Lipstick Lines Ch. 01

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Brandy arrives home; tired from the walk, a little hot and sticky from the outside conditions of the evening. She’s still a little droopy-ed from sharing that blunt with the janitor from across the street. Nikki is in the kitchen, no doubt rocking Brandy’s slides and giddy inside from her boo being home. She’d hide her true excitement in order to keep Brandy wanting. She loved to keep Brandy on the edge. That’s where she had the most fun with her. A smirk faded as she called out. “Hey baby,” She leaves the rest of dinner on the stove. Its almost done.

Brandy meets her half way; an innocent smooch takes place. “How was your day?” Nikki asks. Brandy utters ‘it wasn’t bad,’ as usual, while she leans up against the wall. Nikki has on tights, this isn’t unusual; she’s panty-less, again not unusual. These tights though, were the change in this equation. They were bubble gum pink, kind of sheer; her pump brown cheeks caught with the circles in Brandy’s eyes. A tingle reached from the tip of Brandy’s clit, down to her toenails. She squeezed her legs together. Nikki realized there was an odd silence in the kitchen and turned to see that her lover’s gaze was stuck in a direction bursa escort below her waist.

“Brandy,” Nikki said, trying to rouse Brandy’s brain-strain. Brandy slightly frowned, “Sorry, just…never saw those tights before.”

“Oh, yea — you like?” Nikki struts a little, modeling her sexy digs. Once her back is turned again, Brandy decides to listen to her inner freak bitch, an alter rarely seen, by Nik…Brandy palms Nikki’s back, bending her over farther; scoots under her, spreading her legs in one move, two fingers make their way through the threading of Nikki’s candy colored tights. Before both of them know it, Nikki’s lower lips were kissing Brandy’s upper ones. The sound of a quickly-wetting pussy being drank by a thirsty mouth was all that was heard. Brandy was dehydrated – Nikki was her drink of choice. While Brandy prepared Ms. Nik’s puss for the next; Brandy had managed to grab her nearby bag, pulled out a new present and equip herself; she rose up, put her fingers where her mouth had been to keep a thrust going until she was standing with her crotch positioned at Nikki’s asshole. Slowly, Brandy removed her fingers and replaced them with a round-tipped bursa escort bayan object, slow at first; felt like Brandy had grown a dick from nowhere. ‘What was this thing that felt so real going inside of her,’ Nikki’s thoughts sang inside her head. More and more this piece pushed inside of her. Her body lubbed it naturally. It felt so good. So, fucking….yea. Brandy had all of it in Nikki. Nikki took it all inside of her; that was Brandy’s girl. Brandy’s smirk confirmed her pride.

The smell of their dinner floating around them; but all they could both smell was their dripping sex juices. The sound was intoxicating. Nikki almost made Brandy bust nuts with all that fucking sexy-ass moaning. Nikki could make niggas bust for hours on end just from hearing her moan.

Brandy listened intently as an all too familiar sound came rushing out of Nikki; she was gonna cum hard all over Brandy’s realistic dick. Brandy’s thrust got deeper and firmer. Each one, making Nikki intake more pressure into her core; erecting a new form of pleasure.

“Shiiiiit,” bellowed from her mouth like it was coming from the same place her juice was about to shoot from. escort bursa Like on perfect cue; Nikki’s stream of warm fluids drenched the dick, Brandy’s stomach and pussy; both of their legs and the kitchen floor.

“Fuck. I came too.”

They both glanced between brandy’s glistening legs and saw a milky puddle. Though, still shocked and half spent, no one one-ups ‘the boss’, Ms. Nik took Brandy’s distraction as opportunity the toss that bitch into the adjacent window seal. She’d managed to tear open her girl’s shirt, exposing her stiff nips and c-cup tities. Pressing Brandy’s body against the window as Nikki drove her fingers into her with force. Brandy’s cummy sopping pussy immediately came again. Brandy’s body always screamed with excitement whenever Nikki fucked her. And Nikki knew how to Fuck Brandy right, not fuck her but Fuck that bitch G-style all day. Nik’s daddy, MUST know he really had a son in a girls body.

Both women thrust against each others moisten bodies so hard and so fast that by the 3 rush of fluid, Nikki was dizzy. She opened her eyes to an open window and an audience of horny thugs grabbing their stiffening dicks as they watched the girls fuck each other silly from outside. Nikki only smirked, as a still dazed Brandy tiredly turned and threw her spent body against the wall, before sliding down. Nikki slowly lowered the window, but left about an inch viewable…. to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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