Laura’s Sunset

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“Yeah okay bye. See you soon.”

She kept her phone down after having a call with her friend Liam, who was going to come over that evening to hang out. Liam was a tall guy with a toned body, brown hair and dark and deep eyes. It sometimes felt like he was piercing into her while he looked at her. Whereas, Laura was a petite little girl with light brown hair and blue eyes. She looked simple but had her own charm.

Even though Laura was a reserved person, she was completely wild in her own world. She was all alone at home. With no one to disturb her mind was running places. She decided to pull the drawer right beside her bed to take out her favorite play things. 😉

She cleared her bed and jumped on top of it. She had a full size mirror right in front of her bed, where she could see all of herself. She slowly removed her t-shirt. She stared at her purple bra for a while. She teasingly unhooked the bra and slipped down the straps revealing her big nipples on small boobs. They were brown and looked tasty. She cupped her right boob and tilted her head backwards in pleasure. Slowly her hands slid down to her pink shorts. She pulled it down to show her matching purple lace panties. She could not control looking at herself. She touched her thighs as she sat on her knees. She spread her knees and saw herself in the mirror. She stood up a little and took off her panties. It rolled down her legs to her feet.

She sat back on her knees again and spread her knees apart. Her hands couldn’t stay far anymore.. And she suddenly touched her pussy, like the desperate waves kissing the shore, she kept gasping with every of her touch down there, while her other hand rested on her boob. Her clit was very sensitive. She circled around it with her fingers, making her heart skip a beat each time.

She laid down on her back resting her head on two pillows so she could see the mirror and spread her legs apart giving a clear view of her pussy. It was dripping wet. She took her fingers to her lips and gently slipped it in in her mouth making it wet. And started sucking it and moaning at the same time. Mmmmmm.. Mmmmmm… Imagining it was LIAM’s dick… Yes she was obsessed with him. She wanted to have all of him, but didn’t have the guts to confess. She didn’t want Ankara travesti to ruin the friendship and she believed she had no chance of him liking her.

With that thought, she started sucking her fingers vigorously. Adding three fingers from two in her mouth making her spread. Mmmm… Mmmmm… Aaahhh….

Now that her fingers were wet she was ready to put it in.

And… there it went inside of her. Searching a feeling of Liam, her fingers fucked her. She couldn’t control and spurted out.

“Ohhh.. Liamm… Fuck me so hard…”

“Yessss.. Aaahhhh… I want you to go so deep inside me.”

“Ohh…Liam… Don’t stop..”

Her other hands searched for her vibrator and clicked on it to start its magic. She straight away touched it on her clit. Her back arched in pleasure. She closed her eyes in the double torment of her fingers and the vibrator.

She started fingering faster and faster.

“Liaammmmm.. Ohh fuck…Liammm”

She couldn’t stop.

She turned her vibrator and put its back side right inside of her. It was throbbing right inside of her. She screamed in pleasure. Aaahhhhhh…!

She wanted Liam’s dick there pulsating inside of her.

Though Liam lived very near to her, she couldn’t ask him to go inside of her. She was desperate but had to control her urges.

But in this bed, at this moment she was free. She could imagine every possible thing. Liam over her, under her, beside her, in her… He was her for this moment.


Ding Dong!

What the fuck was that??! Who dared to disturb her pleasure moment with Liam? She was furious. She hurriedly sat and started gathering her clothes.

Dinng Dong!!

Ohh Damn..! Couldn’t this person wait?

She ran while wearing her clothes. She wore her t-shirt inside-out. But at least she was wearing one.

Ding Donng!!

“Wait..!! Coming!!” she roared.

As she opened the door ready to voice her opinion on such prudence, she was astonished. IT WAS LIAM.

He was panting and a streak of sweat rolling down his forehead. His penetrating hers. His one hand rested on the door frame, as he looked down at her.

