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Diana is 21 years old. She’s the middle child of my girlfriend. She stands 5’7″ tall; is all of 115 pounds; has dark, medium-length brown hair with the cutest bangs that hover over her large, yet sophisticated glasses; has the cheekbones and face of a runway model; long, thin arms; toned legs; beautiful olive skin; a v-shaped back with an extremely thin waste that tapers down to an ass ANY man would feel an immediate tingle in their cock for; and while extremely bright and bubbly, she also has a “dark side” to her (I suspected at first, then found out later it was true – thus this story).

I first met Diana about 2 years ago. She had most everything described above then, but without the years that have gone by since. Diana “blossomed” more and more over the years, and I couldn’t help but notice her maturity as a person and as a young woman.

Once we were all living together under the same roof, Diana would come out of her room wearing little to nothing once she got home from school. She preferred Joe Boxer pajama bottoms that really highlighted her ass, as well as low-cut camisoles that revealed much of her B-cup breasts. As she got older, she began showing more and more when she came out to the kitchen to take her turn at doing the dishes when I was around. She LOVED to bend over when I was behind her, and especially when I was in front of her so I could literally see her bra-less, supple titties as she bent over to put dishes into the lower rack of the dishwasher. After a few repetitive evenings of her playful “show & tell,” I felt she was doing this on purpose as it became somewhat flagrant. So flagrant, that her mother noticed and told her NOT to wear camisoles in the kitchen anymore when I, or any man, was around. Diana obeyed her mother – well, at least when mom was around.

Shortly after Diana turned 21 in January, her mother, brother, and sister went to a party that one of her mother’s friends was having some 30 miles away. I never went to these parties as they weren’t my style or type, but “mom” liked going to them just to get out of the house and have fun with her friends. Diana usually accompanied her mom and siblings to these parties, but this time she time she chose to stay home stating that she did not feel so well, and would rather stay home. So, after we all ate dinner together and the majority of the family left the house, Diana and I were now “home alone.”

Approximately thirty minutes after everyone but Diana and I had departed, Diana came out to the kitchen from her bedroom to do dishes. I was in the living room watching ESPN wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts when she arrived to the sink. She looked over the breakfast bar and asked me a question about whether or not a certain dish was dishwasher safe. I proceeded to the kitchen beside her. Diana was wearing an older pink camisole that drooped well below her cleavage line, and matching pink shorts that barely covered her upper thighs. This was the first time I had seen Diana’s almost-full legs in a long time. I knew she had beautiful legs, but she never showed them off like this before! After looking her over, I completely forgot her question or why I was even there, but the view made my dick get hard immediately! I “woke up” and answered her question, but decided to “hang out” in the kitchen and help her do the dishes. My hard cock was evident with what I was wearing. Diana got busy putting dishes in their places, but I noticed her sly glances at my groin area on a few occasions. Her apparent interest made me even harder! Then I saw obvious fingernail scratches about eight inches long that seemed to start from each shoulder blade and led downward toward her spine. I wondered about this, but did not say anything to her.

Dishes were done. Usually, Diana goes back to her room and either watches TV or gets on her computer. I pre-empted her exit from the kitchen and asked her if she would like to rent a movie on pay-per-view. She said, “Ok.” I let her pick the movie, but figured she would just go to her room and watch it there. Instead, she sat down near me on the couch, and after 15 minutes of flipping through movies, she chose one.

Diana loved “thriller” movies. Not necessarily “scary” movies, but something with a good plot and a thrilling, suspenseful story (murder mysteries, etc). The movie started out by showing a couple fucking in their European hotel room. At first, I thought I should be covering Diana’s eyes with my hands like I would do for my own younger children during a scene like that, but I noticed Diana was intensely focused on the scene and it did not seem to bother her. The next scene was the couple in the shower where the woman was obviously giving head to her partner as he grabbed ahold of the shower head Cami Halısı and leaned back in ecstasy. He then bent forward toward his partner, reached down toward the woman’s spine with his hands, and proceeded to dig his nails into her back as he rose up and moaned out loud as he obviously climaxed. This made me wonder about the scratches on Diana’s back, but again, I did not say anything to her. The movie then went into its story-line, but I watched Diana during that scene, and it appeared as though she was making “mental notes” as she watched closely!

