Lock The Door

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Those of you have read some of my previous articles will know my history and my close relationship with my very best friend forever, Carol. We have known each other since we were nine and like most girls who are close have experimented sexually to find limits of what we enjoy. I am sure boys are the same way; however, society tends to accept closeness between women, which is seldom experienced by men. We do, afterall, go to toilets in pairs, we hug and kiss openly upon greeting, and we show off our shapely figures (or not so shapely) in alluring manners.

More and more men treat women with less respect then they should and it is therefor not surprising that more and more women turn to each other for comfort and confidence, which in many cases leads to intimacy. So was the case between Carol and myself. I may write abut my upbringing in a future article in order to offer some perspective on why I have become the way I am, buy for now simply accept that I am quite promiscuous and because my husband spends so much time engrossed in his work I have a mountain of time to pursue my desires. That, coupled with a very high libido, has offered me dozens of opportunities over the years to explore and usually push the envelope.

Two weeks ago Carol and I went shopping, as we often do. Not only have we been inseparably best friends for fifty years but we are the same age and up until ten years ago used to be the same size and shape. Unfortunately Carol has added a few kilos to her weight and is now a good dozen heavier than myself. I am holding at 58 Kg. (128 lbs.), but not without a tremendous effort. I work out arobically every morning and have managed to keep most of the sag from my buttocks and thighs from happening. My breasts are slowly starting to slump, but at a much slower rate than most women and although they a now pierced I am proud to say that they have not been augmented.

I am still a 36 although my cup has gone from C to D, whereas Carol who is also a D cup has gone from a 36 to a 38. Her butt is rounder than mine and nowhere near as firm but she has managed to keep her tummy tight, which makes her boobs look larger (a trick I learned form a good friend many years ago) and still quite attractive. Carol has never married and although has had a few lesbian affairs has also been with numerous men over the years. There has been nothing, which came even close, to the loving and caring relationship her and I enjoy and have for all these years; not even my husband.

It was, for that reason that you should not be surprised we went to her condo after our shopping adventure to try on all the clothes we purchased. Except for one blouse, Carol had picked up in a hurry, we pleased with everything. I had selected another bathing suit (the ten I have are just not enough) for an upcoming vacation to Europe. Carol suggested I try it on and show her, as she did not have an opportunity to see it in the store. I went to the bedroom and removed my clothes, putting the two piece on and adjusting certain parts appropriately.

I returned to her living room wearing only the suit and she gasped in acceptance of how it looked. She told me to turn around slowly so she could see and commented on the lack of material, especially in the bottoms. It was a string made by Wicked Weasel, which only coved the necessary bits, but a total wax of my pubic area is a must in order to wear this outfit.

The blue, floral top is half a size smaller than I am, making my breasts appear as if they are about to fall out. I purposely bounced up and down a few times to show how well they held in place by the tiny bits of material. We often try bursa escort on clothes in Carol’s living room as she is on the 30th floor of a condo with a tall apartment building directly across the street. Often we have seen people staring into her window as we parade around nude or partially naked and the tantalizing ritual has become quite a turn in for both of us.

“Let me try it on?” Carol asked. I smiled and unashamedly reached behind my back and unclasped the top. I held it in place while Carol removed her blouse and lacy bra. I stared at her breasts (although I have seen them dozens of times) as if they we the most amazing objects I had ever seen. I lowered my hands and handed her the bikini top as she in turn, gazed at my nakedness. “Help me hook it up,” she said, as she fumbled with the clasp. I reached behind her and did my best, but the material was certainly stretched to its limit. She turned and we both laughed as her breasts were squashed into place and it made her look like a cheap slut.

I stood before her still laughing as I reached around her to undo the clasp. As I did, the bathing suit top fell to the floor and we stood facing with our naked breasts centimeters away from each other. Our eyes met and Carol’s face moved toward mine. I responded by moving mine closer and a moment later our lips were pressed against each other sending that all too familiar sensation throughout my body.

