LMT Sister, The Money Shot


Chapter 9

She felt his cock swell inside her and pressed the whole of her body to him. He drove his cock all the way in to stretch her cervix. This time she could feel the swollen and firm ridge of his dick head. She’d never felt that pressure before even with her massive pussy tool. He fucked his cock in her vagina just inches in and out. James seemed to be concentrating on her deepest nerves.

Jen was exhausted from the intensity of their union but she wanted more. She wanted to be the best he’d ever experienced just incase this was a one time thing. She was scared he’d run away again.

Her body pressed heavily onto her brother she felt his hands leave her breasts reaching under her arms to wrap around her. She moaned softly in his ear. He kissed her collar bone then up her neck under her jaw as she stretched to let him have his way. The small tingles of pleasure sending shocks to her over sensitive clit as it was being ground on by James gyrations and slow grind. His cock making such satisfying movements inside her.

James slipped his hand up the back of his sister’s neck fingers spreading to grip her skull as her hair slid between his fingers. He pulled her lips to his, she wasn’t about to fight.

A few more thrusts from his volcano hot cock is all it took to make her pussy gush once more causing uncontrollable clamping of her vaginal muscles.

Pulling back from and looking James in the eyes Jen spoke.

Little brother if I suck your cock will you cum for me?

James wasn’t sure which way to respond and took a moment.

What, you don’t want me to suck you dick? Her fear began to rise then confusion and a little anger before her brother spoke.

I didn’t say anything. I just don’t want this to end and I want to be sure to make you mine Jen.

I didn’t know if I should make a smart ass reply or what. Thinking I could seem too eager and scare you away. You’ve been the women of my dreams since the day on the bike.

No one has come close then or ever.

Do I want you to suck my dick? No, I want all of you now and forever.

I want to be inside you in so many ways I can’t explain.

I want to make you mine for the remainder of this life.

No matter what it takes. You asked what happened after the kiss. I was terrified you’d find out the truth. Which apparently from what has just happened is your secret too.

I’m still going to suck your cock James. Answer the question. Will you cum for me because I want otele gelen gaziantep escort to taste that cum. I want to swallow it and feel it roll down my throat into my belly.

I’ve wanted to suck your dick what seems like forever and yeah, I would have fucked your brains out after that kiss if you’d gone along with the plan.

The plan?

Yeah, I wanted you then. I wanted you before that and I want you for what remains of this life too.

Jen pressed her lips to her brother his cock still hard and buried in her pussy.

She wasn’t yet satisfied and she knew it. He didn’t need to answer she knew he was going to cum for her. She’d sucked enough dick imagining it was his. Time for the real thing. She’d fantasized about what it would be like to wrap her lips around his tool flicking her tongue into his slit and sucking the spongy helmet of her brother’s cock.

I’m going to suck on your beautiful dick now. You just lay there and enjoy James and don’t hold back.

After I’m done swallowing your cum. You’re coming home with me. We’re going to fuck, suck, lick, and cum until we can’t remember what day it is.

But right now, I want what I’ve been waiting a long time for. Okay?

I love you Jen.

I love you too.

Jen moved to her hands n knees shuffling down the table dragging her breasts on her brother’s chest until she felt his cock slide between her pendulous flesh. She looked up to see James stare back into her eyes as she reached for his shaft. Slipping her tongue from her lips and pointing it she pulled the head to her tongue. The satisfying moan told James this was what she really desired.

He watched as his sister opened her mouth just enough to press the head of his cock to her lips.

His urge was to cum instantly but she sucked hard her cheeks caving in and closing her eyes. He watched as his cock head slipped into Jen’s moist mouth. The vibrations of her satisfying hum ran up his cock to his heart. No other women, of which a quiet a few had tried, made him feel like this.

Jen continued to lower her head sending his cock into the depths of her mouth.

She knew she had no gag reflex but wanted to savor every moment every inch of her brother’s cock.

Pulling back until her lips were forced to expand around the corona, Jen swiped her tongue over the head then around. She smiled with his dick in her mouth as James let out a primal gaziantep otele gelen escort groan she knew only she could bring from him. Her saliva was building making it easy to slip his cock in and out of her lips. She increased the suction with his cock halfway to the back of her mouth before reaching for his heavy balls.