I asked Diana if she would like some popcorn.

“Yes! With lotsa butter!”

As I got up from the couch, my hard-on was even more pronounced having watched Diana’s reaction to all the scenes we had just witnessed as well as my now-burning desire to see what she was hiding under her scant clothing!

Diana asked as I got up from the couch, “Do you like the movie so far?”

I replied, “Yep! Are you sure you want popcorn with extra butter? I thought you weren’t feeling well.”

“I’m fine. I just said that to mom cause I didn’t feel like going anywhere tonight.”

I said, “You mean you lied to your mother?”

“Well, it was a white lie, but she’s not used to leaving me at home, so I had to have a good excuse, ya know.”

“Well,” I said, “you shouldn’t lie to your mother. She would be pissed if she knew the truth, but I am glad you stayed home.”

“Why are you glad I stayed home?”

I responded, “Well, it gives us a chance to bond I think. Not that we have ever had any problems before, but it’s all good as far as I can see.”

Diana replied, “Yea, you know mom gets mad at me when I come out of my room in my usual bedtime clothes. She says my clothes are not appropriate with an older man around. I understand, but it’s just me being me. What do YOU think?”

“Think about what – what your mom thinks or about your clothes?”

“Both,” she replied.

As the popcorn is done and I am pouring it into a bowl we both could share, I replied, “Well, you should respect your mother’s wishes. However, you’re a teenage woman who seems to have a bit of rebellion in her for whatever reason. I understand your dilemma. As far as your choice of clothing goes, I honestly have to say that I like it! You are an attractive woman and you should be proud of who you are and what you have!”

“Hmm. So what do you think of what I am wearing now?”

I quickly responded, “It’s very appealing on you!”

“I thought so,” she giggled. “I saw it.”

“Saw WHAT,” I asked.

“You know.”

“Know what,” I asked again.

“I saw your excitement! When you were in the kitchen watching me do the dishes, and when you got up to make popcorn. C’mon, it was obvious! I have watched YOU watch ME! I pay attention.”

I saw an open door, and so I went for it. “So what do YOU think about that?”

“About what,” she asked.

“About what you’ve seen?”

Diana replied, “I think I am curious, that’s what I think.”

“Curious about what?”

“Stuff! That’s all! Just curious.”

I then asked, “What would you like to find out right now? Has the movie gotten you interested in all this STUFF?”

Diana licked her lips and said, “Well, I was curious before this movie, but it HAS gotten me to think much more about it.”

“And this conversation is having a similar effect on me,” I replied.

“C’mon. I want some popcorn. Come sit down.”

I obliged her request and sat down in my usual place on our sectional sofa with a large bowl of popcorn in my hands. Diana moved right next to me to share the popcorn, but also covered both of us with a light blanket as the movie progressed.

I rewound the movie to the scene where the male in the movie was obviously about to cum, and I now felt brave enough to ask her about her scratches soon. Diana placed her legs underneath mine while we shared the blanket. I could tell this scene excited her, but wasn’t for sure how much.

She turned to me and bluntly asked, “So what does it feel like to get a blow job?”

The perfect opportunity to ask her about those scratches, I thought to myself. I looked at her at said, “It depends on the skill of the giver! It’s an art. By the way, may I ask how you got those scratches on YOUR back?”

She giggled and replied, “I didn’t realize it was that noticeable. After school yesterday, my boyfriend and I were kinda dry humping each other in the back seat of his car down by the river. Nothing happened! Not to worry. I’m still a virgin! Anyway, he turned over on his back, and I pretended to go down on him by putting my mouth on his crotch and blowing hot air through his jeans. He reached Cami Halıları down my back under my blouse and scratched me with his fingernails pretty hard. I think he came in his shorts, but he told me he didn’t and was waiting for the real thing.”

