Let me lay down the law Ch 9 + 10


Chapter 9

As soon as we got back to our room I told her to hit the shower and style up. I watched her in the shower and later watched her style her hair. She used something to give it a wet and heavier look. Don’t ask me what; I’m at a loss when hair products are concerned. When she was finished I told her to dress. She put on white panties, black skin tight Daisy Dukes and a white blouse that was a bit see-through. Not much so but enough to make out her dark nipples and thin enough that even the little skin bumps on her areolas were poking out. On her feet she wore heeled sandals with high straps that were tied around her calves and accentuated her slim, toned legs and her height. She looked stunning.
I went back into the room and closed the curtains. Not because I wanted privacy or did not want to be seen but because the afternoon sun shining through the red curtains created an erotic atmosphere. The light was not the aggressive cheap red of the neon adverts that gave the “red light districts” their name but a warm intimate red.
I took out the camera and told her to stand at the end of the little corridor that led into the room. Then I explained to her what I wanted to do:
“I want you to walk into the room and strip all your clothes as sexily as you can. Play with your body while you strip and shed all your clothes. But you can leave the heels on. And when you are naked, crawl onto the bed and start playing with your pussy. Start off nice and slow and then get faster and more aggressive. I want you to come for me and for the camera.
She smiled at me, her hair wet around her face. It looked even darker then usually and sparkled a bit in the red light. Some strains were wetter than the others and they caught the light, trapping it, making it look like she had red highlights. She put a hand to her face, lightly touching her cheek and then turned her face into her hand as if turning to the touch of her lover. Then she let that hand glide down her face slowly. She moved the hand to the side as she did it so her fingertips ended up on her lips. Her lips, naturally full and dark were a big lighter because of the lip-gloss she had put on and the red light created little points of light on her lips, like red stars sparkling. The moment before her fingers left her lips her tongue darted out and touched the tips and as her tongue moved back in she licked her lips.
Her fingers were now moving further down, past her chin and onto her neck and further down to her chest. The top two buttons of her blouse were open and she moved her fingers to the patch of skin visible in the cleavage. Her other hand moved to join them and together they opened another button as she started to move towards the room. Another button was opened and the blouse was now open past her breasts. Her nipples were hard and standing out through the thin cotton of her blouse. She let go of the buttons and her hands moved back up. One staid on her chest gently touching the skin between her full round breasts as the other moved up towards her face. Again she pretended that it was my hand stroking her face. The hand on her chest moved into her top, cupping her breast and squeezing it. I could see the movement through the cloth but since the lower buttons were still closed the cleavage was not open enough to actually Sex hikayeleri see those wonderful round mounds of flesh.
She was in the room now and leaned back against a wall. She took the hand out of her cleavage and moved both hands to her hips. She let them rest on her hipbones and then started to move them towards the center of her shorts. She rubbed her pussy through the material. She pressed her hand firmly against her crotch and moved it up and down while the other hand moved up, lifting the bottom of her blouse and exposing her flat, firm stomach up to her navel. Then she opened the button on her shorts and pulled the zipper down. She pulled the sides of her shorts open showing me her with thong panties and then put her hand over the front of them an instant later. She was rubbing her pussy through her panties now and the other hand moved up, opening the lower buttons of the top, first one, and then the next. Now all that held her top together was one final button. She moaned as her hand sped up on her clit and her other hand pulled the lower left side of her blouse away exposing more of the perfect brown skin on her stomach. Then she pulled the hand away from her pussy letting me see her panties again. I just managed to get a glimpse of the wet spot in the center before she turned away. Her back was to me as she put her hands over her ass, squeezing it as she started rotating her hips to the sound of the music in her head. After a while she let her hand go up a bit, pulling the blouse up and showing me a piece of her lower back. And as her hands moved down again she let her fingers glide into her shorts. I could see her grabbing and squeezing her but through the cloth and only a moment later she pulled the shorts down, bending forward at the same time. When her shorts reached her knees she straightened up again and gave her naked ass cheek a sharp slap. The sound had not yet fully died away in my head when she stepped out of her shorts and turned to face me gain. Put her hand on her thighs, gently stroking them as she licked her lips. I could now clearly see the wet patch on her white panties. Her hands moved up again and opened that last button. Her blouse fell open but the cut prevented it from falling open enough to reveal her tits. I could see the skin between them and even a bit of the mounds when she moved but the nipples were still out of my view. She put her left hand over her right tit inside the blouse and then used her right hand to move the blouse away. I could see all of her right side, all but the hand covered tit. And then she moved her hand a bit taking her nipple between thumb and forefinger and bend her head down to give it a lick. When she look back up she smiled at me and, letting go of her tit, moved her hands to grasp the sides of her blouse and pulled it down over her shoulders and let it drop behind her.
Standing there in just her white, soaked through thong, her tits jiggling as she moved her hips she started to play with her pussy again, this time putting her hand into the front of her underwear while the other hand played with each nipple in turn. After a couple of seconds she turned to face the wall again. She bend forward, supporting herself with one hand on the wall and pushed her ass out towards me. I could now see the hand moving Sikiş hikayeleri in her thong and could even see her middle finger disappearing into her soft wet slit every now and then. Her moaning became louder and louder, filling the room.
After 2 or 3 minutes of that she couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled down her panties in one quick motion and moved onto the bed. She lay on her back and spread her legs far apart, bending them at the knee and putting her feet flat up on the bed. Her back was on a couple of pillows so that she was not completely horizontal but in a half sitting position. She moved her hand in circles over her clit and then started to push her middle finger into her cunt faster and faster. She was on fire and nothing in the world could have stopped her at that moment. I saw her juices running out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. She was grunting now and sweat was creating a thin oily layer on her body. Every inch of her skin sparkled in the red light as her legs started to tremble and I could see the muscles in her stomach contracting and lifting her back of the bed every couple of seconds. Her toes were curling up inside her sandals and she slammed the back of her head into the bed in rhythm with her fingers slamming into her. Then she lost the rhythm and went silent. Instead of the regular in and out she started to thrust hard into her in irregular intervals and the contractions in her stomach followed the same timing. And then suddenly she let out a loud grunt and rammed the fingers deep into herself. Her legs clamped shut above her pussy, trapping her hand and obscuring my view. I could still see her upper body shuddering and saw the movement of her arm as her body went rigid and then started to spasm again and again. Every spasm was accompanied by a grunt and then, as the spasms became gentler but longer, the grunts turned into moans, her legs opened again and I could see her hand moving in circles with her fingers still deep in her opening. Then her legs fell open completely and she pulled her fingers out of her cunt. A little river of her juice, up until that moment dammed by her fingers flowed out of her cunt creating a wet spot on the sheets as she slowly breathed out and let all the tension go from her. A moment later she opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“That was hot, did it look good on camera?” she asked
“If it looks half as good on camera as it looked to me just now it’s gonna be more than just good. Now to the next part of the video.”

