Lola and Mummy

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When Lola turned 16 her mother sat her down in the living room, and asked her if she had a boyfriend yet. Lola told her mother, that there was a boy in her school who was interested in her, and she liked him too, but nothing was happening with them. Her mother asked Lola what she knew about sex. Lola blushed and said that they were all told about sex education in school years ago and she knew all about condoms. Lola asked if she should go on the pill yet. Her mother said ”no not yet Lola you don’t want to start taking medication that would in time cause problems later down the line”.

They talked about condoms and Lola said ”I don’t think I’m ready to have sex yet with a boy yet”. ”A boy” her mother asked! Lola thought a while then said that she has been having feelings for a girl friend of hers in school, but didn’t know what and how to deal with them. Her mother asked if she thought the other girl might have the same feeling for her. Lola informed her mother that the other girl Julianne and her had kissed once as a dear. She said it was a quick kiss on the lips and that they both blushed.

She also said that she liked the feel of Julianna’s lips on hers. Beth told Lola that it was alright to have these feeling, and in time you might want to experiment with them on a special friend! There was a paused the conversation and Lola decided to upstaires and do some studying.

Beth told me what they had been talking about, and asked if I had anything to say about the situation asking me if I could talk to Lola about how she was feeling. I was completely useless didn’t know what to say and didn’t think I could help. So Beth asked if she could deal with the whole thing? I said go for it honey, and thought that would be the last of it! So Beth turned and walked up to chat to Lola, I noticed that Beth had a grin on her face as she turned to walk away.

Beth reached Lola’s Bedroom door and knocked ”Honey it’s mummy can I come in”? Lola said yes and Beth entered closing the door behind her. Beth walked over to Lola who was laying on her bed with her head in a book studying. Beth sat on the side of Lola’s bed and asked if they could talk some more about what they had been talking about downstairs. Lola put her book down and said she would like that cause she was feeling confused.

Beth told her about Sex hikayeleri when she was in University sharing a room with an old friend and how they would talk about other guy’s in Uni, and they both shared stories of past boyfriends. Beth then told Lola that over the year sharing the room with her friend that they both became very close, she told Lola that one day when they got back from a party, having a bit to much to drink that they also dared each other to kiss.

Lola asked what did they do. To this Beth leaned forwards and kissed Lola on her lips! Lola was shocked and dazed by what her mum was doing, but Beth just kept on kissing Lola on her lips, Beth’s kisses got more daring and more passionate, forcing Lola to open her mouth as Beth slipped her tongue into Lola’s warm mouth, tasting Lola’s saliva on her tongue. Lola moaned and tried to pull away out of shock, but Beth just put her hands up and held Lola’s face in her hands, kissing and probing the sweet wet mouth of her daughter.

Lola was like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights of a speeding car, not knowing which way to move but frozen there it time, while Beth just kept kissing her intensely. Before she know what she was doing Lola had started to return the kisses, opening her mouth a little more feeling Beth’s tongue dancing round inside her mouth, as she in turn started to suck on her mothers tongue, sliding her own tongue into Beth’s mouth probing her mouth and tasting her saliva.

Beth started to run her hands down over Lola’s shoulders and down the front to Lola’s breasts. Lola was a busty woman even at 16 she had developed a sizable bust of 34DD while Beth was a 32D, Beth was caressing Lola’s breasts through her Green t-shirt Lola was kissing Beth’s mouth with desire she never thought she had, Beth continued running her hands over Lola’s breasts, teasing her nipples through the t-shirt and bra.

Beth mover her hand up and under Lola’s t-shirt, feeling her soft skin as she reach for Lola’s breasts, removing the cup supporting one of Lola’s breast caressing her skin and finding her nipple, gently squeezing the nipple making it hard to her touch. Lola was now breathing heavier as she started to moan, on hearing the moan’s Beth placed her other hand up and under Lola top releasing her other breast from it’s cup.

Lola Sikiş hikayeleri raised her arms and Beth pulled her top up over her head revealing Lola’s breast, Beth reached round and unclipped Lola’s bra letting it fall to the bed as she leant forwards, kissing and suck on Lola’s breasts and nipples. Lola looked down and kissed Beth’s head as Beth continued to caressing and suck on Lola’s nipples, making them hard like bullets and tender to the touch.