“Wow! I’m surprised you shared that with me, but OK…I guess. Uhmm, not that I want you thinking what you just told me is all fine and dandy with me, but I’m wondering why you are asking me about blowjobs.”

Diana replied, “Because I’m curious, and I want to know what a man thinks and feels about those things. You know I am a good student in school, and I want to be good at everything I do in life. I have never given my boyfriend a real blowjob, but someday I’m sure I will. When I do, I want to make sure it’s the BEST blowjob he will ever get! So what’s so artistic about it?”

“The art,” I replied, “is all about technique, style, and desire. It’s an animal-like instinct a woman just has naturally to know how to pleasure her man.” This, of course, I felt was crossing a dangerous line, but I felt the need to tell her the basic gist of it. I got even harder as I said it.

Diana looked down the blanket and saw my hard-on and the obvious “tent” it created in the blanket. She then reached underneath the blanket with her left hand, and brushed her hand against my swollen cock while pretending to scratch an itch on the side of her leg.

I looked at her and asked, “Do you know what you’re doing? Are you sure you wanna go there?”

Diana replied, “To be honest, I have had a crush on you for many years. When I was younger, I heard my mom scream and you both moan while you were obviously fucking! My sister heard it, too. I used to get so wet just thinking about what was going on inside your bedroom. I have masturbated for years thinking about what it would be like. You know, to have something like that happen to me.”

“But you’re her daughter,” I replied.

“Duh, but I have my fantasies, too, ya know. When the time comes to lose my virginity, I want it to be a learning experience rather than an awkward experience. So, I want to learn from someone with experience, and not from another virgin. I’m just not into the first time experience with someone I am in love with. I want to be perfect at what I do.”

Diana then reached under my shorts and grabbed my cock with her soft, buttery hands. I leaned back and let her stroke my stiff cock slowly and gently. She quickly got up from the couch and went to the refrigerator.

I asked, “Where are you going? That’s it?”

She opened the freezer and took out the vanilla ice cream and filled a bowl with it. She then came back to the couch, having eaten a couple spoonfuls by then, and proceeded to kneel in front of me. Diana then removed the blanket from my lap and pulled down my shorts and underwear and began to suck my rock-hard cock! I could not believe this young hottie was now sucking my dick with vanilla ice cream in her mouth at the same time. It was such a turn-on, and the cold cream felt soooooo arousing around my red hot cock!

Writhing on the couch in pleasure, I asked, “Are you sure you haven’t done this before, cuz you are GREAT at it?”

Diana responded as vanilla ice cream dripped down to her chin, “No, but as an artist and a perfectionist, I already imagined what I would do and how I would do it! What you said earlier about technique, style and desire got me wet just thinking about all the thoughts I have had over the years!”

Diana swallowed my entire cock down to my nuts several times, and licked my nuts with her cold lips. I did not want to cum in her mouth just yet, and I looked down at her and asked, “Can I do the same for you?”

She immediately stood up and dropped her pink shorts as I grabbed her waist and gently placed her on her back right there on the carpet. I feverishly lifted her matching camisole up to reveal the most beautiful, perky breasts I had ever seen. She arched her back and closed her eyes, perhaps remembering her own fantasies as she waited in anticipation. Her nipples were hard and pointing toward me as she was not wearing a bra, and I was able to place both red cherries in my mouth at the same time by squeezing them together and holding her tight to my face as I pressed my cock against her groin. I reached down with one hand, and with my thumb, I penetrated her dripping-wet cunt. With my other hand I began to rotate her mounds back and forth between my lips and fingers – gently, yet firmly, milking every virgin taste I could get from her! She then pushed me off her, and turned me over on my back. While the movie was still playing in the background, Diana then swallowed my cock once again – only this time, she wanted to make me cum!

