Ladies Network Ch. 10

Each year a fundraiser was held by the Ladies Network on behalf of The Jones’ Academy of which Rhoda Jones was Headmistress. Rhoda and her lovely Asian assistant Kiko had seduced Penny Kazantakis in her office to which she had been asked to meet with Rhoda under the pretext of discussing late tuition fees for her two daughters Penelope and Pamela.

Penny who wanted her daughters to remain in the Academy eventually gave in to the seduction by Rhoda and Kiko to make up for the tuition fee. What Penny didn’t know after she had given into Rhoda’s compromising deal was that by the time her seduction was over, she would have totally enjoyed herself, experiencing several orgasms from receiving and giving cunnilingus as well as being fucked doggie style by Rhoda with a large strap-on dildo.

Also, after the successful seduction, Penny was admitted into the Ladies Network, a Sisterhood of some of the wealthiest and most influential women in Sydney, and for recognition of her membership Penny was given a gold, eighteen karat ankle bracelet that had a rainbow on it, symbolizing the women being either lesbian or bisexual. Penny was bisexual.

Rhoda had already been given permission to invite Penny to become a Sister in the Ladies Network by the Committee Chairpersons and the President Lady Rose at whose home Penny had attended some of Lady Rose’s well-known dinners where she modelled lingerie and demonstrated sexual toys after which she engaged in the wild, sexual orgies.

The special fundraiser on behalf of The Jones’ Academy was going to take place at Lady Rose’s mansion located at Piper Point, and since Penny owned her own modelling and photography agency called “Intimate Revelations” for which both her daughters were studying at Sydney University, Penelope in Business and Pamela in photography, and was a well known model herself in the popular woman’s magazine Feline, she was asked if she might present a modelling show with her daughters as the models.

At first Penny wasn’t sure if her daughters would agree to be the main attraction at the fundraiser, but she told Lady Rose who had been the one to ask her that she would discuss the idea with her daughters. Her daughters were very familiar with their mother’s business and were quite comfortable about modelling, but it took some time before they agreed to model at the fundraiser.

When Penny called Lady Rose and Rhoda Jones respectively with the good news, both were delighted that Penelope and Pamela would model at the fundraiser. That having been done, the next step was to set a day and time for the fundraiser.

It was decided that the fundraiser would take place on Friday, May 1st, May Day, which in Australia is during the autumn, March to May. Since it was now mid-February, Penny had plenty of time to prepare the modelling show in which her daughters Penelope and Pamela would be the star attractions.

However, as part of the fundraiser modelling show there was to be a specially interesting segment that would follow the show itself, a segment only Penny, Lady Rose, Rhoda, and her assistant Kiko would know until its revelation. However, for the guests the special segment would come as a surprise, one that the four of them agreed would be received with great enthusiasm and feminine gusto.

Thus, after getting her daughters to agree to model at the fundraiser event on behalf of their Alma Mater, the four got to work looking at fashion model magazines such as Feline for which Penny modelled that specialized in sexy lingerie; swim suits and all kinds of clothing both informal and formal at Lady Rose’s two department stores located in City Centre; and other catelogues.

Neither Penelope nor Pamela was hesitant about modelling in front of an audience. In fact, they saw this as an opportunity to gain some experience in the field of their choice that would come in handy when they joined their mom in the family modelling-photography agency located in the East side of Sydney near the gay district off Oxford Street.

During one of the preparation luncheons at Lady Rose’s, it was decided and agreed that since the show would take place on May Day, the weather should be quite beautiful to have it outdoors beneath a large tent Lady Rose would have commercially put up in addition to a wide stage in front of the low end of the pool that would divide into two runways that would go along the sides of the large pool.

With Lady Rose nothing was too much nor too costly.

So, months of preparation passed while Penny and her daughters made their selections to model from formal evening gowns down to sexy, revealing lingerie. During this time Lady Rose, Rhoda, and Kiko went through the membership list of The Ladies Network and chose the wealthiest and most influential women who had been great supporters of the Sisterhood in years past. The invitation list was for twelve with Lady Rose, Rhoda, Kiko, and Penny making the total number sixteen, the number eight being very lucky in bursa escort the Chinese Horoscope times two. Thus, doubly lucky.

