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Big Dicks

Nancy lay naked on her bed with the warm summer breeze caressing her body. She was returning to reality after such a wonderful night on the beach. She at last felt like a real woman !! After all — Tom was in complete control of the situation. All she could dream about was the fact that a naked man almost 25 years her senior had approached her…YES!!! APPROACHED HER!!!. She thought about looking at his monster soft cock and how she had been able to excite him. She could still taste his pre cum as she sucked on him. The feeling of his pecker as it slid in her cunt was still making her tremble. How she squirted her love juice and how he deposited his warm white cum on her and then how she lay on top of him. She was in seventh heaven just thinking about these moments and all the while she was rubbing her tits and playing with her hard clit.

There was a soft knock on the door and her Mom asked “ are you awake Nancy? May I come in?”

“Yes, I am awake and you know that you can always come in my room” Sara entered and saw Nan naked on the bed and went and sat beside her. “ You had quite a time tonight didn’t you, Nan. I hope that I was not getting in your way with Tom. He is such a great guy, isn’t he”

“ Mom, he was so gentle and I only hope that I can experience another night like tonight. What happened after Tom and I went swimming to wash off and I left the beach?”

“Tom and I had a long swim to the island and we made love there”

“Did he fuck you ??” Sara put her arms around Nan and held her tight. “ Yes, he fucked me and I think I enjoyed his body as much as you did” Nancy squeezed Sara tighter and said, “ Oh Mom, He held me like he was my father tonight and I guess that is really what turned me on. I guess that I am still horny cause I have been playing with my tits and pussy ever since I came to bed. I want to cum again before I go to sleep.” It was then that Nancy noticed that her mother was sitting naked beside her. Sex hikayeleri Sara stretched out on the bed beside Nancy and began to suck on her breast. Nan slid her hand down her mom’s chest and stomach directly to her bushy mound. She found her clit which was very hard .. My God .. Mom was as hot as she was! They shifted their positions and were face to face, cuddling each others breasts and tits. “I want to suck you, Mom” Nan said ,as she rose to her knees and went for Sarah’s wide open cunt. Sara rolled on her back and raised her legs wide and Nancy’s tongue was on her clit in a flash. “OOOOOHHHHHHH god that feels so great — don’t stop Nan I am so close to cuming.. Lick me hard and nibble on my clit… OOOOOHHHHH YES YES YES PERFECT!!! I’m almost there, my sweet daughter OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH Sara was raising her hips into Nan’s face and moaning loudly.. Here I cum, Nan. Sara heaved upwards and Nancy could taste the wetness of her cuming as it escaped from her wet pussy. Sara was having orgasm after orgasm and Nancy never left her clit for one moment.

Just at this moment Jim walked in the room and saw the two of them and was about to turn and leave when Nancy said “ Jim — come join us if you want to.” “Oh yes, please come and get into bed with us and we can take good care of you” Sara said in an excited way. Sara wanted to suck Jim’s enlarging cock and then watch as he fucked his sister.

Jim unbuttoned his pajama bottoms and they slid to the floor. His cock was still soft and hid his bag of balls. He got in bed and Sara met him fondling his cock and making it expand and grow hard. Sara had never seen Jim hard but it looked a lot like he had gotten his pecker size from his father. It continued getting harder as Sara licked the tip and immediately she was greeted with his colorless pre cum. She licked his cock then took it all the way to his belly– deep throat!!!. Jim gasped and moaned loudly as Mom slid up and down then deep Sikiş hikayeleri throat again. Mom had a talent that she was able to deep throat a man’s cock and still have her tongue outside her mouth licking her lips and his balls. It didn’t take Jim long to know that he was about ready to cum. “OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT MOM.. I’M GOING TO CUM!!!!” Jim shouted.

While Sara was sucking on Jims, cock, Jim was sucking Nancy’s clit and pussy and had two fingers inside her love hole bringing her close to orgasm. “Time to switch, kids,” Mom said. “Fuck your sister Jim and fuck her hard.” Jim slid up Nan’s body and his cock went right into her cunt. Nan moaned as she felt him penetrate her . Jim’s cock was not as long and thick as Tom’s but that didn’t matter at the moment. Jim slammed into Nancy’s hole and his balls were banging against her ass hole. Nancy wrapped her legs around Jim as they both went over the edge at the same time.. “ Give it to me Jim — fill my cunt with your cum. Jim pushed and released three shots of cum into her pussy as Nan was having orgasm after orgasm. Jim fell exhausted on top of Nan with his still hard cock embedded in her twat.

Sara was watching the whole thing and fingering herself to several orgasms. As Jim began pull out with his cock still hard, she reached over took his moist organ and began to suck him dry — tasting the combination of her children’s cum. Jim rolled off and stood beside the bed with his cock still hard as a rock and pointing straight out. Sara turned to lick Nancy’s pussy, savoring the taste and getting all Jim’s warm cum that was leaking out of Nan. Little did Sara realize that the position she was in was perfect for Jim to plunge his cock into her pussy. Sara’s cunt was wet from her orgasms and she welcomed Jim’s cock as he rammed it home , his balls slapping against her ass hole. “Oh my god, Jim, that feels so good but let’s get it up a notch .. Fuck my ass hole, Jim, can you Erotik hikaye do that??”. “I never have done that Mom,” Jim answered, “are you sure you want me to?”

“ Yes, Jim, I want you to and be as rough as you want. I have done this before and I want to feel your cock all the way in” Sara Answered

Jim pulled his cock out of her cunt and Sara reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart. “it looks mighty tight for me, Mom” Jim said as he spit on the end of his cock. “Maybe I should stick a few fingers in to open it up a bit.” “Do as you want but hurry before I loose the mood, Sara said spreading her ass even wider.

Nancy watched as Jim spit on Sara’s ass hole then his own cock and pointed it directly at the shit hole. Slowly he pushed his cock in but it stopped before he was able to get the knob in. He pulled out and Nancy leaned over and spit on his cock and licked her finger and slid it in Mom’s Ass hole. She pulled her finger out and spit on Jim’s cock again and Jim pushed his stiff member right into Mom’s ass. Sara let out a gasp as it went in and Jim held it for a few seconds then began to push it in farther, She began rocking back on his cock and soon they were in complete rhythm. Nancy found Sarah’s clit and pussy and rubbed her into another orgasm. Nancy got under Sara and sucked and fondled her breasts and hard tits as Jim continued to pound her ass hole.

“MOM — SHIT — I’M CUMING.. OH GOD YES HERE I CUMMMMMM AAAAAAAAHHHHH.” Jim unloaded another stream of warm cum into her ass hole. He went soft almost immediately and his cock fell out of her ass and the cum he deposited followed. Nancy reached over and pulled Jim’s cock to her lips and sucked him dry — swallowing every last drop of cum that was in his cock.

“Enough is enough for tonight, kids. Sleep well as I will Are you sleeping with your sister tonight? Sara asked as she held the Kleenex up to her pussy and ass to catch the drips left the bedroom.

“Please stay tonight, Jim. I need someone to cuddle with and dream great dreams” Nancy said as she snuggled up and kissed him.

“Will be my pleasure, Nan. Tell me, was Tom really that great???

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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