I resisted cumming, and then flipped her over on HER back once again. I wanted to taste her pure nectar! I slowly spread her legs apart and kissed and nibbled on her slender body all the way down to her neatly-trimmed pussy! She had a “landing strip,” and I was impressed! As my tongue and teeth teased her inner thighs, I could feel the heat and sense the moisture coming from her virgin peach. The smell was fantastic – erotically sweet and mouth-watering! I dove in with my tongue leading the way. I immediately found her protruding clit and worked my tongue around it and sucked on it until she began to moan with a deep voice. I knew I had her! I was going to make her cum in my mouth as many times as she could cum! To my surprise, she was “multiple,” and I sucked her juices until she came several times in row.

Diana then pushed my head away from between her thighs, approached the couch, and knelt in front of it with her upper body and tits resting on the seat cushions. “Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me HARD!” Diana had never called me daddy before, even with her real dad far-removed from her and her siblings.

I then stood up over her, picked her up by the waist and laid her completely down on the couch face down, then reached underneath and pulled her ass up in the air as I positioned myself on the couch as well to guide my flaming member inside her warm, tight hole! Diana was so tight, yet she let me slam her hard from behind as I varied the speed of my stroking thrusts into her young, velvety-pink flesh.

I was on the verge of cumming, but trying to refrain as I surely didn’t want her to get pregnant as I am quite fertile. Just then, Diana shouted, “Fucking cum in my ass!”

We were reading each other’s minds as it seemed. I immediately withdrew from her sopping cunt, and after lubing her back door with her own pungent juices, I injected my throbbing probe into her tight, pink southern star! Diana was VERY tight at first, but I taught her to “breathe” and relax her hips, and as she began to do so, I penetrated all the way into her until she squeezed me down to where I could not move. We were “knotted” like two dogs at that point. I gently rubbed my fingertips down her back and to her ass to help her loosen up her “grip.” She responded rather quickly, and allowed me to take deep, long strokes in and out as I began to cum. Diana moaned and even screamed at times like a little girl, but she was loving this!

“C’mon, Daddy! Cum inside me! Fill me up,” she yelled!

Right then, I popped off a load that would choke a horse! I continued my strokes back and forth inside Diana’s tight hole until I felt completely drained, and she tightened her keagle muscle each time I drew back! It was an EXPLOSION of a lifetime!

We turned over on the couch and held each other for a few minutes with saying anything to each other. We both know what we had just done and potentially started for the future. It was surreal, and it felt so good! Diana then got up, grabbed a warm wash cloth, and cleaned my cock. She laid the cloth down on the floor, knelt down in front of the couch, pushed me back against the couch in a sitting position, spread my legs, and began to revive my manhood with her tongue and lips once again. She took a couple gulps of her now-melted, yet still cold, ice cream, and wrapped her mouth around my re-energized joystick. She was so young, yet quickly becoming a “pro” at this! She slammed her lips and mouth down around my cock, and swallowed my shaft all the way down and back up each time. I could feel her throat tighten around me as she went all the way down and slowly came back up again. The more she sucked, the more she upped her fervent pace – going faster and faster while burying her face harder and deeper into my groin!

“I’m gonna cum in your mouth,” I exclaimed! She looked up at me with her big brown eyes hiding behind her glasses and put her hands underneath me, grabbing my ass and pulling herself down on me even harder! It was all I could handle once I saw her eyes! She WANTED the taste of cum in her mouth!

I leaned forward, reached down her back with my hands, dug my nails into her soft skin, then leaned back again while scratching toward her shoulder blades as I blasted a hot load into the back of her throat! She took every ounce as her eyes kinda watered and she began to choke a bit. I rubbed my fingers through her hair to help her relax, and she finished me off by grabbing another spoonful of melted ice cream and let it and some of my cum drip down her lips and chin! It was a true picturesque moment, as I felt my heart flutter and my entire body shake from the tips of my toes! WOW! If her mother only knew!

Diana & I have not done anything since that night, but we both know it’s just a matter of time. I keep the freezer stocked with vanilla ice cream, and just hope for another “party” to come around when Diana doesn’t feel so good once again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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