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Her sharp blue eyes stare him down. The man is sitting comfortably in his chair reading a book, He looks so hot in his buttoned up shirt. Her mind visualizes him stripping down slowly, exposing his well-defined body bit by bit. He notices her eyes and stares back, startling her with an assertive stare. Her eyes snap back to her own book, face red with embarrassment, but he’d already noticed her eyeing him hungrily. Sensing movement, she peeks back in his direction and sees him stand and walk towards her, his steps meaningful and slow, almost like the ground doesn’t want to let go of him, his tanned skin rippling the light through his muscles, clearly shown under his rolled-up sleeves. He sits upright in the open chair beside her, his face tilted towards her with a mix of interest and curiosity in his eyes;

“Something wrong?”

His question comes with a quiet firmness, loud enough for only her to hear and unnecessarily quiet given they were alone in the place. A small smirk plays at his lips, his eyes boring into hers.

“Wrong? The only thing wrong is your body isn’t on top of mine,” she immediately thinks as her mouth fumbles for something she can say without sounding like a silly girl. He cocks his head just a twitch, almost amused by her frozen, silent surprise. Another beat of eye contact and his gaze shifts, and he reaches out to her hand with his. She inhales sharply at the warmth of his touch but doesn’t pull back, the contact just enough to snap her out of his spell. She regains her confidence and manages to reply, “N-no… nothing at all, sir.”

“Hmm sir,” he smiles at her, “Do I look that old?”

The man is clearly in his mid-30s, far from old, and she could not explain why she had called him sir. But it was too late now. “Not at all, sir” she stutters, quickly regretting calling him sir again. His smile gets wider, clearly enjoying her lack of self-control around him. She tries to get a hold of herself but thinks against it. She’s had a tiring week and she had gone so long without a man, her hands only doing so much by themselves. She thought of how good it’d feel to let him have his way with her, to let him take her as he pleases. She realizes she wants him. However unlike before she is no longer nervous. She’s confident and willing to submit to him. She looks right into his eyes and his smile disappears, his serious eyes entering her soul, forcing her back into her chair. He notices her body contracting. He was in control now, she knew what he wanted, she could sense it from the curl of his lips at her leaning back into her chair, his tone, his hand on hers. She wanted it too. Just as much if not more. Already she could feel her own delight at the thought of this man-one she’d just met, far more handsome than anyone she had seen before.

She pulls her hand from under his and puts it on top, just to test the waters. The message is understood, the power play is on. He gets up and lifts her hand with her, gently pulling her up with him. She stands up into his embrace, to meet his hand around her waist. Before they know it, their lips meet and she feels the warmth of his breathe on her, his dick hard against her body through the layers of cloth in between. She feels the heat between her thighs rising, her body grinding against his erection, as his tongue finds hers and they wrap in a violent embrace of love.

Her hands reach for his pants, and she feels a belt there. She quickly unbuckles it and lets thrusts his pants down, exposing his briefs underneath. She gets up and finds the buttons on his shirt as his hands reach down hers to take her bra off. He turns her around and lifts her shirt off, exposing her bare tits. He grabs his belt and pulls her arms behind her back, as her ass grinds against the outline of his dick. She knows what’s coming next, the heat rising once again between her thighs. He unbuttons her pants and slides them off her, leaving her in nothing but panties on, and then lets his dick out in the open. She looks at him, escort bayan bursa his cock seeming massive and dominant, with veins running down the shaft, the head large and perfectly shaped, eager for her lips. Her cunt drools over the thought of being fucked by this cock, and her hand reaches out for it. He grabs it and turns her around again, tying the belt around her neck and tightening it.

He pushes her down on her knees and leads her around like a dog, taking a seat and making her follow him up his lap. She sits there, a good girl ready to obey her master, as his dick lies near her thighs, practically pushing itself towards her pussy. He pushes her head down to his cock, her lips caressing the tip and the shift equally, incapable of choosing which to worship. Her tongue runs down his length, eager to taste his load when she finishes him off.

He orders her, “Open your mouth.”, and she complies, waiting to accept him into her. The belt around her neck, he pushes her head down onto his cock, the tip popping into her mouth with perfect precision, like the two were meant to be. She lets go of the dick with a loud popping sound, as it sways back and forth in front of her, dangling magnificently in her face. Her hand reaches out to touch herself as her mouth goes back to her job, once again taking in all his glory, thrust after thrust. Her hand parts her panties and meets her warm wet cunt, parting her lips and intruding inside her. He notices this and pushes her head back suddenly. She gasps in surprise, fear encompassing her being at her master’s sudden anger, “How dare you touch yourself without my permission?”