Of course, Lady Rose would see to it that Penny and her daughters would be handsomely paid for their hard work. Penny had already shared with Lady Rose and Rhoda about her incestuous relationship between her and her daughters, so she was confident that while it might take some of their getting used to other hands and mouths on them, they would eventually become open to the sexual advances of the guests were sure to make.

When the fundraiser was first brought up in early February and the day and time were set, Friday evening on May Day the 1st to begin at 7:00 p.m. with a formal dinner with the program to follow afterwards, there seemed to be plenty of time. However, as usual time has a way of fleeting by and now the day was upon them, and there was much preparation going on at Lady Rose’s large estate.

Evening came and guests started to arrive at 6:30 p.m., all in chauffer-driven limousines, and all the guests were dressed to the nines but in various styles, mostly depending on the ages of the ladies from mid-thirties to their seventies as was Lady Rose at seventy-one.

For this event Lady Rose’s head butler Howard who had been with her even before her parents were killed in an auto accident had hired other butlers to help in escorting the guests to their seats around the great dining room table with exquisite place settings and bone china with a large bowl of long stem pink roses highlighted by green cuttings as the centre piece.

There were also extra maids for the evening so that things went smoothly that Lady Rose insisted for every event hosted by her.

There was enough seating at the table for sixteen with Lady Rose at the head and Penelope and Pamela sitting to her right and left as special guests-of-honour. Penny and Rhoda sat at the other end of the table facing Lady Rose with Kiko on Rhoda’s left.

There was much talking during dinner, most of it directed at Penelope and Pamela to make them feel a part of the group and to help them relax. None could ignore their youth and beauty and allow their erotic, female minds give way to licentious thoughts involving the girls which they hoped would be possible before the night was over.

A Miss Eldridge sat on Penelope’s right and a Mrs. Malone sat on the left of Pamela, and the two of them from time to time seemingly inadvertently let their legs press against the thighs of the girls, feeling their youthful warmth.

At first Penelope and Pamela didn’t think much of it since the table was crowded, but when each felt a hand placed on their thighs and move up and down in a casual manner, they knew it was not by accident.

A wee bit confused and not knowing how to react or what to say if anything, each looked at Penny who unnoticeably to those around her nodded her head yes as a sign to let it happen…that it was all right. Thus, having been intimate with their mom and enjoying the touch of a woman’s hand on their bodies, both Penelope and Pamela looked at one another knowingly and let their being felt up by the older women go on without protest.

Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Malone who were both in their fifties were quite taken with Penelope’s and Pamela’s youth, and as they moved they hands up and down the girls’ legs they continued to talk so that those around them did not know what their hands were doing under the table.

Lady Rose had seated the two in their respective places because Miss Eldridge was right-handed which allowed her left hand to be free to roam while Mrs. Malone was left handed which freed her right hand to roam.

Not surprised in the least, Lady Rose knew exactly what was going on underneath the table as the dinner progressed. She sensed it from the action of Penelope and Pamela as well as Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Malone who were quite chummy with the girls. If that wasn’t enough, she felt the knees of Penelope and Pamela touch her own knees as the girls caught up in the secretive thrill of being felt up by these older women spread their legs.

When the two women felt their response, they slid their hands down to the hem of the girls’ dresses and slowly ran their fingers up their inner thighs, feeling the silkiness of their thigh high nylons, and then to their utter surprise and total enjoyment each found that neither of them were wearing panties.

They looked across the table and locked glances in agreement about what they were feeling, Penelope’s and Pamela’s velvety-smooth shaved pussies that they found to be already wet with their natural lubricant that had oozed out of their vaginal slits and coated their pussies.

With controlled smiles on their faces, Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Malone worked their fingers all over the girls’ Mons, becoming quite sexually aroused themselves and wet between their legs, leaving wet spots on their expensive panties.