I slowly, lovingly pushed my tongue forward and felt her lips part as she accepted my wet appendage as it ended her mouth. She responded with her tongue circling mine and through suction and motion we were darting in and out of each others mouths. After a few moments I could softly hear Carol moan and I moved my face to press my cheek against hers. I felt her hands slide long my back to my naked buttocks. “I am so wet,” I whispered in her ear and I felt her press her hands against my bottom, pushing me harder against her.

I have lays been submissive in sex and love being taken advantage of in a domineering manner. Carol has discovered my many ‘hot spots’ over the years and as she began to nibble my ear I moaned softly in hers. I felt her hand move from my back to between us until she readily felt the small triangle of cloth, which covered my womanhood. I felt her massage it slowly and could sense the juice trickling from the small opening as she stoked the material. A moment later Carol stepped back and knelt down, pushing the strings of my bottom down along my thighs, at the same time exposing my recently waxed private bits.

I suddenly began to shiver when I felt her tongue sloppily, but expertly dart around my opening. Each time it came in contact with my clit I trembled, enjoying every moment. “You’re going too fast,” I said, quietly. “You are making me cum.”

“Lay on the floor,” Carol commanded and I obeyed. I felt her carpet against my nude back and bottom and sensed Carol’s hands push against my inner thighs. I parted my legs vulnerably and watched as she lowered her head, pushing her face down into my love nest. She began to eat me hard, flicking her tongue and biting my lips. The sensation felt unbelievable and I placed both my hands on her blonde hair, pushing her head hard against me. She lapped up the juices as they spat from my honey pot and I was unable to hold back. I tightened my leg muscles against her face and as my tummy convulsed I let my release take its course. I faintly heard Carol cough as my love juices were now squirting from my opening. I could feel them shoot into her mouth and heard her hungrily lapping up each drop. I have squirted as far as 2 metres during passionate escort bursa masturbation and could only imagine her mouth being filled to capacity.

After what seemed an eternity I glanced down and saw Carol raise her head grinning. “How was that,” she casually asked.

“Just amazing,” I replied. “I so want to satisfy you,” I said. She stood, while I remained naked on the carpet and I watched her undo her jeans. She let them fall and pushed her panties down. I trembled again as I stood staring at her shaven pussy and watched her reach her hands down to fondle her longing womanhood. She smiled as she masturbated herself almost directly above me and lowered herself in sucha way that her opening was over my mouth. I could taste the sweet wetness of her femininity as her pussy pressed against my lips. A moment later I felt her mouth on me as we began to enjoy each other in a sixty-nine position.

I felt my head pressed between her thighs, at the same time squeezing mine against hers. I knew I would cum again, but wanted to make sure that I waited until she reached her orgasm first. It did not take long. I felt her hands groping my body and pinching my nipples, while mine explored her buttocks pushing the harder against my face. Hungrily I lapped at her desire as her juice flowed freely into my mouth. My finger probed the tight opening of her bum hole and she moaned as I pushed against it. The moisture surrounding her hole made it easy for my finger to slide inside. I pushed back and forth, deeper with each penetration until I felt her muscles tighten and scream loudly as she succumbed to her desires. She trembled and shook and her love nest erupted like a volcano. Instantly my mouth filled with her cum and i knew I could not hold back any longer. I squeezed her buttocks hard as I hungrily drank her juice, just as I exploded for a second time. Again she was eager to catch every drop and we held each other tight in our sixty-nine position, while we lovingly waited for each other to experience the full effect of our mutual orgasm. Suddenly I stiffened as I heard a noise behind me.

Carol also become rigid and moved from on top of me to glance around the sofa. I heard her scream and still dazed from my orgasm, tried to make sense of what I saw. Standing there, in the opening between the hall and the living room was Steven, Carol’s younger brother. I screamed and sat on my knees staring in disbelief as Steven stood, mouth agape, gaping at his sister and her best friend naked before him.

