Lesbian Blackmail Sex

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Things were finally going Cory’s way. It’s been one year since she moved to San Francisco, and up to this point, it has been one struggle after another. Her problems were mostly financial, finding it hard to make ends meet. Cory’s job as a Judge’s clerk paid reasonable well, but the high cost of rent took most of it. So, when a job performance review gained her a good raise in pay, she could be more delighted. Cory wanted to celebrate, so she decided to hit her favorite club “The Satin Rose” that night. when she arrived at the club, she hooked up with some co-workers who were there already. Cory’s best friend Pam, whom she worked with, bought Cory her first drink, a double shot of Tequila.

Each co-worker in turn bought her a celebratory drink. Cory danced with a few of the local guys she knew there, and everyone was buying her drinks that night. Cory, who wasn’t a heavy drinker, was quite drunk by 10PM. She knew it would be best to go home, so she said her “good-nights” to all, and walked out. She almost tripped a few times walking to her car in the rear parking lot. Cory walked up to her car, fumbled at unlocking the door, and got in. She took a deep breath and exhaled, relaxed a moment. Cory’s foot was planted firm on the brake, she started the engine, and put it in reverse. At that moment, her foot slid off the brake, and pressed hard onto the accelerator. Her car quickly sped out of her parking spot, right into the open spot behind her, side swiping the car next to her. She yelled “Shit!”, as she quickly applied the brakes

She turned to look, and saw she had hit a new black BMW. Dammit, she thought, remembering she let her insurance expire because she could make the payment for that year. Cory sat quiet for a moment, startled and dazed at what had just happened. She put the car in forward gear, and slowly pulled out, hearing scraping steel as she drove forward, and again yelling “Shit!”. She then heard a loud voice yell “Shit is right! who taught you to drive you dumb bitch!”. Startled, Cory quickly turned her head to see the other cars owner, standing beside her door. She was a tall slender 30ish looking woman wearing a black dress, long black curly hair, wear high heel shoes.

“Where’s the God Damn fire!” yelled the woman. “You raced out like your ass was on fire!”

“I’m so sorry!” said Cory. “It was an accident, my foot slipped.”

“I want to see your God Damn license, registration, and insurance, right now!” the woman ordered.

Cory nervously fumbled through her wallet for her license, as the woman continued ranting.

“You know you did at least three thousand dollars damage to my car,” said the woman. “I hope your insurance agent nails your ass to the wall!”

Cory reached out her window, handing the woman the documents. The woman took her phone from her purse and began snapping photos of Cory’s documents.

“What the fuck? your insurance is expired!” yelled the woman.

“I know it is, but don’t worry, I’ll pay for the damage,” said Cory.

“Your Damn right you will,” said the woman. Suddenly, the woman was silent, she leaned her head close to Cory’s rolled down window and sniffed.

“You’ve been drinking!” said the woman. “Uninsured and drunk, screw this, I’m calling the cops!”

“WAIT!” said Cory, as she quickly got out of her car. “Please don’t call the cops, it would ruin me because of my job. Please, I’ll pay for the damage, but I can’t pay all at once.”

The woman stared at Cory with angry contempt. As Cory continued pleading with the woman, the woman couldn’t help to notice Cory looked hot. Cory was wearing thin tight jeans that exposed her camel toe between her legs, and accented her firm ass. The woman could see Cory’s perky nipples through her tight black spandex top. Cory had long straight red hair that reached her mid-back. Although Cory was 24, she didn’t look a day over 20, and her young appearance really turned the woman on.

“You know, if I call the cops, you’re going to jail, right?” said the woman.

Cory looked down, trying not to cry. “Yes, I know.”

“So, Cory, it is Cory, right?” asked the woman.

“Yes Ma’am,” said Cory.

“Well my name’s not Ma’am, its Donna.” said the woman. “I’m in town a few days on business. This is what your gonna do, you meet me later at my hotel. I’ll have a document for you to sign to make restitution for damages. If you don’t show up, I’ll see to it you’ll spend the next six in jail, where the jail house bitches with have their way with your hot little body every night.”

Cory frowned sickly at Donna’s last comment. Donna pulled a notepad and pen from her purse and started writing.

“You be at the Hilton Hotel, suite 39, in one hour. And don’t be late, understand?” Said Donna.

“I’ll be there,” relied Cory.

Donna turned and walked to her car. “And don’t come dressed like that, wear something nice, this is a high class hotel.”