Penelope and Pamela just escort bursa gave them free access to their youthful pussies, enjoying the sexual stimulation to the fullest. By now both their clits were extended beyond their protective hoods, and their shafts were blood-engorged, soft to the touch, and sensitive.

As Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Malone tried to balance their act of continuing to eat and play with the girls’ pussies, they found it very difficult as did Penelope and Pamela as they were nearing their first orgasms of the evening…and the show hadn’t even begun about which they had no idea what was expected of them beyond modelling.

Lady Rose sat in her seat quite satisfied with what was happening so close to her, and the fact that the girls were allowing it to happen pleased her even more as far as the evening’s festivities were concerned.

“We ought to do quite well raising money for the Academy if this is how it’s going to be,” Lady Rose thought to herself just as one after the other of Penny’s daughters muffled their orgasms as waves of sexual energy filled their swollen clits and washed over their womanhood.

Penny who had not taken her eyes off her daughters since she realized what was going on at the other end of the table, smiled inwardly to herself for the same reason, thinking the old adage, “An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” In Penny’s case she had two apples.

After Penelope and Pamela had their orgasms, Miss Eldridge and Mrs. Malone brought their hands out from underneath the girls’ dresses and wiped their fingers on their napkins across their laps. Each would have been more contented to have licked their hands clean of Penelope’s and Pamela’s pussy cream, but licking and sucking ones fingers in the presence of company would not be lady-like.

“Maybe we’ll get another chance,” they both thought to themselves.

Thus, the dinner went smoothly as it always does at Lady Rose’s table from the Champagne cocktails prior to the dinner through the salad to a scrumptious dessert of various fresh berries smothered in rich cream. Of course, wine, both white and red, flowed quite freely, Lady Rose wanting to get her guests in a semi-inebriated state that would have them opening their checkbooks more willingly and graciously before the evening was over.

After the table was cleared, coffee and tea was served, and then the head butler Howard and the hired butlers escorted all the ladies from the dinning room through the Great Room and out through the French Doors onto the large, grey, slate patio. Beyond was a lush, well-manicured lawn that led to the large swimming pool where comfortable chairs had been set up in single file around the stage and along the divided runways.

Lady Rose would sit in a special, comfortably padded chair with armrests, and sharing the stage area would be Penny, Rhoda, and Kiko. There was a podium with a microphone off to the side for Penny during her presentation of each of the items her daughters would be modelling.

It was a beautiful, clear, May evening with a large three-quarter sliver of white moon set in a dark, ebon sky along with myriads of brilliant stars, and the large, private yard looked like a botanical garden with islands of trees and shrubs as well as flowering plants. The lawn had the look of a golf course it was kept so well groomed.

After all the ladies were seated, Penny got up and stood at the podium until all the whispering was silenced and she could speak uninterrupted.

“I would first like to welcome all of you special guests of The Ladies Network Sisterhood to this intimate fundraiser for The Jones’ Academy that we have each year.

“But before we begin the modelling show in which my two lovely daughters Penelope and Pamela are the main attraction, lets give a round of applause to Lady Rose for hosting the event and for the lovely dinner from which we have just come,” said Penny with poise and confidence.

“Hear! Hear!” the ladies spoke up as one, adding their clapping in appreciation for Lady Rose as Chairwoman of the Network and for hosting the fundraiser event.

Lady Rose nodded her head in thanks.

The formalities having been done, Penny turned to the program and began to introduce her daughters one at a time as they first showed off the evening gowns of various styles and fashion, the daily attire one might wear, and worked her way down to that which the women came to see, the lingerie.

It was already conceded that Penelope and Pamela were beautiful girls and that even being fully clothed they were well-built, both having large breasts with deep cleavage like their mother, each about 34 D with Penelope possibly being 34 DD; youthful, narrow waists; and round, well-formed hips that equaled their breast size; and shapely calves.

However, what they wanted to see was more flesh. More of their luscious bodies. To see as well as perhaps to touch.

“All right ladies, I know what you’ve been bursa escort bayan waiting for: the sexy lingerie. Well, wait no more.”

