrubs and flowering plants, and just beyond a well-groomed, grassy lawn area was a swimming pool surrounded by a terra-cotta, non-skid concrete walkway with chaise lounges sitting in a straight line on the grass under the semi-shade of the Eucalyptus trees with patches of twelve feet high bamboo growing around the pool near the privacy fence, making it even more private.

The thick carpet of grass was cut low, making it almost like a green mat.

As Penny was admiring J. L.’s back yard, she came out with a silver tray on which was a Beleek china tea pot along with matching china saucers and cups decorated with green clover—very Irish—silver spoons, Irish linen napkins, and also a matching sugar bowl and a small pouring pitcher of cream.

“Well, here I am,” J. L. said sweetly.

Penny looked at J. L. set the serving tray onto the table, noticing how her nipples pressed against her T-Shirt.

“From what I’ve seen, you have a lovely home, J. L. Your garden and pool are lovely, and I love your high privacy fence,” complimented Penny.

“Thank you, Penny. I’m so glad you like it, and there is a reason for my having such a high privacy fence about which I’ll show you after we have our tea,” J. L. smiled demurely, giving Penny pause to think of just what that reason might be.

J. L. and Penny talked about themselves, their past histories, some of their likes and dislikes…the normal kind of chit-chat when two people meet.

Penny, of course, told J. L. that she was a widow with two grown daughters, Penelope and Pamela, both attending Sydney University, and a not officially adopted daughter from Sri Lanka, Gayesha, who had shared her home while attending Miss Jones’ Academy but who now also attends Sydney University.

J. L.’s interest perked up when Penny told her about Gayesha, but she’d save that until later or so she hoped.

Penny also told J. L. she had her own photography-modeling business Intimate Revelations and that she herself was a model for the top fashion magazine Feline. All this impressed J. L. greatly that made her want Penny to tell her all about her business and her modeling.

As for J. L., she confessed to being a divorcee without children but that she was well off due to the divorce settlement. However, she did admit that there was someone she wanted Penny to meet but later. For now J. L. invited Penny to go for a swim and told her she didn’t have to go home because she had spare swim suits in the dressing room since she always wants to be prepared for unexpected company. bursa bayan escort J. L. assured Penny she’d have a swimsuit suit that would fit her.

Penny’s desire to see J. L. in a swimsuit caused her not to think twice about taking her up on her invitation to go for a swim, and so J. L. took Penny to the dressing room at the far end of the screened-in patio where she found a swimsuit suitable for Penny, one that would show off her breasts with their deep cleavage.

“Do you mind undressing like this, Penny?” asked J. L.

Penny answered without hesitating, “Oh, no, I don’t mind at all. I do it all the time while modeling sexy lingerie.”

“Besides,” Penny thought, ” I want to get a full view of J. L.’s voluptuous body.”

Beaming, J. L. said enthusiastically, “Glad to hear it. Let’s change then. You can hang your clothes on the hooks on the wall.

J. L. immediately took off her T-Shirt, exposing her taut, pert breasts, and shorts—no panties—and put on a very skimpy, black top that barely covered her breasts and a thong bikini that showed off her plump, round ass cheeks; her dimpled bellybutton; her exceptionally flat tummy; and her pubic hairline. It also showed that J. L. shaved her pussy, leaving it looking velvety clean and smooth. All this was to Penny’s sensual satisfaction.

Thus, taking off their street clothes and getting into their swimsuits allowed Penny and J. L. to admire the body of one another.

J. L. marveled at Penny’s very large breasts with their big, pink areolas and nipples; her thick, black hairy pubic mound and how it matched her thick, black hair that went past her shoulders; her full hips and thighs.

On the other hand, Penny almost drooled as she innocently took quick glances at J. L.’s 34 C pert breasts tipped with silver dollar size, light pink areolas that already had circles of gooseflesh around the outer edge and her large nipples that were standing hard and erect.

Penny loved the way J. L.’s chest gradually gave way to her narrow waistline of about 24 inches that flared onto well-rounded hips; sculptured thighs; and muscular calves; ending in small feet…what Penny was able to see at the front door.

At the very sight of J. L.’s nakedness Penny’s mouth salivated with the thought of running her tongue and mouth all over her body, but she told herself it wasn’t going to happen. She couldn’t be so damn lucky.

Once Penny and J. L. had their swimsuits on J. L. said, “Well, are you ready for a splash?”

Penny shook her head yes and smiled.

“Well, then, last one in is a rotten egg!” squealed J. L. as she ran past Penny, out the dressing room door with Penny right behind her, watching J. L.’s taught buttocks move up and down as she ran.

With such a head start J. L. was the first to dive into the pool, and by the time Penny came up from her dive, J. L. was spurting water from her mouth as she giggled and splashed water over Penny. Penny giggled in return, splashing water on J. L. Each was like a wee girl playing in the water.

After the initial getting wet and swimming a few laps, J. L. motioned for Penny to join her out of the pool on the chaise lounges on the bottom of which were fluffy, white towels.

J. L. once more since it was her idea was out of the pool first and already lying down on one of the chaise lounges, beads of water covering her flesh.

J. L. patted the lounge next to the one on which she was lying.

For a few minutes both J. L. and Penny lay on their backs with their eyes closed, each working to catch her breath, their breasts rising and falling with each inhalation and exhalation.

It was a hot day, so neither dried herself off.

While Penny had her eyes closed, J. L. sat up and took off her top before lying back down. When Penny finally opened her eyes, she was almost startled to look over at J. L. and see her naked breasts.