As Donna got into her car and drove away, Cory sighed in relief. She parked her car, and took a cab home, where she cleaned up and changed clothe. After a quick shower, Escort Bayan she put on her favorite blue skirt, white blouse, and jacket. She took another cab to the Hilton Hotel, which was not far from where she lived. After the cab dropped her off, she entered the lobby and told the desk clerk she was visiting someone. Cory asked how to get to suite 39, and the clerk pointed to the elevators. She made her way to the elevator and soon was on the 39th floor, Cory walked along the hall until she came upon suite 39, and knocked at the door.

Donna opened the door, standing with a glass of champagne in one hand, and her arm crossed over her chest with the other. Donna wore a black, low cut, short evening dress, which exposed a large amount of cleavage of her medium sized firm breasts. The slit in her dress, that ran from her waist down, exposed most of her long silky legs, and partially exposed her tight white silk panties.

“Right on time, I like that in a girl,” said Donna with a smile. Donna turned and started walking back into the room. “Come in and close the door, and put the do not disturb sign on the handle, and be sure the door is locked.”

Something about Donna’s request made Cory uneasy. Cory hung the sign outside the door, locking it behind her. Donna called for Cory to come in.

Cory entered a large room with a king size bed. Donna was standing, leaned against a large dresser next to the bed. She sipped her champagne slowly, and leered at Cory, her eyes scanning her from head to toe.

“Sexy dress, did you wear that for me?” asked Donna.

Cory paused in silence, feeling a bit weird at that question, replied, “Well, you told me to wear something nice.”

“Oh, its nice alright, nice and hot, I approve,” said Donna.

Cory immediately sensed a change in Donna’s personality and mood. She can tell Donna had been drinking, and appeared to be a bit drunk.

Cory stood quietly, feeling uncomfortable with the way Donna was looking her over. Donna could tell clearly that Cory was nervous, and thought to herself, this is going to be easy game.

Donna took another sip of her champagne, paused, then said, “Take off your jacket and sit on the bed.”

Cory slowly removed her jacket, placing it on the edge of the bed. “I work for a Judge, so I can help write out a legal restitution document.”

“I Don’t think so, I have something else in mind, you’re going to work it off,” said Donna.

Cory felt confused, wondering what Donna had in mind.

“So, tell me Cory, my luscious little peach, have you ever got it on with another woman before?” asked Donna.

Cory froze, and her nervousness increased, feeling uneasy with Donna’s question. Cory was silent for a moment before answering, “No.”

Cory’s answer excited Donna, knowing she was going to be Cory’s first. “Well, there’s a first time for everything. So, it looks like I’m gonna be your first.”

Donna’s comment freaked Cory out, and she wanted to get out of there. “Ok, this is getting way too weird for me, I’m leaving,” said Cory. She stood up and grabbed her coat.”

“STOP RIGHT THERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Donna yelled. Donna reached out and grabbed Cory by the arm, and swung her around. She leered angerly at Cory’s face. “You want to go to jail? I’ll call the cops right now, so sit your ass back down now!.”

Cory feared Donna would call the cops. She took a deep breath and hesitantly sat back down. Her nervousness turned to fear as Donna stood before her with an angry look on her face.

“Look at me!” said Donna. “Do you think I’m beautiful?”

Cory’s fear of Donna’s anger increased, and she just froze.

“Are you fucking deaf? I asked you a question, Do you think I’m beautiful? again asked Donna.

Nervously, Cory answered, “Yes, I think your beautiful.”

“Well, I really don’t give a shit what you think, I’m just making small talk,” Donna smirked.

Cory felt a lump in her throat, not knowing how to react. As Cory sat motionless and silent, Donna began to slowly remove her dress.

Donna gave Cory a wicked grin. “Well, I don’t even know if you like girls, and frankly, I don’t even care. Just keep your mouth shut and do as I say, and you won’t spend the next six months in jail for having an accident while drunk driving, you understand me?”

Looking down, and feeling like she was on the verge of crying, Cory slowly nodded her head yes. Donna’s dress slowly slid off her body and fell to the floor. Cory felt like she was going to faint, she never had an experience with another woman, and never had any thoughts or desires to do so. A cold chill ran up her back, realizing she was being blackmailed into having sex, sex with a woman. Cory couldn’t believe she was about to submit to letting this woman have sex with her to avoid jail. But she couldn’t think of any other alternative. So, she told herself, just do what this bitch wants, and get the hell out when it’s over.

Cory sat in the edge of the bed, nervous, scared, and quiet. Donna slowly walked over to Cory, leaned over, and placed her hand under Cory’s chin, and looked her in the eye. “You’re probably going to enjoy this more than I will.” Donna then let of a soft wicked giggle.

Donna grabbed Cory’s hair, and yanked her head back, and to the side. Cory closed her eyes tightly, as Donna licked her from her throat to her right ear.

