Locker Room Lust

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Jenna and Donna worked in adjoining cubicles at Chesterfield Advertising Agency for the last few years. They ate lunch together almost everyday. Went to all the boring office parties together. Exchanged Christmas gifts and the like. But still they were not much more than office buddies. Jenna didn’t think they ever would be.

The boss came in one morning with an announcement. As part of their new benefits package they were going to receive a corporate membership to the local fitness center. I nice perk the girls thought. A personal package would run them about $68.00 a month for a single’s membership. Now if they could just find the time to fit it all in.

Jenna went after work by herself. She hoped maybe she’d meet someone there to hangout with around the gym. But after a couple weeks she still hadn’t met anyone. And it became the topic of the girls’ lunches the next week.

Donna was going in the mornings around 6, working out before work. She hadn’t met any new friends there either.

“It’s so lonely working out by myself. I like to have a buddy to work out with. Someone to help push me and keep me motivated.” She sighed as they talked over lunch.

They were lucky to get two hours for lunch everyday. Not many people get more than an hour—some don’t get that.

“Maybe we should try going at lunch time together, and see how that goes…” Jenna suggested. “I’ve always wanted to get to know you outside of work…just never seem to have the time. Maybe this will force us to FIND the time.”

The next day was their first day in the gym together. They spotted for each other at the free weights and really kept each other’s momentum up. After the weight room, the duo hit the lap pool. Donna was not as strong of a swimmer as Jenna. Jenna did her 10 laps in the time it took Donna to do 5 and went to the Jacuzzi to wait for her friend. After their maximum 10 minutes in the hot tub the girls Escort headed off to the locker room. It was time to shower and get back to work…they should have time to grab a salad on the way back into the building. They thought that was pretty good for paid time.

They were both very attractive young women, single, career minded types. Jenna the striking blue-eyed California blonde. Donna the sultry brunette with eyes as green as grass. They did their share of turning heads together or apart. The gym was no exception. Nor was the little salad shop on the corner outside their building.

The girls continued to work out together the two more times that week. By Friday They were becoming close friends—no longer just office acquaintances—but friends. After their workout on Friday the girls headed for the locker room. This week they got lockers side by side. The other days had been to busy, and they were on opposite sides of the locker room.

“I’m glad we got the lockers together today. That way we can continue talking.” Jenna said to Donna.

“Yes, I have really been enjoying our newfound time together. You bring out the fun in me, that’s for sure. And we always laugh and talk and have such a wonderful time together.” Donna agreed with her as she started to take off her workout clothes.

Donna never thought that Jenna had any secrets. But there was one big one. Jenna liked women too. She’d always been attracted to Donna but tried not to think about it. After all anything like that is considered distasteful in the workplace—be it an affair with a guy or another girl. You just don’t sleep with co-workers. Or at least that’s what everyone says—not what they do.

But even knowing all those things Jenna couldn’t stop her eyes from falling on the length of Donna’s back or the dimples at its base that peaked at her from beneath the chestnut locks. When Donna turned around Jenna quickly began to undress trying to detract attention from her roving eyes. But the beauty of the bountiful breasts before her pulled her gaze back to Donna’s fabulous body once again.

“Your butt looks amazing…by the way…” Jenna said.

“Thanks. I’d kill to have abs like those…” Donna replied glancing down at Jenna’s flat toned tummy.

The girls headed off to the shower. Unfortunately all but one of them was full.

“Crap…we can’t go back to the meeting this afternoon a smelly mess…” Donna complained.

“And we can’t wait for one to open or we’ll hit the worst lunch traffic. Then we’ll never make the meeting.” Jenna added.

“I know why don’t we just share the one. It’s really the only choice we have. It’ll be a little crowded, but what are a few bumps between friends…right?” Jenna schemed.

Jenna had been waiting for this moment, for some kind of fateful opportunity to open up for them. And she knew this was her chance.

As the girls entered the shower they had a few giggles about who would stand where. As Jenna reached for the soap dispenser on the wall, the back of her hand brushed Donna’s puffy nipple. Without even thinking about it Donna released a little Mmm…sound.

“You enjoyed that did you?” Jenna teased in a giggle. “What’s not to enjoy…soft sweet touch from a beautiful woman…” Donna replied.

“Well, in that case…” Jenna replied her blonde hair brushing softly against Donna’s skin as her lip found their target and began to lick…and suckle…and nibble.

Donna reached out to find both of Jenna’s perky breasts, her nipples already hard from the anticipation. Jenna’s mouth worked swiftly and softly at one of Donna’s nipples as her hand soon found the other—her fingers began to flick and fiddle and twiddle the nipple making it long and hard and more erect than Donna had ever felt before.

As Donna stood there, warm soapy water running from her body Jenna squatted with her long lean leg and found Donna’s warm wet middle. She rubbed a thumb across Donna’s clit and Donna let out a hiss. Jenna’ tongue found its target as it slid gently between the fold of Donna’s beautifully shaven lips. Donna was warm and wet with excitement…noticeably wet…especially for being in water. Jenna new then that Donna wanted this to happen as much as she did—and had for so long.

“Mmmmm…Ooohhh….” Donna exclaimed as Jenna’s tongue swirled around in her opening.

Jenna quickened her pace, her tongue darting deeply in and out of Donna’s warm body.

“Oh, god, that feels so damn good…oh Jenna fuck me…please fuck me…” Donna begged huskily.

Jenna licked her middle finger and then she licked Donna’s wet spot once again before sinking her finger deep within Donna’s body. Donna’s body began to tighten, all her muscle crying out in wonderful agony. And she begged for more. Jenna had no problem obliging her request as first a second and then a third finger speared its way up Donna’s tunnel and felt the grab, the pull, the clenching of Donna’s sweet relief. Jenna was there to catch every drop, her tongue making its way in and out of every one of Donna’s sacred crevices.

As the girls finished their showers, dressed and readied themselves for the afternoon’s meetings. Both of them were a little quiet.

“I always swore to myself that I’d never get involved with anyone from the office.” Donna admitted.
“Me too…” Jenna agreed.

“But were friends with benefits Donna replied. It’s not like were dating…just having a lot of fun with a special friend.

As the girls shut there lockers, hefted their bags onto their shoulders and headed out towards the car, Donna leaned her head in towards Jenna and said,

“Don’t worry…next time it’s your turn!”

The girls never did shower alone at the health club…not once. The friendship they forged that day in the gym was one that would last them a lifetime.

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