There was a collective chuckle among the ladies as they nodded their heads in agreement and clapped their hands enthusiastically. Surprisingly, a few of the younger ladies even made catcalls with their lips that they licked in anticipation.

“There will be a slight change in the presentation, however. Instead of Penelope and Pamela coming out one at a time. Both are going to come out together from the portable dressing room, each coming down a runway beside the pool and coming together at the juncture that is the main runway,” Penny announced.

A soft voice spoke up, “Is touching permitted?”

“Yes, you may have the models turn around to show you the whole outfit or what there is of it,” Penny giggled, “and you may touch the material to see if you like what you see.”

“I like what I’ve seen already,” another said. “Your daughters are absolutely beautiful and charming, Penny.”

Penny smiled and responded, “I’m glad you think so because I think the same of them. I was very lucky to have such beautiful daughters.”

“All right, enough talk. It’s show time!” Penny spoke out as she looked down at the pleased look on Lady Rose’s face who by all intents and purposes must be agreeing that things were going as planned.

The libidos of the women were stoked and hot by now, and they were more than ready to see the young flesh of Penelope and Pamela.

“All right, girls, you may come out now,” said Penny.

With smiles on their faces Penelope and Pamela walked out onto the runway, each wearing a sexy teddy that revealed their ample breasts and sculptured legs. As taught them by their mother, the two walked with fluid grace, their arms swinging loosely and their hips swaying to a fro as their ass cheeks moved up and down with each step they took.

Appreciative Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus and Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs were made by the ladies as their lascivious eyes devoured them with lustful gusto.

Penelope and Pamela stopped in front of each woman to give her a chance to get a good, close-up look at the teddy and finger the material. Penelope’s teddy was black, and Pamela’s teddy was white, making for a stunning combination.

Not having been informed beforehand by Penny that anything more than modelling the outfits that evening was expected of them, they were caught off-guard when fingers not only touched and felt the material of the teddies, but they strayed onto their panties and slid along the thigh lines, sending erotic sensations through their young bodies.

Each gave their mother a questioning look as to whether this was a part of the modelling to which Penny nodded her head “yes.”

Penny’s “yes” made both Penelope and Pamela smile knowing now that before the evening ended they would be doing more than modelling.

Thus, they allowed the guests to be more intimate…more searching with their fingers as they modelled all kinds of sexy lingerie, and with each change they displayed more revealing pieces to the wanton eyes and roaming hands of the ladies.

The last item of the evening, the piece de’ resistance, consisted of a leather bra with cut outs for the girls’ nipples to show that by now because of their own sexual arousal from having their bodies touched and caressed by all the guests were taut and erect. They also wore leather crotch-less panties.

To add a Gothic theme to the girls wearing revealing black leather outfits with silver studs, Penelope carried in her hand a whip and Pamela a paddle.

The crotch-less panties allowed the ladies not only to roam their hands all over Penelope’s and Pamela’s upper thighs and slide their fingers along the thigh panty line, but they were now able to slide their fingertips onto and along their pussies, and since Penny had instructed them to stand in front of each guest so they could have an up close and personal look, the fingering of their pussies was more than a casual caress of their fingers.

In fact, Penelope and Pamela were so sexually aroused by now from all the attention to their genitals that whenever the stood in front of a guest, they spread their legs, giving her easy, unobstructed access to her girlish womanhood. By now both pussies were wet with their natural lubrication that made the ladies’ fingers slide back and forth with ease, collecting their pussy cream as they did so.

Upon taking their fingers away in order for Penelope and Pamela to move on to the next guest, each of the ladies licked her fingers clean of their fresh pussy cream, enjoying the youthful flavour.

By now both Penelope and Pamela had experienced a few minor orgasms.

“Well, ladies, that’s the show for this evening,” said Penny enthusiastically. “From watching I can tell you enjoyed it as well as my two lovely daughters Penelope and Pamela.”

A round of applause went up in appreciation, and a few bravas resounded for Penelope and Pamela.

“And…and…” Penny spoke out above the applause and bravas, “Let’s not forget our lovely hostess Lady Rose who was to a large extent responsible for the fundraiser on behalf of The Jones’ Academy.”

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