Donna let out a Mmm. “Oh, you’re going to be delicious.” Donna grabbed Cory’s hands, and pulled her to her to her feet.

“Let’s see what you got,” said Donna as she quickly unbuttoned Cory’s blouse. As the last button came loose, she peeled her blouse off, throwing on the bed. Donna then quickly pulled her Bra off, lifting it off over Cory’s head. Cory stood, trembling, with her eyes closed. Donna reached around Cory, placing her hands on Cory’s back, and began caressing her hands up and down her back. A cold shiver ran up Cory’s spine as Donna’s hands worked their way to the front of her body, then slid up to her breasts. As Donna slid her hands up and down over Cory’s Breasts, she leaned her head close to Cory. Cory could feel Donna’s warm breath on her lips.

“Ok my little pet, time to pay your debt,” said Donna, as she pushed Cory back onto the bed. She grabbed Cory’s skirt at the hem, and pulled it off, and threw it across the room. Donna quickly got onto the bed, and laid on top her. Donna supported her upper body with her elbows. Her nipples where hard, and as she adjusted her body to be comfortable on top of Cory, Cory could feel Donna’s hard nipples caressing over her own. The sensation felt strange, feeling another woman warm breasts against her own.

“Please stop, I’ve never done this before,” pleaded Cory.

“Like I said sweetie, I really don’t care,” said Donna.

She then placed her hands on each side of Cory’s face, and gave her a hard kiss on the lips. Cory pressed her lips together tightly as Donna’s tongue tried to enter her mouth.

“Stop resisting me! you’re gonna give it up to me, whether you like it or not!” said Donna.

Donna pushed Cory’s head to the side and began ravishly kissing and licking her neck. Donna suddenly tilted Cory’s head the other way, and continued fiercely kissing and licking the other side of her neck. She reached down with her hand, and began groping at Cory’s breast. Cory was very nervous and scared. Oh God, get me out of this, thought Cory.

Donna put her lips to Cory’s ear. “Some girls like it rough…so just relax, and enjoy it!” Then drove her wet tongue deep into Cory’s ear canal.

The sensation caused Cory to suddenly arch her back, as she let out a quick “aah”. Cory was nervous and scared, yet, the feeling of Donna’s lips and tongue on her neck was sending shivers up her spine. Donna licked Cory from her throat to her earlobe, then sucked and nibbled at it. Donna again thrusted her tongue into Cory’s ear canal, causing another shiver, followed by goose bumps all over her body.

Cory was in dazed confusion, feeling like she was in a hypnotic state. Feeling another woman’s soft lips and tongue felt nothing like she ever felt with a guy. Donna’s ravishment was frightening, yet pleasurable, creating sensations she never experienced. Cory let out stifled moans as the licks and kisses continued. Donna then slid her tongue across Cory’s lips, then kissed her. Again, Cory blocked Donna’s tongue from entering her mouth. Donna grabbed and yanked Cory’s hair telling her to stop resisting, or she would call the cops right now.

Cory hesitantly complied as Donna again kissed her, forcing her tongue past Cory’s lips and deep into her mouth. Cory could feel Donna’s warm wet tongue pressing against her own. Cory felt a warm tingle run up her back, she felt dizzy, and her head was spinning by the sensation of feeling another woman’s tongue in her mouth. Cory tried to move her tongue away, avoiding contact with Donna’s.

Donna broke off her kiss and raised her head. “Look at me,” she said. Cory opened her eyes to see Donna’s face. Donna looked to be like animal enraged. “Stop trying to hide your tongue, I want you to kiss me back, kiss me like you would a guy.”

“I can’t,” said Cory.

“Ok, fine, let me get my phone,” said Donna.

“Alright, Alright,” Said Cory

Donna then pressed her lips To Cory hard and rammed her tongue deep into her mouth. Cory clinched her eyes closed tightly as she allowed Donna’s tongue to swirl around her own. Donna rolled off Cory, and laid on her side close to her. She grabbed Cory’s wrists and stretched her arms out over her head, pinning them down with one hand, and with the other hand, pulled Cory’s left leg up and over her own. Cory laid with her legs partially spread open and her left leg draped over Donna’s waist. Donna began rubbing Cory’s breast, and continued kissing her.

Donna felt Cory’s nipples become erect, and began squeezing and pinching them. Donna broke off her mouth kiss, and started kissing Cory’s neck, as she slid down right between Cory’s legs, and gently rubbed Cory’s pussy through her panties. Cory let out a soft squeal, muffled my Donna’s mouth. As Donna’s kiss progressed, she could feel Cory’s panties getting damp with each rub. Cory let out more and more soft squeals.