I know it was only seconds, but seemed an eternity before Carol jumped and raced into the bedroom. By now I was standing and still staring at Steven. I saw his eyes feast on my breasts and then to my womanhood and I immediately ran to the bedroom as well. Carol had thrown on a robe and darted past me, tears falling from her cheeks. I quickly dressed and joind her and Steven in the living room.

Carol had completely forgotten that Steven was coming over to fix an electrical outlet for her and coincidentally, because our hands were full when we arrived from shopping, we forgot to lock the door when we came in (it was actually my fault, as I was the last one inside). Strangely no one spoke of what had happened and Steven thought it best if he returned another time. I too decided I should leave, but waited until Carol’s brother had made his way through the exit.

“I don’t know what to say,” I studdered. Carol smiled nervously and opened her arms to hug me. “I’m so embarrassed,” I said.

“I know,” Carol replied. “The worst thing is I did not hear him come in so I don’t know how long he was standing there. bursa escort bayan It was a thought, which had never occurred to me, but as I drove home I began to relive the events and found myself becoming quite amorous, to the point where I felt the need to masturbate as I drove (something I do quite often).

By Monday I had put the event in the background so you can imagine how stunned I was when Steven phoned me at work. He called to apologize and asked if we could meet for a coffee. I was a little shaken and before I had an opportunity to think about it I agreed.

We me later that afternoon at Starbucks and he was already sitting there when I arrived. Nervously we chatted and again he apologized. I told him not to worry about it and that I was more concerned for Carol. He shocked me when he said he had seen the two of us together a long time ago, when he was about 12. That would have put us in our mid-twenties and I was already married. I didn’t know what to say but he flattered me by telling me that he thought I had improved with age.

I asked him why he wanted to meet today and he explained that he could not stop thinking about Saturday and he had masturbated many times. I asked him if his wife knew and he said no. he said that he tried to put the event out of his mind, but was unable to. He said he didn’t want to go to Carol with his feelings and shockingly, he blurted out that he would really love to see my breasts again.

I was stunned and didn’t know what to say. I did not want him to go to Carol and honestly, more people have seen my boobs than I can count so I just said ‘yes’. I said but in the car, not in the restaurant. I told him to go out and I would join him after I went to the bathroom.

I was wearing a white blouse and jeans and removed my bra, which I stuffed into my bag. Fortunately no one was there so I was not embarrassed. I went outside and saw him sitting in his truck at one end of the parking lot. I stepped in and he nervously smiled.

“So all you want is to see my ‘girls’?” I asked. He nodded and told me how beautiful he thought they were.

I unbuttoned my blouse and slowly opened it, exposing my breasts. He stared at them with is mouth open and I said he could touch them if he wanted to. Slowly he reached out and began to massage one of them. After a few moments I asked if they felt OK. He nodded and I saw him rub his groin. I told him it would be ok if he wanted to take his penis out and relieve himself.

He looked surprised, but immediately fumbled with his zipper. Moment later his hard member was in his hand. He continued to massage my breast with one hand while he jerked himself with the other. I must admit it felt nice and I was somewhat turned on. I told him to grab both my boobs and as he did I leaned over and put my hand around his cock.

I jerked him up and down and he moaned and I asked if it felt good. I told him to squeeze me hard and I felt his cock pulsate. I moved around in the tight compartment in such a way that I was able to lower my head over his lap. I told him to keep an eye out for passersby while I slowly began to suck his hard tool.

He moved his hands in such a way that he could squeeze my breasts and as he did I felt him harden even more. Suddenly he began to shake and moan and I knew he was about to erupt. His cock exploded and his love juice squirted hard into my mouth. Hungrily I swallowed every drop, for I did not want to soil my clothes, besides I do enjoy the taste.

A moment later we were finished and awkwardly we said goodbye and I returned to my car. I drove home and immediately stripped and fondled myself, realizing my husband was out. I came quickly and relaxed in a hot bath. Later that night, when I was curled up in a chair with a book the phone rang. It was Carol. “Steven just dropped by,” she said. I stared at the receiver and began to tremble.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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