Chapter 10

“Slide up on the bed, sit with your back to the wall and spread your legs.”
Sitting at the top of the bed the light fell differently on her body and I could now see that not only her pussy was wet. Her hand had spread the juice onto her lower stomach and between her legs up to the mid thighs and it had run down between her asscheeks. Her ass looked pretty lubed up and for a moment I thought about taking it but then decided against that. I had different plans for now, for one thing and I was close to cumming from watching her and would not be able to enjoy the experience of taking her anal virginity as long as I wanted to for the other. No, finish the video now and fuck her ass later. That was the plan and I would stick to it.
I went to the dresser, picked Erotik hikaye up the bowl of strawberries and placed it between her legs.
“I bet bringing yourself of like that was pretty exhausting, how about a snack?”
She got the hint, smiled at me and took the first strawberry out of the bowl. She gave it a testing lick and said: “There’s something missing here.”
Then she smiled at the camera and started to work the strawberry into her cunt. I could see how the juices started flowing out of her again as the red fruit parted her pinks lips. She moved the berry up and down between her pussylips and juiced it up while she licked her lips in anticipation, then, biting her lower lip she brought the strawberry to her lips and kissed it before taking the tip between her lips and then sucking the whole thing into her mouth. She just wanted to grab the next from the bowl as I stopped her.
“Be careful, fruit is good for you but what about iron and proteins? Leigh down on your stomach, honey.”
She slid down on the bed and turned on her tummy. With her legs bend at the knees and her upper body prepped up on her arms, with her tits dangling under her and just barely touching the bedsheets, an innocent smile on her face and a friendly sparkle in her eyes, she was just a blouse and a plaided skirt short of an erotic schoolgirl dream. She looked like the incarnation of innocence with ecstasy just waiting around the corner.
I kneeled in front of her and brought the tip of my cock to her lips. She could not use her hands as she needed them to keep her body up and her face on the height of my crotch so she used just her mouth to bring me off. All the feeling concentrated in the tip of my dick. Her wetness, the warmth and the texture of her tongue were all that stayed in my mind. There was no place for anything else right now.
I had already been close before and I was approaching the finish line now with her head moving back and forth on my prick faster and faster.
“Open your mouth and leave it open. Don’t swallow!”
I placed the bowl with the remaining strawberries under her chin just in time. I started shooting rope of rope of jizz on her tongue and it slowly ran down her tongue and out of her mouth until the thick globs dripped from the tip of her tongue into the bowl. After I had finished shooting she spit the rest of the cum that had not flown out of her mouth by itself into the bowl.
I told her to mix it all up with her finger and then to start eating.
She took the bowl and sat down on the top of the bed again. Her legs spread as far as before and the bowl between her legs. The red strawberries were covered in a thick layer of cream now. Transparent at some places and a glossy white in others.
She took the first strawberry out and looked at it. Again she started with an experimental lick before taking the fruit into her mouth. I could see how she moved it inside her mouth like candy before biting down and swallowing.
“There’s still something missing.” She said and took the next fruit out of the bowl.
This time she put the fruit between her pussylips and covered some of it with her own juices before eating it.
“That’s better. How about if you came in my cunt next time and I squeeze the cum onto my snack?”
Well, at least I now knew that I would have no problem getting hard again for the fucking this evening. If you have a girl like that you must worry about dying from exhaustion but never about getting it up. I guess there are fates far worse around.

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