Donna now reached up and slid her fingers into Cory’s panties. Donna could feel that Cory had become very wet as her fingers slid along her creamy slit. As she continued stroking her slit, Cory’s muffled squeals grew louder as Donna probing fingers slid over her clit from time to time. The intense feeling was breaking Cory down, and she began to give in to Donna’s kiss, slowly kissing Donna back. Cory was having a hard time excepting the fact that she was being turned on by another woman.

As Cory got more and more into it, Donna slid her middle finger deep into Cory’s tight wet hole. Cory let out a muffled moan, and Donna could feel Cory’s warm creamy wet hole squeeze very tightly around her finger. A feeling of euphoric ecstasy filled Cory, until finally, admitting to herself she was enjoying it, gave up all remaining resistance, and gave herself fully to Donna.

Donna’s neck kisses turned into a tongue slid, that led straight to Cory’s breast, touching it to her nipple. Donna quickly went to work on her breast, licking feverishly, sliding her tongue over and around her nipple. Donna would bite and nibble on it from time to time. Donna then slid her tongue across to Cory’s right breast, giving it equal treatment. As Donna sucked her other nipple, while at the same time fingering her tight hole, Cory’s head was slowly rolling from side to side, letting out more and more soft moans.

Donna removed her hand from Cory’s wet slit, and rolled back on top of her. She raised her body high enough so the tips of her hard nipples where barely touching Cory’s own hard nipples. Donna began to slide her hard nipples back and forth over Cory’s hard nipples. Cory’s breathing increased, as she felt Donna’s hard nipples flicking over her own, and the sensation was nothing like she ever felt before.

“Well my luscious peach, your enjoying this now, aren’t you?” Donna said, with a sultry voice. Cory relied with a moaning yes.

“That’s good, because your gonna love what I do now,” said Donna

Nervous anticipation filled Cory as she knew what was coming next. Donna lowered herself and began to lick her way down Cory’s body, until finally her face was between Cory’s legs. Donna then bent Cory’s legs at the knee and spread her legs wide open. Corey had a very sensitive pussy, and having experienced how well Donna uses her tongue, feared she may not be able to handle the sensation. Cory braced herself as Donna lowered her head.

Donna gave Cory a slow deep lick, her tongue sliding from Cory’s taint, right up to her clit. Suddenly, Cory’s body stiffened, as she gasped for air.

Corey panicked and cried out. “Wait! please go easy, I’m very sensitive!”

“Just try to relax sweetie. Your about to get tongue fucked like never,” said Donna. “And sweetie…I’m the best.”

Donna’s words scared the hell out of Cory. She feared it may be too difficult to endure the sensation.

Donna spread Cory’s Pussy lips wide apart, extended her tongue, and thrusted it deep into Cory’s tight wet hole. Cory Spasmodically arched her back, as she let out a loud “aah”. Cory’s eyes opened wide, and she stared hypnotically at the ceiling. Her arms were stretched out to her side, and her hands clutched the bed sheet tightly, as Donna began thrusting her stiff long tongue deep in and out of her tight hole. Cory quickly became creamy wet, and Donna could feel her cream coating her tongue and lips.

Corey felt like she was in shock, and she cried out. “Oh God, please stop, I don’t think I can handle anymore!”

Donna stopped just long enough to say “Well, you better learn to handle it, because I’m just getting started!”

Donna then slide he tongue up along the wet slit, sliding it over Cory’s moist clit from time to time, then return to plunging it back deep into her hole. Cory’s breathing increased to a rapid rate, and her hips spasmodically thrusted outward into Donna’s probing tongue. Cory’s loud moans sounded like she was on the verge of crying. Donna could feel Cory’s wet hole squeezing tightly around her tongue in a series of rapid contractions, and she knew Cory was about to come. Cory did her best to resist having an orgasm, fearing she couldn’t handle it.

Donna stopped for a moment. “Stopping trying to fight it…just let go, and enjoy it!”

Donna had forced herself on many girls before, while most just gave in, some would put up a fight. The fighters had a difficult time submitting to an orgasm. But Donna had a sure fire method to make them give in, and Donna was about to employ that method on Cory. Cory’s laid motionless, her legs trembling slightly, her pussy hole squeezing with the last contraction of a near orgasm. Donna reached for the nightstand drawer by the bed, opened it, and removed her favorite sex toy. It was an eight-inch soft latex vibrator. It had tiny soft spines extended from all around, a huge knob head, and an additional smaller four-inch extension at the base, which would enter the ass at the same time. This was Donna’s toy of choice to use on fighters, and she had mastered its use to induce an intense orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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