J. L. was looking back at Penny, seeing the surprised look on her face.

“I hope you don’t mind my having taken off my top, Penny. I like to feel free, and I don’t worry much about getting too much sun because as you can see, the trees keep the chaise lounges in the semi-shade. Feel free to take off your top if you’d like. It’s just we girls. This is one reason I had an eight-foot privacy fence put up around my whole back yard. The other reason I’ll show you later, the reason I had told you about earlier,”

J. L. said.

J. L.’s second reference to the reason she had the high privacy fence about which she’d tell her later intrigued Penny, but she didn’t want to press the issue, figuring J. L. would tell her when she was ready.

As for seeing J. L.’s naked tits, Penny was not shy about baring her body to others. She had done it so many times during her modeling as well as at her elderly friend Lady Rose’s mansion and famous parties in which she participated many times. Penny, therefore, took off her top, too, freeing her large breasts.

“My, bursa merkez escort God, Penny, your breasts are huge!” J. L. cried out. “And how big your areolas and nipples are. They surely are a handful.”

Penny just smiled, not feeling self-conscious one bit.

“Yes, they are big. That’s for sure. Runs in the family. My younger sister Marina has big breasts, too,” Penny said. “Both my daughters, too, as well as Gayesha.”

“Wow, not only are your breasts a handful. They’d be a mouthful, too,” cooed J. L., she wanting to see how Penny would react to such a personal, sensual statement.

“Well, now, that’s an all together different matter. Isn’t it?” Penny asked matter-of-factly, not showing any sign of self-embarrassment or shock to J. L.’s delight.

Shaking her head positively, J. L. answered, “Yes, I guess it is at that…but a good, different matter.”

Having said that J. L. slid her fingers beneath the elastic of her thong bikini, raised her hips, and slid them off her legs, rolling up on her hips and bending her knees in order to remove them.

She dropped them onto the grass next to her top and lay stretched out on the chaise lounge with her legs slightly spread apart.

J. L. looked over at Penny to get her reaction.

I hope you don’t mind my taking off my bottoms, too. As you can see by no tan lines, I sunbath in the nude for an over-all tan. Feel free to do the same, Penny,” invited J. L.

Again, not being shy and zeroing in on J. L.’s shaved pussy that was puffy over her pubic bone, Penny took her bottoms off, too, and arranged herself comfortably on the chaise lounge, her legs spread slightly apart, too.

J. L. couldn’t help take a side-glance over at Penny lying naked just a few feet from her. She also couldn’t help noticing her full, black bush of pubic hair covering her pussy. Even though she shaved her pussy, she, nevertheless, liked the sight of a full forest of hair.

“My, Penny, your pussy is really covered with thick, black pubic hair,” marveled J. L.

“Yes, it is,” Penny half-chuckled. “Like my head of thick, black hair I owe my hairy pussy to my Greek ethnicity.”

“Well, I think it’s sexy, Penny. I shave my pussy because it’s in vogue. Seems just about all women, young to old, shave their pussies now. I guess I follow the Pied Piper!” J. L. giggled.

“I happen to like my full bush, so whether shaving ones pussy is in vogue or not, I’ll keep mine au natural,” Penny said. “But your pussy looks nice shaved, J. L.”

“Thanks,” responded J. L.

“I also noticed your ankle bracelet, Penny. Anything about it in particular if you don’t mind my asking?” J. L. asked.

“No, I don’t mind, J. L. This is a special ankle bracelet worn by members of The Ladies Network, a special group of women in and around Sydney. We each wear one on our right ankle,” said Penny.

And pointing at it Penny said, “That rainbow symbol is a form of recognition of a Sister. One must be invited by the Membership Board and nominated by a Sister.”

“Hummmmmm, sounds intriguing. You’ll have to tell me more about it some day. Maybe I can become a Sister member with you as my Big Sister,” J. L. said almost as if it were more a request than a statement.

However, right then, J. L. was more curious about whether she could take Penny up to the next step.

“Penny, despite our being in semi-shade, we might get too much sun. Would you like me to put sun tan lotion on you,” asked J. L. cautiously, controlling her sexual desire at the sight of Penny’s naked body up close. As you can see I’m tan all over already, but you’re not.

What J. L. didn’t know was Penny’s penchant for women, so without hesitation but actually with anticipation she in turn answered J. L. haltingly as if she weren’t quite sure, not wanting to seem too obvious, “Well…I guess it would be a good idea to have you put sun tan lotion on me.”

“Great!” J. L. said as she picked up the bottle of sun tan lotion, got up of her chaise, went over to Penny, and sat down on the edge of the lounge.

“Okay, turn over on your stomach so I can get your back first,” said J. L.

Penny rolled over and settled down even though she had to adjust her large breasts in order to be more comfortable.

J. L. squirted out a string of lotion down the centre of Penny’s back, starting from between her shoulder blades all the way down to the base of her ass cheeks in that hollow between the mounds.

J. L. then put her hands onto Penny’s shoulders and began to work the lotion in circular motions, beginning from the centre and working outward to her shoulders and along her upper arms. She then slid her hands down Penny’s sides with her fingers spread wide, working them up and down slowly and sinuously. As J. L. moved her hands from Penny’s hip-line upward she let her fingertips slide over her protruding breasts, sending erotic shivers throughout her body.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Penny sighed at J. L.’s gentle, nimble touch as she continued to work her hands over her supple flesh.

This excited J. L., knowing that she was giving pleasure to Penny that sexually aroused her.

“Does this feel good, Penny?” asked J. L. in a soft, suggestive voice to find out if she just might become more bold in her sun tan lotion massage.

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