She begins to tremble, “I’m sorry master, but you’re so so hot, I can’t stop myself” her voice highlighting her state of fear, but it’s too late. He drags her to the wall, facing her to the wall and pushing her ass out towards him. Her fear turns to excitement as she imagines all the things he’s about to do to her. The belt goes up and a crack is heard as she cries out in pain, her knees recoiling from the hit. The belt goes up again, and another cry is heard. The third cry comes with a moan, her panties incapable of stopping the wetness dripping down. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her head back, his lips in her ear. “I own you. If I want to make you cum you will cum, otherwise you serve me like a good bitch. Understood?” She nods her head, obedient to his wishes, but it isn’t enough for him. He grabs her by the throat and pins her to the wall, the belt going around her arms now as he ties her up again.

His large bulging tip finds her cunt, and she willingly accepts him in, “Daddy” she manages to moan, her body still whimpering from the pain. She feels his cock inside her now, relieving her, the strong throbbing sensation resonating through her body, her wetness letting him slip right through. Her knees begin to tremble, nothing but his hand on her throat keeping her up, as he continues his assault on her pussy, his dick paralyzing her, further pinning her to the wall, dominating her from within her body, his large girth stretching her tight cunt, pushing her to the limits of her sexual pleasure.

She gets close, her face red from exhaustion, pain, and pleasure, his dick still railing her into the wall, his breathe now getting uneven. She feels him close too, his dick getting more furious inside her body. She tries to grab his arms for support, but the belt keeps her restrained. He senses her desperation though, and quickly pulls the belt up above her head, pinning her arms above her and keeping her up against the wall. Her arms now strapped to the wall, she feels even less in control as her body is brutally used to her utmost pleasure, her excitement still dripping down his cock, as she gets closer to climax. He spreads her thighs wide, pushing his dick further into her, attacking the walls around him, her body recoiling against the new wave of pleasure as he now slides his whole length into her body. She struggles to bursa sinirsiz eskort manage all 8 inches, her body reacting violently to it, but it is too much to handle. Her body goes rigid and her pussy clenches around him. She convulses around his manhood, her eyes rolling back and her moans going silent, until she lets out one final moan into his ear as her body finishes climaxing.

His cock still inside her, she rests against his body, never having been fucked this hard before. His cock pops out of her and she gratefully falls to her knees to finish him off, taking him deep into her throat. She tastes herself on him, and that only serves to encourage her, the taste of her pussy urging her on to taste his cum. She flicks her tongue around his dick while he’s inside her, feeling his hand on the back of her head, forcing her to take it in deeper. She does so gladly as she feels his knees weaken, she knows he’s close. His grip getting firmer on her head, his cock getting even harder inside her, her throat more than happy to receive him. He grabs her face with both hands and fucks her mindless, his cock thrusting right into the back of her throat as she chokes on his massive cock, the hopes of tasting his sperm making her wetter and wetter. He suddenly comes into a stop, all 8 inches inside her mouth. She once again chokes on his size, as hot spurts of cum fill her throat. She swallows it all, her tongue licking his tip to look for more, as the taste of his sperm fills her with joy, her pussy dripping with ecstasy.

She sighs as he gets up and gets dressed. She follows suit and he invites her over; “It’s time I head home, care to join me?”. “I’d love to” she replies, hoping for more, her body still eager despite all the heavenly abuse she just went through. They walk out and get to the car, where he opens the car door for her much to her delight. As she walks in, he gives her a light smack on her ass, to which she laughs. He gets in the driver’s seat, about to turn the car on when she reaches her hand out to his. She turns his palm over and senses the details on it, gently moving her hand up to his biceps, feeling his strength emanating from his muscles. He moves his hand to her cheek, caressing her, a moment of love amidst a sea of lust, moving towards her lips to interlock their souls once again. As her tongue battles his within their mouths, his hand goes to her thigh and he slides it up and down, teasing her body.