They were smooth just the way she liked them and just the size she imagined her brother had. They felt heavy with cum. Jen felt her pussy leaking as it ran over her clit before dripping to the table. The room was filled with her pussy aroma.

With no hesitation at all Jen sank her mouth down on his tool while gripping his balls. The swollen head easily slid past where her tonsils once were, straight to the back of her throat as she stopped when it touched the back of her throat. Smiling once more around his cock realizing there was still a good inch maybe two for her throat to be stretched.

She practiced on her dildo imaging his cock stuffing her airway full just before the feel of hot jizz would erupt into her mouth. She became giddy knowing it was about to happen for real.


Jen slipped his shaft from her mouth a huge smile on her face as her eyes met his once more.

What, it sounds like you’re laughing is something funny?

Jen, quickly slid up her brother’s torso to kiss his lips. No, I am just so happy to be doing this I can’t help thinking about how long I’ve wanted, I’ve waited, I’ve imagined and finally now, I’m just over joyed James. Little brother, your sister is in love with you, your cock and wants all the cum you can muster, right now.

With that Jen wore a huge smile again, her brother’s hands cupping her tits once more before she kissed his lips before going back to finish what she started.

She found his cock head resting against his abdomen nearly touching his belly button as she sucked it into her mouth. Her eyes meeting his again once more before she let the cock slowly sink into her mouth deeper and ever deeper, past the back of her mouth its head entered her throat without resistance. Jen could feel her throat stretch as she pushed her lips and teeth to his pelvic bone.

Oh God Jen!

A hum of satisfaction hearing her brother as she pulled her head up once more stopping just as the corona stretch her lips. She gripped his balls again and could feel they were contracting getting ready to unload in her mouth.

Jen gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan began to move her head in a swift up and down motion. The cock in her mouth reaching the back then reversing to suck the head before swallowing it deep in her mouth again.

Every forth or fifth random time she’d press her teeth to the root of his cock savoring the feel of the swollen tool stretching her throat.

A strangely random thought crept suddenly into Jen’s mind. This feels so good in my throat I can’t wait to have it in my ass.

Jen could once more feel her pussy juices flow like she was about to have an orgasm but she wasn’t touching herself. This has never happened she thought as she continued to suck on her brother’s tool.

Then she felt it. The tell tale sign every woman who loves to suck dick knows about.

She felt his body begin to stiffen.

Then the heat of the cock in her mouth intensified. Jen knew she’d get her prize any second.

She pulled back to just have her lips wrapped around the head.

His cock head surged as the cum load she awaited spurted from it hitting her tongue.

She waited for the second spirt while sucking gently. Then slid her lips down his dick to let him deposit his next delivery of cum to the back of her throat. That’s when it happened. Jen felt her pussy contract hard as a stream of hot fluid flowed past her clit. She had an orgasm while sucking her brother off. Two spirts of cum and Jen sucked hard on his cock, her pussy convulsed again and more hot juice slithered past her clit. Gripping his balls Jen slid his cock from her mouth a little while gently squeezing his balls. Her lips coming to rest on the head of his cock she sucked and was rewarded with a final delivery of her desire. Once more her pussy creamed but no spasm.

Jen had become so engrossed in her joy of getting the money shot she tuned out all other sounds in the room. She had her prize in her mouth, savoring the flavor while impressed with the volume. Not too much, not to thick, not to salty, or bitter.

She sucked slightly as she let his cock slip from her lips looking up at her brother.

As James looked back into his sister’s eyes, he saw her swallow her reward with a smile.

James couldn’t believe his eyes as his heart was finally filled with joy. Jen moved slowly, her naked form dragging on his body tantalizing every nerve as she slithered up to meet his face.

His hands went to her ass, she smiled and kissed his lips. James had never wanted to have a post blowjob kiss ever before but slid his tongue without hesitation into Jen’s mouth.

They kissed deeply until Jen pulled back a bit to look at the face of her brother.


So, no more questions. James pulled Jen back into their kiss. As promised, they spent the next few days fucking sucking and licking until they didn’t know what day it was.

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