Beth pulled away and folding her own arms reaching down and pulling up her own top over her head revealing her breasts to Lola. Unclipping her own bra letting it fall to the bed too. Lola looked at her mothers breasts and placed a hand nervously on Beth’s breasts, Beth guided Lola’s head and mouth to her breasts telly Lola to suck on her nipples. As Lola starts to suckle on Beth’s nipples. Beth remembers how Lola used to do this when Beth breast fed her as a baby.

A thousand memories come flooding back to Beth of how much she liked nursing Lola as a baby, and how much joy it gave her bonding with her only child, whishing that she had more then just one daughter. Lola looked up at the mother as she continued to suck on her nipples, Beth gently caressed the sides of Lola’s face feeling her sucking harder on her nipples.

Beth starts to mover her hand down lower on Lola’s body caressing her stomach as she reaches for Lola’s crouch, placing her hand between Lola’s thighs caressing them moving her hand up and down inside Lola’s leggings. Lola shuddered as her mother’s hand moves over her panties finding the crease covering Lola’s pussy.

Lola sucked harder on Beth’s nipples as Beth slide a finger into Lola’s panties feeling her daughters young moist pussy for the first time, sliding the finger up and down over Lola’s outer vulvar feeling the moistness growing, finding her clit and gently rubbing it.

Lola starts to moan as her body gets ready for it’s first orgasm, she arches her back as Beth’s finger starts to rub harder on her clit, feeling Lola close to Cumming Beth slide her finger gently into Lola’s wet pussy, feeling her mussels tightening round her finger Beth pushes deeper as Lola’s body explodes into her first orgasm.

Lola starts panting and moaning with deep heavy breaths as Beth brings her daughter to her second climax. Erotik hikaye Lola has stopped sucking Beth’s nipples as her head tilts back with shock wave after shock wave rashes over Lola’s body causing her to convulse to Beth’s touches. Beth starts to finger fuck Lola’s wet warm pussy as gashes of cum squirts out of Lola’s pussy like a fountain in the hot summers air. Covering her mothers hand with warm sticky juices.

Beth gently pulls her finger out of Lola’s pussy raising it to her mouth and tasting her daughters sweet juices. She then places her hand over Lola’s mouth so she can taste her own sweet cum. Lola opens her mouth taking her mothers finger into her mouth sucking on the sweet wet sticky finger mmmmm moaning as she tastes her own juices.

Beth leans forward kissing Lola wet lips tasting her finger in Lola’s mouth loving the taste Beth decides to go the whole hogg, moving down Lola’s body kissing her way down to her daughters still wet pussy. Pulling her leggings all the way off, Beth places her mouth over Lola’s wet pussy lips sticking out her tongue Beth goes to town on Lola’s pussy, sliding her tongue up and down in and out of Lola’s pussy.

Lola’s body goes into melt down as she reaches the biggest of orgasms she would ever experience Gushing loads more of sweet nectar for her mother to drink, Beth sucks and nibbles on Lola’s outer and inner valve pushing her tongue deeper still feeling her baby daughter explode again and again. Beth moves her body up, kissing her way back up to Lola’s face, letting Lola taste once again her own juices on her mothers lips.

Beth moved further up, straddling Lola’s shoulders as she pulls up the skirt she wearing pulling her panties to one side exposing her pussy lips to her daughters lips as she lowers herself down onto Lola’s mouth. Lola opens her mouth sticking out her tongue and starts to lapp at her mothers pussy, tasting the sweet wetness of Beth’s pussy Lola start to lick and suck on Beth’s clit and pussy.

Beth lets out a cry as she orgasm all over Lola’s face covering her from forehead to chin with her wet sticky cum, Lola opens her mouth as Beth squirts wave after wave of cum into Lola’s mouth! Watching and hearing Lola swollow all of Beth’s cum as she reaches another orgasm, riding Lola’s mouth as if she was riding a hard cock!

After a while of cuddling and kissing Beth asked Lola if she liked what they had both done, and if she thinks she would like to do that with her friend from school, or if she would like to do it again with mummy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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