They get out and get into the backseat, more comfortable now, their tongues already intertwined, his hand back on her thigh. He slides his fingers into her inner thighs, right next to her clit, rubbing his fingers across her cunt without entering her. Her wetness hot on his fingertips, she pushes against his hand, trying to push him in while they make out, yet his hand simply goes further away, keeping her wet but feeling not enough to bring her close, teasing her, playing with her. She gets hornier, wilder, pushing harder, her tongue attacking his, all in vain as his hand keeps controlling her, making her wetter and wetter with no fulfillment. He drives one finger across her cunt once more, feeling her desperation, and parts her lips to let himself inside. She moans into his mouth, unable to contain her ecstasy, her lips gorged around his fingers, his skill evident in her loud moaning.

He slips in another finger, and her moans get even louder. Her wet cunt dripping across his fingertips as her mouth lays wide open with his tongue inside her. She sinks further into the car seat and spreads her legs wider, his mouth sliding down to her neck, kissing her, biting her. She pushes her legs even further, grabbing onto his muscular arm for stability, as her loud moans fill the car, her legs trembling as he gets her even closer to the end. She feels his hot breath on her neck, aroused by the aggression with which he kisses her neck, his hand delving deeper into her body, his thumb rubbing around her clit, making escort bayan her tilt her head back and scream. She feels the waves of pleasure once more, and she feels so close, her body submitting to his will as he controls her cunt, dominating her neck and making her moan so loudly. She lets out a loud scream as she cums, vibrating onto his hand as she drips down all over the car seat, finishing on him with his lips still on her neck.

They get back in front and he drives home, bruises forming on her neck as he gets closer to his house. They get there and get into the house, rushing to the room for a third round. He slams the door behind her and locks it, excitement already creeping into her head as she thinks of the thrill about to go on. He grabs her by the throat, pushes her up onto the wall, and she feels his hot breath back on her neck, his body pressed up against her pushing her further into the wall. He undresses her and moves down her body, his mouth reaching her tits as he grabs it and sucks it, making her gasp suddenly as his tongue circles her nipple, licking across it and enjoying it. His hand on her back, he keeps her chest pressed against him as her body arches back from the abuse his tongue is giving her, as he flicks violently against her hard nipple, tasting her body on his tongue. He kneels and puts his head between her thighs, feeling the heat radiating from within, her excitement dripping down her thighs, eager for satisfaction. He laps it up, sliding his tongue from her thigh upwards, tasting her wetness as she responds to his teasing with even more excitement. Her soaking pussy aching for him, he drags his tongue across her clit, flicking it repeatedly to make her arch her back once more.

He gets back and takes her with him, away from the wall, and goes back to her hot tight cunt. He grabs her ass with one hand, and smacks her hard, a sharp sting leaving a red mark on her, her body recoiling and her hands reaching out for his head. He pushes himself into her, his tongue entering her body, exploring his new personal slut from inside. Her hips rock back and forth to meet him, her grasp on his hair tightening and pushing him forward, deeper between her thighs, deeper into her sweet spot. He throws her on his bed and goes on with no mercy, eating her out with a passion, tasting the joy that her body is releasing from the pleasure he’s giving her. Her ass rocking into him, his tongue arching her body, in full control of her. She cums hard, her cunt covering his face with her fluids, showering him with lust.

He pulls her off the bed by her hand, sits on the bed and pushes her down on her knees, in between his legs, his cock once again right in her face for her eyes to glorify. She looks at him from underneath his dick, staring into his eyes as he looks back down at his property. She loves the degrading looks he gives her, labeling her as nothing more than a sex toy for him to enjoy. She gets excited at the thought of him using her, pleasuring himself through her, humiliating her, treating her as a submissive sex slave. She looks back down at his cock and kisses it. Her lips attracted to his plump red tip. She kisses it again, and goes down further, kissing the sides from the top to the bottom, enjoying this cock she has found that was her owner this past hour. She kisses it again, slides her tongue across it, makes out with it as she goes back up to the tip once more.

Ready to taste her master. She takes him in eagerly, now familiar with his shape. She sucks him off as his hands reach out for her head and his knees begin to shake. She feels him, he’s getting closer, his hands pushing her face further into him, impaling her on his cock. He goes in further and deeper, and the hot spurts of cum are felt all the way in the back of her throat. She enjoys the warmth and the taste, swallowing every drop she can, licking her lips to make sure she gets it all. He orders her up and dresses her, and dresses himself. They get out and walk into the car to drop her off home, both evidently pleased by what just went on. As they get in, she looks at him, his eyes meeting hers in a passionate fury, both strongly attracted to each other. He looks back at the road and drives, following her directions to reach her house, their moment of love largely ignored.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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