“How many Liam’s do you know, Laura?” His voice was deep and serious. It looked like Antalya travesti he was angry.

She was perplexed.

He raised his other hand, and it had his phone in it. Laura’s eyes widened. It had her call still running. After she spoke to him, she forgot to disconnect.

Did he… Did he hear it call?

He stepped closer and looked gravely into her eyes, “I asked something Laura.”

Fuckkkk.. How could she say it was him, and how could she lie it was someone else either. She didn’t want him to think she was interested in someone else, but also couldn’t say it was him, too.

“Who is Liam?” This time he was louder. Loud enough to startle Laura.

“One. I know only one..” she spurted out without thinking.

He paused walking towards her and said, “So its me.”

“Huh?”, she was confused out of her nervousness.

And before she could say anything more Liam pulled her by her waist and kissed her ferociously. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Liam was kissing her. His hands trailed down from her waist to her ass, grasping them hard. This made her gasp, and she pulled a little away and looked at his eyes questioningly.

“What? Wasn’t it you begging me to fuck you?”, he said mockingly.

Before she could retort he picked her up on his shoulders and went right on to the bed. Threw her right on the bed.

She couldn’t believe it was happening.

He pulled his shirt up revealing his beautifully carved body. She literally wanted to kiss all the way down, but she controlled herself, staring widely at him.

He tilted his head questioningly, “Wont you touch it?”

She hesitated. Liam grasped her hand tight and took it to his chest and let her touch him.

She touched all the way down to his navel. How could someone be so possibly beautiful?

He suddenly grasped her both writs and pushed it on the top of her head and bent down. He gently kissed her forehead. And then down to her nose and then her lips. A gentle kiss suddenly turned into a wild thirsty one.

He went down to her neck and to her surprise he bit it really hard. Her mind was swirling between pain and pleasure.

Suddenly he got up and stripped his pants. He pulled her up and dragged her t-shirt from her İstanbul travesti and pulled her pants down. He pulled her bra so hard that the hooks broke, and with one swift move the panties were out of the way too.

Liam wanted to have all of her. He pushed his boxers down.

“Dammnnn..” Laura couldn’t hold back. He had the biggest dick she ever saw. It was thick and looked scary. Even imagining it inside of her made her gasp.

Before she could react more, he bent down and sucked her boobs.. He was cherishing all her body. His warm mouth felt so good on her.

His fingers found their way to her pussy. With one move it was inside of her. Liam’s fingers were fucking her. Her mind was swirling.

He kept going in and out while sucking her. He went down slowly. His tongue touched her clit.

“Ohhh fuckkk Liammmmmm…”

He looked up and smirked. He went back to lick her pussy. He kept on tormenting her. She felt like she would come any moment.

Suddenly he stopped. He clasped her hair and made her sit up. Before she could understand what was happening, his dick was inside her mouth. She gagged, but it was delicious. He kept moving roughly. Tears rolled down her face with the brute force.

He took it out and rolled her over, to put her on fours. And right in he went. Without any hesitation, he put all his dick inside her.


“You… aaahhh.. didn’t wear… condom…?”

He kept on fucking her hard.

He grunted and said, “I am going to fill you up. Take a pill later, but your are my cum dump now.”

Aaahhhhhh Liam.. It hurts.. Aahh..”

He was very hard with her. Spreading her pussy alot.

“shhhhh.. You were the one who begged for it. “

He kept on going faster and faster for a time that felt like eternity for Laura.


“Owwwchhh…” Laura screamed as Liam spanked her.

But he kept pounding her and spanking her hard. Until both of them couldn’t take it.

Liam burst into her pussy, with cum leaking out down her thighs. He convulsed into her. As she had her craziest orgasm of her life. Screaming his name.



Later that evening, Liam had gone back home, leaving Laura in a flood of thoughts and a pool of cum. Did Liam actually like her? Or was it just lust?

But the biggest question was did she love him or his body? With all these questions the sun set.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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